ROHYX Chapter 151 : Evil Spirit (11)

When Yuxi arrived at Biteng Courtyard, she immediately walked into the house and saw only Han Jingyan and Wu Shi there, without any maids around.

Yuxi knew Wu Shi must have been complaining about her again. However, it wasn't obviously shown on Wu Shi's face, so Yuxi respectfully greeted the two of them and then stood in situ earnestly.

Han Jingyan asked with a cold face, "What were you doing in your Dage's yard just now?" He had just found out from Wu Shi's side that Yuxi had gone to Jianming's study, and it hadn't happened just this once, but it had happened now and then.

Yuxi already made an excuse, "It was Dage who asked me to come over."

Han Jingyan's face didn't look good anymore, "What did your Dage tell you to go over there for? What could he want from you?"

Yuxi lowered her head and answered in a low voice, "Dage called me over to ask me about my three shops that have been smashed." Even though it had been a while since this matter happened, Yuxi was sure that Han Jingyan still didn't know about it.

Han Jingyan was aware that Yuxi had three small shops, but he couldn't say anything about it since the Old Lady had given her initial approval. So when he heard that Yuxi's three shops were smashed this time, the expression on his face changed, "How did your three shops get smashed?"

Yuxi looked very aggrieved as she said, "This morning, a group of ruffians came to my shops. They smashed everything that they saw and injured many of my workers."

Han Jingyan's expression changed again, "They were truly ignoring the law and heaven."

At this moment, a maid outside announced, "My Lord, my Lady, Third Miss is here." When Yuchen received the news, she was afraid that Yuxi would be scolded by Father again. Thus she urgently rushed over there.

When Han Jingyan saw Yuchen, he immediately asked, "Chen-er, were your shops also smashed?"

Yuchen was taken aback for a moment, then she shook her head and replied, "No, my shops have all been rented out." Many of Yuchen's shops were not made known to the general public, so they managed to escape from being targeted. Of course, even if many of Yuchen's shops were rented out, she still gained profit directly from them.

With Yuchen present, Han Jingyan retracted all the words he had prepared to scold Yuxi. Since the rest of the story was not worth asking, he prepared to let Yuxi return.

Yuxi wouldn't let go of such a good opportunity. After thinking of what to say, she spoke out, "Father, mother blamed San Jie and me for Liu Di's injury, and Mother even called us jinxes? Although San Jie and I are not Mother's blood children, we have always been respectful to her. If this matter goes out, how else can us, these daughters, live?" When she finished speaking, tears started to streak down her face. [T/N]

Han Jingyan's expression darkened, and he asked Yuchen, "Is what Yuxi said true?" Yuxi's words were not credible, but Yuchen would not lie to him.

Yuchen remembered the scene at the time. She hesitated for a bit, but then she nodded slightly. Although Wu Shi did not obviously say her name at the time, all the words, Wu Shi had said still implied that she was also a jinx. However, Yuchen also helped explain on Wu Shi's behalf, "At that time, Mother was also overwhelmed with sadness because of Liu Di's leg injury."

This was like pouring oil onto the fire as the blue veins on Han Jingyan's hands started to appear. Once a young lady bore the reputation of being a jinx, not to mention marrying into a high family, even the average family wouldn't want to marry her. If that were the case, then Yuchen and Yuxi would be the same as useless, and Han Jingyan would not allow this kind of thing to happen. He instructed, "You girls go back!"

Once both of them were out of the Biteng Courtyard, Yuxi gratefully said, "San Jie, thank you." How could Yuxi not know why Yuchen rushed over this time was to help her out of her predicament.

Yuchen smiled, "I also haven't seen Father for a few days, so I came over to take a look." After saying this, she also gave a bit of advice, "Yuxi, it's not that I'm blaming you, but you really should restrain your temper. We no longer have our birth Mother. Since our Mother right now is still our elder, you shouldn't clearly confront her this openly."

Yuxi snorted, "Mother? If she really thought I was her daughter, she wouldn't have said such a thing to ruin my reputation. A jinx? San Jie, if I bear the reputation of a jinx, won't I have to stay alone till I'm an old woman? Why should I respect her when she doesn't care if I live or die?" Yuxi was brave enough to act like this because she was secured in the knowledge that she had a strong backing, and she was sure that these rumours would be unlikely to get out anyway. [+]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Yuchen was also disgusted with Wu Shi, but she wouldn't act the same way as Yuxi, "I can't argue with you on that, but if you can, avoid having conflict with her in the future, and it's better not to be the one who starts the conflict, since, in the end, it won't be good for your reputation."

Yuxi nodded her head in agreement, "I know. As long as she doesn't harm me, I'll treat her with the respect of an elder." If Wu Shi wanted to harm her, don't expect her just submit to her humiliation.

In response, Yuchen no longer persuaded her.

After Yuchen and Yuxi left, Han Jingyan's eyes stared at Wu Shi like a knife and asked word for word, "Did you truly say that Yuchen and Yuxi are jinxes?"

It was the first time for Wu Shi to see Han Jingyan looked so terrifying that she started to stutter, "My, my Lord, I didn't, I wasn't, I was just furious..."

Before she could finish her sentence, she received a heavy slap on her face. Wu Shi wasn't prepared when Han Jingyan suddenly hit her that she ended up falling to the ground while knocking her head on the chair as she fell. She had forgotten her pain as she stared at Han Jingyan in horror.

Han Jingyan warned in a cold voice, "If you still dare to ruin Yuchen and Yuxi's reputations, I'll send you to the family hamlet, and you will not be allowed to come back here for the rest of your life." Since Wu Shi had given birth to two sons and a daughter for him, he definitely couldn't cast her off. If he sent her to the ancestral family temple, their reputation would not be good, and it would also influence their children's reputation. Nevertheless, the only thing left was to send her to their family hamlet with an excuse that her body was unwell.

When old woman Chen saw a furious Han Jingyan walk out of the door, she hurriedly entered the house. As she saw the blood on Wu Shi's forehead, she was horrified, "My Lady, my Lady, what happened to you?"

Wu Shi just hugged old woman Chen and cried so hard.

That evening, Han Jianye returned home. When Yuxi asked, she realised that it was not Han Jianye who had killed the dead person, but rather one of his attendants had passed away. Han Jianye's attendants all had a sense of decency, and they also found an illness on the body of the dead person. After he was questioned repeatedly for the whole afternoon in the yamen, he was finally set free.

The next two days were calm, but Yuxi felt this was the same as the calm before the storm. There would surely be a bigger storm soon.

Well, the expected storm didn't come, but instead, there was an explosive piece of good news for the Han family. Han Jianming had always been very calm, but he was pretty surprised and delighted to hear that Third Lord Qiao was involved in the Crown Prince's rebellion. "Is this true?" The smuggling business that Third Lord Qiao did have the Crown Prince's share in it, and at this juncture, the news was so timely for them.

Han Xing nodded, "It's true."

Han Jianming immediately calmed down, "How did you find out such a hidden thing?" Third Lord Qiao had hidden his crime deep enough. Otherwise, he would have been caught with it during the purge.

Han Xing explained, "It was Third Lord Qiao's trusted attendant who confessed this. Master Shizi, no matter who is behind this, it's extremely beneficial to us." As long as it was connected to the rebellion case, it would be impossible for anyone to get away with it.

Han Jianming thought for a moment and said, "Go call Mr Zhao over."

Heshou had been very irritated these two days, and her bad temper was also great. The maids beside her didn't dare to make any noise while walking, as they were afraid that Heshou might be offended.

Bing Lan brought in a bowl of bird's nest congee and whispered, "Xianzhu, have some of this!" In the past two days, Heshou Xianzhu had eaten very little, making her very worried.

Heshou Xianzhu waved her hand and instructed, "Just take it away. Is there still no news from Ninth Ge's side?" The Ninth Ge that Heshou Xianzhu spoke of referred to the 9th Prince. To show closeness, she always called the 9th Prince Ninth Ge.

Bing Lan shook her head and answered, "No. Xianzhu, don't worry, maybe there will be news soon."

Some time ago, as long as she sent word that she wanted to see Ninth Ge, she would be able to see him right away. But for the past two days, Ninth Ge had avoided seeing her. As she thought of this, she became even more irritated.

Before the palace rebellion, Heshou had let the 9th Prince know about the Crown Prince's plot for rebellion. With her warning, the 9th Prince could kill the Crown Prince and his accomplices with minimal effort and achieved great success. After the incident, the 9th Prince asked her what reward she wanted, but Heshou did not reply to him directly.

What did she want? Naturally, she wanted to become the 9th Prince's Zhang Fei and the Mother of the Nation. Of course, she also knew about the calamity that would befall the 9th Prince, but she didn't take it to heart. She would just help the 9th Prince avoid it when that time came.

Unfortunately, the 9th Prince didn't respond to her suggestion and then implicitly said it was out of the question for her to get Zhang Fei position. He could only give her the Ce Fei, a status lower than Zhang Fei in a Prince's harem position. Ce Fei, a status lower than Zhang Fei in a Prince's harem? He said that he could only give her the title of Ce Fei, a status lower than Zhang Fei in a Prince's harem? How could she be inferior to others?

Heshou couldn't help but think of her previous life. In her previous life, because the Qiao family was weak and the Emperor did not value her mother, she finally married the less powerful Meng family. There was also an advantage of low marriage. That was, she had the final say in the Meng family. However, when she thought of the ending of her previous life, Heshou's eyes flashed fiercely again. [+]This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Heshou married Meng Yao, the eldest di son of Grand Secretary Meng, Meng Yao. Meng Yao liked a woman who is gentle, charming. However, Heshou was the kind of person who was overbearing and easily jealous. She didn't allow Meng Yao to approach any woman except her, and the contradiction between them got deeper over time. This contradiction reached its peak when Heshou was pregnant, and Meng Yao housed a mistress outside.

Heshou's methods were simple and brutal, where she beat Meng Yao's pregnant mistress to death and made a scene in the Meng family. Although Meng Yao was hit severely by Grand Secretary Meng following their family law till he couldn't get up for three months, Heshou also didn't get the best of it since she lost her unborn child due to her being too extreme while kicking up a row.

Through this incident, Meng Yao was horrified by Heshou's overbearing and ruthless means. After the incident, the relationship between husband and wife was like that of strangers, and Heshou would not allow any shuzi to be born before her own son, which made her hands tainted with a lot of innocent blood. If one committed too many sins, one would always meet due punishment. In the sixth year of marrying Meng Yao, when Heshou was twenty-three years old, a woman stabbed her to death with a knife without any warning. That woman had suffered an abortion because of Heshou. For that reason, that woman was unable to bear any more children. Since she had nothing worth yearning for in this life, she wanted to die with Heshou. Some people had helped in the dark for that woman to successfully take her revenge on Heshou.

After her rebirth, Heshou used all means to make Meng Yao lose all his standing and reputation, as well as finishing off the woman who had killed her in her last life along with those who had secretly helped her.

As she thought of these things, she heard her personal maid, Bing Lan, walked over to her and said, "Xianzhu, Gongzhu is asking after you!" After a pause, Bing Lan continued, "Xianzhu, Gongzhu's expression looks quite unsightly. Something bad must have happened."

Heshou didn't care much about it either, "I'm on my way." No matter how bad it was, it could only be as bad as their situation was right now. How much worse could it get than their current situation, right?


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