ROHYX Chapter 187 : Wicked Trick (6)

Qiu Yanfu's behaviour naturally could not escape Yuxi's eyes.

Zisu reported, "Miss, Qiu Yanfu is already on her way to the Second Master's study." This time, Zisu had already stabilised her mood, and others would no longer see her previous eagerness.

Yuxi carelessly said, "Just let her go. It's not a big deal." It was just that she let her Er Ge sleep with a woman, so what was the point of her getting angry?

Zisu still had one more concern in her heart, "What if Qiu Yanfu becomes the Second Master’s noble concubine? When that happens, it will affect the relationship between the Second Master and Er Nainai."

Yuxi glanced at Zisu and said with a smile, "You think too highly of Qiu Yanfu. To Er Sao, she will just be another concubine or a concubine that Er Ge loathes to the core. Even if she becomes a noble concubine, do you think Er Sao will find her a threat?" If Lu Xiu were a soft person, there would be some concern, but it was clear that she was not that kind of person. Lu Xiu belonged to a type of woman who was soft on the outside but firm inside. Yuxi also felt that this Er Sao that Dage had helped Er Ge find was excellent.

Zisu was still not at ease.

Yuxi laughed a little and said, "Besides, you seem to have forgotten about Eldest Aunt." With the things she had done before, Eldest Aunt had become disgusted with Qiu Yanfu to the extreme. Even if Qiu Yanfu did become Second Brother's concubine, she would not have a good time.

In fact, Yuxi was a little confused as to what was going on in Qiu Yanfu's head. Most of the people in residence knew that her Dasao (eldest sister-in-law) could no longer give birth, so there was no way Qiu Yanfu did not know. Even if Qiu Yanfu wanted to climb into someone else’s bed, she should climb into her Dage's bed. The future Duke Han was her Dage. Since her Dasao was unable to give birth, if Qiu Yanfu climbed into her Dage bed, she might have a bright future once she gave birth to a son. But what end could she have if she crawled into her Er Ge’s bed? There was no future at all.[+]

What Yuxi did not know was that it wasn't Qiu Yanfu had never considered Han Jianming. Regrettably, not to mention bribing the people around Han Jianming, she couldn't even come into contact with them. So she had to settle for Han Jianye.

It was also on this night that Ye Shi’s people discovered that Yuxi was spying on Qiu Yanfu. Old Woman Hua said anxiously, "Da Nainai, Xiaotong of Shuixiang Courtyard is the Fourth Miss's people. Do you think Fourth Miss also knows that Da Nainai is making things easier for Qiu Yanfu from behind the scenes?"

Ye Shi’s complexion changed. "How did the Fourth Miss get involved in this?" She was not too afraid of Qiu Shi because Qiu Shi was not shrewd; nor was she afraid of the Old Lady, who was too old to keep up with her energy, but she avoided Yuxi, not only for her intelligence but also her powerful methods.

Old Woman Hua answered, "Fourth Miss has always hated Miss Qiu. It’s not strange to find an opportunity to put someone by Qiu Yanfu's side. Thus, Qiu Yanfu’s movements can’t escape the Fourth Miss' eyes, but how come Fourth Miss hasn't made any move at all?"

Ye Shi instructed, "Have someone keep an eye on this and tell me immediately if there's anything unusual." Ye Shi thought that Yuxi might wait until Qiu Yanfu arrived at Han Jianye's courtyard before she made her move. But what Ye Shi didn't expect was that even after Qiu Yanfu had been in Han Jianye's yard for a long time, there was still no movement coming from Yuxi's side.

Ye Shi frowned, "What is that girl, Yuxi, up to?"

Old Woman Hua said with her heart trusting her luck, "The Second Master loves the Fourth Miss so much. If she knew that the Second Master was being schemed, she would not have been indifferent. Fourth Miss should not know about Qiu Yanfu's scheme."

Ye Shi shook her head. "Impossible. Qiu Yanfu has been restless these days. If one has a mind, one can guess what she is up to. That girl (Yuxi) is as smart as a whip, and she's even got her people in the Shuixiang courtyard. So how could she not know that Qiu Yanfu is trying to set up the Second Master? As for why she didn't stop it, I can't figure it out. She acts in a way that ordinary people can't understand."

Old Woman Hua uttered, "What then? If she tells the Lady about this, it will be terrible for you, Da Nainai."

Ye Shi shook her head and stated, "No, she didn't even stop it herself. How dare she go and expose me." Her brother-in-law loved Yuxi just like his real sister, and yet Yuxi had only stood by and watched. Thus who was she to expose her? It was just that Ye Shi felt that this girl was acting out of character and was afraid that she had other plans for not coming forward. But she could not guess what exactly it was.

Once Yuxi finished her morning practice, she walked out of the practice room. The falling snowflakes were like flying Banruo (Prajna), fluttering down like silk, and as light as goose feathers. The snow drifted down from the sky one by one. Yuxi reached her hand out, and a few snowflakes fell into it. The feeling was icy-cold to the bone.

Bingmei came over anxiously and told her, "Miss, something big has happened."

Yuxi said with a smile, "What can happen? Could the sky be falling? Take your time. There’s no rush." Yuxi felt surprised. It was just Qiu Yanfu climbing into someone else’s bed. Why did everyone feel as if the sky was collapsing over such a small matter? The people in residence acted too precariously.

Bingmei could not help but be more anxious, "Miss, the Second Master and Qiu Yanfu were sleeping together. Both of them were naked when others found them." When she was telling Yuxi this part, her face became red.

Yuxi didn't show any special surprise. After listening to Bingmei, she asked, "Then what?"

When Bingmei looked at Yuxi's calm attitude, her eyes widened, "Miss, Qiu Yanfu climbed into the Second Master's bed. Are you not anxious, Miss?" What Bingmei truly wanted to ask, why aren't you surprised at all, Miss!

Yuxi took a towel and wiped the fine sweat from her forehead while saying, "What's the hurry? Qiu Yanfu's desire to climb into Second Brother's bed hasn't just been a day or two." She had purposely put out all the previous rumours!

After saying these, Yuxi went to her study. It would be a lie to say that this matter did not affect her at all. Because of it, Yuxi had turned away from memorising her medical books and started practising her calligraphy, which she did all morning.

After eating breakfast, Yuxi said to Bingmei, "Follow me to the Master Courtyard."

When Yuxi arrived at the Master Courtyard, she found the room there empty.

When Liuyue saw Yuxi, she greeted her and said, "The First Lady has taken that slut to the Third Lady's place. This time, my Lady and Third Lady are in the Main Courtyard." That slut was referring to Qiu Yanfu. Er Nainai was about to marry into the family, and since something like this had happened, there was no telling what the Lu family would think! If the Lady were having a hard time, the maids on her side would not have a good time either.

Yuxi said, "I heard Bingmei talk about Er Ge this morning. Liuyue, did Eldest Aunt give Qiu Yanfu the child-avoidance soup?" Usually, concubines would be given child-avoidance soup after this kind of incident.

Liuyue's bright eyes were about to pop out, "No." When she got the news in the morning, the First Lady was furious as hell. First, she dragged Qiu Yanfu out, and then together with Mama Li, they pressured Qiu Yanfu to go to Biteng Courtyard and made a scene there. In the end, the Old Lady knew about it and had them taken to the Main Courtyard.

Yuxi had given up hope for Qiu Shi's ability to deal with crisis incidents. When a normal mistress encountered such a thing, she would try to hide the news and solve it privately. In contrast, her aunt was afraid that the world wouldn't know about it, that she even forgot the most crucial child-avoidance medicine. What else could you count on her to do? "What are you still doing? Hurry up and boil the child-avoidance soup, then send it to the Main Courtyard. Do you still want to let her give birth to her child before Er Sao? " If they made Qiu Yanfu abort the child after she became pregnant, it would hurt their feminine virtue. Thus, it was better to put an end to it from the source.

Liuyue said with a long face, "We don't have any child-avoidance soup here in the courtyard."

Yuxi spit out words filled with annoyance, "If you don't have it here, don't tell me that Mama Hao's place doesn't have one too? Are you not going to go and ask for two packs from Hao's mother? Remember, ask for two packs, and prepare two bowls just in case." Mama Hao was the one in charge of Han Jianming's concubines, so she definitely had the soup in her hands if no one else did.

Liuyue repeatedly nodded, "Miss, I'm on my way."

Yuxi watched as Liuyue disappeared in a flash. Her speed was relatively low but fast. Yuxi was not happy because Liuyue acted quickly; on the contrary, she had become very speechless. It was true that when there was a kind of master, there would be the same kind of maid. These were the type of people who couldn’t keep their calm when encountering big things.

Bingmei cautiously suggested, "Miss, should we go to the upper courtyard now?" She did not want to go to the Main Courtyard since it must be in an extreme uproar.

Yuxi thought Bingmei asked a foolish question. "Can I get involved in this kind of thing? Let’s go back!" This kind of immorality was not something that she, a girl, could get involved in.

When she returned to the Taoran House, Zisu greeted and informed her, "Miss, the Third Lord also went to the Old Lady's courtyard just now."

Yuxi felt that no one had told her the key point. "Where are Er Ge and Qiu Yanfu right now?" These two were the ones in question, but no one had told her how they were doing.

Zisu said, "The Second Master has a severe headache and is still asleep in his study. Qiu Yanfu has been sent back to Shuixiang Courtyard by the Old Lady." After saying that, Zisu couldn't help but ask, "Miss, if this matter becomes a big deal, will it affect the Second Master's marriage?"

Yuxi swept a glance at Zisu and coldly said, "This is not something you should care about." After saying that, she went into her study again and picked up the book «Geological Map of the Great Zhou Dynasty». When Yuxi read books, she developed a habit of taking notes, and this time, it was no exception.[+]

As she looked at her book, she heard Zisu calling from outside, "Miss, the Third Miss is here."

Yuxi first opened the medical book next to her and then put the book in her hand back on the shelf before walking over to open the door, "San Jie, what brings you here on such a cold day?"

Looking at the bemused Yuxi, Yuchen felt a little odd. With such a significant matter happening, Yuxi was surprisingly not anxious at all. "Si Mei, do you know about the matter that happened in residence?" After saying that, she added, "It's what happened between Er Tangge and Qiu Yanfu."

Yuxi asked Zisu to make tea and called Yuchen to sit down, "I know! I heard about it from Bingmei during breakfast, so I went to the Master Courtyard, but Eldest Aunt went to Grandmother's place. This matter is not something I can intervene in, so I came back. "

Looking at Yuxi's calm face, Yuchen asked, "Yuxi, you're not angry?"

Yuxi looked at Yuchen strangely and asked, "Why should I be angry? Qiu Yanfu has always wanted to climb the high branches. Now that she couldn't, and she knows that Grandmother is preparing to let her go back to Hebei next year, it's not surprising that she made her move in her desperation."

Yuchen asked, "Si Mei already knew?"

Yuxi looked up and asked, "Know about what? About Qiu Yanfu climbing onto Er Ge's bed? San Jie, what are you thinking? If I had known earlier, could I not stop her? "

Yuchen also felt that her reaction just now was wrong and a bit over the top. "Si Mei, don't be offended. I also heard something just now, and that's why I lost control a bit."

Yuxi had a gossipy look on her face, "What is it? Is it about Qiu Yanfu?"

Yuchen looked at Yuxi and did not suspect anything. She nodded her head and said, "I only learned before I came to Taoran House that Qiu Lilong was going to give Qiu Yanfu to the Eldest Young Master Wang as his ninth concubine. I think she didn't want to be his concubine. That’s why she schemed against Er Tangge." Yuchen called Han Jianye Er Tangge, while Yuxi directly called him Er Ge, which showed the difference between their closeness and distant relationship with Han Jianye.

Yuxi became interested, "Is there something like that? San Jie, tell me in detail why Qiu Lilong sent Qiu Yanfu to that playboy of the Wang family?" That Eldest Young Master Wang was a playboy who liked the new and tired of the old. He already had more than a dozen concubines and tongfang in his family, and yet he still wanted to hang around in brothels. However, this person still had a little moral. That was, he would not rob nor force a person. If a girl were unwilling, he wouldn't force her, so everyone thought he was romantic and not indecent.

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