MMIH Chapter 15 : Wrangle Him In And Settle Him Up (1)

Although Xin Mei had seen and gotten in contact with men for sixteen years, she had never tried to understand them. It was said in the book 'Art of War' that if you knew yourself and your enemy when you fought, you would win a hundred battles[1]. To make a man willing to be your husband, you must first understand what men think of women.

Xin Mei took a pad of paper and a writing brush as she went to find Eldest Senior Brother.

Eldest Senior Brother was brushing the fur of a spiritual horse in the stable. Hearing her question, he blushed and pondered for a long time. Then, Eldest Senior Brother, Fang Xiao Sheng, answered, "Beautiful, generous, everything is centred on me. In her eyes, I will always be the most handsome man in the world——I like such a woman."

Xin Mei seriously wrote it down on the paper, turned around and thought of leaving. However, after thinking about it for a bit, she could not help but kindly advise him, "Eldest Senior Brother, only women with bad eyesight will regard you as the world's most handsome man. Do you want to change the standard?"

As Eldest Senior Brother drove into distraction[2], the iron brush in his hand dropped onto his feet.

Then, Xin Mei went to see Second Senior Brother, who was practising sword in the backyard. His snow-white, pretty face was covered with sweat.

When Xin Mei asked what kind of woman he liked, he rarely frowned as he thought for a long time, then answered, "Obedient, docile, and ignorant of the world. I only need to say yes or no. When I say no, it will be no for her too."

Xin Mei was astounded. " like idiots?"

Later, Second Senior Brother fainted because of heatstroke.

Her two senior brothers' answers confused her. Considering that the young men in Xinxie Manor either had not married a wife or just lived among thousands of flowers, their answers certainly could not be a reference. This kind of thing, indeed as expected, required her to find an experienced old man to be asked.

After dinner, she piously knocked on Xin Xiong's door and had the following conversation.

"Dad, as a man of experience, what kind of woman do you find most pleasing?"

"Oh, my God! Bless your ancestors! God bless you! Mother of this daughter, can you see it from heaven?! Little Mei actually asked me about men! She's finally enlightened!"

"Your ability to wander out of the topic while talking is getting stronger, Dad."

"Come, come, Little Mei. Let's daddy tell you. The most perfect woman in the world was your mother. She...(1,839 words of praise have been omitted). She was the heavenly maiden who had fallen into the earth! "

"No, actually, I just want to ask..."

"Alas, it's late. You should go back to your room and rest early. I want to go to your mother's memorial tablet to talk with her..."

Xin Xiong tearfully closed the door, while Xin Mei had to return to her room feeling dejected.

The next day, she packed up a small bundle and rode Qiu Yue across the dense forest as they flew towards the Imperial Mausoleum, which took several days. She remembered that the next best person to ask about this experience was Zhao Guanren[3]. He wrote many sentimental plays, meaning he must have thoroughly seen the feelings between men and women. It was right to ask him.

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In the Imperial Mausoleum, Liu Qianqiao's injury had not yet healed, so the monsters had no mood to frolic. The sun in the fifth lunar month was already a bit hot, so all the little monsters were taking a nap under the tree shade. The atmosphere was tranquil.

Xin Mei did not disturb anyone as she walked lightly to Zhao Guanren[3]'s residence, a small cave.

Zhao Guanren[3] was a rat goblin. Even after becoming a spirit, he still remembered the habit of digging holes. He always loved to nest inside caves because he was not used to houses with carved windows and beams.

Xin Mei pushed aside the big leaves that covered the hole, crept in with her bent back, and softly cried out, "Zhao Guanren[3], Zhao Guanren[3]...are you there?"

No one answered; only a faint cry came from inside the cave. Xin Mei had to walk all the way to the end. And she finally saw Zhao Guanren[3] with a white cloth tied to his head. He was bending over the desk, writing and reading the half-written words in the playbook, "My heart is broken to pieces! Follow the wind! Follow the fallen flowers! Follow the passing water!"

When he read the emotional part, he threw down his pen and burst into tears, blowing his nose with the white cloth on his head.

Xin Mei felt a little embarrassed to disturb him while he was so devoted to writing the playbook. She turned and was about to leave when Zhao Guanren[3] noticed her and hastily waved at her, "Miss Xin, I have just written a new play. Please help me see how it is."

She had something on her mind and didn't have the mood to read the play in the folded booklet. She just looked at a few scenes and then put down the booklet. She cleared her throat and solemnly asked, "Zhao Guanren[3], what kind of woman do men usually like?"

Zhao Guanren[3] stroked his fine beard as he weighed Xin Mei's words and observed her facial expression[4]. He understood the numerous reasons for the question and could not help himself grinning. "Miss Xin, you are a bit foolish to ask this question. How many men are there in the world? Do all men like the same woman?"

Xin Mei thought for a moment and then changed the question to, "Then—what kind of woman would make Lu Qianqiao swoon and wants to marry her immediately?"

Zhao Guanren[3] shook his head repeatedly. "No, no, there won't be such a woman. Miss Xin, come, let me tell you something. First of all, men and women should try to understand each other, starting with their temperaments, hobbies... "

He talked for the whole afternoon, and Xin Mei also listened carefully for the entire afternoon. From time to time, he would immerse himself in preparing crib sheets by writing them in a thick stack of papers. Seeing the sky darkening, Zhao Guanren[3], who had a parched mouth and a scorched tongue[5], finally wind up his talk, "In short, get him, step by step. Originally, you and the General are a good couple that, has been reflected in the bonded-soul-looking glass. It's only a matter of time before you get married. The most important thing is to clear the General's unclear mind."

Oh, oh! Xin Mei's eyes brighten. She had made the right decision to ask Zhao Guanren[3]!

She borrowed the bonded-soul-looking glass from Zhao Guanren[3], wrapped it in a cloth and tied it behind her back. She took a covered path to Lu Qianqiao's room. The moon-shaped window of his room was not properly closed, as there was a crack to peep in. Xin Mei sneaked onto the window sill and looked inside. Lu Qianqiao was eating at the head of the bed in his clothes. His face was much better than that of the previous days. The wounds under the bandage were no longer bleeding. Indeed, the recovery of a war demon was terrific. He would be fully recovered in just a few more days.

Just as she watched intently, she suddenly saw Lu Qianqiao put down his chopsticks and turn his head. His eyes were looking straight at her eyes through the gap.

"Who is it? Come out."

His voice was piercing cold and full of a murderous aura.

Xin Mei thought for a moment, then got up and pulled open the window. She then stepped on the moon-shaped window, leaned against the window lattice and waved at him, who was looking stunned. "Lu Qianqiao, I've come to see you."

He paused for a long time, then nodded lightly and said, "Come in and don't hide behind the window next time."

Huh? How come he was not excited seeing her, just like what Zhao Guanren[3] had said. He did not even sigh deeply at the moon, sighing emotionally against the wind or so touched that he would spill a few drops of tears.

Xin Mei slipped and jumped in from the window sill. She then closed the window with her backhands, lingered for a moment, walked over and sat down on the bed.

"Lu Qianqiao, aren't you happy to see me?" She was somewhat worried.

Rather than answering her question, he picked up his chopsticks and continued eating. After a while, he asked, "Why are you here when it's already dark outside?"

She became more worried and leaned over to look at his face. "You're really not happy to see me?"

His face finally turned red, and he reluctantly put down his chopsticks again. "Stop being noisy and eat."

She smiled and rose to her feet. "It's clear that you're happy. Your facial paralysis is really going to be cured."

Lu Qianqiao forced down his surging mood. He drew out another pair of clean chopsticks and handed them to her. "Be obedient. Come and eat."

When did she come here to eat? She removed the bonded-soul-looking glass from her back and put her face in front of him. The mirror flashed through a stream of light, and the scene of her embracing him affectionately surfaced in the mirror.

"Ah, there it is again." Xin Mei herself was surprised. "Look, Lu Qianqao, we are reflected in the bonded-soul-looking glass."

He had already been distracted from eating and had to put down his bowl. His ears were hot, and he pretended not to be affected. "...what is the matter with you?"

Xin Mei reluctantly put away the bonded-soul-looking glass and thought for a moment. Zhao Guanren[3] said that she needed to know what kind of person she was in the eyes of the General first. So, she cleared her throat and asked, "Lu Qianqiao, what do you think...mhm, what do you think of me?"

Lu Qianqiao leaned on the head of the bed with his chin propped up and looked at her. There were helplessness and forbearance on his face. The eyes hidden under the thick eyelashes were dark and bright, but she could not understand whether there were any so-called feelings in them. No one had ever looked at her with such eyes.

"About what?" His voice became low.

"That is, what sort of person do you think I am?"

He tilted his head, pondering. " someone living in a book."

Every move she made seemed to be in a different world from others, with a powerful, unconstrained style and a wandering mind. She seemed to live in another world where she made the rules, happy and wanton.

Shū Zhōng Zì Yǒu Yánrúyù (Within books, one can find ladies as fair as jade), a poem from a book titled Lì Xué Piān, written by the third Emperor of Northern Song, Song Zhenzong.
Source | 容膝室主 via
He said she seemed to live in a book? Was it the same as the character in 'Shū Zhōng Zì Yǒu Yánrúyù[6]' book? Or was it the kind of peerless beauty that only appeared in books?

Xin Mei was so happy as she shook his hand and said, "You, you really have vision!"

No, no. I don't think I was complimenting you just now...

Lu Qianqiao looked at her with astonishment as she put the bonded-soul-looking glass back on her back bundle. Then she opened the window and jumped out, leaving only one sentence behind, "I'll see you again tomorrow!"

She...for what reason did she actually come here tonight?

A confused Liu Qianqiao sat for a moment, then picked up his chopsticks to continue eating.

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Footnotes Full List
  1. undefeated
  2. Chinese idiom: traumatised
  3. respectful term of address for a man
  4. Chinese idiom: to discern what sb thinks from his body language
  5. extremely thirsty
  6. Within books, one can find ladies as fair as jade

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