ROHYX Chapter 447 : Giving Birth (1)

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When Yun Qing returned to the backyard, he saw Yuxi pacing in the yard with her hand on her waist. He went over to help her, but she pushed him away instead.

Yuxi said, "I'm fine." The expected delivery date was in less than a month. Therefore, the people around her began acting like they were facing a great enemy[1]. On the contrary, Yuxi herself was unaffected.

Yun Qing didn't force the issue and spoke to Yuxi about what General Zhao had just said. "In half a month, I'll be busy."

Yuxi smiled and said, "Half a month is about right. By the way, Zisu said that Guo Xun wanted to return to his place to recuperate, and I already agreed."

Speaking of Zisu, Yun Qing's face turned two shades colder. "Why do they want to return to their home to recuperate? The residence is already quite nice."

Yuxi said, "Even if it's good, it's not their own home." Seeing Yun Qing's face turn ugly, she explained, "I know that Zisu was wrong that day, but at that time, Guo Xun's appearance was terrifying. It was normal for a timid person like Zisu to be scared. But hasn't she been taking care of Guo Xun all this time? And she even did a pretty good job!"

Yun Qing was terribly dissatisfied. "You weren't that scared!" It would have been fine if the fainting had only happened once, but Zisu did it twice, which was enough to see that woman's mind. Combined with her previous performance, Yun Qing thought that this woman was a person who could share wealth but couldn't share trials and tribulations, a truly unreliable person.[T/C]

Yuxi was speechless before she said, "How can you compare her to me? If I had the same courage as her, would I still be standing here properly? I would have been scared to death by you a long time ago." After a pause, she continued, "Nobody is perfect. You can't be too hard on Zisu. As long as she can live a good life with Guo Xun in the future, why should you care about the rest?"

Yun Qing had nothing more to say. With Guo Xun in this state, he couldn't marry someone else. So unless Zisu herself asked to be let go, they would have to live this life together.

Yuxi shifted the focus of the conversation by saying, "Actually, I think the most important thing for you to think about is what you will let Guo Xun do after he recovers from his injuries."

Yun Qing looked at Yuxi and said, "As long as I have something to eat, I will not let him starve." What he meant was that he would support Guo Xun.

Yuxi, both annoyed and amused, said, "That sentence makes it seem as if I am so petty that I am unwilling to let you support him. I even help those children who have no one else to rely on. Would I not let you take care of these brothers who have been with you since the beginning?"

Yun Qing shook her head. "That's not what I meant. It's just that with Guo Xun in this condition, even if he recovers from his injury, he won't be able to do much things."

Yuxi asked, "Why can't he? I'm planning to buy some more farmland. He can help me manage them after he's recovered!"

Yun Qing was reluctant. "It will be very tiring for him to be a farmer, and his body will not be able to bear it." A farmer had to take care of planting and cultivating the land, which was exhausting.

Yuxi also couldn't think of anything else either. Guo Xun's leg was broken, his face was injured, and one of his ears was missing. This appearance made him unsuitable for work other than farming in the countryside. Seeing that Yun Qing was still reluctant, Yuxi sighed. "He Rui, for Guo Xun, making money is only secondary. The most important thing is to give him something to do, that is, not to make him feel like an invalid who can't do anything. If it were you, would you choose to have a tiring job or just waste your time at home?"

Yun Qing fell into deep thought. Only after a while did he nod. "I'll talk to Guo Xun later." If Guo Xun himself were willing, he would have no objections.

Yuxi hmmed. "When you talk to Guo Xun about this later, pay attention to your tone. Don't let him get the wrong idea."

When Guo Xun heard that he was being asked to manage the farm, his expression dimmed. "General, although I farmed when I was younger, I haven't done it for years. How could I possibly know anything about farming?"

Yun Qing said, "If you don't know how to do it, you can learn from someone who knows how. No one is born knowing everything. It depends on whether you have the will. Of course, if you don't want to, you can just stay home. As long as I am here, I won't let you suffer".

After silence, Guo Xun said, "Then I will try, General." Being in such a state, he couldn't return to the military camp, and there was nothing else he could do to make a living.

Yun Qing said, "Asking you to care for the farmland is only temporary, not for life. If there is a much better job in the future, I will change it for you, but you should not be idle in the meantime. You can learn something, like how to use the abacus." Whether you were the farm manager or doing other things, you always had to settle accounts. It was always right to learn how to use the abacus.

After hearing this, Guo Xun asked, "General, this is Madam's idea, isn't it?" He had been with Yun Qing for more than ten years. How could he not know Yun Qing so well? Just by looking at Yun Qing's demeanour, it was apparent that Yun Qing wanted to support him for the rest of his life instead of letting him go out to work.

Yun Qing didn't deny it and nodded. "Don't misunderstand. She's also doing it for your own good. Your imagination won't run wild if you have something to do." When people had something to do, they wouldn't always dwell on their grief, which made sense to Yun Qing.

How could Guo Xun have misunderstood Yuxi? He felt Madam had given him the job because she thought he was still useful and did not treat him as a cripple. He immediately said, "How could I? I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to Madam! I'm just worried I won't be able to do a good job. But I will do my best since the General and Madam still believe in me." When he returned, Guo Xun thought he would learn how to use the abacus from Zisu.

Yun Qing went to see Huo Changqing and told him about it. "The farmland is already under negotiation, and buying it won't take long. I'll let him go there when he recovers from his injury."

Huo Changqing thought Yuxi's suggestion was a good one. "Your wife is very thoughtful. It's not bad to lose an arm or have a broken leg, but it's a waste of talent if Guo Xun lives depressingly. If he has a job, he will have a future."

Yun Qing's face turned dark and sombre as he said, "Uncle Huo, there are only four left." Back then, Huo Changqing had adopted fourteen sons. Five had died for Yun Qing before, and three had been killed on the battlefield. And now,  Yun Qing had also lost Jiang Bo and Duan Quan, leaving him with Xu Wu, Yu Cong, Guo Xun and Feng Dajun.

Huo Changqing said, "Don't overthink it. There will always be people who die in wars."

Of course, Yun Qing knew this, but it was still something he could not bear, like a stone pressing heavily on his heart. He could let go of some things, but for some, he couldn't just by saying so.

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Huo Changqing had been warned by Yuxi not to discuss serious matters with Yun Qing, as it would only add to his burden. Huo Changqing said, "If we can successfully take Qin Zhao's place this time, guard Yu City well, and not let the soldiers die in vain again, there will be far fewer children like Jiang Bo and Duan Quan in the future." All of Huo Changqing's adopted sons were homeless orphans.

Yun Qing nodded repeatedly.

Yuxi waited for several days, but Fu Qingluo still hadn't come to see her. She couldn't help but say to Zijin, "I thought Fu Qingluo would come to the Yun Residence after she returned!" As it turned out, Fu Qingluo had yet to come.

Zijin said disdainfully, "How could she have the guts to come here? I won't even talk about her demand to join the battlefield, but when Madam told her to protect the children on the farm, she just left halfway through. If she had come, I would have been extremely ashamed of her." It was an absolute waste that people like Fu Qingluo had such good martial arts skills.

Fu Qingluo did not come to the residence, but people from the capital did. This time, not only the messenger but also the people Yuxi had asked for earlier had all arrived.

Han Ji had now taken his men to the Western Sea, and Xu Wu was now temporarily in charge of the outer courtyard of the Yun Residence. Xu Wu first went to the inner courtyard and reported the matter to Yuxi. "Madam, the group leader said that his name was Han Hao and that he was an attendant of the Duke of State. He is waiting outside now." Although Han Hao had been to Yu City once, that was before Yuxi had arrived there. Besides, he left immediately after delivering the letter. Thus, Xu Wu had yet to see him.

Zijin went out, saw that it was an acquaintance, and immediately ushered him in.

Yuxi looked at the visitor, Han Hao, and was slightly surprised. "Han Hao, why did Dage[3] let you come over?" Han Hao was her elder brother's confidant. No matter what, her Dage[3] couldn't possibly give her his confidant, could he? Even if her Dage[3] were willing to do so, she wouldn't dare use him!

Han Hao bowed to Yuxi and said, "The Lord Duke was afraid that something might happen on the way, so he asked me to bring them over." The meaning of this statement was clear: he was only responsible for sending the people over. He, himself, would not stay in Yu City.

Yuxi smiled, feeling her brain wasn't working well these days. Han Hao was her Dage[3]'s personal attendant, *the* confidant amongst his confidants, and when Yuxi thought about it, there was no way he could have been given to her to use. Yuxi asked with a smile, "How many people have you brought here this time?"

Han Hao answered, "This time, I have brought six people here, five from the residence and only one from outside, who was personally invited by the Duke of State and knew the art of healing." Apart from the one who knew medicine, the others were all children of the family's servants. Three of the men had been carefully selected by Han Jianming, and each of them could hold his own. The two women, the elder one surnamed Lan, had been specially sent by Qiu Shi to serve Yuxi during her confinement. Although there was already Mama Xi, Qiu Shi was still worried, so she chose another one; the other young one, called Azhu, was sent by Qiu Shi because she knew that Yuxi did not have a proper personal maid. Not only was she good at sewing, but she had also vowed not to get married for life.

Just as Yuxi was about to speak, her stomach suddenly hurt. It wasn't excruciating but just a twitching, unpleasant pain. Luckily, Zijin was standing by, so Yuxi immediately grabbed her arm and said, "Quick, call Mama Xi." Yuxi had never given birth before and didn't know what the situation would be like, so the first thing she thought of was to call Mama Xi.

Mama Xi was in the yard, and when she heard Zijin's call, she trotted over. When she saw Yuxi, her face immediately changed as she said, "Hurry and help Madam to the delivery room. Madam is in labour."

Zijin's heart jumped when she heard this. "Didn't Mama say there were six or seven days left before the birth?" It didn't feel right to be so far ahead of schedule!

Mama Xi replied, "Some people give birth early, and some give birth late. It doesn't matter either way. Let's just help Madam into the room." The delivery room had already been prepared beforehand.

It was also because Zijin's hand hadn't healed yet that she couldn't use her strength. Otherwise, she wouldn't have needed another person to help her, as she could have carried Yuxi into the room alone.[T/C]

Lying in bed, Yuxi grabbed Mama Xi's hand and said, "Mama Xi..." Although she had lived a lifetime longer than the others, this was the first time she would give birth to a child, and Yuxi was a little scared. Many women had died in childbirth, and it was hard not to be afraid.

How could Mama Xi not see that Yuxi was afraid? She quickly reassured her, "Madam, don't worry. The foetal position is correct, and the child will be born soon."

Yuxi's heart was slightly relieved.

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  1. Chinese idiom: cautious
  2. What other previous performance? 🤔 Did I miss something, Author? 🤔
  3. eldest brother

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