MMIH Chapter 17 : The So-called Bridal Chamber And Ornamented Candles

On the big day, the hair-exploding bride finally met the groom she was going to marry.

There was no veil to be uncovered, no wine to be exchanged, no bridal chamber to be used——all that she had imagined had not happened, and now the groom, who was not dressed in his groom clothes, was standing before her, with his red eyes.

——Did you get the red-eye disease?

Xin Mei looked at her hands and then at him, considering whether to go up and beat him into a pulp or to give him a chance to explain generously and, at the same time, show him her virtuous demeanour.

Before she could think it over, the groom spoke first, "Let go of Silan. I'm here. Just talk to me."

She pushed Silan aside and suddenly felt that this situation could be seen in many famous plays.

In the next moment, Liu Qianqiao would perhaps put on a distorted expression which would push people thousands of miles away as he spat out evil and unkind words with his cold, thin lips, such as 'I have never liked you' and 'everything is only your wishful thinking'. Then, after she had run away with tears in her eyes, the seemingly heartless but affectionate hero slowly vomited out one mouthful of blood, feebly holding onto a support such as Silan, and gradually fell, with apricot flowers falling all over the ground in the background, softly spouting out the deep-rooted feeling of 'I actually love you, but I don't want you to know'... This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Disgusted by her own imagination, she took three steps backwards and shouted, "Lu Qianqao, you're the one in the wrong. You're the one who's going to explain it to me! And don't be a disgusting person!"

As expected, he did give her some face as he gave a slight nod. "My body transformation disaster has begun. I don't know if it will pass."

Was he afraid he would die and she would become a widow in less than a month after their wedding? She folded her arms and began to imagine again. When he fell, he vomited blood and trembled. 'Silan, don't let her know the truth... it's not the red-eye disease. I just don't want her to be a widow in the future. '

She had goosebumps all over her body and shouted, "Change the reason!"

"My mother was the one who arranged this marriage," Lu Qianqiao was calm from beginning to end. "She was the one sitting in the carriage that day. Even in the war demon clan, she is a lady with a very high status. For such a small matter, Emperor Rongzheng was willing to give her a face and immediately promised her. If I can't survive the transformation, you can't live either. You must be buried with me so I will not feel lonely after I die. "

At last, she was shocked. "Bury with you? Why...why didn't I hear... "

He smiled with his gloomy complexion. "Xin Mei, if you are determined to marry me, then marry and die with me."

He then held out his hand. "Come here. We can have our own bridal room and ornamented candles[1] tonight."

She quickly took another three steps back and hid behind the tree with only her head sticking out while looking up and down suspiciously at him. "Rea...really?"

Lu Qianqao fixed his eyes on her. "It doesn't matter if I marry you or not, but you have become my mother's pawn and my burden. I wanted to get you out of the way, but you came here with all the fanfare... "

She was suddenly angered by the casual tone of his words. "I don't want to hear this! Lu Qianqiao, do you dare to say your thoughts?! Do you not want to marry me? Don't you like me? "

She asked so boldly and so sharply that even Silan was shocked. Not even among the banshees had he seen such a bold and cheeky creature.

Lu Qianqiao did not shy away from her eyes. After a while, he slowly said, "I don't hate you."

"Then why did you run away?"

"…I did not like this feeling of being forced to marry you regardless of everything."

Xin Mei was silent.

Lu Qianqao turned around and whispered, "Xin Mei, do you want to marry me so much? Come with me, then. Let us be husband and wife for a few days while I still can."

After a long time, Xin Mei suddenly spoke when Silan thought she would never open her mouth again.

"Lu Qianqao," she asked, "Do you remember when I asked you to make a general doll as my birthday present? Have you done it yet?"

He frowned slightly and thought for a moment. When his mind suddenly had a flash of a moment in the past, he said, "I forgot."

"...well, now that we have reached this point... I'll only insult myself by staying here. I'll be leaving now then——"

She stepped out from behind the tree and suddenly laughed. "——you think I'd say that and walk away?"

Lu Qianqiao looked at her raised face in astonishment. From beginning to end, Xin Mei had stood so straight and proud that nothing could defeat her. Her eyes were amazingly bright, and there was something... something like flames of fury in them.

"You coward!"

As quick as a ghost, Xin Mei flung herself at Lu Qianqao, and the next moment, her fist hit him in the face. He couldn't help but fall on his back. There was a sudden weight on her as she grabbed his collar and shook it while shouting, "Do you think I'm so gullible?! I don't know how often I've seen these scenes in plays! Don't you dare say that you don't like me again! Don't you dare!"

An injured Silan, beside Lu Qianqao, became frantic as he looked helplessly at the living General of Flying Cavalry being torn apart by Xin Mei. He considered protecting the General, but he couldn't do it. Xin Mei's angry strength was so astonishing that even if there were ten of him, they could not be a match for her.

"First, you play with my feelings, then with my face! Now you're going to play with my body?!" She grabbed him and started to trash him, "Do you think I will not dare beat you? If you die tomorrow, you must have a wedding night with me today. You, come on! Let's do this!"

She grabbed his thin and soft robe, and with the sound of 'chi', she tore open the chest area into a long, wide hole. His slightly white and muscular chest was abruptly exposed to the wind.

Silan was going to faint with anxiety. The General's chastity! His precious chastity would be destroyed in the hands of this devil star?! He was going to stop it at all costs when they suddenly heard the noise of footsteps coming from outside the apricot blossom forest. The officials who went to fetch the bride had arrived here. They were following the loud noises and shouted, "Miss! General? We heard voices. Are you guys here?"

Xin Mei roared, "Go away! We are having our wedding night!"

There was a moment of silence.

"So...sorry ah ah ah..."

The crowd fled in tears. To be valiant in life really needed no reason. Even their wedding night could be done in the woods. What else could those two not be valiant with?

She grabbed Lu Qianqiao's broken neckline and considered how to carry on when he gently grasped her wrist.

He lay on his back, his black hair spread over the ground. The left corner of his lip was bruised, as she had just hit him, with a thin line of blood that could be seen flowing down. However, he seemed to not feel any pain. He looked at her quietly and whispered, "Xin Mei, stop messing around."

Xin Mei gave him another blow. This time, to his right cheek, it sounded like she had broken a tooth. He frowned and spat a mouthful of blood foam from his mouth, which contained half of a broken tooth.

"Do you know how happy my father was? Now you want me to go back home? Why didn't you say so before?! Who told you to give me a doll?! Who told you to care about me?! Who is the one messing around?!"

" want to marry me so much?" Lu Qianqao asked in a low voice.

Her fist stopped again, and she stared at him, unable to say anything.

He slowly closed his eyes and touched her head as he softly apologised, "I'm sorry to burst your dream of being a bride."

It was only once in a lifetime for her to wear wedding clothes. It was also once in a lifetime for her to put on a bride veil while feeling uneasy and shy. She had sat inside the bride's sedan carriage, speculating about his mood. At that time, her mind was full of him——it turned out that she wanted to marry him very much.

"Yes!" her voice was fierce and loud. "I wanted to marry you very much! So, what about it?!"

Lu Qianqiao tightly closed his eyes. His eyelashes trembled violently. He could feel a burst of cold and hot on his back. His wrist began to shake slightly, unable to restrain. He could not control it.

"What transformation? What is buried together? I don't care about those! If you think you can beat me back with this kind of reason, you are too naive! "She held his face in both hands and shook it hard. "Open your eyes for me! Don't you dare to run away! "

He opened his trembling eyes and looked at her sun-bright eyes. There were no self-pity nor gimmicks in those eyes. Xin Mei never needed the so-called beautiful qualities of women to embellish them. She only said what she wanted to say, did what she wanted to do, and liked...who she wanted to like.

"I..." His throat choked as he could not say anything back.

Seeing this, Xin Mei breathed a sigh of relief and loosened her hand. "Then we will continue with our wedding night."

"You... that's enough!" Silan could not bear it any longer. He blushed and shouted, "You watch it! Do you know what this place is? I'm still here! Can you see any bridal room here?!"

Xin Mei gave him a startled look. "You are still here?"

"You..." He pointed at her as he trembled, and stars started dancing before his eyes.

Suddenly, there was a cry from an old cow over their head. The three of them looked up together. They saw an old oxcart coming slowly from among the clouds. It was surrounded by a small black dot, and that black dot made a particularly shrill qaw. They circled the apricot blossom forest. When they seemed to finally find them, they immediately flew straight in. The small dot was Little Crow.

"General! Little Crow has woken up. About that thing, you asked... "

Lord Meishan, whom they had not seen for a long time, eagerly jumped out of the cart. But his body became stiff when he saw the scene in the forest.

This, this...Little Mei was sitting, sitting on the General? The clothes she was wearing…a wedding dress? Rags? A torn skirt? What's going on? Looking at the General, who was lying on his back with one hand holding her back while the other comfortably spread out. His clothes were in a mess, revealing a vast stretch of red chest...two people, one red-faced, one in tears...

Lord Meishan staggered backwards with a pale face. " two......what are you two doing?!"

"They're in their bridal chamber." Silan, who had been used as the background colour so far, finally found a chance to speak. "Immortal Meishan, what a coincidence that you have come at this time. Is there anything important?"

"Bri...bridal chamber... "These two words were like a lightning bolt in the blue sky. It cracked into Lord Meishan, who then staggered a few steps backwards.

He had only been busy treating the injury of Little Crow for more than a month. How did they get married? Also...also a bridal chamber?! General, you want to do it that much?

"…say something." Lu Qianqiao frowned at him.

He is impatient! Lu Qianqao just gave him a meaningful glance, telling him to finish quickly so he could get out of the way, meaning not to disturb their wedding night!

Lord Meishan's tears flew down with a swish as he choked out, "About half-blood war demon transformation disaster... it's not that no one has ever survived...though, that was all Little Crow could find, and then... then it was wounded by the General's clansmen... "

Lu Qianqiao pondered for a moment. He was not as ecstatic as Lord Meishan thought. He just nodded. "Thank you. Silan, give him the ingredients for the wine that we usually use to offer our thanks to God and to honour heaven. "

Silan fished out a thin pamphlet from his sleeve and handed it to Lord Meishan. "Immortal Meishan, thank you very much."

Lord Meishan took the brochure in a daze. Somehow, he didn't even have the interest to turn it over. He looked straight at Xin Mei, silently crying and mumbling, "Little married him?"

She immediately answered without hesitation, "Yes. Meishan Daren[2], you go back first. We'll see you when we're free."

No, no, it was enough for you to come alone!

"... let's go." Lu Qianqiao blushed. "Xin, you get up first."

She was still angry. "Humph! Not doing our wedding night? "

He raised his hand and gave her a gentle pat on the forehead. "Alright. Get up."

Lord Meishan watched as the three of them disappeared into the depths of the apricot blossom forest with stupefied eyes. A cold wind blew through them, rolling up snow-white petals, with will-o'-the-wisp leaping in the woods, and ghosts wailing burst out...

Did, did he come here today just to humiliate himself?

He really wanted to cry.

The author has something to say: She has finally finished with this chapter...after abusing a particular character's hair...and now she has to crawl away in fear...

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  1. wedding night
  2. title of respect toward superiors

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