ROHYX Chapter 342 : Displaying One's Talent For The First Time

On the day of Zijin's betrothal, the residence also held several small tables filled with noodles, making everyone's mouths oily. Xu Daniu even ate so much that he rubbed his belly and said, "I'm full. Our life has been good like this ever since Madam entered the residence." They had been eating and drinking well every day. One could well imagine how comfortable their days had been. In addition, they could drink refreshing and cool mung bean soup on hot days like today. Just imagine how carefree their days had been.

Xu Wu strongly agreed with this statement.

Xu Daniu looked at Xu Wu and slyly said, "Big brother, Zijin, one of the people beside Madam, has been betrothed. Isn't there still Zisu, who is unmarried yet? This is what people call don't let one's own fertile water flow into others' fields. You have to seize this good opportunity. I heard that many people are currently eyeing her!"

Xu Wu slapped the back of Xu Daniu's head. "What kind of nonsense is this? Do you think Madam's people can be obtained as you wish?" Although he was still a bachelor, he never had any idea to hit on Zisu.

Xu Daniu covered his head before responding, "Big Brother, I truly think of you! You can just look at Miss Zisu. She is good-looking and literate. I even heard that she isn't that bad at managing a household. If you miss such a good girl, you will have no more chances to be with a girl like her in the future." Xu Daniu felt that his big brother should enjoy the moonlight first since he was at the pavilion closest to the water.

Xu Wu coldly warned him, "If you're going to talk about some nonsense again, you will be penalised with military flogging punishment." This warning successfully made Xu Daniu shut up since he did not want to be beaten because of his few spoken words.

The one who was on everyone's mind, Zisu, was actually distracted recently. Zijin had already settled her own marriage, leaving her alone without a significant other. She used to say that she wouldn't marry anyone. However, as she got older, she found that her conviction was easier said than done. Other than that, she felt a bit unbearable with the strange eyes people had given her lately.

Yuxi also noticed the change in Zisu, but she did not actively seek her to speak out about this. She also realised that she had been too indulgent to Zisu. It was time for her to be cold and slowly pressure this girl. Otherwise, it would only make Zisu even more out of line.

Mama Xi entered the room and handed Yuxi a letter while saying, "Madam, this is a letter from the capital." After saying that, she presented it with both of her hands.

After receiving the letter, Yuxi told Mama Xi to withdraw. Only then did she open and read it. Once she was done reading, her face turned grave. She didn't know if this news was good or bad for them.

Yuxi put down the letter and walked out. At this time, Shiliu came over and reported, "Madam, Mama Qu is back." It had been agreed that Mama Qu would only stay with the Qin family for three days, but it turned out that she had been with the family for ten days. For this reason, Yuxi felt quite uncomfortable. The other party's words couldn't be trusted and didn't even have a shred of integrity.

Yuxi looked at Mama Qu's tired face and urged, "Mama, you should go have a rest first! It's not too late to talk about it later."

Mama Qu nodded and said, "Then, I will wash up first, Madam."

Half a shichen later, Mama Qu came over to see Yuxi and told her everything she had done in these ten days in the Qin Residence. "Madam Qin not only asked me to teach Miss Qin the rules and manners but also asked me about many things in the capital." She told Madam Qin everything she could say and what she couldn't speak about, it would be more cost-effective for her not to say anything.

All of these had been expected by Yuxi, so there was nothing to be surprised about.

Mama Qu hesitated before saying, "Madam, there are some things that I don't know if I've been overly sensitive about. Madam, all the time I had been by Miss Qin's side, her food and clothing were no worse than when Madam was in the State Residence."

Yuxi found this statement a bit strange. "It's very normal for a young lady from a general residence to have this kind of aspect regarding her food and clothing." Marshal Qin was also a first-rank officer and had guarded the border city for so many years. Since the family was thriving, the womenfolk in residence would naturally have a very good life. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

Mama Qu shook her head as she explained, "During my stay in the Qin Residence, they never stopped serving lychee and longan. And they even had cherries just a few days ago!" An average official family in the capital could not afford to eat these fruits, let alone in the northwest. Here, the price for a jin of lychee was higher than that of a sheep.

Hearing these explanations and remembering what happened on Xu Shi and Qin Yue's first visit, Yuxi felt very amused. Fortunately, she didn't think that people in the border town were just country bumpkins who didn't know anything, or she would have lost her face. "This is indeed really interesting. Other than that, is there anything else?"

Mama Qu continued, "The servants in Qin Residence seem to always be in conflict. It's quite normal for those high ranks to step on those in the lower ranks. Their management is also not strict." Mama Qu did not personally inquire about the affairs of the residence. However, she could still watch and listen to what happened around her.

Yuxi nodded. "I know. It has been hard on Mama. Please take a good rest for these few days." She could no longer freely lend out her personal mama to anyone in the future. Although there was Mama Xi to help her, these past few days had still been tiresome enough for her.

Mama Qu shook her head and said, "It's okay. I will just rest for one afternoon."

When Yun Qing returned in the evening, Yuxi did not tell him what Mama Qu had told her. Yun Qing was not stupid. After so many years in the northwest, how could he not know what was going on inside the Qin Residence? Yuxi only told him about a separate matter. "Husband, I just received a letter from Dage. He said in his letter that the Emperor had issued a decree to establish the 9th Prince as the Crown Prince. The Board of Astronomy had already chosen an auspicious day in the ninth lunar month." The procedure for conferring the 9th Prince as the Crown Prince was complicated. It would be easy for everyone to get heatstroke if it was done in such hot weather.

Yun Qing froze. He really didn't know about this matter. "When was the Imperial Decree issued?" When the distance was too far, the news would indeed be delayed.

Yuxi answered, "Six days ago." Because of the importance of this matter, Han Jianming used the fastest way to send the letter out.

Yun Qing nodded and said, "I'll go look for Uncle Huo. You don't have to wait for me to eat dinner. You should take yours first!" After saying that, he hurriedly went out.

Yuxi didn't expect that Xu Wu would come over and ask her to go to the front courtyard after a while. When she went there, she found only Huo Changqing and Yun Qing inside.

Huo Changqing looked at Yuxi and asked, "What do you think about the Emperor appointing the 9th Prince as the Crown Prince?"

Yuxi hurriedly shook her head and said, "I have no opinion on this." After saying that, she carefully glanced at Yun Qing and found that his expression was still as ugly as before.

The corner of Huo Changqing's mouth raised into a small smile as he said, "If you have any thoughts, just say it. No need to be scrupulous." From this small gesture, it could be seen that Han Shi kinda cared about Yun Qing's attitude, which was good.

Yun Qing looked at Yuxi and urged, "Yuxi, if you have any ideas, just say them aloud." It was also Uncle Huo who requested for Yuxi to come over. If it was according to his own thoughts, he didn't want Yuxi to get involved in these matters.

Yuxi still shook her head, indicating that she had no idea. She didn't want to appear too capable. Being too talented would make a person lead a hard life. Moreover, she felt that Yun Qing did not like capable women either.

Huo Changqing said to Yun Qing, "You should resolve this matter between yourself!" After saying that, he went out, leaving space for the young couple.

Yuxi waited for Huo Changqing to go out and asked Yun Qing, "Husband, why did Uncle Huo call me over and ask me such a strange question?"

Yun Qing whispered, "If you have any ideas, just say them. We are husband and wife. There is nothing we can't say between us."

Yuxi also knew that Yun Qing wouldn't lie to her. "What does Husband want to hear from me?" She didn't want to be a capable person, but she was willing to be one if her talent could help Yun Qing.

A smile appeared on Yun Qing's face. "Just say whatever comes to your mind. In front of me, you don't need to have any scruples."

Yuxi said, "Then, you better ask Uncle Huo to come back in! Three heads are better than one anyway."

Huo Changqing reentered the room and asked Yuxi. "If His Majesty wants to enthrone the 9th Prince as the Crown Prince, why hasn't he appointed Song Guifei as the Empress?" This was a bizarre matter.

Yuxi shook her head and said, "My Dage once mentioned to me that it seems that it was because of what Great Master Huineng said back then made Song Guifei did not want to ascend the throne. But whether this is true, there is no guarantee to it." When did Han Jianming ever tell Yuxi about this? It was she who was obsessed with this issue. Han Jianming had made great efforts to investigate, but the result was specious.

After saying that, Yuxi continued, "In fact, it doesn't matter if Song Guifei isn't the Empress. As long as the position of the 9th Prince is stable, her standing can not be shaken. When the 9th Prince ascends the throne as Emperor, she will definitely be the Empress Dowager."

Huo Changqing also knew this and said, "If the 9th Prince takes the throne, the Song family's position will be solid as a rock. It will be even harder to deal with them in the future." It was already difficult for them to take care of the Song family once the 9th Prince became the Crown Prince.

Yun Qing's face became even colder.

In response, Yuxi hurriedly said, "That's not necessarily true. Since the 9th Prince is now the Crown Prince, naturally, he still has to rely on the Song family. However, when he becomes the Emperor, the situation will be different. As the 9th Prince has the ability and ambition, he will not let the Song family turn him into a mere figurehead and act as their puppet. While the Song family will definitely not be willing to hand over their power when the time comes." One wished for power, and the other did not want to release their power. Because of this, there would undeniably be a fight between them. And this would be the perfect time for Yun Qing to take his revenge. Of course, this moment would not come so soon. It would take a decade or eight years before it happened. [+]

Hearing this, Yun Qing was so shocked that he turned to look at Yuxi. He knew that Yuxi was intelligent, but he did not expect her to even understand the matters of the Imperial Court.

After listening to these words from Yuxi, Huo Changqing nodded his head gratefully and inquired, "You are right. Seeing that you are familiar with the Imperial Court affairs, have you been exposed to such matters before?"

Yuxi also did not deny it. She nodded and said, "My Dage saw that I like to read history books, so he often told me about these. After hearing more, I also have some superficial ideas of my own." Yun Qing knew about her love of reading history books anyway.

Huo Changqing muttered in his heart how modest she was. If her reason was this simple, then those aides he had taken so far must have been rice buckets. Huo Changqing revealed a rare smile as he said, "Yun Qing, if you have anything to discuss in the future, you can talk it over with your wife." Duke Han could not have shared with her about the Imperial Court for no reason. Nine times out of ten, this girl was personally involved with it. What did this mean? This meant that this girl was very resourceful and the kind that was very outstanding in it. At this moment, Huo Changqing also felt that Yun Qing had picked up a treasure.

Yun Qing nodded his head and took Yuxi back.

Yun Qing did not say anything on their way back, making Yuxi feel a little uneasy. Once they were inside the house, she asked, "Husband, are you unhappy? I also want to help you by sharing some of your burdens, but I won't say anything anymore afterwards if you don't like it." In fact, she also wanted to do her part, but she had some scruples. Now, Huo Changqing's behaviour was exactly what she wanted.

Yun Qing shook his head and said, "It wasn't that. I just don't want to trouble you." Yun Qing felt that it would be fine if this revenge was done by himself. He didn't want Yuxi to worry and be troubled with it.

Yuxi shook her head and stated, "I'm not tired, not at all. My Dage often discussed these things with me when I was in the State Residence." After saying that, she took the initiative to hug Yun Qing and spoke softly, "We are a married couple. As husband and wife, we should be in the same storm-tossed boat and enjoy our good fortune together. Moreover, I also want to share this burden with you, and I don't want you to bear this huge debt of blood by yourself."

Yun Qing did not say anything. He just hugged Yuxi tightly, which made her a little breathless.

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