MMIH Chapter 29 : Fox

Lu Qianqiao, who came with loads of betrothal gifts, also returned with loads of things一the spirit animals he brought along were carrying many boxes full of mooncakes sent by Xin Xiong, ranging from round to messy shapes that were piled up into little hills.

Although he would like to say that these mooncakes would never be eaten even until next year, seeing Xin Xiong’s tearful and loving eyes, his polite refusal seemed impossible to say.

It was said that it would be a disaster to have a cold and unkind father-in-law, but it seemed like having an enthusiastic father-in-law was also something not particularly a happy occasion either.

“Son-in-law is going back today. Why hasn’t Little Mei come out yet?!”

Xin Xiong looked around, feeling extremely annoyed. All the others from the village had come to send his son-in-law off, but the one who should come the most was not even here yet. What would this look like for Son-in-law? What if his Son-in-law got angry and didn’t want his daughter anymore?

Eldest Senior Sister struggled to come out from the crowd and whispered, “Master, Little Mei said she was too weak to send the guest off. By the way, I was also asked to take a message to the General, saying that...she would run away from this arranged marriage.“

“She’s already married. What other marriage is she running from?!”

Xin Xiong hated iron for not becoming steel as he ran to his daughter’s courtyard, but when he arrived at the already empty building, he noticed that the silver tickets inside the bedside table had all been taken away. While a letter was placed on the dressing table. Xin Mei wrote in not particularly beautiful characters, ‘Going out for fun and tell Lu Qianqiao that I, this old woman, don’t want him anymore!!!‘

The letter floated down from Xin Xiong’s hand, and he could not refrain his tears from streaming down his cheeks. To have this kind of daughter was simply a disaster!

While everyone in Xinxie Manor was in disorder like a pot of porridge, Xin Mei was riding on the back of Lie Yun Hua, wiping away her tears with her sleeve.

This horse didn’t know what had happened to Xin Mei, but when it saw her open the stable gate, it cried and turned into a tearful horse. Behind it, many handsome and beautiful male horses of the manor were glaring at it like a tiger watching its prey. At the same time, their glances were full of reverence, with wretched feeling.

“Don’t you guys get along well?” Xin Mei wrung out her sodden sleeve, shook it and went on wiping her tears.

When Lie Yun Hua heard her, its tears fell even more fiercely. But when it faced Xin Mei who was looking like could only shed its tears in silence.

“Let’s go to Chongling Valley and give some mooncakes to Fox Fairy daren to eat.”

She brought along several boxes of mooncakes and took this opportunity to send them to everyone she knew. She would also make a brief stop, to see Zhang Dahu, as to teach Lu Qianqao that the first man she took fancy of was actually not him!

Lie Yun Hua was afraid that Xin Mei would back out of her words and locked it again with those creepy horses in that small dark room that it spread open its four hooves, ran as fast as the wind, and in a blink, it jumped into the layers of clouds. It had a noble pedigree and could walk against the wind, even much faster than Qiu Yue in its full strength. A journey that usually took three to four days only took half a day to arrive.

A quarter after wushi, Lie Yun Hua lightly landed at the gate of Chongling Valley. Xin Mei jumped off from the horseback, lifted her eyes and felt very happy—the disciple who guarded the gate right now was Zhang Dahu!

“Brother Dahu.” She walked over cheerfully and still couldn’t get enough of his good looks.

“Boss Xin,” Zhang Dahu blushed and saluted.

“Here, a box of mooncakes for you.”

Without giving more explanation, she hoisted onto him a box of mooncakes. Then, she smiled sweetly at him and led Lie Yun Hua into the valley.

Zhang Dahu quickly stopped her and said, “Boss Xin, Valley Master today...well, it’s not very convenient for him to see any guests today.”

Her old dad said, this kind of cultivation sect often had some secret things that were not intended to be known to outsiders. Xin Mei understood this very much as she nodded, and stuffed two more boxes of mooncakes to Zhang Dahu, “Then, I have to trouble you to give these boxes of mooncakes to Fox Fairy daren.”

Diversity in colour and display behaviour among the birds-of-paradise (adapted from Ligon et al. 2018; original artwork by Szabolcs Kókay).
Image Credit | AnimalCommunication via Wiki
Zhang Dahu took the boxes and was about to speak when he heard a clear and melodious sound of birds crying behind the front door. The normally tight closed front door suddenly opened wide, with a shining golden and gorgeous vehicle pulled by three or four birds-of-paradise drove out slowly. The golden light from the golden wall of the vehicle rippled like running water and the light finally turned into ancient writings, then dissipated in the wind.

When the wind blew the white bamboo curtain from the vehicle window, Xin Mei could vaguely see a young man clad in black clothes. With just a blink, the long vehicle had already flown far away.

“What a magnificent display. Was that person some kind of powerful immortal?”

Xin Mei looked at the flickering golden light in the distance and couldn’t help sigh with emotion.

Zhang Dahu shook his head, “That person is the great monk of the Fox Clan. People of the Fox Clan are said to be celestial descendants...”

“Little Mei, why didn’t you tell me in advance before you came to see me?”

Zhen Hongsheng’s gentle and lovely voice interrupted Zhang Dahu’s words. Xin Mei turned around and saw that he was wearing a black and white robe today. His black hair was not tied, as it slanting down on his shoulders, which made him look special...well, he looked especially lovely as flowers.

“Fox Fairy daren, long time no see.” She courtesy with a smile and took the mooncake boxes from Zhang Dahu’s hand, then passed them to him. “These are the mooncakes made by ourselves on our farm. These are for you to taste.”

Zhen Hongsheng’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Oh, oh! Your father also gave me mooncakes last year. Red bean paste was the best filling. Come, chat with me inside. “

Without any explanation, he firmly grasped her hand and led her into the valley with distinguished air of elegance and coquetry.

(Modern) Incense Burner / xiāng lú
Image Source | Baike Baidu
Coiling smoke from burning incense filled the air of Chongling Valley, which was substantially different from the clear and bright appearance of its former days. Every ten steps, one could see an incense burner placed on the ground with sandalwood burning in it. Its smell would make one felt refreshed as all kinds of irritations subsided.

Seeing her staring at the incense burner, Zhen Hongsheng smiled, “Today’s visitor is a distinguished guest. It is their custom to light incense.”

“Is the visitor from Fox Clan?” She seemed to have heard that name.

“Yes, they are not only noble in blood, but also good at making wine. This time, they have brought 10 jars of wine. Since you are here, stay for a few more days. I will call Meishan to taste wine together.”

Zhen Hongsheng led her to sit in a small pavilion full of flowers. A familiar middle-aged female head quickly brought over two cups of tea. He sat beside Xin Mei, neither drinking tea nor talking, just holding her hand carefully, continuously looking and touching.

Xin Mei got goosebumps all over her body from his touch, which made her felt so curious that she had to ask him, “Fox Fairy daren, is there anything wrong with my hand?”

The last time she came here, he also held her hand and looked at it hard. Could there be some treasure in it?

Zhen Hongsheng looked away from the lines on her palm and gave her a charming smile, “Nothing. Little Mei come you haven’t had a bridal chamber and ornamented candles yet after being married to the War Demon General for so long?“

Xin Mei was shocked, “How did you know?!”

He stroked the white fox around his neck with a charming smile, “I am a Fox Fairy daren, of course I’ll know. It seems that he did not treat you well, why don’t dump him and choose another man? Do you want me to give you Zhang Dahu?“

Xin Mei looked at him with embarrassment. These immortals were really like gods. He was the one who said at the beginning that he would not give away his disciples to her. He was also the one who was trying to destroy her marriage right now. She really couldn’t make sense of what they were thinking.

“Otherwise, why don’t you choose Meishan? He likes you very much.“

She simply couldn’t help answering, “Meishan daren is much older than my grandfather!”

...uh, luckily Meishan was not here today, otherwise, Chongling Valley would have been flooded with his sad tears.

Zhen Hongsheng picked up his teacup and slowly sipped a mouthful of tea in its thick steam. His eyes were looking at things very far away. He had been an immortal for many, many years. He had never asked about the causes and effects of this world. He had never intervened. He just let them gather together and then let them disperse like clouds of smoke. Once they dispersed, they would be reunited again.

Immortal lacked dedication, so that was why he felt it was too troublesome to make sure that he wouldn’t overdo it when doing things.

“Fox Fairy daren, this is red bean paste stuffing.”

Xin Mei broke off a mooncake and cheerfully placed it in his palm.

Zhen Hongsheng smiled and weighed the red bean paste mooncake in his hand. With his mouth, he took a small bite. It was sweet and fragrant. The taste was very good.

“Little Mei,” he cleared his throat and was looking very serious, “Live a good life. Eat when you’re hungry, drink when you’re thirsty, sleep when you feel sleepy, and when in danger—“

He raised his eyebrows, “Remember to run away.”

Noob Translator’s Musing

In ancient Chinese, times were read based on 2 hours, and every 2 hours were assigned with a name based on Chinese 12 Zodiacs. The Chinese times I usually read in Chinese novels are maoshi and chenshi. In this chapter, I’ve encountered wushi. The other 2 hours times are zishi, chaoshi, yishi, sishi, weishi, shenshi, yaoshi, xushi and haishi. For the names of Chinese 2 hours time and the reason behind their names, you can visit Travel China Guide.

And Happy Mid-autumn Festival to those who celebrate it. I’ve just noticed that Xin Mei and others are currently celebrating the same thing. – sweat dropped –

Note: Later on, when I am free, I will look back at all previous chapters of A Match Made in Heaven and change Lie Yun Horse name to Lie Yun Hua, and also House of Xin to Xinxie Manor. For Lie Yun Hua, the Hua also means horse, but in detail means chestnut horse. While for House of Xin, I'm going back to hamster368's original translation.


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