MMIH Chapter 49 : Extra 1 : The Happiest Day For Lord Meishan (Part One)

In the eyes of the new soul-spirits, Lord Meishan was a stable and reliable master. Apart from occasional convulsions, drunkenness, crying and shouting, (they didn’t know whose name that he kept on shouting about), for the rest of the time, he was quite good. At least this could be described as words of pride.

Meishan was a master who could make the new soul-spirits proud. Although Meishan’s residence could not be compared with those big sects, people's daily visits to the residence were endless, mostly asking him to check some secrets.

Lord Meishan did not accept gold, silver or jewellery in his works. Visitors could only try to beat him in alcohol consumption as payment. Except for dragging out a bunch of drunk as mud visitors every day, Lord Meishan’s whole simple life was actually very quiet and peaceful.

Though, this peaceful and tranquil life ended at dusk that day.

It was beautiful dusk with thick red like fire clouds, dying the layers of trees in the forest in red. A huge, ugly pelican landed silently on a wooden bridge covered with red and white flowers, which scared the soul-spirit gatekeepers till they dropped their chins.

A girl suddenly jumped off from the back of the pelican. She was dressed in light purple silk clothes, covering her slender and graceful stature. She was outstandingly beautiful. Soul-spirit gatekeepers were replaced in a batch every year, so nobody knew who she was. Seeing her walk towards the gate with a smile on her face, the gatekeepers still had to stop her.

"It's already late. If Miss wants something, please come early tomorrow."

The beauty smiled and handed over a huge food box. "Then, I have to trouble you to take this food box to Meishan daren. I haven't come to see him, an elder of mine, for two or three years already. This box contained the missing two and three years' worth of moon cakes, zongzi, pastries and steamed buns. Please ask him to eat them slowly. I'll see him when I have time."

She said she hadn't come here for two or three years. Was she an old acquaintance of Lord Meishan?

The soul-spirit did not dare to give her another cold shoulder. So someone had already gone in to report. At that time, Lord Meishan was finishing his wine match with the last visitor. He rinsed his mouth with tea to refresh himself and told the soul-spirits to throw out the drunkard, while dismissing him, "This is useless stuff. He can't even drink two jars of wine and dare to challenge me. All go strip him and throw him out to teach him a lesson."

He frowned when he saw a soul-spirit gatekeeper standing in a daze by the door while holding a large food box.

"What are you doing holding this shabby box when you should be guarding at the gate?"

After saying those words, he walked over and casually lifted the lid of the box. Inside, there were steamed stuffed buns and some pastries that were neatly put in rows. He fished up a steamed stuffed bun and put it in his mouth. He joyfully exclaimed, "This tastes good! Who sent all these?"

"Oh, it was a beautiful girl. She said she hadn't seen you for two to three years. So she gave you these missing two and three years worth of steamed stuffed buns, zongzi, mooncakes and the like….."

Half of the steamed buns fell to the ground with the sound of 'pu'. Lord Meishan became flustered and lost his soul. He grabbed the huge food box first, then picked up the steamed buns. There was no place to put them. Since he was in a hurry, he put the food box on his head and ran to the gate.

In the afterglow of the sunset, the girl he loved and hadn't seen for a long time hadn't left yet. Just like when she first visited Meishan residence, she was holding onto the railing of the wooden bridge and looking at the carp spitting bubbles below.

Meishan's tears were coming in boundless like a tide which wet the front of his clothes.

"Meishan daren!"

Xin Mei waved at him in a friendly way and smilingly came towards him. She was much more sedate than when she was a teenager. She didn't run around anymore, but her carefree and sweet smile on her face remained unchanged. No matter how chaotic the world had become outside, Xin Mei was always Xin Mei, a carefree and fresh tune in troubled times.

"You're becoming skinny as all skin and bone again. It's said that many places are in wars right now. The rations and fodder have become very expensive to eat, so Gossip Immortal also don't have enough food to eat?"

She looked up and down at him. Wherever her gaze went, Lord Meishan would extremely shake.

"The food in that box is for you to eat." Xin Mei saw the way he handled the food box was like he had prostrated himself in worship as he had put it on his head, and he couldn't help blinking back at her piteously. It must have been a very tough life for him. Just with these few steamed stuffed buns and moon cakes could make him this happy that he didn't dare to give them up. "Why don't I help cook some food for you?"


Lord Meishan's voice was like a chicken with its neck being choked, which was thin and sharp. His whole body was stiff and he was trembling as he walked with the food box on his head. He led Xin Mei through the gate with tears streaming down all the way.

Xin Mei comforted him, "Don't be anxious. Don't cry. I'll cook right away."


The soul-spirit gatekeepers carefully lifted their fallen chins up again. It was said that there was an old soul-spirit of Meishan who specialized in sweeping the floor and taking care of the bamboo forest. They decided to go ask about the matter when they had free time that evening.

The kitchen was still a kitchen, a tofu was still a tofu. Xin Mei rolled up her sleeves, washed her hands well, grabbed a kitchen knife and turned back to ask, "Meishan daren, do you still want to eat tofu Meishan?"

Lord Meishan was shivering all over, "Can, can, can, can I eat… tofu Xin Mei?"

Ah, the training he did over the years proved to be useful, since he could finally say such a bold word right now! Lord Meishan immediately covered his face shyly.

Xin Mei did not hesitate, "Okay."

.....Oh, God! This wasn't a dream, was it? Couldn't be, couldn't be, right?! ! If this was a dream, in that case, never woke him up for the rest of his life!

As a result, Xin Mei made four tofu that day. They were tofu Meishan, tofu Xin Mei, tofu Fu Jiuyun and tofu Zhen Hongsheng. Lord Meishan watched her flying chopsticks in a daze, as she grasped three of the tofu heads and put them into his bowl with a sharp-eyed and quick-moving, also with extremely cruel and merciless heart, as she said, "Meishan daren, these are the heads of you and your friends for you to eat."

…..he felt so overwhelmed.

He gnashed his teeth as he gnawed at the heads of the other two people. Out of the corner of his eye, he kept glancing at tofu Xin Mei. He wanted to stretch out his chopsticks, but he was still a little embarrassed. Regardless of what he ate, his heart would feel very anxious, as if he was really going to eat her tofu. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Because of his hesitation which made him dawdle, the tofu Xin Mei was eaten by Xin Mei herself, thus, Lord Meishan could only wipe away his tears of regret.

"I haven't been out for a long time, so there have been so many changes outside. Today, when I went to Chongling Valley, Dahu Ge had been the one in charge and he has gotten himself a wife."

After all, he was the first man she took fancy of. When she knew he was already married, Xin Mei felt a little regret. There went her whole generation of handsome man ah…

"Dahu Ge said that Fox Fairy daren will not come out anymore in this life. Is this true?"

Lord Meishan went dumbfounded for a while. "For a celestial being to be in seclusion, it usually takes a hundred of years at least or hundreds of years at most. How can he say he will be in seclusion for his whole lifetime?"

Xin Mei broke down as she said, "I'm probably dead a hundred years later."

As a matter of fact, for Fox Fairy to say that he won't be coming out in this whole life was actually referring to her life.

After all these years, Lord Meishan seemed to come to realise that the girl he loved had an opposite life than him, as she was a human being, while he was an immortal. Hundreds of years would pass quickly for him, but in the blink of an eye, she might not know how many lifetimes she had been reincarnated.

He swallowed the tofu with difficulty and quickly expressed what he had in his heart, "Little, Little Mei, even if you become old and white hair, like chicken skin crane hair, I will still like you!"

Xin Mei was greatly moved, "Meishan daren... you are really a good man, and I will still be good friends with you in my next life!"

"Good, good friend…..?" [T/N]

"We can become good friends in the next life!"

"Uh, good...good…"

After being hit by the friend card and the good person card, Lord Meishan immersed himself with food while tears streamed down his face. This delicious and painful meal made his belly big as a ball again as he collapsed into a chair while groaning painfully.

The hot spring in Meishan's residence was a familiar road and a familiar door for Xin Mei, so she took a bath and changed her clothes. When she returned, Lord Meishan had draped himself with a wide jacket to cover his belly, and he put on the most handsome and unrestrained posture in his life, as he leaned against a crabapple tree. He was holding a jade xiao with his long hair and the sleeves of his clothes fluttering in the air.

"Little Mei, since we have come, let us stay and enjoy it. It doesn't matter how long you want to stay in Meishan's residence."

He turned the jade xiao smartly and gave her a free and easy smile, "No need to be polite."

Xin Mei gave out a faint smile, "Okay, I'll stay here for a while." So smooth? Lord Meishan felt that something was wrong. Speaking of which, Little Mei had been to Meishan's residence several times before, but she either left immediately after delivering the goods or went away with that terrible war demon General. What happened this time?

He shifted the view of his eyes, and tried to probe out by asking, "That… are you and the General these days?"

Xin Mei's face instantly hardened and her voice was indifferent, "Oh, how could he be not good."

Look at that facial expression, it seemed that two people were in a dispute. Lord Meishan at once delirious with delight, as his jade xiao turned around like a windmill. He hurriedly changed the subject, "The moonlight is so beautiful tonight, and in this endless night, I don't have the mood to sleep. Little Mei, why don't we talk about ideal life?"

"Let's talk tomorrow. I'm sleepy. Meishan daren should also remember to go to bed earlier, and I'll make you breakfast in the morning."

Xin Mei waved at him and turned into the guest room.

Lord Meishan was so excited that he ran around with his clothes on his back. When he met a soul-spirit, he shouted, "Did you hear that? She's going to make breakfast for me! Breakfast for me!"

"Getting up early in the morning with the smell of rice is a privilege that a husband can enjoy!"

"Little Mei is going to make breakfast for me personally—!"

Several soul-spirits hiding in the bamboo forest secretly gossiping with each other while probing at the scene, "Master seems crazy."

The oldest soul-spirit picked its nose, the only one in the group who was calm. "Don't worry about him. He will surely cry in a few days. Let us keep on talking about his tearful love history..."

That night, Lord Meishan had the happiest dream in his life. He dreamed that he had accepted Xin Mei as his disciple and taught her the method of spiritual practice. He was no longer afraid of the profound gap between them, a mortal and an immortal. The two people had gotten along day and night, and their feelings gradually grew. Finally, in front of the gods and demons in the heavens, they staged a world-shaking forbidden love between a master and his disciple.

The author has something to say: Er, there are 3,000 stories about why Xin Mei ran away to Meishan's residence, as well as regarding Lu Qianqiao, coming to snatch her back. Lastly, there is the story of him using the elixir of life to save people and Lord Meishan was not allowed to pester while he was using it…..


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