MMIH Chapter 32 : We’ve Made An Oath, You and I (3)

Between pushing and being pushed, Lu Qianqao felt that choosing the former one was more acceptable.

So he stepped forward and gently held the soft shoulders of his bride who was sitting on the bed. He hesitated for a moment, then decided to push her down.

Xin Mei suddenly raised her hand to stop him, “Wait."

...she was the one who was in such a hurry before, but now that they were finally married, she asked him to wait?

He didn’t want to wait.

The Phoenix Crown was gently removed and his fingers groped through her dense bun, slowly pulling a hairpin out.

A lock of long hair slid down.

Xin Mei looked up at him and then looked at the window behind him. After a pause, she asked, “Are you…are you going to have a bridal chamber with the window open?"

Lu Qianqiao turned around and saw the window wide open. A group of small monsters from the Imperial Mausoleum crowded outside the window while looking at them with big eyes and biting their fingers.


The hair clasp slipped from his hand and fell to the ground.

Tao Guoguo was busy covering his younger brother’s eyes, to save his innocence from being snatched away. Silan was busy pulling people to leave. While Yinglian…Yinglian was absent. She must be hiding in the dark again while pricking the little paper man just like usual. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Only Zhao Guanren had moved a table over and sat by the window. The table was filled with snacks and tea. While munching, he smiled at Lu Qianqao in a lewd way, "General, you should just boldly go ahead and we will encourage you. No, I promise to teach you properly."

Lu Qianqiao walked over without any expression and opened his mouth, "Go away."

With the sound of wings flapping, the monsters crowd scattered like birds and animals. The power and influence that the General had accumulated for so many years were really not fake.

Zhao Guanren swept half a tableful of sunflower seeds shells to the ground, walked over to Lu Qianqao and slipped him a paper ball. He waggled his eyebrows and started to winks. Then, he whispered, “General, man sometimes will experience where his ability falls short of his wishes, so, I’m giving you these good things."

Lu Qianqiao opened the paper ball and what he found inside were small pills with extremely obscene colours and shapes.

Zhao Guanren's beard quivered, "You'll know its effectiveness when you use it. I won't tell anyone else."

Lu Qianqao stuffed the two pills into Zhao Guanren’s nostrils. Then, he pulled the window shut, locked it and drew the curtains tight.

Silk Skirt
Image Source | Taobao
...the bridal chamber and ornamented candles atmosphere seemed to have lessened up. He turned around, and he didn’t know when Xin Mei had taken off her wedding clothes, as she was currently wearing a cerise coloured silk skirt while sitting at the table, busily picking noodles with her chopsticks.

The noodles were mixed with sesame oil, then sprinkled with peanut and walnut crumbs, or was it made that way because of its auspicious name?

Xin Mei kindly filled a bowl for him and said, “Come and eat something. Aren’t you hungry?"

He had gone up Dao Mountain and went across the deep cauldron. He was busier than just breaking a big stone on his chest. Even for a monster, these were still uneasy things to do.

Seeing her mouth full of oil, he couldn’t help laughing, and the tension that had been hidden in his heart all day finally dissipated. Lu Qianqiao went to pick up his bowl and with his chopsticks, he brought some noodles to her mouth. He whispered, “These noodles are actually for us to feed each other. So, open your mouth."

Xin Mei obediently opened her mouth. By the way, she also picked a chopstick of noodles for him. “It turns out that the custom in your clan is not to drink crossed-cup wine, but to eat crossed-cup noodles."

Pagoda Tree Flower Flat Cakes / huái huā bǐng
Image Source | iQilu
A few peanut crumbs touched her lips, so Lu Qianqiao wiped them lightly with his hand. He didn’t know for what reason that he suddenly remembered the first time he brought her to the Imperial Mausoleum and locked her up in a small dark room. At that time, when he pushed open the door, he saw her eating pagoda tree flower round flat cakes with her head bowed. Her black hair and cheeks were looking so soft, with some of the flat cake crumbs stuck on her face. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

She was like a little white rabbit.

“Xin Mei, come here."

He put down his bowl and gently grasped her wrist. As soon as he pulled her, she slipped from the chair and sat on his lap. Conveniently, she turned from a guest into a host as she raised her hand around his neck.

“Lu Qianqiao." She put her face close to his face. “You don’t bring your bewitching rope today, do you?"

“Uh-huh, I didn’t bring it." He smiled.

“Then, close your eyes and I will kiss you at once."

He closed his eyes obediently, and his beautiful thick eyelashes trembled slightly. Xin Mei held his head in her arms, and the more she looked at it, the more she liked it. She lowered her head and gave him big kisses on both sides of his face.

He somehow…felt at loss again.

He was just about to open his eyes when suddenly, soft lips—gave him a light kiss with sesame oil, peanuts and walnut flavour.

These are xǐ zhú, though to be precise, these ones are called dragon and phoenix candles or lóng fèng xǐ zhú in pinyin. See the carving of a dragon and a phoenix on the candles?
Image Source | Taobao
There was no deep, entangled heat that could be felt as she kissed him for a while and afterwards moved her lips away. The sparkling and jumping flames from the xǐ zhú reflected in both of their eyes.

Their faces were a little red.

“How much did you learn?" She asked in a low voice.

Lu Qianqiao was stunned for a moment, then he somehow managed to respond, but he was not blushing. He just lowered his head to smile as he asked, “How much did you learn?"

“Should be…not bad."

“Just words alone are no proof."

Then, she would just do it.

Xin Mei extended her hands, fumbled and untied one of his attire, which resulted in a small section of his graceful collarbone appearing in front of her eyes.

She opened one more layer and a small piece of chest appeared, which was strong and thin.

He did not move but watched her as she undressed him.

Xin Mei frowned, “Why didn’t you take mine off? Did you really learn?“

Lu Qianqao thought for a moment, then he replied, “You first."

He should respect her in this aspect.

Xin Mei clearly smiled, “Hmm, the fact is, you still can’t do it, right? Then watch me. I’ll teach you.“

His coat was gently untied by her. She took it off and it slipped to the ground. Then, came his Chinese tunic. His chest was completely exposed to the flames. His beautiful collarbone and strong muscles made her hesitate for a moment. She raised her hand and stroked them gently. His skin was hot and his heart beat violently through her palm.

“…don’t be afraid," she soothed, “Come and get into the bed with me."

When his hands went down, he lifted her up as the bed curtain fell down. He was lying on top of her who was lying down.

Xin Mei shook her head, “No, I should be the one on the top."

Liu Qianqiao rolled over and was pushed down to the bed by her. She got on top again.

As they kissed, her thin long hair fell on his chest. Their breaths were damp and hot…which were also short and itchy. Lu Qianqiao suddenly grabbed her waist and stroked his palm upward along her spine. With a little effort, she fell into his arms. She did not know when her lips got tangled again after a small respite from kissing. This time, their kiss went deep as they continued caressing each other.

“…I’m hot…"

Her mind was in chaos. Oh, that right, she had to teach him…but she was reluctant to let him go. Both her body and lips were longing for his touch, even when she just left for a short moment.

Feeling hot? Let me take off your clothes.

He untied her dress with a stiff, trembling movement, and the next moment, her lips which were unwilling to be left out, came up and stuck themself to his half-opened chest一this skin to skin touch managed to stir up his emotions.

It was like lighting a fire on dry grassland. Somehow, the situation went out of control in an instant as they both lost all the rules and regulations.

When did they take off their clothes? Both of them couldn’t remember and they had no time to think about this.

…oh, that's right! Guanyin sitting on the lotus.

These four words flashed in Xin Mei’s mind. Lu Qianqiao may not have learned it yet. She had this great responsibility to teach him that tonight.

As a result…

The gauze curtain shook violently, followed by some sound of wailing. Xin Mei opened the gauze curtain with a rustle. Her face was pale as she stretched out her bare arm to rummage through the contents inside the cupboard beside the bed.

A hand pulled her back.

She crawled out weakly and murmured, “I’m injured and bleeding…the golden wound medicine…and that Orchids And Musk, Lovely Pistil Collection…"

She really needed the golden wound medicine and the demonstration book for the bridal chamber and ornamented candles

“Don’t move!"

He had been extremely patient, and it could be seen from the blue veins that started to appear on his forehead. When he could no longer endure in the end, he stretched out his hand to hold her back, and slightly moved her body, by holding her neck so that she could lie down on her side.

“Don’t move…"

Otherwise, he was going to die. He was really going to die.

“I’m hurting."

“If you endure it, it will soon stop hurting."

He rolled over to hold her down, kissed her chest, as he fought with all the will power of his war demon blood to stop him from thinking about the taste of her soul. His fingers softly stroking her earlobe and neck to ease her stiff muscles.

It was a difficult and thorny bridal night for both of them to explain.

“Don’t, don’t touch this side!"

He then switched side—

“Ah ha ha! That's ticklish! Don’t touch there!"

Then he changed to kneading—

“…gently, it really hurts… “

She was truly hard to please.

He punished her by biting her lower lip. Not to be outdone, Xin Mei immediately retaliated back, wanting to nip at his nose. When he looked up, her fine teeth gently bit his chin.

Suddenly, he started to move, and it seemed like he was probing first. When he did something that she least expected, she felt as if she couldn’t resist herself from being possessed by something, till she suddenly froze.

“…painful?" he asked, with a suppressed gasp.

She was unable to say it for certain…she couldn’t say what she was currently feeling. It seemed to be painful, but it was not the kind of pain that she just felt before now, which was strange and weird. Xin Mei squeezed his shoulder tightly and looked at him perplexedly. Those dark red eyes were deep and scary. Suddenly, her eyelashes quivered. He closed his eyes and kissed her hard.

Then, she could feel as if the sky and earth were spinning around.

She grabbed the quilt and unknowingly for what reason, she kept on considering climbing out of the bed again, “No…I can’t…"

…don’t say “no".

Holding her waist with one of his hands, he completely held her down, then he invaded, attacked and forcibly occupied her body. She softened in an instant. For the first time, her throat gave out a trembling moan. When she opened her eyes, she could see limitless and unrestrained joyous red scenery swallowing her up.

“Lu Qianqiao…" She struggled to find her voice. Her fingers were in his hair and her eyes were locked onto his deep eyes.

“I should…I should be the one teaching you. I want to be on top. “

“I’ll let you be on top tomorrow."

She wanted to protest again, but her words were soon forgotten, as her restless hands were suppressed by him on both sides, and he continued to stick to her like a limpet, becoming hard to untie, hard to separate.

The Orchid and Musk, Lovely Pistil Collection inside the cupboard silently shed its tears. The two of them had been watching its pictures so many times, but when things come to a head, it suddenly became useless.

The bridal chamber and ornamented candles passed in such an unsmooth and conservative way…

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