ROHYX Chapter 251 : Taking Over The Title (2)

When the Old Lady knew Han Jingdong would give up his title, her hand holding the Buddhist beads paused for a moment. She then instructed Mama Luo, "Have someone go and call Jianming over."

Soon, Mama Luo returned. "Old Lady, Master Shizi is not in residence. But I have left word that if Master Shizi returns, he should come over to see the Old Lady."

The Old Lady gave out a cry of 'en', then closed her eyes and began to chant scriptures once more.

Mama Luo, on the other hand, let out a faint sigh. If Master Shizi assumed the title, there was no telling if Ye Shi would at once have a major purge on the household. Ye Shi was not like the First Lady. The First Lady was not the type of person who liked to seize power. However, Ye Shi was a person who knew how to play tricks and had a wild ambition. Once Ye Shi became the main mistress of the State Residence, she would want to install her forces and take control over it. Of course, Ye Shi would not dare to go too far when the Old Lady was still around. Once the Old Lady was no longer in this world, the senior servants would not be able to stay in residence anymore.

After hearing this news, Yuchen pondered for quite a while before asking, "Momo Gui, do you think this matter has anything to do with Yuxi?"

Momo Gui asked curiously, "Why would you say that?"

Yuchen didn't know how to explain it. It was just her hunch. "Momo, you should also know about Concubine Mei's affair. With Yuxi's nature, she would not sit still while waiting for death. However, for such a long time, Yuxi did not even bother to ask or listen to this issue, which is not in line with her nature." Yuchen suspected that it was Yuxi who had encouraged Han Jianming to seize the title. This suspicion was also based on what she knew about Yuxi.

Momo Gui shook her head and advised, "Miss, without evidence, this is not something you can casually say. Furthermore, it was the Lord Duke himself who said he wanted to give up his title, not Master Shizi who wanted to take it away." The difference between giving up and taking away was the same as the difference between heaven and earth. Please don't read this chapter other than xinshou blogspot com.

Yuchen thought for a moment and then stood up. "Let's go to Taoran House." Although she knew that she would not get an answer even if she went there, she still had to make this trip.

When they arrived at Taoran House, Yuxi was embroidering her head covering. The room was warm because of the floor dragon, and her hands became even more nimble. As if she had just gotten her inspiration, she continued to lower her head to embroider the head covering.

Zisu said with some difficulty, "Third Miss, my Miss is currently embroidering her head covering. This head covering is something that she had been dissatisfied with for a long time, so I can't just go in and disturb her." Yuxi was very strict about her embroidery. If she, herself, weren't satisfied with it, she would rather ruin it than use it.

Yuchen responded, "I'll wait for her." The dowry embroidered by Yuxi had not been revealed to outsiders. Apart from Qiu Shi, no one else had seen it. Even so, everyone in the State Residence all said that Fourth Miss' embroidered dowry was unmatched. Who didn't know Yuxi's skill in embroidery? Since Yuxi did it for herself to this time, how could it not be good?

This wait lasted for half a shichen.

Yuxi's eyes were a little dry, and only then did she put down her needlework. Hearing that Yuchen had come over, she complained, "Why didn't you call me earlier? I've made San Jie wait for so long."

When Yuchen heard this, she smiled and said, "It's okay, it's not that long anyway. Yuxi, how much longer will it take for you to finish embroidering your head covering? Can you show it to me when you're done? Speaking of which, I haven't even seen your wedding dress yet!" Yuchen's wedding dress hadn't been sent over by the Imperial Household Department yet. She estimated that it would take another two days to be done. But Yuchen didn't expect much from her wedding dress. The style was already predetermined anyway, so she knew it would just look how it should look without even looking at it. Instead, it was Yuxi's wedding dress that Yuchen was so curious about.

Yuxi smiled. "When I have finished embroidering my head covering, I will show it to San Jie then." Yuxi was very confident that the wedding dress she had embroidered herself would be stunning. It had taken her more than half a year to create it. It would be a shame not to wow people with all of her hard work.

After chatting about the dowry, Yuchen talked about Han Jingdong giving up his title. "Yuxi, what do you think about Eldest Uncle giving up his title?"

Yuxi knew that Yuchen would never go to the temple for no reason as she answered with a smile. "For me, it makes no difference if Father is the Duke of the State or if Dage is the Duke of the State." To Yuxi, it was more beneficial for Han Jianming to inherit the title. Everyone in the family and friends knew that Han Jianming loved her very much. For Yuchen, on the other hand, it meant something different when her Eldest Uncle was the Duke of State than when her tangge was.

Yuchen smiled and said, "That's true. But what makes it strange is that Eldest Uncle is still so young. How could he think of giving up his title?"

Yuxi shook her head and told her that she didn't know. "I'm not sure why Father would let go of his title. Father has not been at home for many years anyway and does not even care about many things. Hence, it does not matter to him whether he has the title or not. It's just that if Dage assumes the title, it might be easier for him to act in the future." After a pause, she continued with a smile, "But even if the Imperial Court agrees to let Dage inherit the title, it will still take some time." Yuchen would get married in less than a month away. Therefore, Han Jianming's succession of the title would not affect her in any way.

Yuchen knew from the start that it was impossible to get any words out of Yuxi, so she was not that disappointed. She immediately changed their subject of conversation to Chen Ran. In the upcoming third lunar month, Chen Ran was preparing to attend the spring examination. "Second Master Chen has always been very talented. He even managed to earn himself the title of jieyuan in the last examination. He would definitely be listed on the top list again this time too."

Naturally, Yuxi knew that he would be fine. He earned himself the title tanhua in his previous life. Even if there were changes in this life, his results would not be any worse. "I have also asked Dage. I hope he will do well in the exams, and maybe he will even make it to the top three positions!" It was uncommon for one to earn the title jinshi, but it was even rarer to reach the top three positions.

Hearing this, Yuchen couldn't help laughing as she said, "If Second Master Chen can get one of the top three positions, you will also have a face when you get married." The top three, even if it was only a tanhua title, it was still an extremely prestigious event for Yuxi. Although the Marquis Taining's Residence was powerful, Chen Ran was, after all, the second di son, not the first, so he could not inherit the title. Most of his future, then, still depended on himself.

The two of them talked for a little while until it was lunchtime. Yuxi smiled as she invited Yuchen, "San Jie, why don't you have your meal here!"

Yuchen smiled and politely declined. "Maybe another time!" In recent times, her food had been carefully prepared by Momo Sha. Unfortunately, it would not be suitable for her to eat here at Yuxi's place for fear of eating something that could offset her health before her wedding. [T/N]

When Yuchen left, Yuxi suddenly remembered that she hadn't paid attention to the Jiang family for a long time. She wondered how the Jiang family was doing now. "Zisu, has Jiang Qi of the Jiang family been engaged?" It was better to ask about Jiang Qi than to ask about Jiang Hongjin directly. [+]

Zisu was a little surprised. "Why did Miss suddenly think of her?" This question was mainly because Yuxi had minimal dealings with Jiang Qi.

Yuxi smiled, "I don't know how I suddenly remembered about her when I was talking to my San Jie. I recalled that she even played qi with me back then!"

Zisu didn't think much of it as she said, "Miss Jiang is not yet betrothed. The same goes for her brother, Jiang Hongjin. But I heard that the Jiang family is very lively."

Yuxi was so interested in the topic that she asked, "Why is that?"

Zisu explained, "Madam Jiang always makes things difficult for Da Nainai of the Jiang family, and just after she got married into the family, Madam Jiang wanted her to follow the rules of serving her mother-in-law. But Madam Jiang didn't expect that Da Nainai's body was too weak to bear this suffering, and she fainted while serving Madam Jiang."

Yuxi laughed. "When did this happen? How come I don't know about it?" It was something she hadn't heard about.

Zisu stated, "At that time, Miss didn't ask about it, so I didn't say anything. In the middle of last year, Da Nainai Jiang became pregnant, and Madam Jiang sent two maids to serve Eldest Young Master Jiang. As a result, one of the maids had evil intentions and almost caused Da Nainai Jiang to lose her baby. Because of this incident, Da Nainai Jiang's mother and older sister-in-law went to the Jiang family and vented their anger towards Madam Jiang." This incident was publicised, and Madam Jiang's good reputation was instantly swept away.

Yuxi smiled soothingly. "This Da Nainai Jiang has many tricks." If she didn't have enough tricks, she wouldn't have been able to get Yu Shi into such a mess. [T/N]

When Zisu saw how happy Yuxi was, she couldn't help but think in her heart that Madam Jiang had probably offended her Miss. No matter how much she wanted to recall, she couldn't think of any incident. "Madam Jiang's reputation is so bad that it has directly affected Second Young Master Jiang and Miss Jiang Qi." With a mother like that, others would have doubted the upbringing of her son and daughter.

Yuxi smiled even more brightly. "Not necessarily. As long as Jiang Hongjin does well in the spring exams, he won't worry about marrying a girl from a good family. However, Jiang Qi's marriage will not be easy." Jiang Qi was an ambitious and proud person. In her previous life, Yu Shi had chosen the Minister of War's eldest di son for her, and she had been complaining about all of his shortcomings. With Yu Shi's ruined reputation, Jiang Qi couldn't marry into a high-status family in her current life. But for Jiang Qi to marry into a low-status family would be the same as asking for her life. As for Jiang Hongjin, Yuxi was already engaged to be married anyway, so he wouldn't be able to harm her anymore.

When Han Jianming returned from outside, he didn't even need to be informed as he went straight to the Main Courtyard to see the Old Lady. He knew very well that the Old Lady would not believe that his father would give him the title voluntarily.

As expected, as soon as the Old Lady saw Han Jianming, she opened her mouth by asking, "What is the matter regarding your father giving up the title? You don't have to tell me that it was your father who figured out himself." It was the kind of thing that even Qiu Shi, who lacked a string, would not believe, let alone her.

Han Jianming had already thought of something to say. "Grandmother, the right assistant Minister of War, has reached his old age this year and will be stepping down from his position in the middle of the year. I want to seek that position, but my current status is not enough to qualify." This was Han Jianming's excuse. He did want the position and had already started working on it, as to whether he could get it had little to do with whether he inherited the title or not. It was just that Han Jianming knew the Old Lady well. The only effective method to curb her was to involve interests.

Hearing this, the Old Lady asked in disbelief, "Isn't the right assistant Minister of War a third-ranking official position? Is this true? You didn't deceive me, did you?" Han Jianming already had an official position, and it was also a third rank position. But it was just a nominal position and had no real power. It was not generally difficult to cross over from a nominal position to an actual power position of the same third rank in one go.

Han Jianming nodded and said, "Grandmother, I am following the path of the Yu family. If I can inherit the title, I'm a little more certain." Every man had his own bottom line. He did not care to be associated with traitors like the Song family, so he took the path of the Yu family.

The Old Lady was not a three-year-old child who would believe it after two sentences. "Who told you that you would be more certain of getting that position after you inherited the title?"

Han Jianming was prepared for this and answered, "This is the conclusion I brought out from my discussions with my staff. And if I get the title, there will be less criticism if I sit in this position in the future." Even though Han Jianming was capable, he was only twenty-three years old this year. If he had gone through the usual route, he would never have gotten that position with just his seniority and age. Those who went the standard way would live in the ravine for the rest of their lives in this world.

The Old Lady did not speak, but the Buddhist beads in her hands were spinning faster.


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