MMIH Chapter 39 : Cliffside Meeting (2)

The moon had climbed up to the zenith.

Lu Qianqiao was sitting on the rough railing as he somehow suddenly remembered the incident. In an instant, a feeling of expectation mingled with longing surged in his heart.

...she said she would come today. Would she come?

Why are you looking forward to this meeting? Why are you feeling flustered again? He remembered that he loved her deeply, but now he looked at his feelings again and it felt quite hazy like it was an area that could not be entered.

There was no such thing as ‘love’ in his heart, but he knew that he loved her, wanted to kill her but at the same time reluctant to.

He was a proud war demon who intended to be perfect. He should return to the War Demon Clan and accept his glory and responsibility.

Nevertheless, he seemed like he just didn’t want to go back there. Now, he had nowhere to go, except to run forward on the battlefield with his whip.

He had washed the heavenly maiden daren doll until it was shiny. Since there were some wear and tear on its fingers, he skillfully took out the knife from his Gankun's bag and carefully repaired it.

Why was he doing such a boring thing at such a time?

The cold night wind whirled the snow, and in the next moment, a sweet and soft voice drifted along with the wind.

“Lu Qianqiao—! How could you break your promise, you bastard?!”

No! I didn’t break my promise. The knife fell from his hand as Liu Qianqiao quickly got up and strode towards the cliff.

She was standing at the edge of the cliff. Today, she had changed into a light red short close-fitting jacket with two small fluffy balls tied at the neckline and the same fluffy balls hairpin had also been pinned onto her bun. It made him...really made him—wanted to crush her.

He subconsciously groped his waist, instinctively looking for his whip, but came out empty.

He didn’t have his whip with him today.

Liu Qianqiao frowned as he was not used to this kind of strange feeling. He looked forward to seeing her as if he was not trying to kill her.

Xin Mei took out a majestic doll from her sleeve and waved it, “Look! I brought general daren today!“

General daren...was it another doll that he had made for her? Such a magnificent armour, with an exaggerated and impractical sword—it looked quite stupid.

Xin Mei sat cross-legged at the edge of the cliff while holding the general daren and pointed at the small moon in the sky. “General, the moon represents my heart!”

...what do you mean?

She exclaimed, “You just changed your temperament, not having melodramatic amnesia! Don’t you pretend not to understand me over there! Do you dare to say you don’t remember?“

He remembered how confused and cowardly he was then. He was unable to see the future and fond of deceiving himself and others.

At that that time, she seemed to be drunk and her soft body was clinging onto him.

This led to his first kiss which had been constrained and kept secret all this time.

Suddenly, a kind of strange but familiar kind of feeling rose in his heart, and the thin layer of ice in his eyes finally a little loose. He was a little hesitant for a short while. Then, he followed her by sitting cross-legged at the edge of the cliff, while holding the heavenly maiden daren doll in his hand. This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

“Lu Qianqiao, do you still remember where we first met and what we were doing at that time?”

He thought about it for a moment and answered, “It was in the forest outside the Imperial Mausoleum. I was killing the tiger demon and you passed by.”


Xin Mei rolled her eyes, “The first time we met was in the Imperial Mausoleum! I hit Tao Guoguo till he was dizzy, and you hit me back!“

So to say, he was truly a man! Never being careful, didn’t have any memory, careless and thoughtless! He didn’t become a better man even when his temperament had changed.

“Lu Qianqiao, do you know, at first I hated you so much.” She touched the general daren’s clothes as her voice finally softened, “You snatched my spirit beast, and also hit me. I gave you the purse with good intention, but you still kidnapped me which was an extremely terrible act. At that time, I thought that even if I had to marry a roadside beggar, I would never marry you.“

Was...was that so? Did he behave like a loser at the beginning?

“But this kind of thing didn't really make any sense, as we finally became husband and wife.”

She looked up and smiled faintly at him. “It had nothing to do with the Emperor sanctioning this marriage. I, myself, wanted to marry you and personally wanted to force you to marry me. Were you angry at that time?”

No...he was actually delighted when he saw her appeared in the Imperial Mausoleum in her broken wedding dress. This was not a lie.

“I know you like me.” How confident she was, not in the least bashful, “That was why I wanted to force you. You won’t blame me, will you?“


“Tell me. Don’t pretend to be dumb.”


Xin Mei smiled from ear to ear. She did not know what to think. After a lifetime, a trace of shyness appeared on her face. She then bowed her head for a long time. In the end, she honestly said, “Although we have been husband and wife for several months, it is somewhat strange to say this kind of thing right now...but I haven’t told you yet, have I? Lu Qianqiao, I like you too. I have never thought of marrying someone else.“

He did not speak and quietly sat on the opposite cliff while letting the night wind blow his long hair with his red eye shone in the dark.

She took a deep breath and took out the bonded-soul looking glass from her sleeve which she stole from Zhao Guanren. Afraid of an accident, even if all the monsters of the Imperial Mausoleum were protected by Mist Formation, without the General around, they still did not feel at ease. Thus, they once again hid in the underground palace.

She didn’t enter the underground palace, but instead, quietly took a couple of things and left a note for Zhao Guanren and Silan, telling them not to worry.

She lifted the bonded-soul looking glass and asked, “Do you remember this? The two people who were reflected in the bonded-soul looking glass were bound to get married one day. If you don’t believe me, let us look at it one more time.“

With the bright little moon at the zenith, she aimed the bonded-soul looking glass at him and leaned over the looking glass herself—the looking glass was blur, dim, and unresponsive.

“Uh…” Xin Mei was a little embarrassed, as she patted the looking glass, “Is it broken? Or is it still out of alignment?“

Lu Qianqiao suddenly got up.

“It’s getting late, I’m leaving.”

He turned and left.

“Then, I’ll see you again in two days!”

Xin Mei slapped the useless bonded-soul looking glass hard. It was in tears and was thrown back into the bundle wrapped in cloth.

“You...” He stopped and looked back at her, “I don’t want to...”

“You don't want to see me anymore?” She jumped up and stared at him with her round eyes, “How dare you say something like that? Do you dare to say it again one more time?“

【Do you think I’m so gullible?! You don’t know how many times this lǎo niáng have seen this set of behaviour in the play book! Do you dare to say that you don’t like me one more time?! You dare?!】

Her fierce voice resounded in her mind.

That day, she had said,【that’s exactly how much I want to marry you!】

So, Lu Qianqiao lowered his eyelashes and felt that his body was trembling slightly. It was neither instinctive nor because of a murderous thought.

“You look up and look at me. Lu Qianqiao, I’m right across from you. Look!“

His one red and one black eyes were immediately on her.

“Well, now, what do you want to say?” Xin Mei blinked and asked him.

He was silent for a long time. Things he had hidden in his heart, were like butterflies buried deep in cocoons, and they started to stir.

He finally said, “Next time...come early.”

With an unreserved grin, Xin Mei replied, “Okay, got it.”

All of a sudden, he lifted his long sleeve, and the thing was gently thrown over, but it bumped into the edge of the cliff. Fortunately, he didn’t use much strength, so the thing didn’t bounce far away, so Xin Mei moved forward, raised her hand and caught it.

It was their golden wound medicine from Xinxie Manor. He always had it with him.

“...your wound. Remember to apply it with the medicine.“

He remembered that he had wounded her with his whip the day before yesterday. Although there was a barrier to stop him from hurting her muscles and bones, it was certain that she would be bleeding from the broken skin.

Xin Mei nodded, “Okay. You should also eat and rest on time. Don’t be too busy.”

Liu Qianqiao glanced at the dense forest behind her. Although it hid things deeply, there was a smell from the forest that made him extremely unhappy. The instinct of the war demon inside him made him want to tear up the barrier and cut that person into powder. However, Xin Mei was also there. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t want her to see him kill a person.

Then, he was gone.

Xin Mei smilingly skipped back, while holding the bottle of common golden wound medicine with both of her hands, like she was holding a baby.

The Great Monk was sitting at the side of the long vehicle while holding his head and dozing off. He then listlessly asked, “Are you done?”

“Well, we have to come early the day after tomorrow.” She jumped into the long vehicle and continued to hold the golden wound medicine with her two hands like it was a treasure. She felt that the bitter and unpleasant smell of the medicine was more fragrant than any delicious food.

He still needed to come along—?! The Great Monk cried silently.

“Now is a time of emergency. You still want to run back and forth between these two dangerous places. You really don’t care about your little life?”

She was startled, “What time of emergency?”

“Hasn’t Li Chaoyang sent war demons everywhere to look for you?”

Xin Mei thought for a moment, “Haven’t you seen them at all recently? About her wanting to kill me, it is nothing more than your own assumption.“

These days, aside from Lu Qianqiao, when it came to war demons, not even a hair of them could be seen recently. Now that she thought about it, the war demon that she met that day might not have been chasing after her, but maybe he was chasing this shameless fake monk. Didn’t the Fox Clan have a bit of discord with the War Demon Clan?

The Great Monk stared at her strangely for a long time, while mumbling, “It’s kind of you to take an honest man’s heart for a donkey’s liver and lungs...”

“Stop being fussy. Let’s go back to the Imperial Mausoleum.”

Xin Mei laid down and brought the golden wound medicine bottle in front of her nose—it seemed like she could smell Lu Qianqiao’s body on it. They had not yet been separated for a long time, but she felt like they hadn’t met for ages.

—did she take him as her runner? She must have thought that he was the type that didn’t ask for payment! It must be, right? Right?!

The Great Monk looked up at the incomplete little moon, as he felt so upset that he wanted to shed tears. In just a few days, he had been tortured by this girl till his chest was in pain.

He missed the Fox clan, the clear and bright spring water, the four seasons like spring flower gardens, and furthermore, those beautiful, devoted, gentle and lovely girls.

Dear lovely girls, why on earth are your amiable and respected Great Monk has to suffer being trampled on with such inhuman torture?

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Erm, isn't it because you just kidnapped a wife of a war demon?

Didn't LQQ look like he was afraid of his wife? Just one glare from XM already made him very honest. ROFL. - suddenly the noob translator has been slashed by LQQ -


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