My Housekeeper Chapter 10 (END)

It was time for Han Yinglei and Qiu Xioya to prepare for their flight back to Taiwan. They parted with Zhao Xiang at the airport, who especially came to see them off, and they promised that they would come to his solo exhibition afterwards. After Zhao Xiang left the airport, Han Yinglei suddenly said wickedly in Qiu Xiaoya's ear, "You still owe me eight days!"

"Ah Lei, can you not remember something like that clearly?" Qiu Xiaoya blushed as she thought about what he meant.

According to her and Han Yinglei’s previous agreement, since Zhao Xiang had been with them for a total of five days, she would have to accompany Han Yinglei in bed for ten days. Although they spent the last two days of their honeymoon in the hotel room, she still had eight days to honour it with them busy rolling on the bed from dusk to dusk.

"No, this is what I deserve." He looked like he didn't want to negotiate with her.

This was a perk he had earned by letting that pesky bum beetle follow them around. No matter how much she pouted and complained, it wouldn't be able to change their previous agreement.

"I'm not trying to bargain with you. Why are you getting so nervous?" She asked while feeling both amused and annoyed at the same time.

Not wanting to dwell on this peachy coloured business, she then changed the subject, "Ah Lei, I'm hungry. Can you go buy me something to eat before the plane takes off? And I want to eat sour plums. Remember to buy them!"

In the last few days, she started to have a huge appetite. Even after she had just finished eating a meal, she would begin to get hungry again not long after. Moreover, now and then, she would also wish to eat something sour as well. She put her little hand on her belly and thought, maybe she should go to the gynaecologist for a check-up once she arrived in Taiwan.

After he noticed her anomalies and when he heard she was feeling hungry, he pulled out a bunch of snacks that he had prepared from inside the carrier bag in his hand as if by magic, "What do you want to eat? Bread, doughnuts, cookies...and here are your sour plums."

"Ah Lei, when did you buy all these? How come I wasn't even aware of them?" She thought he had an extra bag in his hand, but she didn't expect that he had prepared everything for her.

Although she didn't tell him to, his unspoken thoughtfulness touched her heart even more. Her eyes suddenly turned red, and she nearly shed some tears.

"Why are you asking so many questions? You're hungry, aren't you? Here, have a doughnut first." Not interested in dissecting his love for her, he scolded her gruffly. However, when he saw that she was about to cry, he softened his tone. While coaxing her with his mouth, he picked up a doughnut and brought it directly to her mouth.

Although he was also curious about the changes in her diet these days, where she became so moody and sleepy, he just tolerated and still pampered her unconditionally.

"Hehe...the doughnut is delicious." After taking a bite of the doughnut he fed her, she suddenly smiled through her tears. Her mood changed frighteningly fast.

This was her husband, her beloved husband. She wrapped her hands tightly around his arms, with her head rested affectionately against the nook of his shoulder, while she enjoyed his loving and pampering feeding.

"If it tastes delicious, eat more of it." When he saw her smile, his mouth also raised a smile. He was already used to the rapid changes of her crying and then her laughing mood.

"Husband, you are very good to me. I love you so much!" She didn't care that her lips were stained with some sugar. Since her mood was floating at the moment, no matter if they were currently in public, she kissed him on his cheek and smiled so sweetly at him.

"Me too. Now, be a good girl and eat this slowly." Even though he knew he had a sweet, greasy lips mark on his cheek, his smile was still as gentle as ever. When she had finished another doughnut, he took out a wet tissue and wiped the little bits from the corner of her mouth before wiping his face.

As soon as Qiu Xiaoya's mouth had been wiped clean, Han Yinglei took out another doughnut and sent it to her still hungry mouth. They fed each other and ate the snacks one by one. The deep affection between the two of them was simply enviable. Until it was time for the plane to take off, they took the flight back to Taiwan hand in hand.

The first thing Han Yinglei did when they got home was by asking Qiu Xiaoya to make good on their deal. Nonetheless, they were only lying in bed, without doing anything else.

"Ah Lei, don't you want me to honour our agreement?" Qiu Xiaoya asked in confusion as she shifted to a comfortable position in his arms, as her eyes started to become soft and sleepy.

Han Yinglei gently stroked her loose hair and nodded, "Of course! Aren't you now lying in bed with me?"

"Yes, that's right, but you're not planning to do it? Right?" Clearly, he had been demanding it, but he had only been holding her, so she had to remind him in a low voice.

"Do you want to do it?"

"No, I'm so tired." Her first reaction to his rhetorical question was to say no. She hadn't slept well on the plane, so all she wanted to do now was sleep and not do any bed exercise.

"Go to sleep if you're tired. I'll stay here with you." He knew she had been sleepy lately, so he simply wanted to sleep with her. He would only do the other thing unless she was in better health or asked for it herself.

"Ah Lei, you're so gentle today. You don't look like your usual pushy self." She murmured in comfort after she was surprised by his gentleness while enjoying his gentle touch at the same time.

But the person who heard these words did not feel that she was praising him at all, "Housekeeper, you talk too much."

"Hehe..." She softly laughed as if she felt secure in the knowledge that she had strong backing and coquettishly snuggled her body into his strong but warm chest.

"Just go to sleep."

Only when she fell into a deep sleep that he placed a loving kiss on the top of her head and accompanied her to sleep.

"I'm pregnant!"

With the report in her hand, Qiu Xiaoya, who had just stepped out of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, had an excited and happy expression on her face. She couldn't wait to tell Han Yinglei the excellent news.

A week or so after her return to Taiwan, her drowsiness was getting worse over time. Han Yinglei had already booked an appointment with a well-known obstetrician and gynaecologist, but she was anxious to know whether she was pregnant or not. So she simply went to a nearby hospital to have an examination first. After getting a result from the examination, it was confirmed that she was pregnant and was currently dancing in excitement.

She called a taxi and was about to go to Hanying Group when she got a call from Zhao Xiang inviting her to his solo exhibition. She was very happy for him and decided to go to his show, even though she had suspicions when they parted, not even half a month ago in Hawaii.

After changing the taxi destination to Zhao Xiang's solo exhibition venue, she wanted to call Han Yinglei to ask him to join her. However, after considering that it was still his working hours, she sent him a message instead, asking him to meet her there after work.

When she arrived at the place Zhao Xiang had told her about, she found out that his solo exhibition was held on the twelfth floor. However, when she arrived at the venue, there was not a single person was in sight!

"Zhao Xiang Ji? Excuse me, is there anyone here?" She took out the address she had just copied down and was sure that she was at the right venue. She walked into the deserted place, where she caught sight of pictures of her together with Han Yinglei as the main attraction.

There were various expressions of her, from her smiling, blushing, moved, surprised...and so on. In every frame, her expressions were so natural and vivid…

"So I actually have so many expressions…."

Qiu Xiaoya looked at those pictures as if she knew herself for the first time. She was almost mesmerised while forgetting that her situation right now was questionable and bizarre.

"Housekeeper." All of a sudden, a very familiar voice sounded from behind her. When she turned her head around, she saw Han Yinglei, who held a bunch of delicate and charming red roses, which should have still been working in the company. The corner of his mouth rose slightly. He was looking at her with his eyes filled with affection.

"Ah Lei? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be working at the office?" All her questions were silenced when she saw him suddenly knelt on one knee.

"Housekeeper, although we have notarised our marriage, I still want to ask you here, will you marry me?" Han Yinglei held up his bouquet of roses and proposed to Qiu Xiaoya sincerely and earnestly.

"Ah Lei..." She covered her mouth as tears hung from her moving eyes. She originally thought that she would not receive a romantic proposal. They were already married, after all. But…

She was so touched. Really touched. He had given her everything she wanted in a relationship—from dating, proposing, getting married, having children, even if the order was a bit reversed.

"Housekeeper, you had put on my ring a long time ago, so you have no right to refuse my proposal. Since you're already my wife, just take these flowers." He took her hands, stuffed the bouquet into her arms, then he stood up and hugged her together with the bouquet.

"Housekeeper, I love you."

"Ah Lei, how can you still be this arrogant even when you propose?" She held the bouquet tightly against his manly chest as she pouted.

"Because that's who I am," he said with a slight hook in the corner of his mouth. Obviously, he was smiling.

Then, he abruptly raised his tone and called out, "Someone come. Take my bride for makeup and change her dress."

At the sound of his voice, many people suddenly came running out in the empty venue, and they were aiming at her. "Ah Lei, what's going on here?"

"Honey, naturally, they are here for our wedding!" His parents and her cousin had arranged a perfect plan for their wedding. Except for a slight modification on the bride's dress waistline, he only needed to perform a marriage proposal act to make up for her regrets before their real wedding started.

"What?" Their wedding?

"Xiaoya, congratulations!"

As she turned her head around, she saw the owner of the voice who had just wished her. Even though a bunch of people was pulling her, Qiu Xiaoya still wanted to ask. "Zhao Xiang Ji? Right. Don't you have your solo exhibition today?"

Clearly, she had come to attend Zhao Xiang Ji's solo exhibition. So how could Ah Lei use this venue to propose to her and hold a wedding here at the same time?

"No. This is actually a marriage proposal planned deliberately by your husband. I dare not refuse." Zhao Xiang said the last sentence in her ear.

He was fortunate enough to be part of this proposal scene, which revealed the strong feelings Han Yinglei had for his old classmate. He was sure that with such a loving husband, Xiaoya would surely live happily!

Although Zhao Xiang quickly moved his head away, this scene was still being seen by Han Yinglei, who had been paying close attention to Qiu Xiaoya. "What are you doing, kid?"

"I didn't do anything!"

Qiu Xiaoya looked at Han Yinglei's eyes as if he would eat someone, then she turned to Zhao Xiang, whose face could not be more bitter. Pfft. A smile blossomed on her face. As she ignored the two foolish people, she obediently followed the makeup artist that had been invited by Han Yinglei.

However, as soon as she entered the bridal lounge specially vacated by the hotel, she realised that Han Yinglei had not just given a surprise proposal:

"Xiao Lan, Xiao Lian, Xiao Wen, you all here?" When she saw her three best friends inside, Qiu Xiaoya's face was full of joy.

"Xiaoya, you're getting married! Of course, we have to come!" Chen Lianxin was so excited like she was the bride of the day.

"Congratulations." Yan Yuwen congratulated her with a small smile on her face.

"Xiaoya, I didn't expect for you to be the first of us four to get married. Congratulations!" He Ruolan said with a smile as she lounged lazily on the sofa.

"Xiao Lan, why are you still this lazy? You don't even sit down properly!" Qiu Xiaoya was very happy to see them, but she didn't forget to rebuke He Ruolan.

"It's more comfortable this way! Even Haotian doesn't mind me acting like this." He Ruolan waved her hand lazily, unconcerned by Qiu Xiaoya's chattering.

Gu Haotian was He Ruolan's fiancé. That poor man had waited far too long for her to agree to marry him finally, and it was simply because she found marriage to be much of a hassle. After seeing Qiu Xiaoya's complicated wedding, the chances of her agreeing actually to get married was even lower.

"Xiao Lan, if Gu Haotian voices his displeasure at your lazy personality, will you change for him?" Chen Lianxin asked in curiosity.

"How can that be possible."

Her words caused the other three women to laugh and mentally mourn for a second for Gu Haotian, who had taken a fancy to this lazy woman, Xiao Lan, and he somehow had been enslaved by her.

After a glance at the time, and then at the designer and his team who were waiting to serve Xiaoya, Yan Yuwen clapped her hands and ushered, "Now, Xiaoya, don't worry about chatting with us. Change into your bridal gown, then sit back and let the make-up artist do your make-up and hair."

"Right. Don't let the groom wait outside for too long, or he will just rush in and take the dishevelled bride out for the wedding." Chen Lianxin teased and laughed.

"That's very likely!" He Ruolan echoed the sentiment. Who asked Han Yinglei to look like he was not afraid of doing anything? He might not even care if Xiaoya put on her bridal gown or makeup. He would just take her out so that they could get married on time.


Joyful laughter rippled through the bridal lounge until it was time for the wedding ceremony to begin. The groom picked up the bride from the lounge. After the wedding host introduced the couple, they went up the stage to be congratulated by the crowd.

After stepping down, when the two of them were sitting at the main table, Qiu Xiaoya suddenly leaned to Han Yinglei's ear, "Husband, you gave me a lot of surprises today. I also have a piece of news to tell you!"

"Then, say it."

"I, am, pregnant." She whispered, word by word.

"You're pregnant? You are pregnant...I'm going to be a father. I’m going to be a father..." Han Yinglei's voice was getting louder every time. When he said aloud the last sentence about him going to be a father, the whole table heard it.

But he completely missed all the surprised faces at the main table at this point, especially the excited, joyful faces of his parents and Xiaoya's cousin. He just put his big arms around her and, with his head down, gave her a hot kiss until all the wedding attendees noticed, as they started to jeer and cheer from the sidelines.

The wedding came to a perfect end with such heat and noise.

More than eight months later.

"Oh, it hurts. Why is it so painful to have a child?" Qiu Xiaoya kept screaming in the delivery room. Her hand tightly gripped Han Yinglei's hand, who had followed her in. Her nails were pinching into his flesh because of the pain. Nevertheless, he just didn't feel any pain as his heart was solely focused on Qiu Xiaoya.

Although she knew that childbirth would be painful, knowing it and experiencing it were two different feelings that only someone who had given birth would know.

"Why? I don't know!" For the first time ever, Han Yinglei eventually lost his arrogant expression. Seeing her in pain, he followed suit with all six of his vital organs failing to work properly.

"Han Yinglei, this is all your fault, oh, it hurts..." She wanted to curse, but the pain came one after another.

"Yes, this is s all my fault. If you want to scold me, you can scold me as much as you wish." He was so heartbroken. He wanted to take the pain for her, but he knew he couldn't, so he just encouraged her to scold him.

"Han Yinglei, I definitely don't want to have another child."

"No more. Since you said no, then we won't have any more children."

"Ah! It hurts...why are women so pitiful?"

"Then, in the next life, I'll be the woman, and you'll be the man, so you won't have to be in pain anymore."

The two of them acted as sweet as a couple could be, with sentences flying back and forth between them. However, some of their conversations made the doctor and nurses who deliver babies in the delivery room unable to hold their laughter.

Finally, Qiu Xiaoya's child was born in such a warm atmosphere.

The crying of 'wu wu' represents the joy of the newborn, but Han Yinglei, who worked hard until the last moment of delivery, suddenly fainted while still holding Qiu Xiaoya's hand. He never let her hand go.

Moved by the couple's affection, the nurse insisted on putting two beds side by side so that they could lie together. Along with their newborn baby boy, the three of them fell sweetly into dreamland while forming a picture called happiness!

[End of the book]

Author's Note: For information about the romance between He Ruolan and Gu Haotian, please read Cotton Candy 427 of «Extraordinary Little Ladies Series»

One of the four novels, "Kissing the Lazy Beauty".

Stay tuned to the Cotton Candy series for the other little ladies romance stories!

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