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Main Characters
Supporting Characters
Han Family Elders
  • Dowager Lady Han - Deceased. Helped her niece, the favoured concubine of her son to harass the Old Madam Han, the reason why the Old Lady Han hated her so much.
  • Old Duke Han - Deceased. Biased towards his beloved concubine, the mother of Han Jiangjun. Before he passed away, he let Han Jiangjun separate and leave the residence, fearing that Old Lady Han would take revenge on him after his death.
  • Old Lady Han - Bias towards her second son Han Jingyan, eldest grandson Han Jianming, second grandson Han Jianye, and third granddaughter Han Yuchen. Dislike Ning Shi for the mean trick that trapped Han Jingyan into marriage. Automatically, she disliked Han Yuxi, for being the daughter of Ning Shi. Han clan reputation and prestige were important for her. That was why she instilled into Han Jianming to revive the glorious Han Clan reputation.
  • Old Duke Han's favourite concubine - Deceased. Han Jingjun's birth mother. The niece of Dowager Lady Han. Used Lady Madam Han and Old Duke Han to harass Old Lady Han. Even fought with her for the shizi position for her son.
  • Servants
    • Mama Luo
    • Feicui
    • Cuiyu
Main Branch/House
  • Han Jingdon - Eldest son of Old Master Han and Old Madam Han. Former Duke Han of the State. Relinquished the title to his eldest son, Han Jianming, after being persuaded by his new concubine.
  • Qiu Shi - Main wife. The only daughter of the Qiu Family. Impulsive but very kind. Despised Concubine Rong and her daughter Han Yujing. Very closed with Han Yuxi. At first, she helped Han Yuxi because she had promised Ning Shi to take care of her. Then, after Yuxi continuous visit to her courtyard, she treated her like her own daughter. When she saw Han Yuxi being treated unfairly by her own father, she adopted her into the Main Family.
  • Han Jianming - Eldest son of Han Jiangdon and Qiu Shi. The current holder of Duke Han of the State title and Assistant Minister of War. Married Ye Qing/Ye Shi as his main wife and had a daughter with her. Married Concubine Yu(?) after Ye Shi couldn't bear anymore child for him. Once Concubine Yu(?) gave birth to a son, the child was registered under Ye Shi's name, making the baby boy the legitimate heir to the Duke title. Ruthless, cunning and intelligent. He was raised by Old Lady Han. Even though he was closed to Han Yuxi, as long as she could bring benefit for him or the clan, he would try to do everything she asked him for. Han Yuxi and he were originally paternal cousins before his mother adopted her.
  • Han Jianye - 2nd son of Han Jiangdon and Qiu Shi. Practised martial art since young with Master Yang and Yuzhi. Had to take Qiu Yanfu as concubine after she tricked him into believing that they had done intimate acts on the bed. Officially married to Lu Xiu, and had three sons with her. Had a straightforward and honest personality. He didn't like to think much so he hated study or reading books. Adored Han Yuxi like his own sister, before and after she was adopted by his mother. They were originally connected as paternal cousins.
  • Han Yuru - the eldest daughter of Han Jiangdon, the Eldest Miss Han. A common/concubine-born daughter. Her mother passed away when she was young. So, Qiu Shi treated her nicely like her own daughter A very calculative person. Jealous of Han Yuchen and Han Yuxi for being the daughters of the main wives. However, became kind of closed to Han Yuxi after being urged by her close personal servant. Later on, she married and lived happily with a rich family partner, chosen by Qiu Shi.
  • Concubine Rong - was favoured by Han Jingdon before Concubine Lian came. Very cunning. She hated Ning Shi. When Ning Shi passed away, she tried to kill Han Yuxi by using Han Yuxi's personal maid, Moyun. She used the secret relationship between Moyun and Xie youngest son to threaten her. She didn't want her daughter, Han Yujing to marry into a low-status family, even with her title as a shu daughter.
  • Han Yujing - the second daughter of Han Jingdon. Han Yuxi's cousin and adopted stepsister. Hated Han Yuchen for being favoured in the residence. Hated Han Yuxi for being better than her. Joined Teacher Song's basic class, but too lazy to do her homework. She asked her mother's maid to help her finished her homework. Han Yuxi accused her of cheating for gaining so much weight when Han Yuxi and Han Yuchen lost their weight during their time learning from Teacher Song. In the end, Teacher Song complained about the matter to Old Lady Han. She had pushed Han Yuxi down the stairs once and only been scolded by the Old Lady for it. Because of that incident, she even dared to push Han Yuxi for the second time at the residence garden. Han Yuxi hurt her foot because of it.
  • Servants:
    • Mama Wang - Qiu Shi's dowry maid
    • Mama Li - Qiu Shi's personal maid
    • Liuyin - Qiu Shi's maid
    • Baoda - Qiu Shi's maid
    • Xiangyang - Mama Li's only son. Worked as Qiu Shi's silk shop manager.
    • Old Woman Xiao - former personal servant of Concubine Rong. She was the one who passed the dirtied sachet to Moyun.
    • Old woman Feng - Concubine Rong new servant, a replacement for an old woman who was a personal servant of Concubine Rong
    • Mr Zhao - Han Jianming's advisor
    • Han Hao - Han Jianming personal servant
    • Han Ji - Han Jianming personal servant who later had been given to Han Yuxi. He then became Han Yuxi personal servant.
    • Xue Qing - Han Jianming personal maid
    • Ziying - Han Jianming's personal maid, given by Old Madam Han. Left the residence to get married. Replaced by Zhiyi.
    • Zhiyi - Ziying replacement. Sold out after trying to frame Han Jianye and Han Yuxi. She was probably framed by those who were jealous of her for being Han Jianming's favourite maid.
    • Ah Gan - one of Han Jianming's retainers.
    • Zhuxuan - Han Yuru's personal maid
    • Qingxuan - Han Yuru's maid
    • Qingye - Han Yuru's maid
    • Yunqi - HanYujing's former personal maid, help Han Yujing a lot, was sold because Old Madam Han wanted to clear Han Yujing's courtyard after she was found cheating while doing her schoolwork.
    • Yunlang - Han Yujing's former maid, shared the same fate as Yunqi
    • Sixin - Han Yujing's new maid.
    • Xiaojuan - Concubine Rong's former maid, who helped write some of Han Yujing's homework
    • Momo Chang - the wet nurse who was in charge of teaching etiquette to Han Yuru and Han Yujing.

Second Branch/House

  • Han Jingjun - Second Master of Han Clan. The illegitimate son of Old Duke Han and his favourite concubine. Left the residence after the seventh day of the Old Duke's passing. Hated by Old Madam Han because of his mother. Could never return to the official residence, except for New Year's Eve where the clan will pay respect to the ancestors in the clan ancestral hall.
  • Ma Shi - Han Jingjun's wife.

Third Branch/House
  • Han Jingyan - Third Master. 2nd son of Old Master Han and Old Madam Han. The favourite son of his mother. Just like his mom, he paid more attention to the family reputation. He disliked Ning Shi because he thought that she used a cheap trick to trap him into marriage by sleeping with him. Loved his first wife, Chiang Shi and they had a daughter, Han Yuchen.
  • Chiang Shi - First wife of Han Jiangyan. Died after giving birth to Han Yuchen.
  • Han Yuchen - Most favoured granddaughter in Han family, where she was given everything good after her mother passed away. She was close with her brother, Han Jianhui, so she was saddened by his death because of smallpox. She wasn't close with Han Yuxi at first because she didn't like Han Yuxi's gloomy attitudes. Later on, she got closer to Han Yuxi after the latter changed her negative attitudes. She favoured Han Yuxi over her elder female cousins - Han Yuru and Han Yujing. She also prioritised family reputation over family members. As long as others did not damage her family reputation, she would treat them well.
  • Han Jianhui - Died young because of smallpox.
  • Ning Shi - Second wife of Han Jiangyan. He accused her of trapping him for marriage. But actually, she was meant to marry somebody else. Somehow, her cousin (?) also interested in that guy so she drugged Ning Shi and made her slept with a drunken Han Jingyan. So the marriage with the other guy was nulled. After she married into the Han household, something happened to the Ning Clan. All members of the clan except for the women who had been married away were dead. She tried to help her maiden family by pawn nearly all her dowries but still failed. She managed to save some jewellery for her daughter, Han Yuxi. She died after giving birth to Han Yuxi.
  • Han Yuxi
  • Wu Shi - a daughter of Wu family, a big merchant from Hebei.
  • Han Jiancheng - second son of Third House, born by Wu Shi
  • Han Yurong - fifth Miss of Han family. Born by Wu Shi.
  • Wei Shi
  • Concubine Xin - former personal maid of Old Madam. Gave birth to Jianjun.
  • Han Jianjun - eldest son of the Third House. Born by Concubine Xin.
  • Servants
    • Mama Fang - Ning Shi's dowry maid
    • Shishu - Han Yuchen's personal maid, very suspicious of Han Yuxi for a double-sided embroidery that she believed Han Yuxi 'forcefully took' from her Master.
    • Shiwin - Han Yuchen's personal maid
    • Shiqin - Han Yuchen's personal maid
    • Momo Gui - the wet nurse who was in charge of teaching etiquette to Han Yuchen and Han Yuxi, but decided to pass Han Yuxi to Momo Quan, to focus solely on Han Yuchen. Specially invited by Old Madam Han to teach Han Yuchen. Invited Momo Quan to teach together at Han Residence.
    • Mama Chen - Wu Shi's mama
    • Lu Shan - Han Yurong's maid
Yun Family
  • Old Master Yun - Yun Qing's grandfather. An ex-General. Died after having a heart attack at Palace Hall, accusing the Song Family as the mastermind behind the massacre of Liaodong Border Town by barbarians of Donghu. Sent Yun Qing to the northwest towards Marshal Qin, believed to be enemy of the Yun, but actually, it was an act to fool other people.
  • General Huai Dong, Yun Lao - Yun Qing's father. The Eldest Master of the Yun Family. Died on the battlefield at Liadong Border Town, killed by barbarians of Donghu.
  • General Yun Lao's wife - Yun Qing's mother. Followed her husband to Liadong Border Town. She and her youngest son killed by the barbarians of Donghu. She was pregnant at that time.
  • Yun Qing/Marshal Yun
  • Third Master Yun - Died young.
  • Servants :
    • Guo Xun - Old Master Yun personal servant.
    • Chan Qing/Huo Changqing - not a servant, but very loyal to Yun Family because the Old Master Yun once saved his life. Helped Yun Qing escaping Beijing, ordered by Old Master Yun.
Royal Family
  • Emperor - Favoured Imperial Consort Song and the Ninth Prince over the Empress Yan and the Crown Prince.
  • Empress Yan - From Yan family. When the Yan family was still alive, her status as the Empress was solid. Not favoured by the Emperor. Had only one son, the Crown Prince.
  • Crown Prince - Empress' Yan's only child.
  • Song Guifei, Song Huaijin - Most favour concubine.
  • 9th Prince/Chaixuan - Song Guifei's eldest son. Favoured by the Emperor over the Crown Prince.
  • 10th Prince/Chaijin - Song Guifei's second son. Married to Han Yuchen.
  • Qinxin Gongzhu - Song Guifei's only daughter.
Song Family
  • Old Madam Song
  • Wen Shi - the first Madam of the Song family.
  • Minister Song -
  • Fourth Master Song - a shu son of the Song family. Married to Chao Shi. Both couple involved in many unlawful matters outside. Since he had no official position in the government, he had to rely on the Song family Main House to survive.
  • Chao Shi - Married to Fourth Master Song.
  • Song Mingyue - Known as Teacher Song. Taught Han Yuchen and accepted Han Yuxi as her guest student. Once married to Lu Zon, the second son of Marquis Zhongyong's. After her family got into trouble, she used all her dowry to save them. She had some conflict with her in-law family, the Lu family, and decided to break off her marriage with Lu Zon through an unknown to the public method. (T/N: I put her here since I'm not sure yet if she is one of the same Song family/clan.
  • Servant
    • old woman
Chen Family
  • Old Madam Chen
  • Marquis Taining
  • Lady of Taining, Lady Ye - Ye Shi's aunt. The one who was responsible for matchmaking Ye Shi to Han Jianming.
  • Chen Que - Eldest daughter and young Miss of Chen Family. Betrothed to Yun Qing. Died for being too afraid of Yun Qing, after rumours about Yun Qing massacred people without mercy spread out in the capital.
  • Chen Ran
Zhou Family
  • Old Lady Zhou
  • Marquis of Chanping - head of Zhou Family. Late Old Lady Han's sibling.
  • Zhou Shishan
  • Zhou Shiha
  • Zhou Shiya - Eight Miss of Zhou Family. The only legitimate daughter of the Zhou Family Second Branch so was pampered tremendously. Got close to Han Yuxi after got to know each other during Zhou First Daughter-in-law birthday banquet in Zhou Residence.
  • Zhou Shixu - Ninth Miss of Zhou Family
Jiang Family
  • Old Madam Jiang
  • Jiang Wenrui - Jiang Family head.
  • Yun Shi - Jiang's first wife. Jiang Hongfu's mother. Deceased. Old Master Yun's adopted daughter.
  • Jiang Hongfu - Eldest son of Jiang Wenrui and Yun Shi. Heir of Jiang Family. He was assassinated in his previous life. In his current life, he was saved by Han Yuxi, but unknown by him.
  • Yu Shi - Jiang Wenrui's second wife. Very calculative and cunning.
  • Jiang Hongjin - son of Jiang Wenrui and Yu Shi. He was Han Yuxi's husband in his past life. But once married, he treated Han Yuxi like a decoration. Not even visited her on their wedding night. He even got a tongfang pregnant. Once the tongfang miscarriage, he blamed Han Yuxi for planning on the killing of his son. He then exiled Han Yuxi to a remote village. He actually fell in love with Han Yuchen. In the current life, Old Madam Jiang took a fancy on Han Yuxi and asked Jiang Wenrui to propose to the Han Family. Han Yuxi rejected by telling Han Jianming to interfere. He then told his grandmother that Jiang Hongjin was not suitable to marry Han Yuxi because he was a second son without a title, and Han Yuxi was still young to be considered as his marriage partner. Later on, once he regained a place in the Imperial Examination, his family tried to propose to Han Family again. His proposal was accepted, but he was to marry Han Yurong.
  • Jiang Qi - Only daughter of Yu Shi, Jiang Hongjin's younger sister. In her previous life, she was known as one of the capital talented women, but behind the closed door, she was very evil, ruthless and mean.
  • Servants :
Yan Family
  • General of South Garrison
Qiu Family
  • Old Master Qiu
  • Old Madam Qiu
  • Qiu Eldest Son
  • Xiao Shi - Qiu Eldest Son's wife.
  • Second Son
  • Second Son's Wife
  • Qiu Shi
  • Qiu Jingjing - Eldest daughter of Qiu Eldest Son and Xiao Shi. Qiu Family First Young Miss.
  • Qiu Huanhuan -Illegitimate daughter of Qiu Family. Qiu Family Fourth Young Miss.
  • Qiu Lele - Illegitimate daughter of Qiu Family. Qiu Family Fifth Young Miss
Chiang Family (Chiang Shi's maiden family)
  • Old Madam Chiang - not very good with her daughter-in-law, Lin Shi. Prefer Chiang Jing, the second young master of the Chiang family married to Duan Xinrong in her past life.
  • Marquis Pingqing
  • Madam Chiang (Lin Shi) - not very good with her mother-in-law because she wanted to fully control the inner courtyard of Marquis Pingqing's residence. Preferred her son to marry Lin Furong, her niece.
  • Chiang Shi - married to Han Jiangyan.
  • Eldest Young Master
  • Chiang Yi - eldest legitimate daughter of Chiang family. Proficient in chess and painting.
  • Chiang Jing - second young master of the Chiang family. Married to Lin Furong in his last life. Was proposed to marry Duan Xinrong in his current life and was betrothed to Duan Xinrong in his past life. Very good in appearance, skills and manner. Earned the title of xiuchai.
  • Chiang Xin - second legitimate daughter of Chiang family. As talented as her eldest sister.
  • Chiang Zhen - illegitimate twin daughters of the Chiang family. Not really talented but very beautiful.
  • Chiang Ping - illegitimate twin daughters of the Chiang family. Not really talented but very beautiful.