Han Yuxi


  • Gender : Female
  • Parents :
    • Han Jingyan (father), 
    • Ning Shi (mother)
    • Hang Jing (eldest paternal uncle/adoptive father), 
    • Qiu Shi (eldest paternal aunt/adoptive mother), 
    • Wu Shi (stepmother)
  • Siblings :
    • Han Yuchen (3rd elder sister from Han Jingyan's first wife, Chiang Shi)
    • Han Jianhui (3rd brother from Han Jingyan's first wife, Chiang Shi) 
    • Han Yunrong (5th younger sister from Han Jingyan's 3rd wife, Wu Shi)
    • 2 more younger brothers from Han Jingyan's 3rd wife, Wu Shi 
    • Han Jianming (eldest male cousin/eldest adoptive elder brother) 
    • Han Jianye (second eldest male cousin/2nd adoptive elder brother)
  • Spouse :
    • Previous life : Jiang Hongjin
    • Current life : Yun Qing/He Rui
  • Children :
    • Previous Life : No child
    • Current life :
      • Yun Lan / Zaozao (eldest daughter)
  • Servants :
    • Mama Fang - Ning Shi's dowry maid, was send out of the house by Old Madam Han, believed to not doing a good job in maintaining the harmony of Rose Courtyard. She then being put as manager of a baozi shop by Han Yuxi
    • Moju - bought by Ning Shi
    • Motao - bought by Ning Shi
    • Moyun (presumed deceased) - a child of the residence servants. Punished by Old Madam Han by selling her to a mine after trying to kill her own Master, Han Yuxi, by the ordered of Rong Shi, eldest paternal uncle's concubine.
    • Moxiang (deceased) - closed to Moyun. Died because of smallpox.
    • Mama Shen - given by Old Madam Han to Han Yuxi as a replacement for Mama Fang.
    • Hongshan - a maid given by Old Madam Han to Yuxi.
    • Old woman An - strong woman bought by Xiangyang to work at the baozi shop, after Yuxi requested him to find her a strong married woman. She was currently searching for her family. 
    • Zijin - Han Yuxi new maid. Formerly known as Sanya. Sold by her family to support her younger brother's education. She was chosen for her strenght. Very loyal to Han Yuxi. Later married with Yuzhi, one of Master Yang's martial art students.
    • Zisu / former Ling Qi - Han Yuxi saved her from being captured by bouncer of a brothels, where her stepmother had sold her. Became Han Yuxi's personal assistant. Later married to Qiuxun, one of Yun Qing's brothers of the same teacher.
    • Meng Xiaofeng (Steward Meng) - Xiangyang's brother-in-law who worked as a manager in a grocery shop bought by Han Yuxi. Recommended by Xiangyang. 
    • Old woman Zhao - found by Hongshan and hired by Mama Fang to work at Han Yuxi's grocery shop after she tasted her cookings. Her Jiangnan's delicacies and moon cakes were praised by Mama Fang and people of Shangyuan Street. 
    • Steward Chen - assigned by Qiu Shi to manage Yuxi's farmland. 
    • Momo Quan - the wet nurse who was in charged of teaching etiquette and pharmacology to Han Yuxi. She was also responsible in preparing medicated meals to Han Yuchen. Invited to teach at Han Residence by Momo Gui. 
    • Kufu - Yuxi’s personal maid after Moju Motao and Hongshan married. Born from servants of Duke Han's residence. 
    • Maidong - Yuxi’s personal maid after Moju Motao and Hongshan married. Born from servants of Duke Han's residence. 


Previous Life
She was born as the Fourth Miss of Han Second House to Han Jiangyan and Ning Shi, but wasn't loved by her own father and paternal grandmother. Both of them believed that Ning Shi married to Han Jiangyan by despicable mean. That was why they dislike Ning Shi and automatically dislike Ning Shi's child, Han Yuxi.

Despite that, she was treated nicely by her cousin Han Jianye, and her eldest paternal aunt Qiu Shi. Han Jianye loved her dearly. But after his marriage being sabotaged by Qiu Hanfu, he joined the army and was presumed dead after reported missing during battle. Qiu Shi treated her nicely because she owed Han Jianye's life to Ning Shi.

At the age of 15, she was supposed to marry one of Qiu Shi's nephew, Third Young Master of the Qiu family, but instead was married to Jiang Hongjin, after the Jiang Family proposed to her father, Han Jiangyan. He had threatened her to accept or die by suicide after she reject the marriage at first. But later on chose marriage over death. Her husband had a crush on her Third Elder Sister, Han Yuchen, whom she had high respect. So, Hang Jiangyan treated her just like a decoration after they were married. He even send her to a remote village after 6 years of marriage, accusing her killing Jiang Hongjin's illegitimate son. She was presumed dead, killed by bandits who raid the village she stayed. The Jiang family released the false news of her death.

When epidemic occurred, she tried to return to the Capital, but was blocked by the guards on the city gate. Despite telling them that she was Empress Yuchen's blood sister and Jiang Hongjin's wife, they still wouldn't believe her because they heard that she was already dead. She then stayed at a refugee camp. In the end, she was burned to death with the corpse of other refugees despite the one who burned her knew that she was still alive. She swore to avenge her unfairness if she would be reborn again.

Current Life
Part I
a) Living in the Han Residence, Meeting Yun Qing 
After her tragic death in her previous life, she was reborn to the age of four. At that time, she was send to a Bamboo Pavilion (placed by Head Madam of Han residence, Qiu Shi), situated at the outskirt of the residence because of her smallpox. Yuxi was expected to die by her grandmother, so she stole any doctor that was send to treat her. Somehow, Yuxi miraculously cured despite not having any doctor looking after her.

When she went back to the Han Residence, she started to be closed with her eldest aunt, Qiu Shi. Because of her insistence in visiting Qiu Shi everyday, Qiu Shi finally loved her like her own daughter. She was very close with Qiu Shi's second son, who was also her cousin, Han Jianye, who in turned took care of her because of his gratitude feeling towards her mother.

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