ROHYX Chapter 351 : Blessings

Zijin did not return until nightfall, and when she saw Yuxi, she frowned and reported, "Miss, the General has not made any contact with women during this time." Yun Qing's life was simple; he only went back and forth between two places. If he wasn't in the barrack, he would be at home. He didn't go anywhere else other than these two places. There were no women in the military camp, so it was nothing to be concerned about.

Yuxi felt a bit odd. "Er Nainai Zhou would not say such things for no reason." It was not that she thoroughly trusted Er Nainai Zhou. She just thought that Er Nainai Zhou wouldn't make such a joke.

Zijin nodded. "I thought the same thing too, so I've asked Yu Zhi to talk to Guo Xun and the others." Yu Zhi knew martial arts, and Yun Qing wanted to lure him to the army. Who would have guessed that this youngster said he was having a good time and didn't want to be a soldier? In this regard, Yun Qing felt it was a bit regretful. But people had their own will and could not be forced. Plus, by staying in residence to protect Yuxi, his talent wouldn't go to waste.

Yuxi deliberately instructed, "Tell Yu Zhi to take it easy. Don't let them notice anything."

When Yun Qing returned home in the evening, Yuxi told him about the medicinal herbs business. "Husband, Er Nainai Zhou asked me to have a share in her family business, and I could easily get free money from it. Husband, could it be that the Zhao family is not at ease with you?" Yuxi knew that some merchants would send some performance shares out to seek shelter from the officials, but she didn't expect to receive the same treatment one day.

Yun Qing frowned and responded after a while, "Since she offered it, you can just take it." If it could make the Zhao family feel at ease, there was no hindrance for Yuxi to take over this performance share.

But Yuxi shook her head and stated, "Husband, we are not short of money. What do we need this performance share for?" Being cautious had been Yuxi's character. She wouldn't worry so much if this medicinal herbs business was hers alone. But this was the Zhao family's industry, while she only sat and waited for the dividends. She didn't even feel comfortable taking this kind of money.

Yun Qing glanced at Yuxi with astonishment. He thought Yuxi was just worried about his opposition. Of course, Yun Qing had also agreed to ally with the Zhao family for now, but it would be inappropriate to be given a share too clearly.

Yuxi was quite dissatisfied with Yun Qing's surprised expression when she said, "A virtuous man makes his fortune in a proper way. I do my own business to earn money, and I will do it fair and square. Who knows if this free money sent to our door will be used against us in the future? In case something happens, I'll be the one who has to deal with it. At that time, your reputation will also be damaged." This medicinal material was not like others, especially when they were for the army supply. Any carelessness would cost a life. Of course, she was not saying that the Zhao family was trying to trick her. It was just Yuxi's habit of doing things that had assurance. She was unwilling to get involved if the matter had no certainty and tended to be dangerous.

Yun Qing smiled. "Since you do not want to, you can just refuse it." In fact, it did not matter much whether he agreed or not. Still, Yuxi's attitude towards money made him happy, especially the saying that a virtuous man made his fortune properly, which resonated deep in his heart. Please read this chapter at xinshou blogspot com.

After talking about business, Yuxi began to set up a casual conversation. Of course, she would not be stupid enough to ask Yun Qing whether there had been any woman pestering him recently. She just put on a bitter expression as she spoke to Yun Qing, "Husband, I'm pregnant now, and I can't properly serve you. Don't you think……"

Yun Qing did not react for a moment before asking, "What is it?"

Yuxi opened her mouth to speak but said nothing in the end. She sadly bowed her head, and then her tears fell, drop by drop. Some even fell onto Yun Qing's hand.

Yun Qing was dumbfounded and scrambled to ask, "What's wrong? Eh? If you have anything to ask me, just ask. Please don't cry!" After saying that, he fumbled to wipe Yuxi's tears. Because of the calluses on his hands, he left behind red scratches on Yuxi's face while doing it.

After crying, Yuxi felt really embarrassed. She obviously just wanted to test him out. But the thought of Yun Qing embracing other women left and right later made her heart suffer unspeakable grievance. As a result, she could not hold back her tears. After wiping the rest of her tears, she embarrassingly explained, "Today, Mama Qu mentioned to me that I should arrange a tongfang to serve you." Those who pushed their husband to be served by someone else were usually forced by circumstances. Of course, she didn't count those whose hearts were not on their husbands.

Yun Qing didn't know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. "You're crying over this?" He thought something big had happened, but it was just this little thing. A few days ago, he heard his subordinates say that pregnant women's temperament would become eccentric. He thought everything would be normal for Yuxi, no different from the usual. Now he knew that his subordinate's words were really true.

Hearing this, Yuxi was annoyed and sulked, "What do you mean by over this? How can such a big matter seem like a child's play coming from your lips?" After she was done letting those words out, she continued in a manner that she was going to smash a pot just because it was already broken. "If you want someone else to serve you, I'll arrange for it tomorrow."

Yun Qing laughed heartily, saying, "I haven't even asked for it yet, and you've already overturned the vinegar jar. If I really wish for it, how can I become the upper beam to support the roof?" He had been swamped lately; where would he have that kind of thought? If it wasn't for Yuxi's pregnancy, he wouldn't even have time to go home.

When Yuxi heard his words, she immediately turned her grief into happiness and tried to reach for a yard after getting an inch by saying, "Really? You said that yourself. You are not allowed to bring another woman back to upset me in the future."

It was good that Yuxi would be jealous and nervous regarding this matter as they proved she genuinely cared for him. Thinking of this, Yun Qing put his arm around Yuxi and whispered, "Xi-er, don't indulge yourself in flights of fancy. It's my great fortune to take you as my wife." When he first learned of this bestowed marriage, he was pissed. At that time, he thought the malicious woman had once more used a dirty trick to eliminate him. Later, after hearing Han Jianye's description of Yuxi, he became curious about her. Now that they had been married for a few months, not a single thing about Yuxi did not please him.

When Yuxi heard this, her heart burst with joy, and she kissed Yun Qing on her own initiative. "Husband is so nice." No matter what the future had for them, at least now she was content.

With this promise from Yun Qing, what Er Nainai Zhou said about foxes being around him was finally released from her mind. Since she was in a good mood, she fell asleep at once.

The next day, Zijin met with Yuxi and told her, "Madam, Yu Zhi found out from Guo Xun that the General had met with Fu Qingluo several times during this period. The fox that Er Nainai Zhou was referring to, in all probability, must be Fu Qingluo." When Zijin thought of this, she became quite angry. She had first believed that Fu Qingluo was a very good person, but it turned out that she was actually this depraved.

After Yuxi heard this report, she commented, "They probably met by accident." With Fu Qingluo's arrogant nature, she should disdain living as a concubine. Moreover, the Fu family couldn't afford to lose another of their faces. It was also understandable for Er Nainai Zhao to say that. In the eyes of many official ladies in Yu City, Fu Qingluo was considered a fox.

Zijin felt that Yuxi should still be on guard. "Madam, you are pregnant now. If this woman seduces the General, it will be bad then." To be honest, up to now, she had been absolutely satisfied with Yun Qing's performance during this time.

Yuxi chuckled. "If the honey-trap worked on my husband, he would have died so many times back then. Therefore, you can rest assured when it comes to this point." If the honey-trap could indeed be used on Yun Qing, he would have already died in the hands of women a long time ago. Where would he still be alive until now? Moreover, even if Fu Qingluo had this kind of idea, with the way Yun Qing felt quite disgusted with her, her plan wouldn't be successful. Of course, Yun Qing's promise to her yesterday had given her enough confidence.

Zijin felt that Yuxi had a point. "Madam, we still have to be careful and on guard."

Yuxi couldn't help laughing. "There is no way to guard ourselves against something like this." She couldn't be with Yun Qing for twelve shichen a day. Moreover, if she had this in mind, it would be useless to burden her pregnant self by following him around. Hence, she wouldn't bother herself thinking about this kind of thing!

That day at noon, Yuxi was having her lunch. Mama Xi came in from outside and informed her, "Madam, someone from the capital has arrived."

This time, the messenger did not only bring a letter but also two cooks. Yuxi didn't expect they would arrive so soon. She thought it would be good if they could come in the eleventh lunar month. One of these two cooks specialised in the capital cuisine and Shandong cuisine. While the other was an expert in Jiangnan cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. Both of their craftsmanship was said to be pretty good. [+]

Yuxi also wanted to test the skills of these two cooks, as she instructed, "Let them prepare the evening meal. I want to see their skills."

At the end of the day, not a single person out of forty resident staff did not praise the two cooks after eating their dishes.

Xu Daniu was in an extremely cheerful mood. "Aren't these kinds of craftsmanship even better than that of the Fuyunlai cooks? Big brother, we are fortunate to eat something this delicious from now on." [T/C]

Xu Wu looked at Xu Daniu like he was an idiot and said, "These two cooks are specially recruited for the restaurant, not to stay at the residence to cook for us." Duke Han hadn't sent these two cooks all the way over here just to cook for them.

Xu Daniu was not that stupid to not understand the truth behind the cooks' arrivals. "What does that even matter? We can just go to the restaurant to eat them later on. It's really worth it just to taste these kinds of craftsmanship." After saying that, he lowered his voice and inquired, "I heard that Madam has a recipe for brewing wine, and the taste of the brewed wine is particularly pure. I wonder if it is true? If it is, then we will have good wine to drink."

Xu Wu scolded, "You only think about eating and drinking. Are you a reincarnation of a hungry ghost?" He wouldn't have bothered himself with this foodie if they didn't share the same surname. [T/C]

Xu Daniu chirped, "If you don't eat and drink well in this life, then you haven't truly enjoyed the joy of life." He definitely wouldn't drink while on duty, but when he was on his day off, he could go and have a taste.

The two cooks' cooking skills were even better than expected, naturally making Yuxi happy. But she still met them, who were in their thirties and still at their prime. Yuxi asked, "Where did you two originally work?"

One of the two cooks was surnamed Man, and the other Yu. The cook surnamed Man initially worked in a restaurant, but he was framed. If not for Han Jianming's help, not only would he have lost her life, but his family would have also been implicated. Thus, when Han Jianming saved him, he was so grateful. When Han Jianming requested him to work in the northwest, he did not object and instantly agreed. The other chef, surnamed Yu, was originally a cook of an official family. His whole family was bought by Han Jianming because his former master's residence had been searched, and his properties were confiscated after he had been dismissed from the office.

Yuxi said, "You guys should rest for the time being. When the restaurant opens in a few days, you will start to get very busy." Everything else in the restaurant was ready. The only things missing were the cooks. Now that they had arrived, it was all set to open.

The two cooks naturally had no objection.


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