ROHYX Chapter 86 : Precaution (1)

Chen Xue walked over with a smile and said, “Junzhu, Xianzhu, Miss Yuxi hasn’t had her lunch yet. So, I will take her for lunch first. So can this conversation be put off until later?“ It was not good to let someone who came to her home go back with an empty stomach.

Heshou Xianzhu stood up and said, “There are things I have to do back home. When we get together again, we will have a really good talk!”

When Yuxi heard that they were going to have a good talk next time, she felt her heart thump wildly. However, she didn’t want to see her again. She didn’t know why, but she always had this feeling that Heshou Xianzhu was a dangerous person.

Qingxia Junzhu was also preparing to return to her residence. Before she left, she passionately invited Yuchen to visit her wangfu. As for Yuxi, she was selectively ignored by Qingxia Junzhu. For being a person who sent in a blank paper, it was good that Qingxia Junzhu didn’t scold her or she would have to listen to it like she was an elmwood.

Yuxi waited for everyone to leave before asking, “Xue Jiejie, where are my aunt and Dajie?”

Chen Xue answered with a smile, “They’re talking with my mother! After you have finished your meal, I will personally take you to your sisters.“ She originally wanted to bring Yuchen to the main courtyard, but Yuchen refused.

The lunch prepared by Marquis Taining residence for Yuxi alone was very rich. There were seven dishes and a soup, with the meat and vegetable dishes arranged in pairs. All the dishes' smells, looks and taste were very great. For Yuxi, this lunch was extremely good.

When she ate, she paid attention to chew carefully and swallow slowly. It was okay to be a little less formal at home, but when at someone else’s house, not an iota should she be lacking in rules. Her meal took two-quarters of an hour to be finished, which could be considered quite fast.

After Yuxi had her lunch, Yuchen walked into the room and said, ”Si Meimei, we should hurry up and leave. Eldest Aunt should be waiting for us and she must have been worried.”

Yuxi nodded her head, “Then, let’s go!”

When Yuxi first came here, she was very nervous and was afraid of making mistakes. However, now, she was in high spirits that she could finally enjoy the flowers in the garden as she walked past them. The Duke of the State Residence had only a few varieties of flowers in its garden because Qiu Shi felt that raising those flowers and plants were expensive. There were many kinds of flowers in the garden of Marquis Taining residence, which made people become dazzled. Unfortunately, there was not much time to sightsee, otherwise, Yuxi would like to enjoy them more. [+]

As soon as their group came out of the garden, they saw a young man with his young page coming towards them.

“This is my Erdi, Chen Ran,” Chen Xue introduced with a smile. “Erdi, these are the Third Miss and Fourth Miss of Duke Han of the State Residence.“

Before coming, everyone had done their homework. Chen Ran, the second young master of Marquis Taining residence, was the second di son of the Chen family main house. He studied really well and won the first prize in the children’s test last year.

After listening to Chen Xue’s introduction, Yuxi could not help looking at Chen Ran secretly. She could see that he was wearing a blue robe with no obvious decorative pattern embroidered on it, except for a simple cloud pattern embroidered with silver thread at the lower hem of his robe. A jade ring hung around his waist. His whole person looked neat and clean, as he stood upright with his fair complexion and his pretty facial features. But he was very composed, not as childlike as he should be at his age. This was understandable. As far as Yuxi knew, Chen Ran was kidnapped when he was still six years old. Perhaps this experience had made him appear more composed than his peers.

Chen Ran did not expect that there were still guests at home at this time. In the past, during this time, all the guests had already returned to their home, but even if they came across each other, they would only greet and nothing more. Chen Ran and Yuchen greeted each other, then he turned around and walked away with his young page, without staying there for another second.

Yuxi was surprised. When Chen Ran saw Yuchen just now, he didn’t even say that she was exceptionally beautiful, nor did he was surprised. His eyes only stayed on Yuchen only for a second. When people became aware of Yuchen’s look, many women would be stunned, not to mention a young man at this age. Unexpectedly, Chen Ran had this kind of strong calmness, he had made people didn't want to look down on him.

On the way back, Qiu Shi hugged Yuxi and asked with a smile, “How was the banquet today?” Today, Yuchen had taken all the limelight, so Yuxi could only say that it was not bad. After all, when they were writing poetry, she had handed in a blank paper.

Yuxi frowned and told her aunt about Heshou Xianzhu’s attitude towards her at the banquet, “Aunt, I always felt that Heshou Xianzhu was being hostile towards me? San Jie looks and talents are all outstanding, so it’s normal for a person to envy her, but Heshou Xianzhu was very close to San Jie but acted very defensive towards me. I have never seen her before, and I don’t know where her hostility comes from.“

When Qiu Shi heard this, she seriously said, “Please tell me the whole story in detail.” Although Heshou Xianzhu was only 14 years old, she was smooth and slick. If Yuxi had offended her, it would be a tricky matter.

Yuxi explained the whole thing to her in detail. "Aunt, I had been very respectful towards Heshou Xianzhu and never failed to treat her with a thorough courtesy. I really don't understand why she would be so hostile to me?"

Qiu Shi hesitated for a moment and asked, “Could it just be your illusion?”

Yuxi shook her head and answered, “Impossible. Although she had covered it up well I am sure that Heshou Xianzhu had been hostile to me. There’s no mistake.”

Qiu Shi pondered for a moment, but could not think of the reason why. She could only advise, “You should try to avoid her until you know what’s actually going on.”

Yuxi looked worried, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to avoid it.” Since Heshou Xianzhu already had this kind of enmity towards her, there was nothing she could do to avoid it.

Qiu Shi looked at Yuxi’s expression and said with a smile, “Although the Qiao Family can still be considered as significant, they have no real power. And if you don’t break any rules, what can she do to you?“ Heshou Xianzhu ’s taiye used to be a 2nd rank official, but his descendants failed to live up to expectations. If it weren’t for Heshou Xianzhu ’s father married to Qingyang Gongzhu, perhaps the Qiao family would not have been in the capital anymore.

Yuxi thought the same thing too, so she smiled and said, “Then, my assumption was wrong.” The Duke of the State Residence was not only a decoration since her father was now a court official, so he was the one who had real power. Even if Heshou Xianzhu wanted to take action because of her extreme hostility towards her, she would still face a few difficulties. She certainly wouldn’t dare to do anything to her. However, Yuxi’s heart sank again when she recalled Heshou Xianzhu’s manner during the banquet. Heshou Xianzhu was a wise person. Even if she wanted to act on her hostility towards her, she would not do it so obviously. As the saying went, ‘it was easy to dodge an open spear thrust, but difficult to guard against an arrow in the dark ’, which made Yuxi worry. [+]

Two days before the Dragon Boat Festival, Han Jianye came back. As usual, he bought a lot of things for Yuxi.

"Er Ge, this time, you have a few days off, right!” Originally Han Jianming wanted to find a job for Han Jianye at the beginning of next year, but his master said that he was not good at learning so he needed to be polished a few more times.

Han Jianye smiled and said, “Master gave me three days off. Xi-er, how have you been these months? Are you happy now that San Shu is back? “

Yuxi felt bitter in an instant. However, she couldn’t speak ill of Han Jingyan, but this didn’t mean that she couldn’t speak ill of Wu Shi and Qiu Yanfu, “I’m glad that Father has come back, but my stepmother, uh, is hard to be explained in a few words.”

Han Jianye asked suspiciously, “Did she bully you?”

Zisu was much bolder as she interjected, “It’s more than bullying. Second Master did not know that my Miss was nearly disfigured by Third Lady.“

When Han Jianye heard this, he slapped the table and it shook several times. He asked in a loud voice, “How did that come about? Explain to me clearly!“ This woman was too vicious for even wanting of disfiguring Yuxi’s face.

Zisu added oil and vinegar to her explanation of Wu Shi’s evil deeds.

Han Jianye said furiously, “Even after she did this evil scheme, Grandmother only punished her by setting some rules for her? Isn’t this punishment too light?”

Yuxi knew in her heart that the reason why Old Lady didn’t punish Wu Shi severely was that she had already seen that Yuxi’s behaviour that day was intentional. She sighed deliberately and said, “She is an elder, while I’m from the younger generation. This time, she had gone too far, or else Grandmother would not have punished her.”

With words from Yuxi and Perilla, Wu Shi had become a malicious woman in Han Jianye’s mind.

Yuxi looked at Han Jianye’s facial expression and said, “Er Ge, this time Mother had brought her niece to the capital. I have seen this Miss Qiu and I notice that she has very deep thoughts. Er Ge doesn’t know that she had asked me about Er Ge preferences the other day. She, a marriageable girl, actually asked me about Er Ge preferences. What does Er Ge think she wants to do? Er Ge, if you see her, you have to be on guard. That Miss Qiu’s look is really delicate and charming. Don’t be fooled by her outer appearance.“

Han Jianye was amused and curious. So he asked, “So in your mind, your Er Ge is so useless that can be fooled by anyone as they please?”

Maybe because he had been following Master Yang in the mountains to learn martial arts, he had developed this straightforwardness and candid temperament. Yuxi really couldn’t set her mind at rest when it was about Han Jianye. Just think, if he was changed to the young master of another family and was schemed to not accept the other person as a concubine, how could he not marry the other person as his main wife regardless of the opposition from his mother and elder brother? This was not loyalty, but stupidity.

Yuxi tactfully said, “Er Ge, all say that even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman. This Qiu Yanfu looks elegant and pleasant. Who knows if Er Ge would forget everything when he saw the beauty. Er Ge, you currently haven’t been spoken yet. She specifically asked about Er Ge likes and dislikes, so she has already taken aim at you. Before, you weren’t here, but now that you’ve returned, she must have done a thousand ways, a hundred plans to meet Er Ge more often. I'm sure you'll be able to meet her when you go out of Rose Courtyard later on.“

Han Jianye suddenly touched Yuxi’s nose, “At this young age, you always talk about marriage. Do you really want to get married?”

If Yuxi was another girl, she would have blushed. Unfortunately, she had thick skin and was not shy at all. “Er Ge, don’t take my words for granted. If she entangles you and damages your reputation, you will not be able to talk about your good marriage anymore.“

Han Jianye became unable to smile, “If I see this Miss Qiu, I will stay away from her. I won’t say a word to her, okay?”

Yuxi seriously said, “Er Ge, it is essential to mean what one said.”

Han Jianye thought Yuxi was very interesting, “Er Ge will keep his word. If he deceives you, he is a puppy.”

Yuxi wanted to roll her eyes when she heard his words. The 16-year-old young man of other families would already be busy raising their family status, unlike her Er Ge, who was still acting like a child.

The brother and sister had a good conversation before Han Jianye looked up at the sky and stated, “It’s getting late, I’m going back first.”

Yuxi took out the sachet she made for Han Jianye and said, “Er Ge, this is your aromatic sachet. You should hang it on your body.” During the Dragon Boat Festival, the sachet containing medicinal material should be hung on one’s body to exorcise evil spirits.

Han Jianye looked at the lucky words embroidered on his sachet and said with a smile: “Xi-er embroidery skills are getting better.” He felt a little proud. Xi-er was good at embroidery, good at cooking, good temper and outstanding in appearance. He did not know who had the fortune to marry Yuxi.

What I think Qiu Yanfu looks like.
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On his way back to his yard, Han Jianye and his page met Qiu Yanfu, who was walking with her maid.

When Qiu Yanfu followed Qiu Shi to Marquis Taining residence for a visit, all the girls at the banquet didn’t pay heed to her at all after they knew her status. They treated her like she was air, which made her feel very frustrated, so she was in a bad mood these past two days.

When she caught sight of Han Jianye, Qiu Yanfu was rather surprised, but more of a pleasant surprise. She already knew that the Second Master of the residence was studying arts outside, but she did not expect to meet him today. She moved forward delicately and full of grace as she greeted him, “Biaoge.”

Qiu Yan fu was just taking a walk in the residence today, that was why she did not dress herself up. She was only wearing a pair of creamy moonlight coloured brocade dress, with her bun was decorated with blue coloured crabapple flower beads head-ornaments, and a long purple jade necklace hung down on both sides of her shoulders, making her look beautiful and lovely.

When Han Jianye saw Qiuyan Fu, he couldn’t help thinking of what Yuxi said just now. His facial expression was very subtle. When Yuxi had reminded him just now, he had treated them as jokes, but when he finally met Qiu Yanfu on the road, he could not help to think more of Yuxi’s words. Was there such a coincidence in the world? No, it must be as Yuxi had said. This woman had been probing for his whereabouts.

As Han Jianye thought of this, his face darkened as he said, “With people coming and going here, Miss Qiu still wants to jump around causing trouble.” Then, he took his page and left.

Qiu Yanfu was shocked at first. In response to her greeting, Han Jianye chose to ridicule her instead. Her face instantly blushed like red clouds at sunrise, “Let’s go back.”

This scene was seen by the servants in the residence.

Yuxi also learned about this matter in the shortest possible time. She felt that God was helping her. She just cooked up a story about her Er Ge would come across Qiu Yanfu on his way back, when Er Ge really met her. Wasn’t this showed that God was really helping her?

When Zisu saw Yuxi’s expression, she asked, “Miss, do you mean it was not a coincidence that Qiu Yanfu ran into the Second Master on the road?”

Instead of answering Zisu’s question, Yuxi just said, “It’s not important whether it’s coincidence or not. What is more important is that Qiu Yanfu has this kind of idea.” According to her thought, this matter was only a coincidence. Even though Qiu Yanfu was excellent in scheming, it was still impossible for her to detect Er Ge's whereabouts. Though, as it happened, she managed to meet Er Ge on his way back to his yard.

Zisu then said, “Miss should tell the First Lady about this. We can’t let that woman scheme against the Second Master.”

Yuxi shook her head and said, “I don’t need to say anything. Today’s event is already enough for my aunt to be on guard.” The reason why Yuxi could tell Han Jianye that Qiu Yanfu had tried to seek her was that he relied on his gut till the end. Besides, he was very fond of her. Whatever she said to him, he would only smile even though he knew that her words were very shoddy, and he had no intention to pursue the truth. However, Qiu Shi was different. About Yuxi not having a good relationship with Qiu Yanfu, Qiu Shi was already aware of it. If Yuxi said these words to Qiu Shi, she would only think that Yuxi was just being narrow-minded.

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