MMIH Chapter 51 : Extra 3 : The Happiest Day For Lord Meishan (Complete)

Lord Meishan was a little bit aware of the relationship between Fu Jiuyun and that girl. Though, he didn't care much about the relationship his old friend had. Of course, Fu Jiuyun also didn't care about him and Xin Mei. While the girl with Fu Jiuyun was still washing in the hot springs, the two exchanged sarcasm.

"Just say what you want to say because this Laozi won't accompany you drinking tonight if you suddenly have the urge to drink till you are in a drunken stupor."

Lord Meishan was currently absent-minded, wanting to find a way to send them away immediately.

Fu Jiuyun just smilingly stared at him. The smile made Lord Meishan lose his temper, "What are you smiling for?!”

Fu Jiuyun indifferently said, "I'm smiling at a good-for-nothing immortal who is soon going to become a pig's head."

"You, you, what did you say…"

"Isn't the wife of that war demon in your house?"

"You, you, how did you know…"

"So, it really is true." Fu Jiuyun continued to smile. "You're not afraid that the General of the war demon will beat you into a pig's head?"

Lord Meishan tried to be brave even when his face had turned green, "He dares! This is my territory!"

Fu Jiuyun nodded, not willing to respond any further, "Then, you should work hard, I'll go outside to meet Qin Chuan. Sort it out. Later, don't act shamelessly just because you don't get much to drink."

"You're the one who's going to act shamelessly!" Once he was out of breath from stomping his foot, he suddenly became dumbfounded, "Qin Chuan? Did that girl change her name?"

Fu Jiuyun didn't answer, and his smiling face instantly became dejected, before he turned around and walked away.

Before Fu Jiuyun mentioned that girl, he always smiled, that was until the Great Yan Kingdom perished. From that moment, he didn't smile for two whole years. Some time ago, Fu Jiuyun had a drink and chatted with him. During their conversation, he told Fu Jiuyun that he could feel that there was vague news regarding that girl, and back then, the long-missing smile came back to his eyes. But his expression just now showed that he was really uncomfortable.

Little Mei is still the best ah...Lord Meishan gave a deep sigh. That girl named Qin Chuan was too capable of making people feel down, which even the average person would not be able to bear.

One of the drawing version of a Banana Tree Spirit
Image Credit | 布衣萬三金 (September 29th, 2017, 日本妖怪歷史文化之中國妖怪芭蕉精在沖繩可算開枝散葉了!) via Kkcnews
That night Fu Jiuyun seemed to be enjoying his luck in love. At that moment, Lord Meishan was drinking sobering tea, when he heard the soul-spirits whispering outside, " was called ecstasy. Even the Banana Tree Spirits outside the window all ran away while hiding their faces. He is indeed Lord Jiuyun. The difference between our Master and him is like a distance of one hundred and eight thousand Li. That person has lived here for two days and he doesn't even get to touch her hand yet."

He ran over with a red face and scolded, "All of you shut up! I'm a decent man. Don't compare me with that rotten to the bone lecher!"

The new soul-spirits were all frightened and ran away. Only the older soul-spirit who often picked its nostrils, rolled its eyes at his outburst, "You obviously just don't dare to do it."

"By the way, I have been feeling since before whether I am your master or someone else is your master......?"

"Don't change the subject."

"Little Mei and I have a pure relationship!"

"As a matter of fact, you are having an unrequited love for a person who only regards you as air."

Lord Meishan rushed out while feeling flustered and exasperated, "I already said it was pure…"

"You are deceiving yourself."

Lord Meishan ran away with tears in his eyes, "You wait! I'll show you my tricks tonight!"

The other soul-spirits poked their heads out of the bushes and looked up at the bold senior with admiration and terror, "...senior, you are too straightforward. You should at least save some face for your Master."

The senior soul-spirit flicked out his snot and let out a well-intentioned deep sigh, "A jade is unable to polish itself. I stimulated him for his own good. You see, didn't he start to act?"

Lord Meishan's action momentum was only maintained until he reached the outside of Xin Mei's guest room. He noticed that she was still awake and the window beside her was wide open. In her hand, she was holding an old doll with shiny armour and a commanding long knife in its hand. It looked very exquisite. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

When she saw Lord Meishan standing outside, she smiled and waved at him, "Meishan daren, do you want to play with me?"

Lord Meishan instantly softened, like his whole body had been soaked in spring water as he went over with his feet not touching the ground, then, he spoke with a trembling voice, "Tonight...tonight, the flowers are lovely, and the moon is round...Little Mei, let's have a chat...uh, why don't we talk about life ideals or something?"

The flowers were lovely and the moon was full? Xin Mei looked up at the overcast sky. It was still drizzling outside. Even his clothes were half wet. There was not even a shadow of flowers or even the moon outside.

"It is raining outside. Meishan daren, you should come in."

She calmly opened the door wide, and welcomed in this somewhat lost soul, dropped spirit drenched like chicken Immortal. She moved over a stool for him and poured a cup of hot tea in passing.

Lord Meishan took a sip of tea and looked up at her carefully.

The candlelight just jumped. Half of her face was hanging down, and her beautiful eyelashes trembled slightly, as she stared at the doll in her hands, with a gentle expression on her face. Her cheeks were still plump and spotless white. While her demeanour was still as quick-witted and full of smiles as she was before. Physically, there was no big difference from his memory of the 16-year-old Xin Mei.

However, he felt that she had actually changed a lot.

Sixteen-year-old Xin Mei was carefree, reckless and careless, also with a bit of childishness. Such a tender ladylike demeanour would never appear on her face before. Although the doll in her hand was well dressed, it was quite old. Its facial features were already rubbed out, with most of the paint lost. But it happened that she was so fond of it that she even became so fascinated that she did not know what to think of it. She was still smiling, together with the random moves of her eyebrows.

Lord Meishan remembered the small portrait of Xin Mei that he had kept close to himself. He worshipped Fu Jiuyun's exquisite and profound understanding of women. Xin Mei in the picture was two or three years older than she used to be. Her facial features were the same, but her spirits were very different. She was full of confidence and gentleness of a woman, just like how she was, now she was more radiant than in the picture.

He knew very well who brought her this radiance.

In any case, it wasn't him.

Lord Meishan's shoulders immediately dropped.

"Why aren't you talking, Meishan daren? Don't you want to play with me?"

Xin Mei's mind finally returned to reality and looked up at him expectantly.

......after all, if you continue feeling like a good-for-nothing, you will be farther and farther from what you want. So Meishan, summon up your courage! Just like that time where you had to go through the terrifying trial disaster to become an Immortal! Stick out your chest and endure, everything will pass.

Lord Meishan cleared his throat. It was hard for him to calm down in front of her, so he decided to show his solemn expression, "Little Mei...what kind of man do you think I am?"

First, he needed to understand what position he had in her heart so that he could prescribe the right medicine for this illness.

Xin Mei thought for a moment, "An Immortal who is older than my grandfather's grandfather."

“……” [T/N]

Two lines of forlorn tears slid down his face.

So that was how it was. He understood. Grandfather's grandfather…..

There was no need to ask nor say anything anymore. He got up, feeling disappointed and planned to go back to his room to mend his broken heart.

"Meishan daren, do you have anyone you like?"

Xin Mei's sudden question was like a ray of sunshine in the haze, that gave him a little hope. Lord Meishan looked back, faltering, as he asked while choking with sobbed, "You, you finally see it?"

Xin Mei nodded. "You care about how you look to others. Zhao Guanren once said that this usually happened at the beginning of spring."

Alright, though he preferred the word 'springtime' to the 'beginning of spring', merely because his spring came too slowly and winter was too long.

"Do you know who I like?" Lord Meishan asked in a low voice.

Xin Mei smiled mysteriously, "Isn't it the Fox Fairy daren?"


Who...who would come and save him? His heart...his already broken heart seemed to have been broken again.

"You are immortal, so you should not care about those secular views. Actually, from the first time I saw you two, I thought that both of you were very worthy of each other. Don't worry, I support you. Although I can't see the Fox Fairy anymore in my life, you two are immortals. Next time, when he has done with his seclusion, you should remember to bravely express your heart…..Eh? Meishan daren? Meishan daren?"

What could be said right now was that the other person had suddenly disappeared? Xin Mei was unconvinced as she looked around. Was he feeling shy?

Lord Meishan was running in the rain. The cold rain hit his face, mixed with his hot tears, then rolled down his cheeks.

"Thunder of heaven—!" He fell on his knees inside a pond, and opened his hands to the sky, as he wailed in despair, "Come thunder of heaven, strike me to death—!"

The thunder of heaven didn't come, and the rain gradually stopped, as all the dark clouds scattered around, revealing a rounded silvery moon.

That night, the sound of wolves howling could be heard around the pond, together with the sound of ghosts wailing. When the sounds were heard by those who were broken-hearted, they would also weep.

"...are there wolves monsters breaking into the Meishan residence outside?"

In a guest room, Qin Chuan, who was unable to sleep, couldn't help asking.

Fu Jiuyun covered her ears, "No need to be concerned over it. It was simply someone celebrating his 101 lovelorn."

Xin Mei, who had also been disturbed by the howling of the wolves all night, did not sleep well as she kept on tossing and turning. This may also be because she was not used to sleeping alone. Looking down at the General doll by the moonlight, although Liu Qianqiao made many more dolls, later on, her favourite was still the first General doll. Even if its facial features were already blurred, she just couldn't help liking it more.

Since there was no familiar embrace to hold her to sleep, she had to hold the doll instead.

Xin Mei bowed her head and kissed the tip of General daren's nose. "Liu Qianqiao, why haven't you found me yet?"

She used to sleep in his arms, used to his body heat, his low voice, also, it had become a habit for her to play with the hair at his collar, and without them, she could not sleep well. Currently, she didn't know where he was. Was he riding Lie Yunhua, looking for her himself without sleep, or was he sleeping too? He may not be able to sleep either, right? Was he missing her too?

The little monsters in the Imperial Mausoleum loved to privately make fun of their tight bond. Even Zhao Guanren said that a little distance was needed between husband and wife, and distance made things prettier. Now that there was a distance between them, where were all the prettier things? At any rate, she couldn't discover any.

"You must correct your mistakes." Xin Mei pointed to General daren's nose and carefully taught it, "You can't be so bossy and unreasonable in the future. I am your wife, not your daughter."

Xin Mei could only sigh as the General daren doll couldn't talk back, and it was almost dawn when she finally fell asleep.

She didn't know how long she slept as she was woken up by the noise outside. Before she could get up and rub her eyes, the door was kicked open with a 'bang'. Last night, in her dream, a certain war demon General who used to hold her to sleep was standing at the door. He was holding a whip in his hand, forcefully pushed back those frightened soul-spirits.

"Ah, Lu Qianqiao." Xin Mei sleepily called him.

Lu Qianqiao, who finally found his wife, came over with a black face, picked her up around the waist and weighed her. When he was sure that she didn't lose any weight and didn't have any trace of spring sorrow, autumn grief, he felt relieved and proudly turned to go out, treating the soul-spirits outside as air.

"You finally found me?" Xin Mei put her head into his warm collar. Alas, it was her husband who smelled the best and whom she felt most secure.

He was sulking and did not speak. These two days, he had been like a horse galloped never stop, as he travelled from Xinxie Manor to Chongling Valley. At that time, he wished that he could turn over every inch of the land. Later on, he remembered that in this world, there was a place called Meishan Residence. It seemed that once there was a very cowardly and gossiping Immortal who said that he also liked Xin Mei—he indeed found that person here.

From within him, an ominous sense of alarm suddenly rose, and at the same time, the instinct of a war demon was ignited. It was one thing for anyone to admire her, which he could care less about, but it was another thing to seduce her just to harass her.

Lu Qianqiao breezily walked to the front of the main hall, then took a quick look back—he couldn't stare at Lord Meishan, as the man had shrunk under the table and refused to come out. He didn’t even dare to directly fight with him. Thus, Lu Qianqiao left with the feeling of disdain.

"...don't come here next time."

While riding on Lie Yunhua, he threw these words to Xin Mei.

Xin Mei, who was still muddle-headed from sleep, woke up again because of this overbearing and unreasonable remark. Obviously, he hadn't been reflecting on his mistakes at all.

"Liu Qianqiao," she looked up at him, "you have to understand, I am not your daughter. We are equal, so you should not say no to me, because I am a free person!"

He didn't respond.

Xin Mei pushed him away and wanted to dismount, but her wrist suddenly caught.


He hugged her tightly as he buried his face in her hair that he had missed for a long time, and he deeply absorbed the delicate fragrance on her body.

He was not good at getting along with women, except of course with Li Chaoyang, and because of his mixed lineage and his low status inside the clan, thus, no opposite sex was willing to approach him. At the age of 15, he began to lead the troops to the war. The army paid serious attention to iron discipline. So, men's warm blood was only to be served to their families and the country. There was also nothing charming nor touchingly interesting about him. After meeting her, they had just gotten married and not long after, he had to deal with the Fox Clan. He was accustomed to the life of ruthless killing, giving orders and being silent. He somehow unconsciously applied this set of behaviour to her.

In fact, his disapproval had no effect on her at all, and they all knew it.

He just...he just didn't know what to say to her.

He thought the way to treat her well was by wishing that she would live happily without any worries and gave her whatever he believed was good. She probably very much disliked this kind of forceful behaviour, right?

Seeing that she was silent, he gradually loosen up his arms.

"Don't move." She mumbled an instruction, as she drilled her head into his embrace again. "Hold tight, I want to sleep."

His pair of arms became tight and warm again. Xin Mei felt as if she could only sleep peacefully until now and she could not help letting out a satisfying sigh, "I miss you so you miss me?"

After a long time, this outwardly cold but deep and passionate inside man, who was also fond of being shy, finally let out an 'en'. Alas, she was afraid that he wouldn't change this problem even when they had become an old married couple.

Xin Mei slept happily and didn't wake up until she returned to the Imperial Mausoleum, so she wasn't aware that Lord Meishan had caught up and had a fight with Lu Qianqiao.

It was Zhao Guanren who told her about this, but he said in a very ambiguous way as if Lord Meishan was going head to head with Lu Qianqiao over something, but at last, he was beaten till he had a bloody nose and a swollen face, and he went back home while crying.

"Such a poor man, he's really made a fool of himself by fighting the General…"

Zhao Guanren sympathizes with him very much, that after wiping a few tears, he decided to continue to write about this character in his new play.

That evening, she asked Lu Qianqiao, "Did you really beat Lord Meishan into a rag? What did he do to fight with you?"

Lu Qianqiao thought about it for a moment before he answered, "He told me that he recently needed spanking. Thus, he asked me to hit him a few times so that he could make up his mind."

Xin Mei suddenly realised, "He really made up his mind to express his feelings to Fox Fairy daren!"

Lu Qianqiao was clever enough to agree tacitly to her misunderstanding and he didn't want to get entangled with her over this issue.

Daily life inside the Imperial Mausoleum was really relaxing and pleasant, which was quite the opposite to the sky and the earth turning upside down of the outside world.

It was said that once the spirit lamp of the ancient relic was lit, all monsters' spirits in the world would all be gone. Fortunately, Liu Qianqiao was the one who took charge of the Imperial Mausoleum and saved the lives of hundreds of little monsters. The outside world without monsters' power became bleak, thus making the small monsters of Imperial Mausoleum had little interest in the outside world.

Lord Meishan came again, this time he came to ask Lu Qianqiao to save some lives. He heard that because the spirit lamp was lit, the man named Fu Jiuyun had his soul flew away and scattered when his beloved girl, Qin Chuan, was on the verge of her last breath because of a vicious spell. It was said that the War Demon Clan had elixirs of life that had been passed down from generation to generation. He had reached an impasse because of it, thus, he had no alternative but to unabashedly asked for it from Lu Qianqiao.

Xin Mei remembered when they (Lord Meishan and her) were inside his building that was full of wine, he was talking and laughing as if nothing had happened. She couldn't help having her heart filled with so many emotions. Did the two of them (Meishan and Fox Fairy) get together in the end? Liu Qianqiao did take out the elixir of life to save others. Somehow, in private, he seemed to have agreed with Lord Meishan. Henceforth, when she sent a lot of steamed stuffed buns, pastries, moon cakes and the like to Meishan Residence several times, she had always been told that he was not home—though she didn't know whether it was true or not.

Tao Guoguo had been learning the technique of transformation for the past two years straight. When asked what he wants to be, he just blushed and didn't speak. Later, when Xin Mei passed by Silan's room, she heard him ask Silan how to turn himself into a family young miss, with the reason was unimaginable. Considering that it was someone else's privacy, it wasn't good for the husband and wife to be so much in concern with, so they just got along with him.

In another two years later, it was said that the tyrannical Emperor Rongzheng was overthrown by the uprising peasant soldiers, which seemed to be mixed with the forces of Tianyuan. To vent their anger, the peasant soldiers hung the heads of the Emperor and Empress on the city gate for three days. With regards to this, Xin Xiong could only sigh with emotions.

However, the thing that caused people to sigh with deep emotion was about the most valuable treasure of Qiong Country, the Eyes of God, Princess of the Lake. It was said that after the peasant soldiers captured the palace, the Princess disappeared. Many countries secretly sent people to search everywhere but they got no news of her. It was not until the spirit lamp was extinguished again and the monsters' power returned to earth once more that a rumour came out saying that she had extinguished the spirit lamp and she seemed to have become the wife of Tianyuan Country Second Prince?

Whether it was right and wrong, or just gossip, everyone's opinion was varied, and no one knew what the truth was. However, those were not important to the people and monsters in the Imperial Mausoleum.

In the world outside, the country was ruined and the people were starving. Some people left because of grievances, some were full of scheming, while some took advantage of the situation to extort. Sometimes, there would be diseases outside, and from time to time, the era slowly changed, with dynasties kept on being replaced. The decadent ones would surely die, while the new ones would eventually become decadent—only the Imperial Mausoleum would forever be so fresh and free, where everyone could gossip, laugh heartily, stirred up affection, and sometimes, there would also be some dog blood.

They, the occupants of Imperial Mausoleum, were nothing more than a group of spectators of the world outside. When they had nothing to do they would have a cup of tea with some refreshments, sitting under the cherry blossoms, covered from the scorching sun. This was how the happy years passed in the Imperial Mausoleum.


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