MMIH Chapter 47 : Four-year Reunion (3)

As a result, Lord Meishan didn’t stay for dinner that day, just as he appeared unnoticed by everyone. When did he start to become unnoticed again? He waved his sleeve and couldn't take away 'any prize' from his urgent visit.

No one was even free to take care of him. The arrival of Lu Qianqiao one day in advance had turned the Imperial Mausoleum upside down. This made Xin Mei gathered her spirits as she made seven to eight tofu sculptures which included General tofu, Xin Mei tofu, Xin Xiong tofu, Zhao Guanren tofu, etc. At that time, chopsticks were flying everywhere, all of them were nimble and ruthless as they clamped their own tofu heads and sent them to the General’s bowl.

Xin Xiong was so overjoyed that he ended up getting drunk, and had to be dragged back to sleep in the guest room by Tao Guoguo and his brother. Nevertheless, after the other monsters gave each other a very meaningful glance, they also quietly retired, leaving the place for the young couple to be alone. Except for Zhao Guanren, who slowly gotten near the couple with a burp, then took out from inside the clothes on his chest, the play book of the ‘Unhappy Couple Made in Heaven’ that had been rewritten hundreds of times. He insisted on reading it aloud to them.

“General, Miss, according to your recent experience, I have touched up the last part again. After leaving General Qian Qiao in tears, Little Mei met the graceful celestial monk, who fell in love with her at first sight. Since then, the sky thunder had stirred the fire out of control…“

‘Dong’ a loud and clear sound could be heard, which had stopped Zhou Guanren's unceasing torrent of the play book storyline. His head immediately fell to the ground, as the rat creature became unconscious.

Xin Mei put the murder weapon in her hand—a wooden barrel, onto the ground and smiled faintly at the speechless Lu Qianqiao. “Let’s leave. Let us go back to our room.”

The bath inside their room had been filled with hot waters, put by attentive little monsters much earlier. Lu Qianqiao sat by the bed as he watched Xin Mei twist the hot towel. Then she came up to him, wiped his face and also both of his hands.

“Lu Qianqiao, are you too busy that you don’t have time to eat and sleep?”

Xin Mei held his head and looked at it from left to right. He was tanned and thin again, with a faint black colour under his eyes, which was an obvious symptom of not having a good rest. In his original plan, he was supposed to come back tomorrow, but he had been longing for her and was reluctant to part with her any longer. He simply travelled overnight so that he could be reunited with her one day in advance.

He smiled nonchalantly, “…I’ll pay attention to them next time.”

Xin Mei set up the bed properly and patted the soft quilt. “You should pay attention to them like right now, starting by going to bed at this instant. I’ll call you for dinner.“

One of the two ancient Chinese undergarments. This zhongyi was worn by both male and female. For more info, you can drop by at My Hanfu Favorites. That site has a lot of info on hanfu.
It was still very bright outside. So she closed the moon-shaped window and drew the curtains over it. When she looked back, the General, who had travelled from a thousand li so that he could quickly come home, refused to sleep and sat at the head of the bed while staring at her in his zhongyi with his hair draped over his shoulders.

“You’re not going to sleep?” she asked.

Lu Qianqiao gave out a vague cough and looked away from her face as his face started to blush. He then asked in a small voice, “You…would you like to join me?“

Eh, as it turned out, he still loathed being parted with her even for a minute.

When Xin Mei heard his offer, she immediately took off her outer clothes, kicked off her shoes and jumped into his arms. “Come then and let us sleep together.”

To Lu Qianqiao, she had a nostalgic and indulgent kind of smell. Not the kind of seductive body fragrance, nor it was the kind of clamorous fumes. He couldn’t say what it was, but when he held her in his arms, he would feel at ease and comfortable. Even the blood of the manic war demon in his body gradually subsided, and all the deadly spikes from the outside world had been put back into their sheaths.

Every time he was with her, he would feel strange, nostalgic, joyful and warm.

“Lu Qianqiao, what actually happened in your clan? Do you guys have to go to war every day?”

Although she knew he had something important to do when he went back to his clan, she had no idea what it was. Lu Qianqiao never told her about these bloody things. However, seeing him looking haggard from time to time, she couldn’t stop herself from feeling distressed on his behalf.

“Un…going to war is much busier than being a General for the State of Qiong Emperor.“

As a General of Flying Calvary, he only had to deal with ordinary people. When he returned to the clan, he had to deal with the Fox Clan, a much more prosperous clan than their own. Besides, Li Chaoyang hadn’t woken up yet, which made him couldn’t do anything about it other than being awfully busy dealing with everything.

“When will the war be over?”

If the problem couldn’t be settled fast, she was afraid that he would turn into a dried out person in the future.

He thought for a moment. “… should be over soon.”

That day, he had tried to kill the monk outside the Imperial Mausoleum. Before he was supposed to die, Lu Qianqiao left him these words, “Undo the curse.” Later, he found some wax-coated pills on the monk's broken dead body, which was wrapped in a piece of paper. It had been written with a list of all kinds of unheard medicinal herbs and animals’ fur, horns, tendons and vice versa. At the end of the paper, the monk left him with these few words, 【You are an inelegant kind of person! It’s good that I don’t have to ever meet you again! 】

He immediately knew that the sly fox had found a gap to escape. Regarding the written note, it might be the key to breaking Li Chaoyang’s curse.

He couldn't fathom what medicine the Great Monk was selling in the gourd. Even people with a little brain knew to find a hidden safe place to hide oneself after killing a perfect war ghost. They would never leisurely swaggered out and even personally delivered Xin Xiong from Xinxie Manor that was heavily guarded by the Fox Clan to the Imperial Mausoleum. This kind of superfluous action was simply like coming to see him specially and conveniently gave him the method to undo the curse. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

No matter what his real purpose was, the method of undoing the curse was real. It was only a matter of time before Li Chaoyang would wake up, and the problem with the Fox Clan would also soon be settled.

Xin Mei’s face leaned in towards him and she asked with her eyes wide open, “How fast will ‘soon’ be? Six months? A year?“

He smiled and stroked her head, “I think It will be solved within five years.“

Her face instantly collapsed, “Five years…five years later I will be an old woman in her twenties.”

……in her heart, having an age more than 20 years could already be called ‘old’? In the War Demon Clan, there were still a lot of people who could still marry and have children at the age of 50. The 25-year-old General, who was about to turn 26, felt very depressed with this matter. It felt like his beautiful young wife was pointing at his nose and yelled, “You’re a terrible old man!” which brought forth this unpleasant kind of feeling inside him.

Lu Qianqiao felt that it was necessary to prove that he was still at the peak of his youth and still had his youthful strength. He stretched out his powerful young paws, as he rubbed and caressed the soft body in his arms. As his blood started to boil, he did not forget to lower his handsome young head and kissed her full of his youthful enthusiasm.

Somehow, his lips did not catch the familiar softness, and he felt that he had stuck it on a piece of rough and cold thing. His head flinched back in shock, and when he took a closer look, he found out that Xin Mei was smiling while holding the bonded-soul looking glass between the two of them. Could she have been hiding it in their bed this whole time?

“Come on, solve my doubts first.”

Xin Mei raised the bonded-soul looking glass high. When she was in Changgeng Mountain Pass last time, she couldn’t even see a shadow inside the looking glass. Ever since then, she had taken the troubles to her heart. It had been quite difficult for her to just wait for him to come back home. She must see their reflection this time around.

The rough mirror surface of the bonded-soul looking glass did not respond for a long time. So, Xin Mei impatiently patted it. “Is it broken?”

……can you not be so impatient? The bonded-soul looking glass was brimmed with tears when a moment later, the looking glass mirror surface suddenly rippled like a circle of water, with tiny spots of light flying around like fireflies, swaying inside it.

Xin Mei was overjoyed. “Ah! It finally comes out!“

However, the light spots just kept on flying endlessly, and there was no longer the appearance of two people embracing each other affectionately as it showed before. Xin Mei waited for a long time with bated breath. Suddenly, the mirror went dark, and only she was reflected inside. Her eyes were tightly closed and her expression was serene like she was sleeping soundly.

In the mirror, Xin Mei’s hands were covered with a mass of dark clouds…or you could say that her whole body was enveloped and hugged by a thick black cloud. This dark cloud was in human form, with its two red eyes flashed red. This image was truly awful and sent cold shivers down Xin Mei’s spine.

Xin Mei looked at the mirror in disbelief and uncertainty, then looked up at Lu Qianqiao. His expression was calm and his voice was very low as he said, “Don’t be afraid…I’m no longer an ordinary person. So it’s normal that I can’t be reflected in a bonded-soul looking glass.”

He wasn’t an ordinary person?

She touched his cheeks, as her hand stroked his warm and soft skin. His breathing was fine, and a lock of his hair still fell on his forehead which she gently twisted with her fingers—which part of him that had made him suddenly became special? He was just an ordinary man with a facial paralysis problem and her husband with a few words.

“Come here.” She threw the bonded-soul looking glass directly under the bed, as her arms outstretched and clasped his head. “Let’s go to bed and I’ll make you duck blood soup tonight.”

He closed his eyes and indulged in her delicious smell, not wanting to extricate himself.

On the ground, the bonded-soul looking glass suddenly flashed. In it, Xin Mei was seen smiling, and the human-shaped dark cloud red eyes gradually closed. In an instant, the image immediately disappeared.

He and she didn’t need the bonded-soul looking glass to prove anything of their love. She was once so entangled with this issue, that she had lived her days with extreme depression.

“…let’s sell this broken mirror tomorrow…it is estimated that we can still earn a few taels of silver from selling it.”

Xin Mei sleepily murmured.

The bonded-soul looking glass cried up a river on the icy-cold floor when it heard these words.


Cloves in bloom
I don't know cloves are actually buds of this flower. When cloves bloom, they look really beautiful.
Image Credit | Zhangyaoyi
In the fifth month of the lunar year, when cloves started to blossom, Lu Qianqiao, who was always busy, rarely ran around inside the clan. He was usually busy planning on how to find out the whereabouts of the foxes who were like a wily rabbit had three burrows for the war demons that he had sent out to search for them.

Though currently, he was in a town dozens of li away, staring at a box of bracelets handed out by the jewellery store owner.

That pure gold shrimp feelers sized bracelet looks really exquisite, but will it suit her snow-white wrist? No, no. Gold is too tacky. Let’s change it.

This suede white jade is very delicate, but the quality of the jade is not pure. How can I give her this regretful a slight flaw in white jade as a present?

The inlaid pearl is quite beautiful, but she is so active that if she knocks the pearl off, she will definitely feel sad for a few days.


While the General was feeling distressed, the boss was also feeling depressed.

The third day of the fifth month of the lunar year would be Xin Mei’s 17th birthday. Lu Qianqiao was often away from home and couldn’t spend much time with her. So he followed Li Yan’s advice and decided to buy something to send her. Although Li Yan said that Xin Mei might prefer the General to make a personalised doll for her, he really didn’t have time to make one, and secondly, he couldn’t just send her something cheap like a doll or something alike…

After Lu Qianqiao nitpicking the bracelets for half a shichen, he finally shook his head, “…forget about the bracelet. I want to see some hairpins.”

The boss collected the box with tears in his eyes. This guest was too difficult to be served. He had lingered into the store several hours ago, staring at the necklace for a moment and then at the eardrop for a moment, but none of them was to his satisfaction. If it hadn’t been for his red-eye and his unruly appearance, he would have asked his assistant to drive him out.

Two boxes of finely selected hairpins of the latest style were held up. There were hairpins made with green jades been strung together, hairpin with flowers designed from silks being pinched together, and everything that should be here was here.

Lu Qianqiao took a rough look at them and suddenly felt a light shone right before his eyes, as he gently raised and twisted an amethyst hairpin. Apart from the exquisite style of the hairpin body, the entire amethyst was transparent and smoothly lustrous, without any impurities or cracks, showing that it had a prime quality.

By the way, when he went back last month, Xin Mei seemed to have just made a new dress. It had this light purple colour. If it was paired with this hairpin, she must have liked it very much…

Liu Qianqiao was just about to pay when he heard a loud neigh from Lie Yunhua outside, followed by Li Min, who rushed into the shop. His face was full of panic until it finally disappeared after seeing him.

“Young master!” He strode forward and was about to speak when he glanced at the boss who was waiting for money. The boss was so scared by his two red eyes that he rushed into the back room while screaming and did not dare to come out anymore.

“What’s up?”

Lu Qianqiao took two silver tickets and threw them on the table. He carefully wrapped the amethyst hairpin and put it inside his clothes on his chest.

Li Min calmed himself down and said, “It’s Madam! Madam, she seems to be waking up!“

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