MMIH Chapter 12 : Mother (1)

Lord Meishan burst into tears on the spot as he grabbed Little Crow and cried out when it was in his arms, "Little crow! Which bastard dared to hurt you?!"

Zhen Hongsheng said, "I was bored these days. Thinking that fellow Jiuyun might have given you a new set of wine, I thought of coming here to ask you for a glass of wine to drink. Who would have thought that when I drove near Wanlan Mountain, I would see your precious crow fall on top of a tree and be badly hurt? So, I have brought it back to you with all my kindness."

Where would Lord Meishan even listen to Zhen Hongsheng's explanation? Meishan's soul spirits had long been holding bottles of ointment pill powder. He poured them all over Little Crow, turning it into a white crow, which was then cherished in his arms and nourished with his immortal energy.

Zhen Hongsheng was too lazy to take notice of Meishan's nervous appearance. He turned his head to look at Xin Mei, then took a look at Lu Qianqiao. He looked thoughtfully at him from top to bottom. Finally, he gave him a stern look with his eyes as he unwillingly said, "You, little girl, I haven't seen you for a while, and now you have already found a suitable husband? Well, not bad looking, also...very manly... "

Xin Mei obediently greeted him, "Fox Fairy Daren[1], he's not my husband. Oh, that's right. Speaking of manliness, you're dressing up today..."

"Stop!" Zhen Hongsheng immediately changed colour as he waved his hand to stop her from continuing. He wiped his sweat as his heart still had a lingering fear when he asked, "Why did you come to Meishan Residence?"

This...was a long story. Xin Mei was thinking of explaining her ill-fated relationship with Lu Qianqao when the said man suddenly opened his mouth, "Was there an unusual sight around Wanlan Mountain?"

Zhan Hongsheng was actually pretty annoyed at the sight of Lu Qianqao's magnificent appearance.

A particular person seemed to be only wearing a plain, typical black garment. So, how could that specific person look so manly? He touched his wide sleeves and the glittering golden crown on his head. He was afraid that Xin Mei might comment that his dressing style resembled a painting of a heavenly maiden or something similar. When Xin Mei didn't pay attention to him, he immediately created a smokescreen while he replaced the clothes on his whole body with fluttering white garments. Holding a fan in his hand, he elegantly shook it a few times before braving himself to meet Lu Qianqiao's disgusted-filled gaze.

"I didn't pay any attention while I was nearby Wanlan Mountain. If you're worried, you can go there and look."

Lu Qianqao pondered but refused to comment on his final decision. Lord Meishan sniffed and sobbed, "Little Crow is seriously injured. I don't know when it will wake up. The matter you asked about before has to wait until it recovers. If it's urgent, you can leave first. I'll let you know when I get the news."

Lu Qianqao nodded. "Alright, I'll have to trouble you then."

On one side, an alert soul spirit led Lie Yun Hua out for him. Lu Qianqao jumped onto it and held his hand to Xin Mei. "Come up."

Zhen Hongsheng suddenly asked softly, "Little Mei, can you not go? Is it not good to stay and play here for a few days?"

Lord Meishan was originally hugging Little Crow while crying silently. When he heard these words, he was suddenly in a high spirit as he raised his face expectedly.

Xin Mei hesitated for a moment. She looked back at Lord Meishan, who was full of eagerness but mixed with a bit of fear, and then looked up at the expressionless Lu Qianqiao. He didn't say anything, just took a talisman from his chest and fiddled it around his fingers.

Qiu Yue!

She immediately jumped on the horseback and smiled apologetically at Lord Meishan and Zhen Hongsheng. "Er...maybe next time..."

Zhen Hongsheng looked thoughtfully at Lie Yun Hua as it rode away in the wind. Suddenly, he heard Meishan ask, "You fox, why did you ask her to stay? For no apparent reason, you have to catch the war demon's attention to bring trouble to me?"

Zhen Hongsheng smiled and turned to look him up and down. "I think...she will be much safer with you. It's dangerous for her to mix with the war demon General."

Lord Meishan was stunned. "What kind of danger are you saying?"

Zhen Hongsheng rolled his eyes. "I just gave out a wild guess! Such a troublesome man. Are we still drinking or not?"


Unlike when he came, Liu Qianqiao seemed a little anxious this time. Lie Yun Hua could feel its Master's mood and run like a meteor. Xin Mei was somewhat curious. "Lu Qianqiao, what are you worried about? Although Little Crow was wounded near the Imperial Mausoleum, didn't you say your Mist Formation is powerful?"

He shook his head and gave no further explanation.

Maybe he couldn't explain the faint anxiety in his heart. The wound on Little Crow was not caused by ordinary weapons. That kind of wound was very familiar...but how was that possible? Was that really her? Could it really be her? It had been so many years...

"Lu Qianqiao, today is the 28th day of the fourth lunar month, and in two days, it will be the fifth lunar month.

Xin Mei seemed to sigh.

Lu Qianqiao whispered, "What about the fifth lunar month?"

"On the third day of the fifth lunar month, I will be sixteen. My father said I had to get married before I turned sixteen anyhow. But I haven't bought a husband yet."

Lu Qianqao was primarily to blame for her not being able to buy a husband yet. She looked up at him with resentment.

At this moment, he...what was he going to say? Lu Qianqiao was silent. Should he comfort her by saying that she would be sure to find the right husband or that a husband was not a thing to be purchased? He was a bit tangled, trying to figure out what to say.

"Look at you, forcing me to fly around with you. Why don't I just save my time and marry you? How much do you think would be a good price?"

Her shocking words made him release his hold on the reins.

Lie Yun Hua had been flying so fast that both of them were thrown off its back with a swoosh and fell straight down from a height of ten thousand feet. Xin Mei's scream was only short-lived and subtle; the next moment, Lu Qianqao opened up his hand to pull her to his chest with all his might. They fell at an incredible speed, and he gave his all to whistle.

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Lie Yun Hua was very spiritual. When it found out that two people were off its back, it immediately rushed back from within the clouds and snuggled up to Lu Qianqiao. His free hand grasped the reins firmly and turned his waist as both finally managed to securely saddled up again.

Lu Qianqao wiped the cold sweat on his head and looked down with trepidation at the troublemaker who always uttered great, shocking words. She managed to grow her mouth properly by giving it the talent to provoke the receiving party with comments coming from it. After quite a while, she slowly closed her mouth after murmuring, "I...actually, I'm just kidding..."

He looked down at his hand. He really wanted to pinch her to death, then pinched her back alive, then pinched her back to death, and then did it repeatedly. Ah, why did he want to squeeze her that much...

Xin Mei happily smiled, "You took it seriously?"

With a cold face, Lu Qianqao took out the talisman holding Qiu Yue and shook it.

She immediately lowered her head. "I'm sorry, I was wrong."

After learning its lesson, Lie Yun Hua never dared to fly so high or fast again. It slowly descended from the clusters of clouds and leisurely walked on the sea of verdant treetops.

The warm spring wind was blowing against the back of her head, and Xin Mei shook her head uncomfortably. Only then did she realise that because she had fallen off the horse's back and was pulled up again just now, she had been sitting face to face with Lu Qianqiao. One of his arms was still around her waist, and her face...well, her whole face had been sticking to a certain someone's chest.

"Lu Qianqiao...Lu Qianqiao." She raised her head and looked up at him.

He started to have facial paralysis again, pretending not to hear.

Xin Mei leaned back and stated, "You're making my waist ache painfully."

The facial paralysis gentleman suddenly froze as if he had not realised the ambiguity of their sitting posture until now. He drew back his hand stiffly while his face became red with a swoosh, and so did his ears. His head turned away suddenly.

Xin Mei finally felt a little embarrassed. "You, what are you blushing for..."

Even the nefarious her knew how to feel a little embarrassed.

This was so embarrassing. When there was a similar plot in a play, someone would come to interrupt or something...well, whoever it was, hurried up and please interrupted this scene!

God seemed to hear her heartfelt wish as Lu Qianqiao's sunset-red face instantly turned pale again. He gently pulled back the reins, and Lie Yun Hua quietly stopped at the top of a tree.

"What's the matter?" Xin Mei was startled by the sudden stop.

Lu Qianqiao did not answer. He just quietly looked at the distance a few feet away——blue sky, green trees, a snowy carriage, and the two people standing next to the carriage. A gentle breeze stirred their clean white clothes. Their standing posture was like a thousand-year-old tree, tall and proud. Under the cold jade-like foreheads, there were a pair of chilling bright red eyes.

The heavy-lidded red eyes of war demons meant they were ready to battle.

Liu Qianqiao's muscles tensed instantly like a bow stretched to the extreme.

Xin Mei's eyesight flowed around the two war demons and the snow-white carriage. When she noticed their blood-red eyes, she could not help but be surprised, "Their eyes are so red, like..." Strawberries.

Her following words were gently wrapped by Liu Qianqiao's hand. He covered her mouth as he trembled, " better not talk."

The murderous look of the red-eyed war demons was aimed at any kind of provocation, without caring whether it was goodwill, unintentional or malicious.

Lu Qianqao put the talisman where Qiu Yue was resting into her palm. He had bullied her, restrained her and forced her to fall all the way here, and somehow, he just gave her Qiu Yue back with such understatement.

"Go back. Go back to your Xinxie Manor," he instructed.

Xin Mei hesitated for a moment as she thought, 'Are you going to fight? Afraid I will be a drag to you?'

"...leave quickly." He had no choice as he gently pushed her head.

She summoned Qiu Yue, then quickly jumped on its back and looked back at Lu Qianqao earnestly. "Then I'll be going. You must be careful. Don't let yourself be beaten to death."

She always seemed unable to say anything pleasant to hear or speak gently at him.

Lu Qianqiao watched as Qiu Yue flew away, which prompted Lie Yun Hua to leap down from the treetop and gently land in front of the carriage.

Spotless snow-white carriage, drawn by pitch-black Xiao Feng Li[2] with its hooves, which could bring sound as loud as thunder and lightning when it ran.

It really was her. After so many years, he finally saw her again in such a place.

Liu Qianqiao turned his body over and dismounted. He then strode over and knelt in front of the carriage. His voice was calm.


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  1. title of respect toward superiors
  2. whistling wind black horse


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  1. XD I've forgotten how freaking funny the interactions between the MC and the fox fairy. It's freaking hilarious! I almost wish they were a couple just to see how their relationship would develop down the line, but I guess the ML and MC are cute in their own way. Thanks for all your hard work and the time you put into this.

  2. Lol... I ship her to any of those 3, but it seems like only Lu Qianqao can handle her. XD

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