MMIH Chapter 42 : The Purpose Of The Great Monk

Li Chaoyang did not follow after the two.

As a matter of fact, Lu Qianqao didn’t care if someone tried to catch up with him nor did he care if someone came to stop him.

Opposite the cliff was Changgeng Mountain Pass. Even with a distance of more than ten zhang, he could jump over it with just a gentle leap. Maybe because their jump was so sudden, Xin Mei just reacted with a cry of ‘ah’. When the food box fell out of her hand, she immediately cried out, “Ah! My tofu...“

The whip suddenly swung out without a sound and it tightly wrapped around the food box. When the food box was pulled up, it fell steadily into his hand, then he silently handed it back to her.

Xin Mei was in a daze for a moment as she looked up at Lu Qianqiao. His brows were puckered slightly, but there seemed to be a little expectation and some hesitation in it. He did not say a word, just quietly stared at her.

Will she cry? Or will she just pounce and hug him?

Xin Mei looked at him up and down before she slowly revealed a smile in the end. She took his hand gently and said, “Let's have a meal together.”

A warm fire was lit in the main tent, but there was no light, and the light from the fire was somewhat dim. She opened the food box and probed it with her hand. The foods were still all right and warm. Vegetarian dishes such as tofu could be eaten like this. For fish soup and meat dishes, they had to be reheated again.

When she turned around and looked at the fire, there was a simple small iron pot on it. Half of the water in it was bubbling. The moist and warm water made the dry tent a bit more comfortable.

She poured out the water from inside the pan and put the fish soup in it to reheat. Then, she fished out two pieces of burnt charcoal from the fire and put them at the bottom of the food box. In a short time, the aroma of the foods floated inside the tent.

Wherever she went, Lu Qianqiao would silently follow behind her, like he was a noiseless tail.

Probably because she was exposed to the chill wind by the cliff for a long time, and now that she had been warmed up by all the heat from inside the tent, Xin Mei who had just reheated all the food, suddenly sneezed several times.

The person who was like a tail behind her finally came to the front with one hand on her forehead.

“ have just caught a cold. Come here.”

Lu Qianqiao called out for warm water. Then, he took off her shoes and soaked her cold feet in the warm water. Soldiers in the barracks were also easily infected with cold. Most of them used this method to dispel it. If the symptoms were serious, they would throw some ginger into the water.

“ has turned blue because of the cold.” He held her soft snow-white feet and frowned.

Her toenails were already blue and purple. When touched, they felt like ice. He then looked up at her thin light yellow silk skirt and frowned again.

“You wear too little.”

...that comment is a little unflattering.

Xin Mei pouted, “This was a newly made dress. What do you think about it?”

Lu Qianqiao took a look at her again, squeezed her skirt and continued to frown. “The material is too thin for you to wear during winter.”

“Can you say anything else besides that?”

Female Hanfu Belt or Sash
Belts and sashes are used to close, secure, and fit the garments around the waist. - Ancient Chinese Clothing, Wiki
He finally looked at her carefully and earnestly. Only then did he realise how beautiful her new dress was. Its long belt hung over the edge of the bed, with two small silver bells attached to it, and a very gorgeous peony was embroidered at the corner of her skirt. Although she didn't apply face powder to her face, she still looked beautiful and fair. This dress only made her look much more beautiful.

He moved his lips like he wanted to say something, but in the end, he could not say it. His ears turned red, as he bent his head and gently poured the warm water on her feet.

A cold hand touched his hot ears, followed by a few big drops of water.

Lu Qianqiao raised his eyes with a look of surprise, only to find that other than touching his ears, she also shed some tears.

“...what’s the matter? “ He was a little flustered. He put her feet in the basin carelessly, then wiped his hands randomly. Once his hands were a bit dry, he grabbed her shoulder and thought for a long time before stuttering, “These clothes...these clothes are really nice, really beautiful...“

He thought she cried because he didn’t praise her.

As a result, she burst into tears and cried even more. She ran into his arms and hugged him with all her might, without saying anything. She just cried.

He held down the back of her head, put his finger into her hair and carefully stroked her head. After a while, he heard her choking voice, “Ears...ears are still red...still the same...that’s not good...”

She could finally cry freely.

He wiped the messy tears from her face with his fingers and bent his head to kiss her forehead.

He missed her smell like they had been separated for thousands of autumn. He couldn’t stop kissing her as his lips fell on the bridge of her nose and her wet eyelids.

A strange but familiar feeling arose as if it was the first time in his life for him to touch her, which led to a faint impulse that couldn’t be restrained.

Her moist eyelashes rose and in an instant, they fell like butterfly wings. Lu Qianqiao’s arm suddenly tightened around her and his hot lips fell heavily on her slightly cool lips.

Entanglement and friction...he could not kiss her as gently and clumsily as he used to. He bit and sucked her lips, while the tip of his tongue stretched out and violently entangled with hers.

Xin Mei seemed to be frightened and shrank back in surprise. He pressed her up and his slender fingers had already deeply inserted into her clothes. Her belt became loose because of his somewhat rough actions.

She vaguely cried out, “Don’t rip it! I...just wore...this one! “

However, he still ripped open her upper garment and now she had nothing to wear!

A low husky voice came out from his throat. Sorry...he couldn't do it. He spread hot kisses down her open neckline when his hand slipped down and cleanly tore the beautiful belt. The silver bells attached to the belt tinkled twice before they fell to the ground. His hand that dipped down from her waist, looked eager and a bit clumsy. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

“Wait a minute...” Xin Mei opened her eyes stiffly, then she suddenly grabbed hold of his shoulder, and gasped, “ feet...still been washed...”

With just a hook from his calf, both of her drenched legs were put on top of the bed and her skirt fell off lightly.

This time, she seemed to have no chance of overwhelming him. She, she hadn’t properly practised ‘Guanyin sitting on a lotus’ yet, and also...she was kind of hungry, so she didn’t have the energy to do it...the meal had already been heated might have to be reheated again later on...

She was indulging in flights of fancy that she didn’t know where he had touched her when her whole body suddenly trembled and all the messy things in her mind flew away.

His teasing fingers were not smooth at first and became skilled gradually. When his forehead touched her forehead, their moist and hot breath intertwined. She was completely ready...enough! He could no longer wait, otherwise, in the next moment, it would be his death.

Perhaps it was because she was feeling cold, hungry and tired, or maybe because he was not being gentle enough, when he entered, she gave a slight grunt of discomfort. She tightly pinched his arm with her fingers and mumbled almost confusedly, “Slow down...slow down...”

He couldn’t slow down...he had long been too absorbed. There were words he couldn’t say. It went without saying that those words were something he should say to her...he never said something like that to her, whether they were vows or love words. He could only use his real body to make her understand what was hidden in his heart.

He had always been so clumsy and stubborn. Before he could even make her really happy, he kept on leaving her again and again.

Why did she keep on chasing after him?

Why would she still wait for him?

Why...did she even fall in love with him?

Tofu General, tofu Xin Mei...on the night when he was would be unlikely for him to forget their taste for the rest of his life.

“Xin Mei...”

He instinctively called out her name. In his fierce and unstoppable movement, he kept his face close to hers and held her tight.

He couldn’t lose her anymore. No more.


Li Chaoyang didn’t think that Liu Qianqiao would go back to his tent. She just didn’t expect him to be so resolute when he turned around like that as if he had completely forgotten that she was still waiting.

It was also possible that he would not care even if he remembered.

Her dark eyes turned red instantly. She had said that she would not give him another day. She even gave the key to the gate to that girl, allowing her to come to the War Demon Clan someday.

She would never say her words twice.

As she held Fang Tianji up high with her hand and threw it out, she suddenly heard a light but a cold voice behind her asking, “Are you Li Chaoyang?”

Even if she didn’t want to, Fang Tianji that was dancing in the air went back to her hand.

Li Chaoyang suddenly turned around, and before her eyes, stood flowery like figure, followed by a strange and dazzling red light flashing towards her. Fang Tianji immediately swept away at the figure–she couldn’t hear the sound of her weapon hitting him. The other party seemed to slip faster than a mouse.

She raised her hand and recalled Fang Tianji. She fixed her gaze at the area where the figure had been standing. The night was bleak and the wind was chilly. She could not even see half a shadow of the person who was once there. In the wind, however, there was a hint of smell that would make people from the War Demon Clan feel disgusted. That person was from the Fox Clan.

With a snort of disdain and her legs pressed from both sides, she drove Xiao Feng Li to follow the smell, but the normally docile spirit horse just floated motionless in mid-air.

She frowned. “Go!”

It still wouldn’t move.

Li Chaoyang bowed her head, and was shocked to see that the four hooves of Xiao Feng Li had become crystal clear ice! It hissed in pain and fear. With tears streaming from its eyes, it looked helplessly at its master on its back.

The ice was still spreading upwards. In just a moment, its abdomen, chest, neck...all had condensed into solid and smooth ice!

Li Chaoyang’s reaction was fast, as she immediately got off while they were still in the air. She flipped over and dropped down. However, Xiao Feng Li fell much faster than her. It had completely become an ice sculpture. It pounded on the ground and made a heavy cracking sound.

For the first time in her life, she felt shocked. After she landed on the ground, she quickly ran away. However, after a few steps, she suddenly felt that something was wrong. When she looked down, she found out that her feet had become ice blocks, firmly nailed to the ground, then followed by her knees and thighs...before she could roar with anger, the ice had long covered the top of her head.

The Great Monk slowly walked out from deep inside the forest. It was unknown when did he take off the black silk glove from his left hand. His right arm had broken in half, so he put it under his arm. After all, he had failed to escape the first blow from a perfect war demon and his right arm was severely damaged. His face looked pale as he suddenly raised his left hand to a giant tree beside him, while a bright red light flashed out from the palm of his hand. In the next moment, the trunk of the giant tree also turned into sparkling and clear beautiful ice.

With a sigh of relief, he slowly put on his gloves. Then he took his time to walk to Li Chaoyang’s side. He carefully observed the ice sculpture of the war demon.

She was really dead.

He had stayed close to Xin Mei, frequently sending her between the Imperial Mausoleum and Changgeng Mountain Pass. After waiting for more than half a month, as expected, Li Chaoyang was incited to come out. However, if it weren’t for all the things that happened together by chance, and he who had been waiting for her to be alone for even a moment, would have a hard time in killing her since the lady was usually being followed by one or two war demons. He also couldn’t give full play of his ability if there were too many people around her.

This had been fated.

He took out a paper and pen from the leather bag behind his waist. He dipped the pen in the wound of his broken arm, and hastily wrote a line of words with his blood 【Li Chaoyang has been killed. The task has been completed. 】

Not long after, a pitch-black magpie landed on his arm, grabbed the note and flapped its wings away.

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