ROHYX Chapter 389 : Before It Rains, Bind Everything Around With Silk

Goose feather-like snowflakes fluttered down one after another and got bigger and bigger over time.

Yuxi stood in front of the window, looking at the white blanket outside and wondered, "Why is it snowing again?" This was already the fifth snowfall this winter. As soon as it snowed, she couldn't go out and could only wander around inside the house, causing her to get bored out of her mind.

Zijin smiled. "A timely snow promises a good harvest. Snow is a good thing. Next year will be a bumper year." She liked snow anyway.

As they were talking, someone from outside came in and reported, "Madam, the estate has sent something over." The things sent from the farm were all items needed for the New Year, such as chickens, ducks, fish and meat, and other specialities that were not available there had been purchased long ago.

Han Ji came in and gave the list to Yuxi to check.

Yuxi smiled while looking at the list, which listed twenty jin of sausages and twenty jin of bacon and said, "This sausage and bacon are in great demand. Only this much left?" She usually used the bacon as giveaways, not for her own consumption.

Han Ji nodded. "These two dishes are very popular, and everyone loves them. Madam, I will send the restaurant together with the wine shop accounts in a couple of days."

Yuxi nodded for a moment and suddenly remembered what she told Yun Qing last time about going to the West Sea to buy skins. "Han Ji, the West Sea is very rich in species, with many birds and fish, and also abundant with medicinal herbs."

When Han Ji heard this, he asked, "Madam wants to start a medicinal herb business? We don't have anyone on hand who knows about medicinal herbs. Won't we be easily cheated if we don't know much about it?"

Yuxi shook her head. "I am trying to buy some good herbs and send them back to the capital when that time comes." Although she had sent some fine jade back, it was nothing compared to Qiu Shi's kind thoughts towards her.

Snow Lotus
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After a pause, Yuxi continued, "Snow lotus and the caterpillar fungus are both useful things and extremely good for the body, so I think of buying more. I want you to take the lead in going there. What do you think?" She didn't feel relieved to send other people. Those given by Yun Qing were excellent at fighting and killing but not that good when it came to talking in a roundabout way. If you let Hao Dazhuang and others go, they would definitely be fooled by the sellers. Yuxi wasn't worried about Han Ji's lack of understanding regarding medicinal herbs. She wasn't going to buy them in large numbers to do business. She only bought some for her own use, which shouldn't pose a problem for Han Ji.

Han Ji was not stupid. After listening to Yuxi's words, he asked, "Madam, in addition to purchasing skins and herbs, what else do Madam need me to do?" If Madam wanted good herbs, she could buy them straight from the Zhao family through Er Nainai Zhao. The Zhao family supplied medicinal herbs to the army. So if Madam wanted them, the best ones would be sent to her, and the price would not be too high. However, Madam must be asking him to do something else if she sought from afar what lay close at her hand.

Yuxi froze for a second after hearing this question. She didn't feel at ease with other people and found Han Ji reliable. She really did not have other ideas. But Han Ji's words reminded her that some things should be planned ahead of time before they could be accomplished. "Get a clear picture of the West Sea, especially the places you go all the way over, and keep track of the situation. However, do not leave any traces of this matter for others to notice."

Han Ji's heart thumped as he asked, "Then, when will I go, Madam?" He didn't expect that Madam had already started planning for the future. (How can you be so surprised when you are the one who planted that idea in her mind in the first place?)[Duh]

Yuxi answered, "Go at the beginning of spring. Take advantage of these two months to prepare well." If you prepared well for everything, you could catch your opponent by surprise in the future. It was a pity that she only had one Han Ji around whom she could use and no one else. Therefore, she didn't know what kind of people Dage would send her this time. She hoped he would send two more competent people like Han Ji!

Han Ji nodded. "Okay."

After putting all the things in order, Yuxi then called Xu Wu. She handed him a piece of paper and instructed, "Send the things to these people's homes."

Xu Wu took the paper, read it and nodded. "Okay."

Yuxi smiled as she said, "I haven't found a suitable steward yet. Once I have found one in time, you won't have to work hard on these matters." Now, she was using the head guard as a steward. There was no way around it, no one else in the mansion was worthy of her attention. Not because they weren't capable, but rather for the reason that these people were all illiterate. How could a person who couldn't read and write be the steward of the residence?

Xu Wu didn't find it burdensome at all. "I only need to move my mouth, so how can it be regarded as something gruelling for me?" He also didn't have to leave the house since he only needed to explain everything to his subordinates.

When Yun Qing returned home that evening, Yuxi smiled and brought out the finished cloak for him to try on.

Yun Qing didn't like the cloak as it was maroon, so he asked with a frown, "Why did you choose such a colour?" He did not like bright-coloured clothes. He usually wore either black or grey clothes, making him look reserved. It also caused people to feel very depressed when looking at him.

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Yuxi smiled and said, "When you're always wearing grey, it makes you look ghastly." Yun Qing was actually not bad looking. His appearance was just too unrefined.

Yun Qing asked disgustedly, "Why does a grown man need to look so good?" Despite his words, he honestly draped the cloak over himself.

Yuxi said happily, "You should wear it to the barracks tomorrow, and I'm sure everyone will say you look energetic in it." That was why it was said that people depended on their clothes, and horses depended on their saddles. When you changed your clothes, people would see you differently.

Yun Qing laughed a little as that was something he liked to hear.

While taking off the cloak, Yuxi asked, "Has that matter been resolved?" She was referring to the officer's joint request for new bedding and uniforms.

Yun Qing nodded. "Qin Zhao promised everyone that next year, in addition to new bedding, everyone would also be given two new sets of winter clothes. He made this promise in front of everyone, so these people did not create any more trouble."

Yuxi curled her lips in disbelief, but she also knew that this matter could only be held back like this for now. After all, there really wasn't any money on the military account. "I hope Qin Zhao can fulfil his promise."

Yun Qing said, "Don't worry. Since he had promised in front of all the military officers, there's no way he won't fulfil it. Otherwise, he'd be breaking the faith of 100,000 officers and soldiers towards him." Without prestige, how could a garrison Commander-in-chief lead troops to fight, let alone defend the city tenaciously?

Yuxi thought that if by any chance he died, it would be the same as not honouring his promise. But she could only mutter this matter in her heart. She certainly could not say it out loud. "He Rui, I've always heard that the food in your barracks is terrible. Is it really that bad?"

Yun Qing smiled. "I'll let you try it when I get a chance."

Yuxi felt that it would be best if such a chance never came. "The restaurant will be closed on New Year's Eve. Since the standard of the cooks in your barracks is so poor, do you want me to send my two cooks over to help them?" As long as she gave the word, the two masters would definitely have no objection. 

Yun Qing nodded. "That's naturally a good idea." Who in the barrack hadn't boasted and spoke highly of those two masters' level to him? With their help in cooking, these little brats must be so happy that they could not tell which way was north.

Yuxi smiled a little. Not only would she let the two masters help with the cooking, but she had also prepared quite a few goodies! She hoped to give these officers a sumptuous feast on New Year's Eve.

The next day, Yun Qing went to the military camp wearing the cloak Yuxi had made for him. On the way, he happened to run into Fu Tianlei.

Fu Tianlei looked at the cloak on Yun Qing, went over to him, pointed out the ancient pattern, and asked, "What is this? Is there anything particular about it?" He didn't need to ask to know that this cloak was made by Han Shi; the craftsmanship was exquisite.

Yun Qing smiled. "I'm not sure about that." He just wore it and didn't care what had been embroidered on it. It wouldn't be something bad anyway.

Fu Tianlei gave a friendly punch to Yun Qing as he praised, "The clothes look great on you. You used to be the one who envied me, but now I envy you. Look at how your wife has groomed you; it's a sight to behold!" It wasn't that his wife was not good; it was just that, alas, constantly comparing what he had to others would only make him angry. If he kept comparing goods, he might as well throw away everything he had.

Yun Qing said with a smile, "Don't be ungrateful."

Fu Tianlei came to find Yun Qing with a purpose and said, "I heard that your restaurant will be closed from New Year's Eve until the second day of the new year. Is that true?" Seeing Yun Qing nodding, he continued, "Since we are brothers, I will not be polite. Can you lend me your cooks for those two days?" The cooking skills of the two masters were really beyond words. Fu Tian Lei patronised the restaurant several times a month, but although he didn't eat much there, the prices of those few signature dishes were not low. He wanted to take this opportunity to invite those cooks to his home so that their home cooks could secretly learn from them.

After hearing this request, Yun Qing said with a smile, "Then you are too late. My wife said she would send these two masters to help cook in the barracks on New Year's Eve so the men could have a good meal."

Fu Tianlei did not feel sad after hearing this answer and said, "Then, isn't there still the first and second day of the new year? I am not that unkind. Let them rest on the first day, and come to my home to cook a noon meal for us on the second day. What do you think?"

Yun Qing did not dare to promise as he said, "These cooks are my wife's people. I have to ask for her opinion first." Yun Qing had never been the master of Yuxi, just like the dowry and people who accompanied her when she married him. He thought that he should ask Yuxi beforehand. Otherwise, he would be disrespectful to Yuxi.

Fu Tianlei was not angry and responded with a smile, "Then, I'll wait for your good news." He felt that, given his friendship with Yun Qing, Yuxi would certainly not refuse such a small request.

When Yun Qing arrived at the barracks and told his subordinate, Sergeant Wu, that the restaurant cooks would come to help in the mess kitchen. Sergeant Wu released a loud clamour of excitement and praised, "Madam is really a Bodhisattva!" Basically, all of Yun Qing's subordinates had been to the restaurant opened by Yuxi. Now that these two chefs could come to cook their New Year's Eve dinner, they wouldn't have to eat that pig-food-like food on that day. Since there were only two chefs, they couldn't cook for all the soldiers. Only officers of a certain rank would qualify for it.

Guo Xuan smiled and scolded, "Hurry up and do your work."

Hearing this, Sergeant Wu happily ran out and told the other brothers the good news, and those who listened to the information were very happy.

When Huo Changqing saw this situation, he asked about it, and after knowing the cause, he nodded his head. When he entered the room, he looked at Yun Qing, who was looking down at the map and complimented him with a smile, "This cloak looks quite nice." Just look at this smug one. He doesn't take it off even when he is inside the room.

Yun Qing laughed. "Yuxi also made one for you. You can wear it when you go back home." Huo Changqing was at the military camp these few days and hadn't returned home.

Huo Changqing smiled. "It's rather like I'm gaining benefit from your light." Every time Yuxi prepared something for Yun Qing, she would also provide the same thing for Huo Chang Qing, like clothing. The only difference was that Yun Qing's clothes were all made personally by Yuxi, while Huo Changqing's clothes were prepared by her maids.

Yun Qing was in an excellent mood. "What kind of words are you saying, Uncle Huo? When she shows her filial respect to you, it is similar to when I do the same to you." Their husband and wife were acting as one!

Hua Changqing wasn't an unreasonable person. He would wear whatever he was given and never shirked from it. This time, he just made an offhand comment. A look of relief appeared on his face after listening to Yun Qing's words.

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