Yun Qing


  • Gender : Male
  • Parents :
    • Yun Lao
    • Unnamed mother
  • Siblings :
    • A younger brother who was killed by barbarians of Donghu
    • Unborn sibling
  • Spouse :
    • Previous Life : Chen Xue (fiancee - deceased because of her fear towards Yun Qing)
    • Current Life : Han Yuxi
  • Children :
    • Previous Life : Unknown
    • Current Life :
      • Yun Lan/Zaozao (eldest daughter)


Previous Life
His parents, Yan Lao and his mother with his younger siblings were killed by barbarians of Donghu, his grandfather send him to northwest towards Marshal Qin, the one everyone said the enemy of his family. It was just a rumor that his family and Marshal Qin spread. He was presumed as missing or dead by the public.

Years later, his name resurfaced. He was known as a killing maniac from  the northwest. He even killed his own bodyguard. His name bring fear to those who hear it.

Current Life
Part I - Meeting Han Yunxi and Leaving Beijing
He was quite well known in Beijing as the handsome heir of Yun Family. He was very good in martial art and academic. Because of this, Han Jianming told his younger brother, Han Jianye to look up to. He stayed with his grandfather, while his parents and his younger brother went to the northwest to guard the border.

He was closed with Han Jianye because of their interest in martial art.

He first met Yunxi when Yunxi was on her way back from her New Year visit to the Qiu Family with her cousins, Han Jiangming and Han Jianye. He stopped her carriage to talk to Han Jianming and Han Jianye. When he saw Han Yuxi watching them from the window of her carriage, he gave her 2 red envelopes with 1 was really from him and another, he grabbed from his maternal cousin, Jiang Hongfu. He gave Yuxi a pair of lovely small golden pigs.

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