ROHYX Chapter 38 : Duan Xinrong

Yuxi was quite delighted in her heart. She didn't expect Duan Xinrong to be a girl from a Noble House. Although Duan Xinrong was not rescued by her, with this relationship in place, she could have a good relationship with her in the future.

Yuxi thought for a while before asking, "Xinrong Jiejie[1], how did you fall into the hands of the kidnapper?" She had nothing particular to talk about with her, and she heard about the kidnapping attempt from Yun Qing himself.

Duan Xinrong still had a lingering fear of the incident but still managed to explain, "My brother and I were watching the lantern boats when suddenly a few men in black appeared and started killing many people. Everyone fled for their lives. In the chaos, my brother and I were somewhat separated. Somehow, a man suddenly appeared. He picked me up and walked away from the scene. I struggled desperately. However, the man covered my mouth with a handkerchief, and I fainted. I didn't know what happened afterwards."

Well, Duan Xinrong had met a professional kidnapper. Yuxi thought that Duan Xinrong was very lucky. If it weren't for Yun Qing, she was afraid that they would not know where Duan Xinrong would be sold by the kidnapper. Even if she could be saved in the future, her reputation was already ruined for a lifetime.

The Duan family soon arrived at the Han residence. Madam Duan wept when she saw Duan Xinrong. She almost died of fright when she learned that her daughter was missing.

Yuxi looked enviously at both mother and daughter, who wept bitterly in each other's arms. Therefore, a child with a mother was treated like a treasure, while a child without a mother was treated just like grass!

Madam Duan was too excited that she lost control for a while. However, she quickly realised that she was in someone else's house. At that moment, she embarrassingly said, "I've just made myself become a joke in front of the Lady."

Qiu Shi kindly ordered people to fetch water for Madam Duan to clean her face. She then said with a smile, "What a joke? We all are mothers. Just now, when I knew there was a disturbance at the lantern festival, I was scared out of my wits. Fortunately, the Bodhisattva has blessed them, and they are all safe. "She knew Madam Duan, but they never mingled in the same circle, so they were unfamiliar with each other.

After properly making herself presentable, Madam Duan spoke, "Our family Xinrong is really thankful to your family." If her daughter had met some unexpected misfortune, she would not know how to continue living.

Qiu Shi naturally did not dare to take the credit. "It was the eldest grandson of the Yun family who saved her. My children just lend their hands to him."

Madam Duan was very grateful to all of them, even if some just lent their hands in helping her daughter out.

Duan Xinrong was frightened to death today. What she wanted the most right now was to return home. "Mother, I want to go home." In other people's homes, her heart would not be able to be free from anxiety.

Madam Duan looked at the frightened face of her daughter and felt very sorry for her. She hastily replied, "Okay, okay, we're going home." At that moment, she immediately took leave from Qiu Shi and went back home.

It was already very late, so Qiu Shi did not keep Madam Duan from leaving. After seeing off Madam Duan and Duan Xinrong, she said to Yuxi, "The lantern festival is too dangerous for you to go again."

Yuxi felt that she would still go if she were given the same chance again. However, she knew current affairs very well. At this time, she didn't dare to refute. Otherwise, she would definitely be scolded.

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The next day, Yuxi went to the main house to greet the Old Lady.

On her way there, she met Yuchen. Yuchen smiled and asked, "Si Mei[2], I heard from the maid that you and our Cousin Brothers had saved the young miss of the Right Imperial Censor family. Is this true?" The Right Imperial Censor of Capital Censorate worked as a supervisory officer, supervising officials of the Imperial Court. Although this position was not the position of a leader, they still had extraordinary powers.

Yuxi shook her head and told Yuchen the whole incident, "We were only helping out. We did not save anyone."

The Old Lady was very satisfied with Yuxi's initiative to bring the young miss of the Duan family to their residence. Even if they did not directly save her, they also lent their hands in a way. Through this relationship, they could move a lot in the future. Although they were the family of the Duke of the State, the title had little influence on the Imperial Court. So, it was perfect for her youngest son's future to get in touch with powerful officials of the ruling dynasty. "In the future, you should visit the Duan family's young miss more often."

How could Yuxi not know the Old Lady's calculation? Of course, the real reason why she lent her hand last night was that she looked at Duan Xinrong's impressive background and wanted more assistance for her future. The Old Lady's proposal fell right onto her lap.

The Old Lady seldom saw Yuxi being so clever and obedient. As she was feeling quite happy, she rewarded Yuxi with a few articles of clothing, jewellery, some supplements and a set of four treasures of the study. The things that she took out of her hand were precious.

Yuxi didn't feel anything as she received the gifts. Compared with the news from Yuchen, all these were not enough for her to consider valuables. Though, having some was much better than having none.

Out of the Old Lady's courtyard, Yuxi went straight to the master courtyard. When she arrived, she heard that the Duan family had sent gratitude gifts.

When Yuxi entered the room, the Duan family stewardess apologetically said to Qiu Shi, "My Master should have come and thanked the Lady personally, but my Young Miss had quite a fright yesterday and started to have a fever in the middle of the night. So, my Master couldn't walk away. Please don't blame our Master, Lady Duke."

Qiu Shi uttered, "It's just a matter of giving a hand. It's very kind of Madam Duan to send so many gifts."

Yuxi didn't expect that the Duan family had sent gratitude gifts to her separately. When she returned to her courtyard and looked at the gifts piled on the table, she smiled and ordered nearby maids, "Register all these things." Turning around, she requested Hongshan to ask her Third Brother for information regarding the outside situation. Yesterday there were assassins, so today, there must be a lot of talk in the streets and alleys.

Dali Temple
Image credits to 看一書 at (古代的大理寺和刑部有何區別,兩大刑獄機構那個權力更大?, April 2nd, 2017)
Hongshan soon told Yuxi the news of her inquiry, "Miss, the 10th Prince was nearly assassinated by assassins. The Emperor was furious that he ordered Dali Temple[3]'s ministers to thoroughly investigate the case."

Yuxi then asked, "What else?" This matter was bound to implicate many people.

Hongshan hesitated for a while before saying, "Now, there was rumour outside in the capital saying that the Sixtieth Prince had been assassinated and the one behind the assassination is the Crown Prince. Even the General of South Garrison Residence was unable to escape from being implicated." The General of South Garrison Residence was the Yan Family's residence, the Empress's maternal family, and the Crown Prince's strong backer.

A corner of Yuxi's mouth rose in mockery. The Crown Prince was not a fool. How could he vigorously send assassins to kill the 10th Prince? The 9th Prince and the 10th Prince were both born by Imperial Consort Song, but the Emperor was fond of the 9th Prince, not the 10th Prince. If the Crown Prince wanted to kill someone, he should have killed the 9th Prince, the Emperor's heart. How could he have gone to great lengths to target the 10th Prince?

Hongshan asked anxiously, "Miss, do you still want to know more about the outside news?" She felt that Yuxi was too keen on things that happened outside. She didn't know why a girl from the boudoir needed to know these kinds of things. She was more worried that Yuxi's behaviour would upset the Old Lady.

Yuxi felt that Hongshan was worrying too much. "I did nothing else other than just asking about the external affairs. I'm sure Grandmother wouldn't mind. Afterwards, you don't need to inquire every day. Just go inquire once in three or five days."

Hongshan nodded. "Okay."

Yuxi waved Hongshan out while she stayed seated in a chair, thinking. She remembered that the 9th Prince had an accident in her previous life. Because of that, only the 10th Prince could be crowned on the throne. As for what misfortune befell the 9th Prince, she didn't know. She always felt that she had lived in vain in her previous life. She knew nothing and did not understand everything. It was no wonder that the Jiang family bullied and killed her.

At the thought of the Jiang family, Yuxi was in a bad mood again. She studied hard to get rid of the fate of marrying into the Jiang family in the future. However, she could not get rid of them because she still did not know why Jiang Hongjin married her. If she knew the reason, she could still be on guard, but she still had no idea. This kind of feeling was terrible. It was like a sword hanging on her head, which could fall at her any time, and she couldn't avoid it, so she worried about it all day long.

Well, Yuxi sighed. What she could do now was to learn more useful things. At least at that time, she could still be alive even if she had to live outside.

Footnotes Full List
  1. elder sister. Other than being used with elder female siblings, this word is also used on elder female outsiders
  2. si=four, mei=younger sister, short form for Meimei
  3. Chinese old term for Supreme Court

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