ROHYX Chapter 335 : Warmth (3)

Just after dawn, Yuxi followed Yun Qing to a horse ranch. The place was on the outskirts, some distance away from Yu City. Yuxi did not take a carriage and still rode a horse with Zijin.

Riding a horse was not the same as riding a carriage. Looking at the azure sky as if it had been washed away by rain and smelling the fresh air was something that Yuxi had never experienced before.

They arrived at the horse ranch after walking for about half a shichen. The horse ranch was built on a hill with farmland below.

Yuxi looked at a large field before her and asked Yun Qing, "Husband, can we also buy a small estate?"

Yun Qing shook his head. "I can't buy one." There were very few good fields in the northwest, and it was easy to buy a few acres of land. However, if you wanted to purchase an estate, you would never be able to buy it unless you used improper means.

Yuxi let out an 'oh' and put the matter to the back of her mind. Since it was not easy for them to buy an estate here, you didn't even need to think about having 1800 mu () of land. Just purchase a few dozen mu, then grew vegetables and raised some chickens and ducks in that tiny hamlet so that you didn't have to buy everything outside. As for saying that they were not able to buy one, as long as you had the mind to, you could always obtain it. However, Yuxi didn't want to bother Yun Qing with these trivial matters. Just now, it was just her asking casually.

Before they reached the horse ranch, they heard the sound of horse hooves. Yuxi was a little surprised. "Are there other people in the horse ranch?" Yuxi knew that this horse ranch belonged to the Fu family.

Yun Qing replied, "No harm. It should be someone from the Fu family."

When they arrived at the horse ranch, they saw a woman wearing red clothes riding on a horse, waving a whip in her hand. She was bright and flamboyant.

When Yun Qing looked at the person on the horse in the distance, his face stiffened. He did not expect this woman would also be present. Upon seeing this situation, Yuxi asked with some curiosity, "Husband, is this young lady from the Fu family?"

Yun Qing nodded a little as he said, "It's Fu Qing Luo, the eldest young miss of the Fu family. I didn't expect she would be here instead of being in Xinping City." He wouldn't have brought Yuxi over if he knew she was here. To prevent this woman from leading Yuxi ashtray.

The woman saw them and rode her horse to their side quickly. After dismounting, she threw the horse's rope onto the horse's back and giggled. "Yun Qing, I didn't expect that you, a lump of problematic wood, could also be enlightened at times!" After saying that, she looked at Yuxi and introduced herself with a smile, "I am the eldest young miss of the Fu family, Fu Qingluo. My Dage and he are close friends."

Yuxi looked at the woman with her full, high chest, slender waist and plump hips. Her figure was extraordinarily fit and enchanting. She wore a close-fitting red garment, and her hair was held in place with a pure golden hairpin. Although her complexion was slightly dark, that could not hide her bright features. Her whole self was like a red rose in bloom. People couldn't even turn their eyes once they laid their eyes on her.

Yuxi smiled as she also introduced herself, "My name is Han Yuxi. Miss Fu can call me Yuxi." It was the first time that Yuxi saw someone dressed this boldly. However, it made this woman look truly beautiful.

Yuxi was also wearing riding clothes today. Her top part was covered with a moonlight coloured long gown embroidered with daisy patterns. While on the bottom, she wore black pants. She looked very fresh, but her clothes were not form-fitting. In fact, Yuxi had a very good figure, not even inferior to Fu Qingluo. But since she usually wears loose clothes, no one else had seen her body shape except for Yun Qing.

Yun Qing questioned with a frown, "Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in Xinping City?"

Fu Qingluo laughed. "I can come back whenever I want to." After saying that, she ignored Yun Qing and asked Yuxi, "Are you here to learn how to ride a horse? Do you want me to teach you?"

Yuxi smiled and shook her head. "Thank you for your kindness, Miss Fu. He Rui is also good at riding and shooting, so it's better to let him teach me."

Fu Qingluo was surprised for a moment. "Yun Qing, you've changed your name?" Hearing Yun Qing being called He Rui, she felt even more strange. "I remember your courtesy name is Qing Ming, right?"

Yuxi was aware of Yun Qing's impatient look and said good-naturedly, "Miss Fu, I'll go pick a horse with He Rui, and we'll talk again later, is that okay?"

Fu Qingluo smiled, raised the whip in her hand and said, "I won't disturb you guys any longer. You two have fun." After saying that, she glanced at Yun Qing with a slight smile and swaggered off.

Yuxi smiled as she remarked, "Miss Fu's nature is so straightforward!" Looking at Fu Qingluo's behaviour, she truly felt that the northwest differed from the capital. If a capital girl dressed like this, she would have been sent to the nunnery or the family temple the next day.

Yun Qing did not comment on Fu Qingluo and urged instead, "Let's go and choose a horse for you."

Yuxi was not good at this, so she let Yun Qing pick for her. Yun Qing ended up choosing a date red mare. The mare had a gentle temperament and was suitable for beginners. [+]

Yun Qing said, "First grab onto the reins, then hold the saddle with both your hands and after that, put your foot on the stirrup. This way, you can easily sit on the back of the horse." After teaching her that, he also did a demonstration.

Yuxi was not a timid one, and she quickly got on the back of the horse according to Yun Qing's words. Yuxi joyfully stomped hard on the saddle and said, "It's not that hard!" As soon as she spoke these words, the horse swayed, and Yuxi's whole body leaned back.

Yun Qing's quick eyes and quick hands held Yuxi at bay. He thought she would be scared, but he didn't expect her to cheerfully exclaim, "This is quite interesting."

After learning to ride in less than a shichen, the sun was bright and getting hot. Thus, Yun Qing's group returned to the ranch. When Yun Qing was made aware that Fu Qingluo was still there, he grumbled, "Why didn't you go back?"

Fu Qingluo cried out, "I can go back whenever I want. Do I need to report to you?" She then said, "I always thought that all the girls in the capital were delicate and fragile, and they would cry when something happened to them. However, when I saw you, I realised my eyes had been obscured by a single leaf." She looked at Yuxi, whose face was flushed, but her eyes were extremely bright.

Yuxi smiled and said, "I just find riding fascinating." Actually, Yuxi was worried that if there was a contingency in the future and she could ride a horse, her chances of escaping would be higher. She always adhered to the principle that having more skills was better than having less.

Fu Qingluo let out a loud laugh. "Not only is it fascinating, but when you finally learn it, you'll know how great it feels to ride fast on a horse."

While they were talking, Fu Qingluo's maid served them watermelon and grapes. Fu Qingluo said, "This watermelon and grapes have been soaked in the well water and just taken out."

Yuxi smilingly nodded and said, "Thank you, Miss Fu." After saying that, she first picked a big piece and handed it to Yun Qing before taking one for herself.

Fu Qingluo curled her lips in discontent as she complained, "Why did you give it to him? It's not like he doesn't have any hands." She could not even stand looking at this pretentious act.

Yuxi smiled gently and didn't respond to this question.

Fu Qingluo ate two grapes and asked, "By the way, I forgot to ask you. How old are you this year?" When she heard Yuxi answer seventeen, she smiled brightly. "I am eighteen this year. From now on, you can call me Jiejie!"

Yuxi gently shook her head and said, "This is not possible. He Rui is older than you. So you should call me saozi." Naturally, the rank should follow Yun Qing's side.

Fu Qingluo glanced at Yuxi and chirped, "You are quite interesting. I won't hinder you anymore. I'm going back." After saying that, she left.

Fu Qingluo's maid Qiushuang wondered with a surprised face, "This Madam Yun is not afraid of General Yun at all?" From her memory, it seemed that her Miss was the only one in Yu City who wasn't afraid of General Yun. She didn't expect that the seemingly soft and weak Madam Yun was also a courageous one.

Fu Qingluo said, "Yun Qing has gotten such freaking luck." She thought that the poisonous woman, Song Guifei, would give a spiteful and willful woman to Yun Qing. She wanted to see Yun Qing being made into a joke! She didn't expect the result to go beyond her expectations. This Han Yuxi was reportedly outstanding in appearance and very good in temperament. She also attached the most importance to Yun Qing in everything. This time, it was impossible for her to make a fool of Yun Qing. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

When Qiushuang, who had grown up with Fu Qingluo, heard this, she asked with a smile, "Is Miss still bitter about what happened at the beginning?" In the beginning, General Fu intended to marry Fu Qingluo to Yunqing. Unfortunately, Yun Qing was unwilling. Therefore, the matter ended up with nothing definite.

Fu Qingluo coldly snorted and said, "He made me lose face, so how can I let him off so easily?" She also didn't like Yun Qing, much less willing to marry him. But only to be rejected by Yun Qing without leaving any room for error, making her feel very disgraced. Before, she never had the chance to get back at him, but now she had one! Yun Qing disliked her? Then she would let Han Yuxi become the same as her, and let's see what he would do by that time.

Qiushuang knew what Fu Qingluo meant, but she felt that this matter was mysterious. "Miss, this Madam Yun doesn't look like a person who can easily be fooled."

Fu Qingluo laughed. "No need to worry about it. I have my own ideas." She didn't believe that she couldn't handle a woman who never took a step out of the second gate.

Yuxi did not know that Fu Qingluo had the desire to train her to become a great independent woman. If she had known about this, she would indeed have a laugh.

They stayed on the ranch for two days and did not return until the second day's afternoon. When it was time to go back, Yuxi rode her own horse, but she couldn't make it move very fast, only slowly. She was not in a hurry anyway. Hence it is okay for the horse to walk slower.

"Drive......" Halfway through, she heard a loud female voice.

Zijin had a good memory. When she heard that voice, she informed Yuxi, "Miss, I'm afraid that it is Miss Fu."

Soon, Fu Qingluo caught up with them.

Yuxi smiled and asked, "Miss Fu, didn't you go back to Yu City yesterday?" Although Fu Qingluo was very flamboyant and different from the girls in the capital. But Yuxi was still envious of her to be able to live so freely and carefree.

Fu Qingluo answered with a smile, "I had nothing to do at home, so I went out for a walk." After looking Yuxi up and down, she smiled and praised, "Not bad. You can ride a horse by yourself in two days."

Yuxi smilingly responded, "I haven't learned it properly yet, and I only dare to ride with He Rui by my side. Otherwise, I would not dare to ride the horse alone." After saying that, she also deliberately glanced at Yun Qing with a touch of shyness on her face.

Looking at such a situation, Fu Qingluo felt that there was a long way to go to reform Yuxi. She waved her horsewhip and said with a smile, "Then I'll go back first. I'll talk to you some other day." After saying that, she rode away. She indeed came and went like the wind.

Yun Qing had a loathsome expression as he spoke to Yuxii, "Don't pay attention to her." It was better for Yuxi to stay away from her so as not to lead her astray.

Yuxi was curious and asked, "Why does Husband hate Fu Qingluo so much?" Yun Qing's dislike for Fu Qing Luo had all been shown on his face. [T/C]

If Yun Qing's attitude wasn't so obvious, Yuxi would have been worried. Fu Qingluo looked beautiful and had a flamboyant nature. Such a woman was actually very popular with men.

Yun Qing did not explain, only said: "You should not have any contact with her anymore." He also could not tell her the specific reason. It was not decent for a grown man to talk about a woman's rights and wrongs behind her back.

Yuxi smiled and said, "Okay." But in her heart, she was curious and decided to go back and let someone inquire about this Eldest Young Miss Fu's deeds.


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