ROHYX Chapter 101 : Sick (3)

Yuxi didn’t speak, which made the atmosphere inside the room start to become imposing. Mama Fang didn’t much like this kind of atmosphere. Her Miss that she hadn’t seen for five years had changed so much since the last time she saw her.

Yuxi pondered for a long time before she asked, “Did the Wei family also fall?” If not, it would be impossible for her not to ever hear of them.

Mama Fang nodded and said, “Yes. There were a lot of people involved in that incident, including the Wei family and the Ning family. Madam Ning had fled, and if the surviving Ning family hadn’t met with bandits, the boys who hadn’t come of age would have surely survived. And also, all the men of the Wei family died in the prison. If I have to say, this was their destiny too! “ Her Lady had escaped death from this misfortune, though she wasn’t able to live several days after that.

By knowing the causes and consequences, and solving the doubts that existed in her heart, Yuxi also finally relaxed a lot. She wanted to know these things, not to get Han Jingyan’s attention and love, but rather, her wish for herself to be clear on why she was treated this way by her own family.

Mama Fang also said, “Miss, please don’t blame Lady for selling her dowry to save other people. Although the Lady was a shu daughter, Old Madam Ning and several young masters had been very kind to her.“ It was also because of these deep feelings that Ning Shi had become desperate.

Yuxi smiled and said, “Mama, I never blame my Mother. Although she did not leave me any dowry, she also entrusted my Eldest Aunt to look after me.“ Eldest Aunt and Er Ge had been so kind to her, and it was also a blessing that had been left by her mother, so she didn’t have anything to complain about.

Mama Fang saw Yuxi’s expression did not seem fake, so she felt relieved but a little bit sad, “If the Lady was still here, Miss wouldn’t have suffered so much.”

Yuxi had never thought of this problem because if she did, she would be thinking too much about it and it would only make her miserable. She deliberately changed the subject and said with a smile, “We all eat grains, so how can we not get ill? Mama doesn’t have to be so worried either. I will be fully recovered in two more days.“

The grief in Mama Fang’s heart was still beyond words. Miss already had a hard life like this, and yet, the Lord even went as far as sprinkling salt on her wound.

Yuxi changed the subject with a smile, “Mama, do Mama’s new family members treat Mama nicely?” In fact, one didn’t have to ask. Just by looking at Mama Fang’s appearance, one would know that although five years had passed, Mama Fang looked much younger than she did five years ago. From this, one could see how comfortable Mama Fang’s life currently was.

Speaking of her own life, Mama Fang began to relax a lot. “Husband is very kind to me. Dalang and Erlang are also very filial to me.” She couldn’t be more than satisfied with the life she had currently.

Yuxi said, “Dalang and Erlang are filial right now, but they will have to marry later on.” How many sons were filial before marriage, but they didn’t even recognise their parents after they got married. So it was very important to let them marry sensible and filial daughters-in-law.

Mama Fang did not know whether she should be happy that Miss still thought for her sake or this miserable Miss of hers was being way too sensible. “Miss, you don’t have to worry about these things. When that time comes, I’ll personally and carefully pick for them.”

Yuxi also stopped talking about this topic, since this matter was quite inappropriate for her to speak about. “Mama Fang, tell me, how have you been living these years?” Although some maids had reported about it to her, she did not feel relieved to hear it till she heard it from Mama Fang herself.

Mama Fang answered with a smile, “I’ve bought a tough old woman to take care of the family laundry and cleaning, while I'll cook every day. Other times, I will be busy working at the baozi shop. My life has been very easy and comfortable.” She had given the management of the baozi shop at Shangyuan Street to Old Woman An, so she only needed to go there for a few days in a month. She spent most part of her time, every day, in the newly opened baozi shop. Other times would be put on her husband and children. In recent years, her life had been very busy but very comfortable. [+]

Yuxi responded with a smile, “That’s good.” Mama Fang finally had a happy life, and it had not been in vain that she had half-forced and half-coaxed Mama Fang to remarry.

It was rare for the two to meet each other, so Mama Fang had a lot of things to say to Yuxi. But without saying any of it, it was already time for lunch. Mama Fang looked at the sky and said, “I have to go back.”

Yuxi said, “I have ordered the kitchen to prepare, so Mama has to stay for lunch.”

Mama Fang shook her head and explained, “Dalang is still waiting outside! If I don’t go out, he will not dare to go away. We will eat a meal together next time!“

In response, Yuxi also didn’t force her to stay and asked Zisu to personally send Mama Fang out.

When Zisu went back, she saw Yuxi leaning on the head of a bed while being in a daze. Well, Yuxi was currently thinking. As for what she was thinking about, only Yuxi herself knew.

Zisu didn’t dare to disturb Yuxi so she carefully went out.

When Zisu was about to reach the door, Yuxi stopped her by saying, “Go and get me the qipu.” It wasn’t okay for her to only lie in bed doing nothing. It would be better for her to find something to do.

Zisu immediately rejected Yuxi’s request, “Miss, the physician said that you should have a good rest and don’t exhaust yourself.” Playing chess was very exhausting for her Miss.

Yuxi replied, “Then, go to the study and pick out a book for me. I don’t feel good just by lying down.”

Zisu spent a long time inside the study and finally chose a picture book for Yuxi to read. She thought Yuxi would say something to her about the book. As for the outcome, Yuxi was reading the picture book with keen interest pleasure. This made Zisu think that her Miss was a freak.

On her way out, Mama Fang happened to meet with Mama Luo. Mama Luo was a little surprised, but when she thought that Yuxi was currently ill, she asked, “Is Mama Fang here to see Fourth Miss?”

Mama Fang nodded and answered, “Yes, I heard that Fourth Miss was sick and I panicked, so I went to the house without even posting a note. Fortunately, the First Lady was kind enough to let me in.“ She knew that the Old Lady would never allow her to enter the house that day. Although it was said that in the past five years, if the Old Lady knew that Miss had especially let her in, the Old Lady would not be happy again. If the Old Lady was not happy, her Miss would be in trouble again.

Mama Luo smiled. First Lady adored Fourth Miss the most, so how could she stop Mama Fang from visiting Fourth Miss. Mama Luo looked up and down at Mama Fang. Her clothes were not very expensive, and her jewellery was only a few gold ornaments. However, Mama Luo looked at Mama Fang with a little more interest than before, “Mama Fang, I haven’t seen you for years, but you look much younger than before.”

Mama Fang smiled and replied, “How can I look much younger? I’m on my way to be half-buried already. In a few more years, I’m going to have grandchildren.“

Mama Luo praised, “This is also your blessing.”

Mama Fang smiled, “It is also a blessing to our Miss.” If her Miss had not persuaded her to remarry at that time, where would she have been this happy right now?

The two exchanged a few words of gossip and then both of them dispersed.

Mama Luo returned to the Main Courtyard and told the Old Lady about this incident, “I met Mama Fang on the way back here just now.”

The Old Lady didn’t even lift her eyelids.

As a confidant of the Old Lady, Mama Luo wondered whether the Old Lady was really not that interested in this topic. As a result, she did not continue talking about it.

Even Dalang could see that Mama Fang’s face was not looking good and asked, “Mother, what’s the matter? Are Fourth Miss very ill?“

Mama Fang shook her head and said, “No, Miss is just infected with the cold. She just needs to take two patches of medicine and she will be fine.”

These words could make do for Lian Dalang, but they didn’t make do for Lian Shan. He asked, “What is the reason for Miss to fall ill this time?” Even he did not believe this since Fourth Miss had never been ill in recent years, and she even insisted his wife to come over this time around. Something must have happened.

Mama Fang was really sad and in urgent need of an outlet. She also knew her husband’s mouth was very tight, so she did not hide from him and repeated what Yuxi had told her. After saying this, she complained, "The Lord, why are you so cruel? Miss is her di daughter. How could he do this to Miss because of an outsider!“

Although Lian Shan had never met Yuxi, from Mama Fang’s description, Fourth Miss was a good child who was also intelligent, lovely and filial. Besides, it was Yuxi who had helped him and Mama Fang. He always felt grateful to Yuxi because of this. “In this world, there are many eccentric parents, and you have been given a chance to comfort Fourth Miss.“ There was no other way but to relax one's mind when one came across an eccentric situation like this.

Mama Fang remembered Yuxi lying in bed and with her tears streaming down, she said, “Before, when Miss had fallen ill because of smallpox, she would always cry every time she was wronged. But since she was cured of smallpox, no matter how much injustice she suffered, she never cried. Every time I look at Miss who was so fragile but still pretended to be strong and smiled at me, my heart hurts like it has been stabbed by a knife.“

Lian Shan tried to look at the matter from Mama Fang’s perspective. “Fourth Miss knows that crying can’t solve any problems.” Since it was no use for her to cry, there was no need to cry anymore. But even at the bottom of his heart, there was a trace of heartache. Fourth Miss had an uneasy life. It was said that young misses of the rich and influential families were all pampered and spoiled. Now it seemed like these young misses did not live as good as people had originally thought.

Mama Fang wiped away her tears and said, “Now, my only hope is for Miss to get a good marriage and a good husband in the future.” In this way, Miss could at least enjoy some happiness.

Lian Shan nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Fourth Miss will have a good life in the future.” Such a wise girl would certainly not have a bad future.

Ah, Lian Shan felt that Han Jingyan lived in plenty without appreciating it, and how much he ever wanted a daughter. Having a sweet-smelling, soft and adorable daughter was much better than having a son. Unfortunately, he could only wish for it but didn’t have a good fortune to have one. Han Jingyan had such a good daughter but didn’t know how to cherish her.

Han Jingyan only learned about Yuxi’s fever two days later when he returned to the residence, but he didn’t go to the Rose Courtyard to visit Yuxi. He just instructed some people to send some medicinal supplements and let it go. [T/N]

When Qiu Shi heard this, she was so angry. He didn't have to go visit before since he hadn't been in the residence because of some business. Now that he was back in the residence, he didn't even look at her when he already knew that his daughter was ill. "I don't know what will happen to that Yuxi child."

Mama Li thought about Yuxi’s past performance. “This time, I’m afraid Fourth Miss will be completely cold to the Third Lord.” Yuxi fell ill because of the internal heat generated by anxiety that had attacked her heart, and not because her heart had become cold.

Qiu Shi snorted coldly, “It’s better not to have this kind of father.” For a person who had a different surname, he unexpectedly could even go as far as abusing his own blood daughter. Yuxi had fallen into eight lifetimes of bad luck for having such a father.

Mama Li also said, “That’s why people said, a child that has a mother becomes a treasure, while a motherless child becomes a grass.”

Qiu Shi didn’t think this was right, “Yuchen doesn’t have a mother either, and yet Lao San still adored her like she is the apple of his eyes. Who doesn’t know what he has in his mind?“ Lao San loved Yuchen so much was because, firstly, Yuchen would bring great benefits to him in the future, and secondly, Marquis Pingqing residence could also aid him in his career. As for Yuxi, he had no problem stepping on vigorously. Anyway, there was still filial piety pressuring Yuxi, so how would Yuxi dare to be not filial in the future.

Mama Li couldn’t understand the Third Lord. If he said that Fourth Miss wasn’t suitable to appear in public, she could have ignored this indifferent treatment. But Fourth Miss was so outstanding, and yet he still treated her like this. He didn’t even worry if Fourth Miss didn’t want to have any dealing with her maiden family anymore once she got married in the future. There was a reason why Mama Li thought so. When a daughter could not go against their parents, they could not disobey their parents. But there was an old saying that went, a married daughter was like spilt water, and once a daughter married, she had become someone else’s family. At that time, if Fourth Miss decided not to have any dealing with the Second House, even the Third Lord would be helpless.

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