MMIH Chapter 20 : Human Sacrifice (1)

Liu Qianqiao laid flat on the stone, with his eyes closed as he breathed slowly.

War demon A went to Lu Qianqao silently, then raised his hand and used it to probe under his nose. Next, he opened Lu Qianqao's eyelids and looked at them. He then turned and whispered, “There is no life-threatening worry for the time being.”

War demon B nodded, “Take him away and send him to Jiaping Mountain Pass according to Madam’s wishes.”

"He is in the final stage of awakening. With just a slight mishap, it will be difficult for him to stay alive. Why is Madam in such a hurry?"

"How can a member of our clan drift and live without purpose underground? Even if he's going to die, he should die on the battlefield! Madam has the heart to send her child to the battlefield, not only to preserve his reputation, but also our clan. At this time, being soft-hearted is unnecessary."

War demon A bent down to pick up the unconscious Lu Qianqiao and carried him on his shoulder. Suddenly he remembered something and reminded, "His wife."

"I'll take care of her. I won't let her leave the Imperial Mausoleum until the dust settles."

Their voices had not yet settled when they heard the door being kicked open vigorously. Silan who was in a panic rushed in and saw Lu Qianqiao on one of the war demons, and he immediately made a gesture to rush forward.

War demon B raised his hand, gesturing Silan to stop, "Little monster, you don't need to seek death."

Who would have thought that Silan would still rush forward, and then, with a thump he immediately knelt. He said in a low voice, “I have sworn that no matter where the Generals is, I will follow him to the death! Please let me also follow him this time too!”

War demon A was stunned, “Are you his old subordinate? But you don’t seem to be human.”

“Ten years ago, I was saved by the General, and since then, I have vowed to never leave his side.”

War Ghost B nodded approvingly, “Not bad. You know how to repay other's kindness. You are a good fellow. Now, Young Master doesn’t need to worry about his life when he goes to Jiaping Mountain Pass. You can follow him all the way there and take care of him. Maybe you can help him through this disaster.“

“Thank you very much!”

...unexpectedly, it was just like what the General had said. When he lost his five senses and entered the most dangerous awakening period, the War Demon Clan would send someone to take him away. Li Chaoyang would not tolerate his son to linger in the dark underground palace. Every war ghost in the past dynasties had passed the transformation robbery this way. In the killing and bloodshed of the battlefield, he would either wake up or die.

War Demon Clan was a clan that paid attention to honour and dignity. Nothing was more shameful than being dead in disgrace. As Li Chaoyang’s son, Lu Qianqao should not be the one who would bring such shame to the clan.

“Little monster, where is Young Master’s wife? ”

This casual inquiry made Silan clench his fist. Without hesitating, he answered, “I don’t know. After the General lost his five senses, she ran away by herself.”

War demon B smiled, “Ran away? What a heartless girl...let it be. You go first and I’ll go search around the Imperial Mausoleum.”

This war demon was so suspicious.

Silan quietly followed Liu Qianqiao from behind and slowly stepped out of the underground palace.

If Xin Mei was found by that war, it shouldn’t be so easy to find her. The room she was in was properly hidden and surrounded by so many traps...but what if he did find her? How would he answer to the General?

There was a cold sweat on Silan’s back. On second thoughts, when he remembered Xin Mei’s maddening temper, he wanted to vomit blood, and at the same time, felt very anxious for her.

Little girl, you must take care of yourself!


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Xin Mei, who knew nothing about this matter, was obediently listening to Silan as she sat in the secret room with Zhao Guanren while scraping the muskmelon for food.

“Miss, if—I mean if, someone has taken the General away and you are about to die. What will you do?”

Zhao Guanren single-handedly held a muskmelon in one hand, and a writing brush in another while writing the plot of his brand new classic play booklet.

Unexpectedly, Xin Mei did think about it for a moment, “What else can I do, other than bringing him back!”

Zhao Guanren was shocked that his writing brush also quivered, “Eh...won’t you cry? Not going to vent your feelings? Not sad and desperate? Such a bland response will hurt the General’s fragile heart!“

Xin Mei frowned, “Zhao Guanren, you are not allowed to say that every time!”

“Nonsense, the General is still an unripe virgin boy. Can you compare him with a good man who is so skilled in romantic affairs like me?! Let me get this through one more time. If the General was taken away and was about to die in desolation. How would you react?”

“I'll go and pick him up. I will not let him die, and no one can let him die.“

...what a domineering response!

Zhao Guanren’s face was covered with tears. It seemed like he had been touched by the deity of inspiration as his writing brush kept on writing, “What did you just say? Say it one more time! I want to copy it into my new play!“

“Is it the one about me and Lu Qianqao?”

“Yes, yes! Miss, you see, in the end, I will let the General dies in the hands of his angry mother, and you just got pregnant with his flesh and bones but had a miscarriage and in extreme pain. Then both of you went crazy and died. Your souls lingered till the end of the world...”


There was no one around. Could she give this crow’s beak a good beating with this plump muskmelon she ate?

She raised her hand and was about to catch a few wisps of trembling whiskers from the mouth of Zhao Guanren when they suddenly heard a steady feet movement from the winding corridor outside. Both of them were shocked.

The footsteps stopped in front of the door and struck politely, emitting a ‘keng keng’ sound.

“Miss Xin, please open the door.”

An unfamiliar, cold male voice.

Zhao Guanren shrank into a panic and shook his head hard, portraying 'Don’t open the door and ignore him!' kind of look.

“I know you’re in there, and there’s also a rat spirit.”

Xin Mei thought about it. Then, she got up and opened the door. In front of the door stood a war demon in white clothes, with a cold handsome face and dark red eyes, which looked, litchi.

The war demon put his hands together and saluted, while lightly said, “I am Li Min. Under the orders of my Madam, I’m responsible for taking care of Miss Xin in the Imperial Mausoleum during the awakening of the Young Master.”

Xin Mei was dumbfounded for a long time. In the end, she finally asked, “That...who is your Madam? Who is your Young Master?“

“The Young Master is your husband, General Lu Qianqao. My Madam is Young Master’s mother, Li Chaoyang daren.”

She thought for a moment, “I am not a child and I don’t need anyone to look after me.”

Li Min’s face remained unchanged, “Young Master has now gone to Jiaping Mountain Pass to suppress the peasant soldiers' riot for the glory of the War Demon Clan. Whether his awakening will be successful or failure, will be known within these few days. I’m asking Miss Xin to wait quietly in the Imperial Mausoleum. “

Xin Mei was shocked, “He can’t even move and yet you still let him go and suppress the peasant soldiers?”

“The fate of a war ghost is to die on the battlefield. Every one of us is like this. Miss Xin doesn’t need to be so surprised. Well then, I’m asking Miss Xin to come with me.”

'Please' gesture
He turned sideways, couldn’t resist himself doing the 'please' gesture.

Xin Mei had to leave the room. Zhao Guanren was so scared that he revealed his true self as he turned into a fat white mouse, shivering and hiding in her sleeve, whispering, “Miss! I don’t think this war demon is a good person, with him sharing the same surname as the General’s mother...ah! He ought to be her illegitimate child? Be careful! He must be jealous of his elder brother every day. Now, he must be arresting you to turn you into human sacrifice!“

“So that’s it!” Xin Mei was shocked. “Then what shall we do? Should we run? Zhao Guanren, you lead the way!”

“This, this...actually, I’m just guessing..."

“No, you see, he also has red eyes. He must have a blood relationship with Lu Qianqao. You are now a mouse, so it is easy for you to run. You should act first!“ She threatened to throw him out.

“Don’t ahhhh!"

Zhao Guanren had been thrown up high and with a ‘pu’ he hit the wall. Then, he ran away while feeling dizzy and in tears.

Li Min raised his hand and pressed down the blue veins on his forehead. He turned back and tried to maintain his calm voice, “Miss Xin, red eyes are characteristic of the war demons. Please don’t make any unnecessary speculation.“

“I know, I know.” She nodded repeatedly. This kind of family secret, certainly, not many people wanted others to know.

...why did he feel so upset?! Li Min looked down at his hand. When he thought the Young Master had chosen her to be his wife, it must have taken him a lot of willpower and undergone numerous arduous tests because of her!

He instantly had another degree of respect for Lu Qianqiao.

“ are you people planning to make me into a human sacrifice?” Xin Mei asked cautiously from behind him, “Kill me first and then throw my body into the tomb? Or throw me into the tomb and wait for me to die slowly?“

“...please don’t think too much..."

Li Min murmured feebly and was about to continue to speak when he suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet became empty. As a war demon, he was very alert. He immediately braced himself on the wall and leapt like a big bird. Unexpectedly, a sheet of bronze plate fell on top of his head, smashing him and shooting him into the pit. A few ‘kaka’ sounds could be heard on the ground as layers upon layers of copper plates tightly closed and stuck on the ground. Then, the underground palace restored its calm.

“Miss! This way!“ Zhao Guanren waved at her from the corner, “Hurry up! This kind of trap can only hold him for a little while!“

Xin Mei started to run and turned a corner, only to find that Tao Guoguo and Yinglian were also there. Several bricks on the wall were uneven. It was obvious that they were the ones who activated the trap just now.

“I told him where it was, and it was also me who released the trap. So, I don’t owe you anything anymore.” Yinglian kept her face straight, but the tip of her feet floated up lightly. “Come on!”

Xin Mei was moved to tears, “Sister Yinglian, you are a good person! When Lu Qianqao gets well, I’ll tell him about you and Silan! Don’t worry!”

Yinglian covered her ears and wanted to scream in pain. Here we go again! Why did she even save her?!

The exit of the secret passage was still in the apricot blossom forest. At this time, the moon was at its zenith, and a golden full moon was hanging at the top of the sky. Hundreds of ghosts held a carnival in the forest, accompanied by gusts of cold wind and the sound of ghosts wailing.

Zhao Guanren sighed, “On the next full moon, I don’t know if the General will be alive or not...“

Hearing those words, Yinglian became furious and stepped on his tail with one of her feet, “Shut up you crow’s beak! Brother Lu will surely live!“

She turned around and glanced at Xin Mei, “You’re still not leaving yet? You're going to die if you get caught again.”

Xin Mei nodded, “Well, I’m going to Jiaping Mountain Pass to pick up Lu Qianqiao. You guys wait, I will bring him back.“

“Bring what!” Zhao Guanren wailed, “Can you stop complicating matters? That’s the battlefield! Are you thinking of dying? You should hide somewhere! The General will find you when he finally wakes up! That's what going to make the relationship between you two becomes normal!”

Xin Mei just smiled and took out Qiu Yue talisman from her chest collar and was about to call it out when she suddenly heard an earth-shattering crack behind her. Li Min, who was buried in the trap, had taken out a long knife and punched a hole on the Imperial Mausoleum. He jumped out of it with his head full of dust and a grey expression.

Little monsters disappeared in an instant, and Li Min came over with a sneer, “Miss Xin, where do you think you’re going?”

Xin Mei grabbed a steamed stuffed bun from inside her chest collar, “Look at this hidden weapon!”

The steamed stuffed bun brushed his cheek. He glanced at it with disdain and said nothing.

“Look at this hidden weapon!”

This time it was a duck fat pancake.

“Look at this hidden weapon!”

Next, a wooden comb.

Blue veins on Li Min’s head started to jump all over again as he warned, “Don’t stir up trouble!”

“Look at this hidden weapon!”

This time, it was a blanket of white powder. Li Min had never once noticed it. He took a mouthful of the powder and in a split second, he wept tragically.

Xin Mei stepped on the back of Qiu Yue and smiled back, “Idiot! Don’t you know that all’s fair in war?“

Qiu Yue flapped its wings and in an instant, it flew up high into the clouds, never to be seen again.

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