ROHYX Chapter 263 : Separation Of Families (2)

After Jiang Qi left, Momo Quan asked, "Miss, have you offended the Jiang family young miss?" Such a tactic was too shallow. It felt just a little strange for Momo Quan. Given Yuxi's nature, she shouldn't have bothered to offend anyone.

Yuxi smiled as she responded, "I have not offended her. But she loves the Second Master Chen family, so I am suffering from an undeserved catastrophe." Who would have known that Jiang Qi would fall in love with Chen Ran? But remembering Chen Ran's graceful bearing, Yuxi didn't find it strange anymore. Although Chen Ran was a bit cold, he was good looking, and his elegant appearance, which outshone all others, was what girls precisely liked about him the most. His talent and learning ability was good. His family background was even better. It was pretty standard for such a man to be constantly in the women's minds of the deep boudoir.

Zisu's face turned purple. "Such a shameless person." No wonder Jiang Qi had gladly and diligently ran over here and said such things to her Miss. It turned out that she was lusting over her Guye and wanted to tarnish her Miss' reputation. But then again, how did her Miss know about this? "Miss, how did you know that Jiang Qi adored the Second Master Chen?"

Yuxi smiled. "It doesn't matter how I know. What matters is that it's true." When Zhou Shiya had told her earlier that Jiang Qi loved Chen Ran, she was still sceptical. After all, in Yuxi's mind, Jiang Qi was an arrogant person. How would such a person like a man who already had a fiancée? And how could someone post this chapter from xinshou blogspot com to another site that didn't belong or wasn't approved by this translator?

In her previous life, Yuxi didn't care much about what was going on outside. Hence, she knew nothing about some of the national events that were happening. But she had heard about some of the things that were particularly famous that were spreading around. To put it simply, she listened to some gossip in the capital from the maids. The young ladies and lady mistresses in the boudoirs were so bored that they needed something to amuse themselves. And Chen Ran was, back then, the subject of a piece of gossip. Not long after Chen Ran was conferred the title of tanhua, his fiancée died of illness. In this case, it could only be said that Chen Ran's fiancée was unlucky, and he would have been better off in another marriage. But Chen Ran did not do so and insisted on mourning for his fiancée for three years. Because of this incident, many people praised Chen Ran for being affectionate and faithful. They also felt sorry for his fiancée's lousy luck. So, being betrothed to Chen Ran, Yuxi did not feel burdened at all, for she had not robbed anyone else of their marriage.

Momo Quan was obviously thinking more than Zisu. "Miss, that Jiang family girl is not a good person. If you meet her in the future, you should take extra precautions."

Yuxi nodded her head a little and said, "I know." She had long been on guard against such sweet-looking but bitter people.

In response, Momo Quan said no more. She had taught Miss all that she could, and now Miss had become even more vividly blue than indigo even though indigo made the colour blue. Miss had learned so well. This made her very pleased.

The indigo that is mentioned in the idiom, 'the colour blue is made out of indigo but is more vivid than indigo' which means the student surpasses the master, is actually an indigo plant where the blue dye originally comes from. Here is a video on how the plant is still traditionally used to dye cloth.

Uncle Hao said from outside, "Miss, the road is clear. We can go now." Under normal circumstances, they would have arrived on the mountain by now and would probably have taken their lunch.

Zisu raised her voice and said, "If the road is clear, then let's go."

Momo Quan said, "Miss, we have to stay on the mountain tonight." It was now past noon, and it would be nearly half a shichen before they reached the mountain. It would also be very late for Miss to worship the Bodhisattva and recite the sutra. It wasn't safe to let Miss walk on the mountain path at night alone, either.

Yuxi nodded and said, "We can only make do for one night. There's no need for Momo to worry about it." If it were any other matter, knowing that the road was blocked, she would have gone back a long time ago and would not have waited until this late. But today was different. If she turned around halfway, it would not be good if words reached the Lady of Taining's ears.

The mountain road was rugged, and the ride in the carriage was bumpy. But having travelled this road many times before, Yuxi had long since gotten used to it. When Yuxi felt drowsy, she said, "I'll nap for a while." After saying that, she leaned back on the pillow and took a nap.

After a while, Zisu called out in a low voice, "Miss, Miss......" Seeing that Yuxi did not respond halfway, she whispered to Momo Quan, "Miss actually fell asleep?" In such a bumpy road, her Miss could even sleep. Her Miss was genuinely impressive. [+]

Momo Quan smiled. "This is a blessing." Having experienced more things, she had seen many things thoroughly. According to Momo Quan, for her Miss to eat, sleep and be in a good mood every day was indeed a blessing.

After two-quarters of sleep, Yuxi woke up and asked sleepily, "Are we there yet?" How hard had it been for her to sleep here! It was better to lie on her soft bed at home.

Momo Quan shook her head and said, "There are still about two-quarters of an hour to go. When you have freshened up, Miss, we will almost be there." After saying this, she poured water out of the kettle, which had long since cooled.

It didn't take long for the group to arrive at Lingshan Temple. The incense at Lingshan Temple was very popular. Therefore, at this time of year, the temple was crowded with people.

Yuxi did not rush to worship the Manjushri Bodhisattva but first took her group to the guest courtyard to rest. The Duke's family had chartered this courtyard. Originally, the State Residence had reserved a yard at the Huangzhi Temple to facilitate the Han family members' incense burning and worship at the temple. However, when the Monk Liao Tong said that Yuxi had a bad fate, Qiu Shi was so angry that she withdrew the courtyard at Huangzhi Temple and booked a small yard at the Lingshan Temple instead.

Because they entered Lingshan Temple relatively late, the only courtyard available was relatively small, with just two rooms. It was intended to be used for a resting area, plus there was nothing better than this at that time, so Qiu Shi wasn't too fussy.

When they entered the courtyard, the arrangement was straightforward, with just a bed, a table and chairs. But despite its simplicity, it was spotless.

When Zisu looked at the condition of this courtyard, she muttered, "Miss, how can you live in this place?" Even Red Jujube Villa was several times better than this place.

Yuxi smiled a little. "It's only for one night. So we'll make do for now and go back tomorrow." She didn't even have shelter to keep her out of the wind and rain when fleeing before. It was already good enough to have a house like this.

Momo Quan said, "Miss, I will go with Caidie to fetch two quilts from the master steward." It was still freezing on the mountain in the third lunar month, and it was hard to endure it without using a quilt.

Yuxi nodded before saying, "Go early and return early!" If it were during regular days, the master steward of the temple would have had someone bring it over personally. It was just that today the temple was too busy, and they would probably have to wait until evening for the master steward to send it over.

After about a quarter of an hour, Momo Quan came back. Not only did she bring back two brand new quilts, but she also brought back food.

After thanking the master steward, Yuxi smiled and said, "The temple is crowded, so the master must not be able to leave. I won't delay master's time." She knew the temple well. She could go and worship the Bodhisattva Manjushri on her own later. So she didn't need anyone else to accompany her.

The master steward was very busy indeed. Many people were coming, and because they arrived late in the day, they did not dare to go down the mountain at night, and most of them chose to spend the night on the temple. Food, shelter and water had to be prepared. Thus the workload of the temple increased considerably.

Yuxi ate and drank enough and bathed before taking Momo Quan to the Manjushri Bodhisattva. It was not until late afternoon that she returned.

When Qiu Shi got the news, she asked, "How did the good road collapse? If I had known, I would have gone with her today." Without a reliable person by her unmarried daughter's side, Qiu Shi was distraught.

Mama Li consoled, "My Lady, don't worry. Law and order in Lingshan Temple have always been excellent, and the Fourth Miss is a reliable person. She will be fine."

Qiu Shi said, "I hope nothing will happen."

Seeing this look on Qiu Shi's face, Mama Li hurriedly changed the subject. "My Lady, I didn't expect the family split to go so smoothly today." She thought there would be a dispute in the family division today! It was usual for her to feel so because the most beneficial properties were all under her Lady's name.

Although Qiu Shi was a straightforward person and did not know how to beat around the bush, she was not stupid. Before the family was divided, she could not have put all the properties she had acquired into the public account. Therefore, few profitable shops and 60 hectares of good land were all put in her name and counted as her dowry. The division of the family was a division of the family's property, but not of the woman's dowry. [T/C]

Qiu Shi sneered when she heard these words. "If he dares to make a scene, I'll make sure he doesn't get a single silver." Before she married into this family, the State Residence had been living on the mortgage. If it wasn't for her, would Duke Han's family have been able to make a living just like now? She had earned the property that Old Third received today. If she hadn't thought of the fact that Yuchen was now Jing Wangfei, and that her two sons might have to rely on the power of the Jing Wangfu in the future, and that it would be harmful to have a fall out with the third house, she wouldn't even want to share out these properties.

Qiu Shi felt that she had suffered a loss in the division of the family, which was, of course, true. But Wen Shi thought otherwise. When she found out what the properties that Third House had been allocated, she looked uncomfortable. "My Lord, the silk shop, the grain shop, and the rouge shop, why didn't we get a share of any of these lucrative shops?" Wen Shi knew about these shops because Qiu Shi often took things from the silk shop and the rouge shop for Yuxi to use.

Han Jingdong said, "These shops are all the Dasao dowry. The splitting of the family is a division of the ancestral properties. Where would it divide the dowry of the Lady in charge?"

Wen Shi was anxious when she knew they were given these crooked melons and cracked dates shares. This would not do. "My Lord, all the properties that made money have become Qiu Shi's dowry. Dasao is clearly turning the public estate into her dowry. My Lord, such a division of the family, is too unfair. It must be re-divided."

Hearing this, Han Jingyan said, "This matter has already been decided, and it is impossible to change it. You should also stop thinking about it and get some rest!" After saying that, he walked out.

How could someone as proud as Han Jingyan tell Wen Shi that the State Residence had fallen on hard times and relied on the mortgage to get by and that all the properties in residence were now all earned by Qiu Shi?

Wen Shi looked at Han Jingyan's back view and couldn't help but cry. Who was she doing this for? It was for the sake of the family. The thought of losing so much silver made her cry even more. [T/C]

The old woman servant serving Wen Shi hurried over and advised, "My Lady, you can't cry during the confinement period. It will hurt your eyes." The old woman servant wanted to leave, but the Old Lady and the Third Lord had not said anything. Thus, she did not dare to ask about it herself. She could only toughen her scalp by continuing to serve Wen Shi. She could only hope that she could go back once the confinement month had ended. This Wen Shi person, she didn't want to serve her for another day.

Wen Shi was a person who loved herself very much. When she heard this, she quickly wiped his tears and instructed, "Go and see if the bird's nest is ready? Bring it up to me when it is."

The old woman servant answered Wen Shi, but in her heart, she despised her. Wen Shi always wanted to eat all the good food, but every time the nourishing food was stewed, she would only eat a few bites. During this time, it was unknown how many good things had been wasted.


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