ROHYX Chapter 284 : Concubine Jia Gave Birth To A Son (1)

When Han Jianming told Han Jianye about the two times Yuxi was almost killed, the atmosphere in the room became so oppressive that people could be out of breath.

Han Jianye's face was full of anger: "Just because that bullsh*t Gongzhu has a crush on Chen Ran, that malicious woman is going to kill Yuxi?" If Song Guifei and Qinxin Gongzhu were there, Han Jianye would have strangled them to death.

Han Jianming nodded and said, "Er Di, this is the fundamental reason why I have been working to revitalise the family. Without power, one can only become a lamb that can easily be slaughtered in this world." If their family had the same power as the Yu family, Song Guifei would have never dared to touch Yuxi.

"Haha......" The tables and chairs in Han Jianming's study were so sturdy that Han Jianye couldn't break them even with his strength. His anger burned his entire body, and he had no other way to vent his anger than to laugh.

Han Jianming also had a hard time this time around, but he was the head of the family, so he had to bear all the tough things. "Er Di, I have found a vacancy in the Ministry of War and will take up the post in a couple of days. What are your plans?"

Han Jianye said, "Dage, if you have anything to say, just say it."

Han Jianming said, "Er Di, if you stay in the capital, you can't make any achievements." A military general couldn't make a career in the capital. Only by going to the front line on the battlefield could one establish military achievements, and once one held the military power in the future, could one be counted as having a bright future. And when the world was in chaos, with military force in hand, there would be no fear of the family being destroyed.

Han Jianye had long wanted to go to the border town, but there were always many things he had to abandon for him to do so. But this time, even though he was still unwilling to give up anything, he still had to. He did not want to wait until his family was bullied again, where he could only watch and do nothing. "When Ah Xiu gives birth, I will go to Liaodong." The reason why he said he was going to Liaodong was not that his brother-in-law was there. He just wanted to kill those hateful Donghu people.

Han Jianming thought he would have to go through a lot of trouble to persuade Han Jianye, but he didn't expect his didi himself would actually agree to do so. However, he disagreed with his choice of location. Han Jianming thought about it for a while before saying, "Regarding the place you will be going, let's take a look at the situation first. There is no hurry." This matter had to be weighed first before it could be done.

Han Jianye nodded his head and said, "Dage, when I leave the capital, I will entrust everything at home to you." Whether he was going to the northwest or Liaodong, Han Jianye had no intention of taking his wife and children with him. Those two places were bitter cold places. He couldn't let them go with him just for them to suffer.

Han Jianming said, "Needless to say, I will definitely take good care of them."

Han Jianye turned the topic back to Yuxi. "Dage, after retiring from the Chen family, what will Yuxi do in the future?" No matter how careless he was, he knew it was not easy to talk about Yuxi's marriage.

Han Jianming replied, "For the time being, we can't talk about her marriage. Let's wait a year and a half first. Then we will discuss this matter after the wind has passed. With Yuxi's character and appearance, we do not have to worry about not finding a good family for her." He wouldn't find a good one from civil servants' families. If a noble family didn't have any power, potential, or good prospects, he wouldn't choose them either.  Therefore, in Han Jianming's mind, he thought of finding a powerful military officer for Yuxi. However, since there was not even the first stroke of the character bā [八] yet, he did not dare to say it to Han Jianye.

Yuxi was currently embroidering shoes and socks in her courtyard. Concubine Jia was about to give birth. Thus, she made some small clothes and shoes for the unborn child. As she was embroidering, she heard Zisu come in from outside and say, "Miss, Concubine Jia is about to give birth."

Yuxi calmly put down her needle and thread and said, "Let's go and have a look." It wasn't like she didn't know how much hope Qiu Shi had put on Concubine Jia's unborn child. Hence, she hoped this baby would be a son, or else Qiu Shi would keep harping about it.

Walking out of the house, Yuxi paused for a moment and turned around to call Momo Quan. "Momo Quan, you know the art of medicine. Can you follow me over there? Maybe you will be able to help!"

Momo Quan guessed Yuxi's intention when she heard her call and questioned her, "Miss, are you going to intervene in this matter?" If Concubine Jia had given birth to a son, Ye Shi would probably tamper with it. Yuxi had asked her to go with her, just in case, Ye Shi's people made a move during childbirth. But if this happened, Miss and Ye Shi might become enemies.

Yuxi explained, "I have carefully observed Concubine Jia these two years. She is a very measured person who knows what to do and what not to do."

Momo Quan was just reminding Yuxi, and seeing that Yuxi's mind already had the score, she said nothing more. "In that case, let us go to the delivery room, and I'll lend my hand if they need it."

Yuxi and Momo Quan met Qiu Shi on their way. "Mother, are you going to see Concubine Jia too?"

Qiu Shi said, "Yes, I rushed over when I got the news." Just now, Qiu Shi had gone to the Main Courtyard. Otherwise, she wouldn't be so late.

When they entered the courtyard, Yuxi didn't hear any screams, so she was a bit alarmed. "How come there is no sound?"

Momo Quan took the initiative to speak, "My Lady, Miss, why don't I go in and take a look?" Since Miss decided to help Concubine Jia, she would try her best to let Concubine Jia get through this difficult time. [+]

Qiu Shi said, "Alright. Then Momo, please go in and take a look."

Yuxi looked at Qiu Shi and asked in surprise, "Mother, you're not going to get in too?" She was an unmarried young lady and therefore was not allowed to go into the delivery room. But Qiu Shi had gone in to help her Dasao when she was giving birth.

Qiu Shi shook her head and said, "It's not suitable to have so many people inside the delivery room. Besides, your Dasao has already gone in. With her there, it's enough for her to handle what's going on inside."

Yuxi instantly became speechless. She honestly didn't know what to say in this situation. The one who was giving birth inside was from the second room, so how could mother put so much trust in Dasao? However, Yuxi was not such an insensitive person. She smiled at once and said, "Yes, since Dasao is inside, there will be no problem."

Concubine Jia listened to the midwife in the delivery room as she bit the towel to keep herself from screaming. She was facing a tough time right now. Not only did she have to give birth to the baby properly, but she also had to guard herself against Ye Shi's assassination attempt on her.

Just at this time, Concubine Jia heard Shui Ping call out happily, "Momo Quan, are you here to help my master deliver the baby?"

Momo Quan said, "I'll just come in to help. I'll leave the delivery to the midwives. They're more specialise in this." She would just watch from the sideline.

The fact that Momo Quan knew medicine was known to everyone in the State Residence. So, when Concubine Jia heard Momo Quan say she would come and help, her heart was relieved. Since Momo Quan would be staying in the delivery room, Ye Shi and her people should not dare do anything.

When Ye Shi and Old Woman Hua saw Momo Quan come in and say she would help, their faces turned green. Ye Shi didn't know why Yuxi wanted to intervene in this matter, but she knew she couldn't do anything with Momo Quan around.

Yuxi waited for half a shichen and then returned to her yard. She heard that the birth of a child takes a long time. Some even had to endure for two to three days before they gave birth! Since Yuxi couldn't help with anything by being here, so she might as well go back.

That was until Yuxi was ready to go to bed. Caidie, who had stayed in Guihua Courtyard, came back and informed Yuxi, "Miss, Concubine Jia has given birth to a big fat boy!" The First Lady had been looking forward to the birth of her eldest grandson!

Yuxi smiled and said, "How is Concubine Jia doing?" She hoped Concubine Jia did not encounter a difficult birth or something. Even if Momo Quan were here, it would only be useless.

Caidie answered with a smile, "Both mother and child are safe! But Concubine Jia was exhausted, and she had fallen asleep." This event was also considered a great joy for the State Residence.

Yuxi nodded her head and said, "That's good." After passing this hurdle, with Concubine Jia's intelligence, Ye Shi couldn't harm her anymore.

When Yuxi arrived at the Guihua Courtyard the next day, she saw Ye Shi's face looking ugly as she walked out of the courtyard. Yuxi was a little surprised and asked, "Dasao, what's wrong?"

Ye Shi suppressed the anger in her heart and said, "Nothing, I'm just a little tired. I'll go back first. You can go in!"

Only after entering the Guihua Courtyard did Yuxi learn that Ye Shi just argued with Qiu Shi. The child was born in the middle of the night. Ye Shi was concerned about taking the baby away in the middle of the night for fear that it would cause a hindrance to the child's health. Initially, she was prepared to take the child away in the morning, but Qiu Shi said that the child would be given to Ye Shi after his first bath, three days after his birth. This caused Ye Shi to be very annoyed, but since she couldn't contradict Qiu Shi, she could only leave in anger. 

Hai, Yuxi helplessly sighed. She sometimes could not understand Qiu Shi's thinking. She always felt that the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were not on the same wavelength. "Mother, what is the difference between Dasao carrying the child right now and three days later?" Anyway, the child would still be carried over. It would still be the same, whether it was one day earlier or one day later.

Qiu Shi explained, "I think it's a bit unbearable to let the mother and son separate right now." Jianming was taken away not long after being born, so she knew how painful it was. Looking at Concubine Jia crying so pitifully, she suddenly felt compassionate for her.

Yuxi said helplessly, "Mother, a person must keep his word and not go back on it. We made this promise much earlier before. Now we're going back on our own words. How will Dasao feel?"

Qiu Shi had a guilty conscience, as she told Mama Li, "Take the child to Songxiang Courtyard!" She was also touched by Concubine Jia's pitiful appearance just now, which had stirred up her own painful memory. But she forgot that she had promised to give the baby to Ye Shi once it was born, and she could not be the one to break her word.

Concubine Jia hugged the baby and cried, not letting go, putting Mama Li in a difficult position. When she saw Qiu Shi and Yuxi enter the room, Concubine Jia cried as she begged, "My Lady, Fourth Miss, please let me stay with the baby for a little longer!"

Since Yuxi had never given birth to a child, she couldn't understand the pain of separating a child from his mother. Hence, she didn't know what to say in the face of such a grieving Concubine Jia.

Mama Li said, "Concubine Jia, this has been agreed upon a long time ago, so you're not only making things difficult for the Lady but also the Lord Duke. The most important thing for you now is to get well." If you get well, you will be able to conceive again soon, and then the child will be raised by your side!

Qiu Shi also said, "Concubine Jia, if you miss your little boy, just go to Songxiang Courtyard and have a look at him." In fact, Qiu Shi's heart knew that once the child was taken away from here, it would be difficult for Concubine Jia to have the opportunity to be close to the child in the future. But, before welcoming Concubine Jia through their door, she already made a promise with Ye Shi that the child would be given to her to raise after he was born, and she could not be a person who made a vain promise.

Concubine Jia was still holding onto the child and wouldn't let go.

Yuxi saw that it was not a good idea to keep going on like this, so she finally said, "Concubine Jia, this was decided a long time ago. If Mama Li didn't take the baby over now, it would be difficult if Dasao backed out from her promise of putting your little boy under her name." If her mother and Dage took pity on Concubine Jia and did not give the child to Dasao, Dasao would not want to put the child in her name. This situation would mean that the child would hold the title of a child born from a concubine, and it would be difficult to say whether he could inherit the title in the future.

When Concubine Jia heard this, her hand loosened. Mama Li took the opportunity to carry the child away from Concubine Jia and then walked out at a brisk pace.

Wiping her tears, Concubine Jia said to Yuxi, "Thank you, Fourth Miss, for what happened yesterday." If not for Yuxi's help, her labour would not have gone so smoothly.

Yuxi nodded slightly and said, "Don't mention it. I am also a member of the family. So I hope this family can always be peaceful." She did not favour anyone. Last night, she had helped Concubine Jia, and today, she helped Ye Shi. She only wanted her home to always be in peace and harmony. She never wanted it to be the scene of chickens flying and dogs jumping.

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