ROHYX Chapter 24 : Fake Storm (2)

Yujing didn't know that the matter was related to her, so she tried to soothe her mother by saying, "Mother, we will let Dad know. Dad will protect us when Grandmother tries to make things difficult for us. "

Concubine Rong smiled ruefully. If it had been in the past, she wouldn't have to worry, but now, she couldn't predict what would happen. Concubine Rong, unwilling to show her timidity in front of her daughter, said calmly, "Let's go! "

When Concubine Rong entered the main house with Yujing, she saw the angry Old Lady. With a thump in her heart, she quickly knelt.

Old Lady Han pointed at Yujing and scolded her angrily, "Troublesome person, if you don't kneel, you're going to make the Han House lose its face." To achieve their goals, they were willing to resort to deceit. It was hard for watery mud to be used for plastering the wall[1].

When Concubine Rong heard this, she knew that Yujing had been caught cheating. They had been so careful that they didn't expect it to be discovered.

Yujing surprisingly didn't expect that she was the one who was being scolded. "Grandmother, what exactly did Granddaughter do to make you insult me like this?"

When Old Lady Han saw Yujing dared to talk back, she grabbed a green lotus cup and tried to smash it onto the floor, but somehow it hit Yujing's forehead and gave her a big bump. "You have the nerve to ask me. Don't you know what you have done?" Fortunately, Teacher Song left the matter to her. Otherwise, she didn't know how it would end.

Yujing touched the bump on her forehead and said while crying, "Grandmother, what did Granddaughter do wrong for you to do this to me? "

Old Lady Han sneered. "You won't shed tears till you see the coffin[2]. Right? Then tell me, who did your schoolwork?"

"Grandmother, did Han Yuxi run up to you and talk nonsense? Grandmother, she just couldn't see me well. She was jealous of me, so she slandered me."

Old Lady Han laughed angrily.

Mama Luo saw Yujing being disgraceful and said, "It was not Fourth Miss, but Teacher Song told us that your school works were done by someone else."

Yujing was a little panicked. "Grandmother, I didn't ask anyone else to do my school works. Grandmother, I didn't do such a thing. Grandmother, could Teacher Song make a mistake?" Even she couldn't tell the difference, so how could Teacher Song notice?

Old Lady Han sniggered. "Mistake? Do you mean that Teacher Song has mistaken you?"

Yujing hurriedly said, "Grandmother, it must be Teacher Song who has listened to Han Yuxi's provocation. Grandmother, please let me confront Han Yuxi."

Old Lady Han was extremely disgusted with Concubine Rong and disliked Yujing. She would have settled this quickly if it were not for the fear that it would hurt mother and son's affection by getting rid of Concubine Rong.

Even if she died, Yujing would not admit to it. "Grandmother, Teacher Song has never liked me. She took this opportunity to drive me out."

Old Lady Han could not bear to hear anymore. She had seen a fool, but she had never seen such a fool. Old Lady Han looked at Yujing and then at Concubine Rong, who was kneeling beside her. She was too lazy to argue about this issue anymore. She only asked Concubine Rong, "Tell me, who wrote Second Girl's schoolwork?"

Where would Concubine Rong admit it? "No one. The Second Girl's schoolwork had always been done by herself." If this matter could be hidden, let's hide it for good.

Mama Luo stood up and said, "Concubine Rong, Second Miss, Teacher Song did not find Second Miss to settle it herself but decided to tell the Old Lady with the hope that this matter would be solved in private so that the residence would not lose face."

Yujing's face went white.

Old Lady Han stared at Concubine Rong and said, "Still not telling the truth?" She looked up for the last time, but somehow she didn't find any problems.

Concubine Rong gritted her teeth and said, "It was written by my servant girl, Ah Juan."

Old Lady Han snorted coldly. She already knew who had helped Yujing with her schoolwork, but she did not want to go to the bottom of it. If she did, it would cause a lot of noise which wouldn't bring anything good to anyone. "Whose idea was it to have someone else do the homework for her?"

Concubine Rong answered, "It was this handmaiden who saw that Second Girl had been working too hard, so this handmaiden let Ah Juan help with some of the schoolwork."

Old Lady Han had not yet spoken when a maid announced from outside, "Old Lady, the Duke of the State has arrived."

The Duke looked at his beloved concubine and daughter kneeling on the ground, crying out of form and turned to ask Old Lady Han, "Mother, what is going on?"

Old Lady Han replied, "Mama Luo, you tell him about it."

After the Duke listened to Mama Luo's words, his face turned stiff, and he looked at Yujing, "Is this true?"

Yujing wanted to deny it, but the Old Lady was there, and it was no use for her to tell more lies.

Concubine Rong, with tears flowing like pear blossom bathed in the rain[3], said, "Old Lady, Lord, Second Girl had worked so hard. This handmaiden couldn't bear to see her like that, so this handmaiden let the maid help her with the schoolwork. This is all handmaiden's fault. If the Old Lady and the Lord want to punish, please punish this handmaiden!"

The Duke of the State, seeing his concubine's sorrowful appearance, his heart got soft, and he said to the Old Lady, "Mother, this is not a big deal, as long as Teacher Song does not pursue it."

Old Lady Han had no expectations for her eldest son many years ago. Still, when she heard the Duke say it was not a big deal, she felt her heart was blocked by a stone. "Is it necessary for it to ruin the reputation of the Duke's official residence before it becomes a big deal?"

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The Duke looked at his mother and asked, "Then Mother, how do you want to punish them?"

Old Lady Han listened to these somewhat resentful words and said, "Yujing will copy «Lessons for Women» a hundred times and no need to come out again."

Concubine Rong was distraught and, regardless of her fear, said, "Old Lady, Yujing still has to go to school. Can you let her copy it later?" Even if you want to punish, it shouldn't be this way.

Old Lady Han used to think that Concubine Rong was so clever, but now she looked like a fool. When the mother did not set a good example, she helped her child to cheat instead. After all, a concubine was still a concubine, the one who was better kept under the table[4]. Old Lady Han had some regrets. What happened to Yujing in those days could be seen as saying that she was a fool, an expected result of being raised by a waste.

When Yujing was born, Concubine Rong wanted to give her a good family background, so Old Lady Han tried to put her under Qiu Shi's name. Qiu Shi also didn't refuse at that time but said that she had to raise her since the child was written under her name. As a result, Concubine Rong was unwilling. She was afraid that Yujing would support Qiu Shi and then Yujing would be instigated to create hatred between birth mother and daughter.

Concubine Rong thought Qiu Shi would compromise under the pressure of the Duke of the State, but Qiu Shi clenched her teeth and still did not allow it, even if it almost made the Duke turn against her. In the end, the matter ended up in smoke.

Old Lady Han said, "Teacher Song didn't officially kick her out of the school, which can be considered giving some face to the residence. You are still fantasising about letting Second Girl back to school?"

Concubine Rong held on to the Duke's thigh, crying and pleading, "Lord Duke, Yujing was only temporarily confused, so her future should not be cut off this way."

The Duke also didn't have the heart to, so he said to Old Lady Han, "Mother, let's talk with Teacher Song to give Yujing another chance."

Old Lady Han didn't bother to say anything anymore to his son. She could only propose one way. "In order not to lose the face of the residence, I will tell the public that she is ill."

Only then did Yujing realise the seriousness of the matter and cry. "Grandmother, I was wrong. I really know I was wrong. Please give me another chance." She thought it was done perfectly, but she didn't expect it to be found out.

Old Lady Han shook her head. "You've wasted two chances yourself, and there's no one else to blame but yourself."

The Duke was silent for a moment, then requested, "Mother, please talk to Teacher Song again!" He still wanted to fight for his daughter's benefit. After all, she was his favourite daughter.

Old Lady Han was sorrowful to see him like this. If her eldest son had not been taken away by her mother-in-law and raised by herself, he would never have become what he was today. Even though Dowager Lady Han was dead, Old Lady Han still hated her deeply. "Since Teacher Song didn't publicise the incident, it has already given the residence some face, so don't think about it anymore."

The Duke knew there was no more room for change.

Old Lady Han looked at the pale Concubine Rong kneeling on one side and said, "Tomorrow, Concubine Rong will be sent to the temple."

The Duke immediately said, "Mother, if she has done something wrong, yes, she should be punished, but she doesn't need to be sent to the family temple. Just let her stay put in the Pleasant Courtyard!" It meant to be placed under house arrest in Pleasant Courtyard.

The Old Lady didn't want to ruin the mother and son's affection between them before, and she had been very patient. She could tolerate when his concubine violated her bottom line three or four times, but she was outraged now. "Someone come, drag Concubine Rong down for me. Take her to the temple now." Looking at the Duke, who still wanted to speak, she snorted coldly. "Do you still want to be disobedient and unfilial?" She had never done it before, but today was the first time she used filial piety to overwhelm the Duke.

The Duke's heart quivered, so he didn't dare to interfere anymore.

Concubine Rong passed out when she saw this situation.

Yujing was so frightened that she burst into tears and shook her mother's arm. "Mother, mother, what's wrong with you?"

Old Lady Han looked at Concubine Rong, who was feeling dizzy on the ground in disgust. For more than ten years, she still did these two tricks and wasn't bored using them.

The Duke ordered, "Get a physician."

Old Lady Han didn't want to see Concubine Rong again, nor hear Yujing's cry of death, so she ordered Concubine Rong to be taken back to Pleasant Courtyard.

An hour later, Mama Luo came over with a strange expression. "Old Lady, Concubine Rong has been pregnant for a month." If Concubine Rong were to be sent to the temple, she would have no chance to turn over again. Mama Luo had to say that Concubine Rong was lucky to get pregnant at this juncture. The main house now had only two heirs, and Concubine Rong was just being found pregnant. The Old Lady would protect the child in any way she could.

Old Lady Han decided to no longer hate Concubine Rong and would not make fun of her offspring. "Let her stay in Pleasant Courtyard." After a pause, she instructed, "Don't spread out this matter for the time being. Let Second Girl serve in Pleasant Courtyard. For other matters, you should deal with it thoroughly."

Mama Luo was the Old Lady's confidant. She could guess more or less what the Old Lady was thinking. "What the Old Lady meant was to deal with the people around her?"

The Old Lady Han said, "Sell all the maids around her." For the time being, she couldn't handle Concubine Rong, but the maid and mama beside her could still be taken by her. Without these minions, Concubine Rong could not turn the waves.

Footnotes Full List
  1. Chinese idiom meant some people are hapless beyond helping
  2. Chinese idiom meant to refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality
  3. Chinese idiom meant a weeping beauty
  4. Chinese idiom meant too inferior to show in public
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