ROHYX Chapter 328 : Get Married (2)

Yuxi's wedding dress was not as beautiful as the first one, which had taken half a year of her time and effort to make. But this new one was embroidered in just two months; one could imagine the difference. Even so, after Yuxi put on the wedding dress, Tu Shi's eyes sparkled. "This wedding dress is gorgeous." The mandarin ducks on the wedding dress were as vivid as life, and one could not find such craftsmanship in the whole of Ganzhou.

Luo Shi turned speechless at her xiao guzi's words. What did she mean by a beautiful wedding dress? It was apparent the wearer was the one who was beautiful, right? But she didn't expect the mama beside Miss Han to have this skill. Her maiden family's younger sister was getting married at the end of the year. She could ask Miss Han's mama to help her with the make-up. The outcome was guaranteed to be good.

At this time, everyone in the room could hear the sound of firecrackers outside. "The groom is here. The groom is here......"

If they were in the capital, when the groom came to pick up the bride, the bride's family would ask him to create a poem, urging the bride to wear her make-up hurriedly and then give him all other kinds of difficulties. But this time, the bride's side decided to skip it. If you asked a big old uncouth man to do the poem, it would kill him.

Zijin came in from outside and told Yuxi, who was sitting on the wedding bed, "Miss, Guye brought many people with him to pick you up this time." All of them were burly and imposing to look at. If Yuxi knew what Zijin was thinking, she would probably cry. She didn't know where her aesthetic had gone wrong.

Yun Qing entered the room with the xiniang, and when his sight fell on Yuxi in her wedding dress, his eyes turned soft. Since the last time they met, he had been thinking of her, but unfortunately, Yuxi was unwilling to meet him alone. Fortunately, he was finally going to marry her and bring her to his home. 

After performing the ceremony and going through the necessary process, it was time for the bride to leave her house. When they reached the door, Han Jianye carried Yuxi onto the bridal sedan. He said, "Si Mei, after you get married, everything will be fine. If Yun Qing dares to bully you, just tell Er Ge. I'll find a venue for you to get back at him."

Other brides would have cried at their wedding, but Yuxi didn't cry at all. It was not that she didn't want to cry. She just couldn't. Hearing Han Jianye's words, Yuxi let out an 'en' and said, "Ge, don't worry. I will live a good life."

After getting into the sedan, Yuxi lifted her head covering. That said, there was an advantage to not wearing a phoenix crown. The crown weighed several pounds and was very uncomfortable to wear. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

While sitting inside, Yuxi was surprised not to feel even the slightest bump on the road. She could not help but exclaim that the sedan bearer was quite skilled to walk this steadily.

After walking for less than two-quarters of an hour, Yuxi heard a high voice calling out from outside, "Put down the sedan......"

Then, the sedan jolted a little. It was good that Yuxi had already prepared. Otherwise, she would have fallen off the stool. After that, she could hear a few murmurs coming from the front of the sedan. She knew someone had shot an arrow. Of course, it was a false shot.

When she got off the sedan, a big hand had stretched over. Yuxi froze for a moment. If she remembered correctly, shouldn't she be holding a silk fabric? How could the bride and groom hold each other's hands?

It seemed the customs here were different from those in the capital. When one entered a village, one should follow the local customs. With that in mind, Yuxi reached her hand out. Soon, a great and powerful hand grasped her hand. His hand was a little wet but also a little awkward. He had calluses in his hands, and it was also wet? As she was thinking of this, a smile appeared on Yuxi's face. She did not expect Yun Qing would be nervous too.

After striding over the brazier, she walked with Yun Qing into the wedding hall step by step. Yun Qing walked very slowly, so Yuxi did not worry about keeping up with him.

The wedding etiquette in the border city was not as complicated as in the capital. The master of ceremonies inside the wedding hall didn't even follow the usual sequence. He just shouted as soon as he saw the newlyweds enter.

"First, bow to heaven and earth......"

"Second, bow to the parents......"

"Husband and wife, bow to each other......"

After the couple had completed the bowing ceremony, Yuxi was again led by Yun Qing into the bridal chamber.

As Yuxi took small steps forward, she could hear a burst of mighty footsteps following behind her. She could not help but frown a little. These footsteps did not belong to women. Could there be other men in the wedding room later? This thought made her squirm a little. The customs here were difficult to get used to.

Although Yun Qing was happy in his heart, he did not show it on his face. After the group of people entered the bridal chamber, a man called out penetratingly. "Yun Qing, hurry up and lift the head covering. Let us see the bride."

As soon as the man spoke these words, more than a dozen men's eyes immediately fixed on Yuxi, whose head had been covered. They heard that Yun Qing's bride was a great beauty. Today, they had to take a good look.

Mama Qu tried to suppress the unhappiness in her heart. There was nothing that she could do anyway. This was the border city, and she couldn't do it according to the capital. She just hoped Miss would not lose control later on.

The xiniang did not dare to hesitate and immediately handed the wedding steelyard to Yun Qing.

The head covering was lifted to reveal a gorgeous peach blossom face with a pair of beautiful eyes and red-painted cherry lips slightly pursed up. Her white skin was as bright as moonlight, her slender waist was like a tightly bound silk belt, and her ten fingers were soft like the tips of fresh green onions.

As soon as the head covering was pulled off, Yuxi reflexively raised her head. The first thing she saw was Yun Qing, dressed in a big red wedding outfit. His expressionless face also had some joy against the backdrop of the happy coloured clothes. Before Yuxi had time to feel anything, she saw a group of big, burly men behind him. She quickly lowered her head, looking like she was indescribably shy.

When Yun Qing looked at Yuxi, he felt his mouth had gone dry, and his throat rolled involuntarily. The group of people who came to disturb the privacy of the bridal chamber went silent for a while.

After a while, the man with the loud voice shouted again. "Yun Qing, what good fortune you have! You've married such a fairy-like young lady." Then there were a lot of echoes and sounds of people giving their congratulations. With all voices mixed together, Yuxi felt somewhat dizzy from listening.

Mama Qu took a deep breath. It was said that the northwest was a barbarian land. The people here were not that educated and did not know the etiquette. The rumours were really true!

Yun Qing's friend, Fu Tian Lei, noticed the change in the mama's expression next to the bride. He immediately coughed vigorously and urged, "Well, since everyone has seen the bride, it's time to go out!"

Hearing these words, Yun Qing also came back to his senses. He turned his head and instructed, "Everyone out." His tones sounded like how he was giving out an order in a military camp, and everyone laughed at the sight as they left the bridal chamber.

After those rough men went out, xiniang brought in the tangyuan. She fed them to Yuxi and smilingly asked, "Are you willing to give birth to his offspring?"


Yuxi hesitated at first but then swallowed the tangyuan and whispered, "Yes."

The xiniang shouted loudly to the people watching the ceremony, "The bride has said yes!" Once these words were out, a good-natured smile appeared in the room.

After completing the ceremony, Yun Qing looked at Yuxi and said, "I will be back soon." As soon as he let out these words, the room was filled with a burst of laughter.

After the groom left, a woman wearing a cerise coloured dress and a golden hairpin approached Yuxi. She asked Yuxi with a smile, "Dimei, are you feeling tired?"

Yuxi looked at the woman and answered with a smile, "Thank you for asking, Saozi Fu." She had known from much earlier that the wedding ceremonies on the groom's side had been the work of Madam Fu and her daughters-in-law. Yuxi was a little surprised at first. She didn't expect Yun Qing to be that close to the Fu family. Of course, to Yuxi, the more families Yun Qing befriended, the better.

Da Nainai (da=eldest, nainai=young mistress of a family) Fu nodded in her heart. The rumours outside were true. She hadn't met Miss Han before, but she didn't expect Miss Han would recognise her at first glance. Not anyone had this kind of eyesight. Da Nainai Fu said with a smile, "There is nothing to thank me for. If you are tired, you should rest first. General Yun won't be back until after a while."

Yuxi smiled and nodded her head. It was true that she was a bit tired after suffering physically from morning until now.

After Da Nainai Fu left, Mama Qu said, "Miss, the Yun family has invited quite a few guests this time." More than forty tables were opened. There were not too many, but not too few either. The main reason was that the more guests there were, the more popular Yunqing was.

Yuxi nodded a little and requested, "I'm a little hungry. Can Mama have someone go to the kitchen to see if there's anything to eat?" She had eaten a few pastries in the morning and didn't dare drink much water, so she was starving.

Mama Qu left Old Woman Xi behind while she went to the kitchen. As a result, after looking inside the kitchen for a long time, she could only bring a bowl of noodles over. "Miss, the dishes in the kitchen are too greasy. You should eat a bowl of noodles first to fill your stomach!" The meat was relatively cheap in the border city, but vegetables and fruits were quite costly.

Yuxi ate the noodles, rinsed her mouth and said, "I'll take a little nap. Call me if there's anything." She was too sleepy. At that moment, she just laid down on the bed without taking off her wedding dress.

Watching Yuxi fall asleep in a short while, Old Woman Xi whispered, "Miss is too calm." A bride should be shy or nervous, but none of these traits could be seen in her Miss.

Mama Qu didn't respond to her words. "Mama Xi, you've also been working hard today. Why don't we get something to eat too?" If Yuxi hadn't calmed herself down, she would have long lost her mind. It was good that she could hold on until now.

Yuxi also did not know how long she slept, but it was already dark outside when she woke up. She froze for a few seconds before asking, "Why is it so quiet outside?" It was abnormal that there was no sound coming from outside. Moreover, it was even more unusual when the groom did not return to the room.

Mama Qu did not know how to explain it to her. "There has been an enemy attack. The General and his guests have gone out to meet them." These northern barbarians were really good at picking the day. They didn't do it early or late but chose today to attack instead. [+]

Yuxi was a little surprised. However, when she thought that war could happen here at any time, and it was customary to encounter enemy attacks, she asked, "When did this happen? Why didn't you wake me up at that time?"

Mama Qu replied, "When the General came in and saw that Miss was asleep, he prevented me from waking Miss up, saying I should let Miss sleep well." When Yun Qing came in and saw that Yuxi was asleep, he was very relieved. Otherwise, he really did not know how to tell her.

Yuxi paused for a second and then said, "Please ask the maids to bring in hot water. I want to take a bath." Her body felt sticky. If she wasn't being too tired just now, how would she be able to sleep that easily?

Yuxi first went to bathe and then calmly took her dinner. After napping for a little while in the afternoon, she already had enough of her sleep. Thus, she was unable to doze off right now. Therefore, she asked Zijin to bring her books over.

Zijin spoke up and said, "Miss, don't be sad." It was unfortunate that the groom had gone off to war with his army on his wedding day.

Yuxi responded with an indifferent expression, "I'm not sad. Just go and bring the books here. I want to read some books." Was she feeling sad? It was hard for her to say. After all, the situation was not something that Yun Qing could control. But she couldn't tell Zijin that she was not sad either. She had been left alone in the bridal chamber on her wedding night in her previous life. She guessed she would have to be alone again in this life. She really couldn't explain what her current feeling was.

The time Zijin had been serving beside Yuxi wasn't too short. Hence, she could still tell whether Yuxi was sad or not. But because of this reaction from Yuxi, she became even more confused. Zijin said with some exasperation, "Miss, this must be Qin Zhao's intention. There are so many generals in the border city. Why should the General be the one to meet the enemy?" This method was truly disgusting.

Yuxi looked at Zijin and said, "The future is still long. Now you should just go and bring in the box containing the books." This matter must have been deliberately done by Qin Zhao. Still, the other party was the Commander-in-chief of Yu City. Since he had given the order, Yun Qing had to go even if he didn't want to. But this matter, she would make a note of it.

Zijin felt very frustrated. "Miss, when will this kind of day end?" Her Miss had always been wronged, even on her big wedding day. She couldn't express how uncomfortable her heart was.

Yuxi walked to the window, looked at the bright moonlight outside, and softly said, "Don't worry. It won't go on like this forever." Song Guifei's force was too powerful. Not to mention revenge, one could even get killed just by expressing something amiss. Therefore, Yuxi could only endure it and pretend nothing had happened. But now, it was different. Yun Qing was equal to Qin Zhao in terms of strength. The only way Qin Zhao could suppress Yun Qing right now was by using external force.

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