MMIH Chapter 24 : Mother's Forbearance

The bed board collapsed, and the two fell into the bed hole together without any incident. Xin Mei’s head somehow bumped into the bed pillar. It was so painful that tears appeared in her eyes.

Suddenly, a hand gently pressed the swelling on her head. Xin Mei looked up and looked at a pair of gentle red eyes.

“So mischievous.” Lu Qianqiao said in a low voice as he pulled her out from the hole and gently massaged the swelling on her head with his palm. Seeing that she looked up and stared at him foolishly, he smiled, “Is it really painful?”

Xin Mei felt moved again. Her eyes got teary and her lips trembled.

The atmosphere. This was the atmosphere!

She threw herself into his chest and rubbed her head hard like she was trying to get in. Stream of tears and snot fell together, leaving a large wet patch on the clothing at his chest.

“You’re awake. You’re finally awake!”

She had been thinking about it, rehearsed it over and over again in her head. She had so many beautiful things to say, but at the last moment, she forgot all about them. In addition to repeating these words, she couldn’t remember anything else and didn’t want to think about them anymore.

Lu Qianqiao held down her restless head.

At this time, he was still awkwardly uncertain of what he should say, so he had to rub the swelling on her head over and over again. Then, he wiped her tears and snot with the clean part on his sleeve.

He had a long dream where he married Xin Mei as his wife and lived their life as ordinary people. When he woke up, he thought he would feel satisfied as well as without regret. But instead, he faced Xin Mei’s endless tears and snot.

In his dream, the virtuous and gentle Xin Mei, uh, as was only a dream, huh... [T/N]

However, this was much better.

He inserted his fingers into her soft hair, took apart her messy braids and combed them carefully with his fingers.

Xin Mei raised her red eyes and murmured, “Say something...”

Since she was the only one here who was excited, the atmosphere suddenly went awry.

Lu Qianqiao looked at her bloodshot eyes and whispered, “You can go to sleep for a while and then wake up.”

“I won’t sleep. You should tell me now.”

As he thought for a moment, his ears slowly reddened. He tried not to go over his head as his voice sank lower. "I...miss you very much."

“What? There are no turnips in your mouth. How come I can’t hear you clearly!“


His fingers gently knocked on the swelling on her head. While she was in pain, Liu Qianqiao pushed her away and walked to the door.

“Be good, go to bed. I’m here. I won’t run.”

“But you are running out now!” Xin Mei pouted.

For the first time, Lu Qianqao gave her a smile that could be called ‘happy to pamper’ and momentarily dazzled her eyes.

“Once you wake up, I’ll tell you something good.”

...why did it feel like she was just being swept off her feet? Xin Mei watched him walk out of the tent with a flush face. It took her a long time to recover. She turned to look at the collapsed bed. Then, she simply spread the quilt on the ground, called out Qiu Yue, and fell asleep under its wings.

He said he had something good to say to her. What was it? Could it be——did he already make up his mind to have a bridal chamber and ornamented candles with her, like real husband and wife? Xin Mei rolled and rolled under Qiu Yue’s wings. Her amorous feeling broke out which made her having a spring dream when she finally fell asleep.

Lu Qianqao closed the tent curtain and lifted his eyes. He looked delightedly at Li Min and Li Yan at first, but afterwards, he looked at them with a complicated glance.

Lu Qianqao still had red eyes, proving that his power awakening was unsuccessful. Better still, he managed to stay alive and did not die. This kind of thing had already happened, but how would their proud Madam accept this matter? She even made them stay here for a whole day just to wait for the results. Based on their understanding of Li Chaoyang, she would definitely prefer her son to die rather than be a good-for-nothing all his life.

The two war demons silently gave way for Lu Qianqao and they watched him knocked at the door of the snow-white carriage.

When the door of the carriage was opened, a cold wind blew at Lu Qianqao. He was slightly stunned to see chilly snows and ice in what was supposed to be a narrow carriage. The icy wind from inside the carriage was biting. Deep inside the hidden world, it turned out to be a small courtyard.

Lu Qianqiao was no stranger to this magic called a hidden world inside the sleeve. His baggage was similar to this one. Opening another vast and brand-new hidden world in a narrow space was common magic of celestial beings.

Li Chaoyang did not sleep just like Li Min said. Instead of sleeping, she was holding a huge fangtian ji in her hand. Sweat was dripping on her forehead. The snows, trees and pavilions in the courtyard had been turned into ruins——the result of her practising martial arts in the yard. A powerful fighter like her would not have a moment to relax. [T/N]

Li Chaoyang grabbed the snow-white coat lying beside her and slowly draped it over her shoulders. Then, she turned her head and breathed gently at the ruins. They instantly returned to their original shape. The roof pointed straight up into the sky was a unique characteristic of the original house of the western War Demon Clan. She sat alone in the pavilion and said, “Come on, sit down.”

Lu Qianqiao sat opposite her. Her dark eyes turned into bloody colour instantly after they got in contact with his red eyes.

“You have failed.” Li Chaoyang fixed her eyes on him. “It was the result of an interruption in the middle of your awakening. That little girl had ruined it.”

“It has nothing to do with her. It’s my own fault.“

“Boring hypothesis that I don’t need. A war demon who has failed in awakening is a disgrace to be alive, especially if that person is the son of Li Chaoyang.“

Lu Qianqiao looked at her quietly, without any sign of sadness or joy. After a long time, he finally said, “Being a disgrace depends on how one lives, not how one dies.”

The huge fangtian ji roared up and ruthlessly tried to stab Lu Qianqao in the chest. He quickly grasped the tip of the weapon, and the two people competed with each other in strength power with the fangtian ji.

“…better than before.” Then, Li Chaoyang said coldly, “But still not enough!”

She gave him a hard push, and he flew away with the fangtian ji as he smashed into the thick ice and snows.

“You have the name of war demon, but yet, you don’t have the strength of a war demon. Somehow, you still dare to tell me that there is no shame in living! How dare you humiliate me?!”

When she went up to him, the fangtian ji suddenly jumped up and flew back at her. Since she had no time to avoid it, a lock of her beautiful hair was cut off and scattered over the snows and ice.

Across her, Lu Qianqiao was half crouching, while looking up at her. His voice was steady as he said, “I will live.”

Li Chaoyang sneered, “You can live! But from now on, you are no longer the son of Li Chaoyang! However, that little girl has made too many mistakes, and the war demons will not forgive her for that!“

The fangtian ji drew a sharp light and rose up like a raging wave.


When Lu Qianqiao didn’t come out after he went in for half a sichen, the two war demons who were outside, waited with some anxiety. Li Yan sighed, “Madam won’t really kill Young Master, will she?”

“I think Madam rather prefers to kill Miss Xin.”

Li Min looked back at the tent. Madam could easily break this fragile tent with only one finger, in passing, it would also turn the people inside into pieces...

“I think Young Master seems to like Miss Xin a lot. If she is killed, I’m afraid he would rather die along?”

They had good hearings for war demons. What happened in the tent just now was very clear to them...ahem, even if they had no intention to eavesdrop, it could still be heard openly anyway.

“Although Madam never said anything, deep in her heart, she still hopes that Young Master will have a successful awakening and continues the strong bloodline of the War Demon Clan. This awakening is not successful, not because of Young Master himself, but rather Miss Xin has stirred up a row...well, I think she’s dangerous anyway.”

Li Min had hardly finished speaking when they suddenly heard a loud noise. The snow-white carriage suddenly split into pieces, and two ghostly figures rushed out. They crashed into a nearby tent and the innocent tent instantly turned into slags.

“’re right, brother.” Li Yan sighed and looked at the two war demons fighting with great emotion. “Madam really wants to kill Miss Xin. We’d better avoid her.”

They found a more reliable place and squatted down together while waiting for the result of the mother-son fight.

A sharp whistle sounded in mid-air, as the fangtian ji was thrown up high, sending out dazzling brilliance, aiming at the tent where Xin Mei slept. It then struck down as powerful as a thunderbolt.

A black whip suddenly being thrown out, abruptly grabbed and stopped the fangtian ji destructive power. Lu Qianqiao shed a thin line of blood on the corners of his mouth. He frowned as he called out, “Mother!”

Li Chaoyang solemnly said, “If you die, she will live. If she lives, you will die!“

“Mother, there’s no point in getting angry with her.”

With a ‘shua’ sound, fangtian ji drew a line on the tent and the top of the tent flew away in an instant. A person and a bird still slept happily inside, completely unaware of the chaos outside.

A war demon who had not fully awakened could not withstand the angry attacks from Li Chaoyang. The long whip made a loud breaking sound. Lu Qianqiao threw away his long whip and fell to the ground while tightly protecting Xin Mei with his body.

The fangtian ji stopped three cun from his vest, as his blood dripped down, dying Xin Mei’s clothes red. She was dreaming of a beautiful dream. He didn’t know what she was whispering, as her face was carefree.

Li Chaoyang looked at him quietly. This time, he did not look back at her. He just hung his head down as he silently protected the sleeping girl under him.

This scene was somewhat familiar...she suddenly remembered that many years ago, she was hunted by her elders because she wanted to follow a man regardless of everything. Back then, she also used her body to protect that person. Before she even told him that she loved him, she was already willing to give up her life for him.

Not everyone could understand the indescribable affection of war demons. They would never say anything touching, beautiful or sweet. They would only give their lives or blood, silently guarding from behind and watching from the shadows.

War demons had only this clumsy way of loving someone.

...that person in those days, had not been able to understand these. He always suspected her affection. Even till his death, his suspicion could not be relieved.

She recalled the little girl’s fearless and clear eyes, as she said without hesitation: [I accompanied him.]

Did she understand?

Li Chaoyang slowly put away the fangtian ji.

“Qianqiao, this is the last time I will tolerate you.” She turned and walked away, “I don’t want to see her. If I see her again, I will kill her.”

The snow-white carriage was blown to cinders by both of them. So, she leapt onto Feng Xiao Li’s back and gave out a clear hoot. Thunder and lightning came from under the dark spirit beast’s hoofs. They flew up into the clouds with an astonishing momentum and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

With a sigh of relief, Li Min and Li Yan walked up to Lu Qianqiao and sighed, “Young Master, you better continue to be General of Flying Calvary and make some military achievements, so that Madam’s heart will be more comfortable. Over the years, the Fox Clan has been growing stronger and stronger, provoking us from time to time. Since our clan had been declining, Madam has been worried all day. This time, your awakening has been unsuccessful. She must have been very sad. When you have time, remember to come back to the clan...well, don’t take Miss Xin with you to save Madam from losing her temper.”

The two people dared not to delay as each led their spirit beasts to follow Li Chaoyang.


When Xin Mei woke up, it was already dark. She had been carried to another intact tent and slept in a soft bed.

As she turned over, she saw Lu Qianqiao sitting beside her. He had changed his clothes, with one of his hands tucked the quilt for her, while he looked down at her quietly.

She smiled. She put her head into his arms and asked him lazily, “Liu Qianqiao, what good things do you want to say to me? Now that I’m awake, you can give me all you got.“

He had a smile in his eyes. He wanted to say something, but he was a little uncomfortable. After thinking about it for a while, he slowly said, “Mother has left. Since you were asleep, you weren’t able to bid her farewell.”

“Surely she will not be happy to see me, right?” Xin Mei thought of those cold and bloody red eyes. Although Li Chaoyang tried her best to restrain herself, even idiots could see the murderous look on her, “I am a poor daughter-in-law who is not liked by her mother-in-law.”

He said with a smile, “You’re not her haven’t married me yet. We haven’t worshipped heaven and earth, and also drunk the cross-cup wines.”

Huh, what did he mean? Xin Mei looked up at him in dismay.

He looked away, blushed a little and his ears slowly turning red, “I, do you you want to do it again?”

Xin Mei was in a daze for a long while. She tilted her head, pondering over his words when she had a sudden flash of inspiration. The bigger she opened her eyes, the bigger her mouth would open. She stretched out a trembling finger, pointing at him, and she couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“Would you like to? Marry me.“ He took her hand and tightly held onto it.

After trembling for a long time, Xin Mei finally said seriously and earnestly, “Lu Qianqiao, I think we should have a bridal chamber and ornamented candles.”

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