A Match Made In Heaven

Original Title : 佳偶天成 (jiā ǒu tiān chéng)
Author : Shi Si Lang / 十四郎
Raw source : JJWXC
Sypnosis :
This is an era where demons run rampant. The brave maiden has embarked on her journey…

It is said that a wife can be bought with money; then a husband can also be purchased. Xin Mei has nothing but money. She wants to buy herself a good-looking and useful husband…



  1. Bless your soul for translating this story!! I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole novel translated. Thank you!!

  2. Hi..
    I'm Nazila. I'm Indonesian translator of Global Foxaholic. Can I get your permission to re translation to Indonesian?. Then post it to Global Foxaholic. I'll be tag your credit and your website. Thank you.