ROHYX Chapter 476 : Paying Off A Debt (1)

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The hot summer had passed, and the earth was no longer scorched by the hot sun. As the weather began to cool, Heshou was in a rare mood to take her maid for a walk in the garden.

In the garden, she met Xiao Liang Yuan[1] and several other concubines of the Crown Prince. Still, she ignored them and walked straight away. In the Eastern Palace, she was second in rank only to the Crown Princess, so she didn't have to please anyone.

The maid beside Xiao Liang Yuan[1] complained, "Qiao Liang Di[2] is only one rank above Master, but her bearing is greater than even the Crown Princess." That insolent look from Heshou made people's teeth itch with hatred.

In response, Xiao Liangyuan didn't care much about it. "Why are you talking so much? Let's go back!" When someone acted arrogant, they had something to capitalise on. Although His Highness rarely slept with Qiao Liang Di[2], she was still the most rewarded person in the mansion. Therefore, Xiao Liangyuan's attitude towards Qiao Liang Di[2] was not to be close to her nor to show how displeased she was.

After wandering around, Heshou returned to her residence. As soon as she entered her home, Qingyang Gongzhu[3]'s trusted Momo[4] arrived. The Momo came over to inform Heshou about something. "Xianzhu[5], Gongzhu[3] asked me to tell Xianzhu[5] that the Eighth Young Miss Cai had suddenly passed away."

Heshou exclaimed in shock and asked, "What did you say? Say it again?" How could this be? In her previous life, the Eighth Young Miss Cai was living well at this time. Afterwards, Eighth Young Miss Cai helped the Cai family move their business to the capital, gaining a foothold and amassing tremendous wealth in just a few years.

The Momo[4] was startled by Heshou's exclamation. When she came to her senses, she lowered her voice and said, "Xianzhu[5], the Eighth Young Miss Cai, is indeed dead. The people we sent there confirmed it, and they also witnessed her funeral."

Heshou's entire body slumped in her chair as he heard those words. "Impossible. There must be a mistake somewhere. Something definitely went wrong somewhere." In her previous life, until her death, the Eighth Young Miss Cai had lived a grand and glorious life. How could she be dead now? Something must have gone wrong somewhere.

Momo[4] hesitated momentarily before saying, "Gongzhu[3] asked me to inform Xianzhu[5] about this. Gongzhu[3] also said she has already sent people to find out who dared to lay their hands on the Eighth Young Miss Cai."

Heshou heard the implication of Momo[4]'s words and asked: "You mean, the death of Eighth Young Miss Cai was not an accident but was caused by someone? How could someone kill a boudoir girl like her?" She vaguely felt that Eighth Young Miss Cai's death had something to do with her.

The Momo[4] shook her head. "It's not clear yet, but Gongzhu[3] said it won't be long before we find out who is behind this incident."

Heshou nodded and said, "Tell my mother I will await her news." With the death of the Eighth Young Miss Cai, they had lost their best card.

Qingyang Gongzhu[3] slightly sighed when she heard the words the Momo[4] brought back. "If Heshou had been as calm as she is now, many things wouldn't have gone wrong." It was a pity that many things could not be undone, and there was no medicine for remorse.

The Momo[4] asked, "Gongzhu[3], who do you think could have dealt the fatal blow to the Eighth Young Miss Cai?" As Xianzhu[5] said, the Eighth Young Miss Cai had no grudge against anyone, so it was indeed suspicious that someone had killed her for no good reason.

Qingyang Gongzhu[3] replied, "The person behind the scenes must have a grudge against us, mother and daughter; otherwise, they wouldn't have killed the Eighth Young Miss Cai on her way to the capital."

The Momo[4]'s heart skipped a beat as she exclaimed, "Gongzhu[3], then that person has planted spies in our residence." For someone to be able to plant someone in their residence, that person would not be an ordinary one.

For the time being, Qingyang Gongzhu[3] couldn't figure out who the mastermind was. Heshou had offended too many people, most of whom were powerful. But Qingyang Gongzhu[3] was no fool. For someone to reach their hands out to people she trusted without regard to her could be considered slapping her in the face. "Check it out first. As long as something has been done, it will definitely leave traces.”

When Yuchen heard the news that Qingyang Gongzhu[3] was tracking down the person behind the death of the Eighth Young Miss Cai, she said expressionlessly: "No need to hide it, let Qingyang Gongzhu[3] know that it was me who ordered the killing of the Eighth Young Miss Cai." No matter how many such monsters were out there, she would get rid of them as much as possible.

Momo[4] Gui was a little hesitant as she asked, "Niangniang[6], is this not a good idea?" If Qingyang Gongzhu[3] went public with this, it would be bad for Yuchen's reputation!

Yuchen chuckled. "Qingyang Gongzhu[3] is not as stupid as Heshou. She would not make it public even if she knew about this." Because even if this matter were publicised, no one would believe it. How could she, Jing Wangfei[7], murder a merchant's daughter whom she had never met before?

Momo[4] Gui felt that it was not right for Yuchen to be in such a state and remarked, "Niangniang[6], didn't we get news earlier that the Crown Princess wanted to lure Heshou Xianzhu[5] to her side? If Heshou Xianzhu[5] defects to the Crown Princess, it will be difficult for us to lay our hands on Heshou again."

Yuchen chuckled. "Don't worry about that. Heshou no longer has any useful chip in her hands." Otherwise, Heshou wouldn't have tried so hard to get the Eighth Young Miss Cai under her control. This situation proved that Heshou was at her wits' end, which was why she wanted to seek outside help.

At this point, Momo[4] Gui didn't even know what else to say.

Looking at the jade flute in her hand, Yuchen suddenly commented, "It would be nice if Si Mei[8] were here. Blowing the flute and strumming the qin alone is tasteless." There were a lot of maids around her, but none of them knew how to appreciate it. When asked, they would only say that it sounded good, not knowing what she was playing at all.

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Momo[4] Gui said, "The Fourth Miss is now a household name in both Yu City and Xinping City." Even Yuxi's fundraising efforts for the children of the Charity Home were known to everyone in the capital.

Yuchen smiled at this. "She is the only one with a good heart to take in so many orphans. Anyone else wouldn't even want to bother with this." There were over five hundred children, not just five children. She wouldn't take the initiative to do such a tiresome thing if it were her.

Momo[4] Gui said nothing more. She couldn't just say the Fourth Miss was taking in those orphans to buy people's hearts. Even if it were true, not everyone could do that.

In less than three days, Qingyang Gongzhu[3] finally knew that it was Yuchen who had sent someone to kill the Eighth Young Miss Cai. The Momo[4] beside Qingyang Gongzhu[3] was confused and asked, "Why did Jing Wangfei[7] do this?"

Qingyang Gongzhu[3] smiled bitterly. ''Why did she do that? Have you forgotten what Heshou once did to the Han family? We have forgotten, but Jing Wangfei[7] hasn't, and I'm sure Han Yuxi, who is far away in the northwest, hasn't forgotten either." Han Yuxi was thousands of miles away, so Qingyang Gongzhu[3] wasn't worried about her retaliation, but Han Yuchen was not one to be messed with. Despite her celestial fairy appearance, this woman's methods were also top-notch.

The Momo[4] looked frightened: "What Gongzhu[3] means is that Jing Wangfei[7] is seeking revenge?" Jing Wang[9], who the Crown Prince trusted, favoured his wife. If Jing Wangfei[7] really wanted to take revenge, her Gongzhu[3] would be at a real disadvantage.

Qingyang Gongzhu[3] said: "What is supposed to come will always come, and there is no escape. Don't tell Heshou about this for the time being." She didn't know whether Jing Wangfei[7] would deal with her next or go straight to Heshou.

Qingyang Gongzhu[3] was somewhat helpless at this thought. Her daughter had been too self-righteous back then and had turned such a good situation into what it was today.

Qingyang Gongzhu[3] had a good idea, but she also had to see if Yuchen would agree to it! The Crown Prince and Jing Wang[9] were full brothers and had a close relationship, so they naturally moved around a lot between the two residences.

Yuchen was playing the qin when an old woman servant walked in and muttered a few words in Momo[4] Gui's ear before retreating.

Momo[4] Gui waited for Yuchen to finish playing a song before she stepped forward and reported, "Wangfei[7], the Crown Princess has given birth to a little prince. Both mother and child are safe." The news from the Eastern Palace had said that the child would be a daughter, but now that she thought about it, the Crown Princess should have deliberately let the news out in order to protect her pregnancy better.

When Yuchen heard this, her eyes dimmed as she thought of her second son, who had no chance of being born into this world. However, she quickly calmed down, stood up and instructed, "Send someone to tell the female officials of the Eastern Palace that I will visit the Crown Princess tomorrow!" At this time, the Crown Princess would be asleep and unable to see anyone even if she went there.

Early the following day, Yuchen led a group of people to the Eastern Palace to visit the Crown Princess. Looking at the Crown Princess's good complexion, Yuchen smiled: "When I heard that Saozi[10] had given birth yesterday, I was even frightened. The Imperial Physician had previously said that the baby would be born at the end of the month."

The Crown Princess looked at the infant child and said with a smile: "This child is so impatient that he can't wait to come out. I could do nothing about it."’

After talking for a while, Yuchen noticed that the Crown Princess was showing signs of fatigue, so she stood up and said, "Saozi[10], I'd like to see Qiao Liang Di[2]. I wonder if it's possible?" To see Heshou, you have to get permission from the Crown Princess.

The Crown Princess smiled and said, "That's not something impossible. Mama Jin, please take Jing Wangfei[7] to see Heshou!" Something must have gone wrong for Yuchen to be looking for Heshou. Besides, the Crown Princess also knew by heart what Heshou had done back then.

Heshou was very surprised to see Yuchen. "What are you doing here?" The two often met when Yuchen attended banquets in the Eastern Palace. With one being a principal wife and the other a mere concubine, coupled with Heshou's deliberate avoidance, they didn't actually have many encounters.

Mama Jin wisely led the maids and old women servants out of the courtyard. She also knew that Jing Wangfei[7]'s visit to Heshou Xianzhu[5] had no good intentions.

Yuchen smiled and said, ''I have come here to see if you are doing well and to tell you something in passing. I think this matter will be of great interest to you."

Heshou looked at Yuchen warily and replied, "I'm not interested. Please leave." She instinctively felt that the woman before her was dangerous.

Yuchen wasn't angry either. Still smiling brightly, she said, "Did Gongzhu[3] tell you how Eighth Young Miss Cai died? I don't think she told you." If Gongzhu[3] had told Heshou, she wouldn't have been so calm when he saw her.

Heshou was no fool, and she immediately understood the hidden meaning of those words. With fire in her eyes, she asked, "It was you. It was you who killed the Eighth Young Miss Cai, wasn't it? Why did you do this?"

Yuchen felt that she had just heard something hilarious. "Why did I do this? Don't you have a clear idea in your mind? Or have you long forgotten what happened a few years ago? If that's true, then your memory is terrible."

Once Heshou heard these words, how could she not know what Yuchen was talking about?

Footnotes Full List
  1. another rank for the Crown Prince's concubine, meaning Virtuous Beauty.
  2. This refers to Heshou. Her family surname is Qiao.
  3. Princess
  4. a term for an elderly lady
  5. Princess of the Fourth Rank/usually granted to the daughter of a Junwang
  6. addressing or referring to an empress or an imperial concubine
  7. wang=king, fei=consort, in short, the king's consort
  8. =four/fourth, mèi=younger sister, short form for Mèimèi
  9. King
  10. sister-in-law

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