ROHYX Chapter 406 : Promotion (2)

Yun Qing wore a royal blue coloured robe embroidered with five bats[1] holding a cluster of clouds, while Yuxi had put on a long blue dress. Yuxi was tall, only a head shorter than Yun Qing, and when the two stood together, one looked handsome and the other beautiful, indescribably eye-catching.

As soon as Yuxi walked into the parlour, she looked at the man holding the Imperial Decree. He was not a eunuch, but a man dressed in an official uniform, smelling of books and scrolls.

The leading man looked back and forth at the couple walking into the main reception hall and took the initiative to greet them, "General Yun, Madam Yun." Since he was trying to draw them in, his attitude was naturally cordial.

Yun Qing did not make a polite greeting. He just gave a muffled sound and said nothing more. This kind of attitude appeared arrogant in the eyes of the people coming from the capital. Yuxi, on the other hand, had looked like a young mistress since she came out, standing behind Yun Qing with her head bowed and not saying anything.

The head of the group had long heard of Yun Qing's arrogance and domineering attitude, so he was not angry about it and said with a smile, "General Yun, my surname is Du, named Wenshu, and currently serving in the Hanlin Academy." [T/C]

Yun Qing didn't have a favourable impression of this Du Wenshu. He was not in the mood to be polite to him, and he was most annoyed by the chatter of these literati. It had to be said that Yun Qing had a common problem inherent in martial artists; he despised the scholars. "Since you're already here, just announce the decree!" The meaning of this was, what was the point of talking so much nonsense?

Du Wenshu was not angry and responded with a smile, "Okay."

Yuxi glanced at Du Wenshu without a trace and saw that he was indeed not annoyed and still had a cordial smile, which made her heart sink. Although this man's eyes were clear, his mind was deep enough. The person sent by the Crown Prince this time was a formidable character.

The incense burner was already lit, and both Yun Qing and Yuxi were already on their knees as Du Wenshu spread out the Imperial Decree. Yuxi listened attentively and was a little surprised after she finished listening. She thought that this time Yun Qing would be promoted to the rank of deputy general of the lower second rank, but she did not expect to be promoted directly to the rank of vice general of the upper second rank. Today, the highest officer ranking in the border city was Qin Zhao, an upper second-rank vice general. However, Qin Zhao's position was not based on real military merit. Not to mention the other generals, even some of Qin Zhao's higher-ranking subordinates, also had some misgivings in their hearts. However, Marshal Qin's prestige was still there, and many generals received favours from him, so even if they were unhappy, they had to hold back without saying anything. [T/C]

People always looked happy when they got promoted. Yun Qing's reaction was the other way around. When the Imperial Decree was read, his face became as black as the bottom of a pot. Those who weren't clear of the situation would have believed that he had been demoted! Fortunately, despite his unsightly expression, Yun Qing still had a sense of propriety. After he shouted, 'Long live the Emperor, long live the Emperor', he received the Imperial Decree with both hands.

After receiving it, Yun Qing looked at Du Wenshu and asked, "Is there anything else? I will go to the military camp if there is nothing else." Two promotions in a row, without any signs at all. Otherwise, he would rather not be promoted to the post, which he found too troublesome.

Hearing this, Du Wenshu replied with a smile, "If the General has no objection, this humble official would like to follow the General to the military camp." After coming to the border city, it was necessary to take a trip to the military camp.

Yun Qing did not save any face for Du Wenshu just because he was from the capital and answered coldly, "A military camp is an important place; unrelated people are disallowed from entering."

Yuxi held her forehead. She sort of knew why Yun Qing was said to be a man who liked throwing his weight about[4] and considering everyone else beneath him[5] later on. How would he have a good reputation if he even dared to offend the Emperor and the Crown Prince? But in front of outsiders, especially strangers, Yuxi wouldn't open her mouth. Not only did she want to save face for Yun Qing, but she also didn't want people to know about her too soon. Apart from those extremely close to her, no one else knew that she helped advise or influence Yun Qing's decisions.

After a pause, Du Wenshu said with a smile, "This humble official wonders under what circumstances can this humble official enter the military camp. General, I don't mean anything else. I just want to understand the current situation in the army so that I can give an account to His Majesty and the Crown Prince when I return." This time he was smart enough to bring out the Emperor and the Crown Prince, but he didn't know that his words had the opposite effect. There were three people that Yun Qing hated the most nowadays. Apart from the Song family, the others were the Emperor and the Crown Prince. If not for the Emperor's incompetence and the Crown Prince's ruthlessness and selfishness, his family wouldn't have been destroyed.

Yun Qing was just about to speak when he suddenly heard Yuxi utter an ouch and hurriedly asked, "What's wrong?" He still had a higher respect for her.

Yuxi shook her head. "Nothing." She said so, but her face still had a painful look.

Yun Qing offered, "I'll help you in." After saying that, he helped Yuxi to get back into the inner courtyard. As for Du Wenshu, Yun Qing didn't seem to remember such a person.

Once in the rear courtyard, Yuxi returned to normal and whispered to Yun Qing, "Why did you refuse to let him into the military camp? How good would it be to let him go to the barracks and see how the soldiers live nowadays? Let the Crown Prince know how difficult it is for them. At that time, if the authorities allocate money, the soldiers can settle their bedding, uniforms and other things."

Yun Qing said sullenly, "How can it be that easy? It's not like no one has ever come here before, only to leave with a full stomach and a pat on their behind."

Yuxi was furious. He was so good at fighting battles, but he couldn't figure out this significance. "Before was before, now is now. The Crown Prince wants to pull you in, and so does the Yu family. As long as they agree to allocate money, it will come down."

Yun Qing felt that Yuxi thought too simply. "How can it be so easy to ask for the money?"

Yuxi really thought that Yun Qing was an idiot. "I dare not say that if you do this, you will definitely get the money, but if you don't, then there will definitely be none."

Yun Qing said, "Now that I have offended him, it's useless to say more." Yun Qing did not feel that even if he managed to coax Du Wenshu, the Crown Prince would be able to allocate some money for them.

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Naturally, Yuxi also thought of this. "You really can't step in on this anymore, or else you'll be looked down upon by them as well, so let's send Uncle Huo! I believe Uncle Huo can handle this matter well." As for whether Huo Changqing would also muck up the scene just like Yun Qing, this was something that Yuxi was not worried about. Huo Changqing wasn't as hard-headed as Yun Qing.

Yun Qing was also very unwilling to let Huo Changqing lower his head.

Yuxi said grumpily, "It's not like we're asking Uncle Huo to beg. It's just a matter of treating Du Wenshu and his party well. If we merely take a step back, we will be able to buy new bedding, uniforms and equipment for 100,000 soldiers in the border city, so why can't you agree to such a thing?"

Yun Qing felt uncomfortable, but he still knew what was necessary. "Okay, I'll go to the barracks and talk to Uncle Huo."

Yuxi looked at Yun Qing's face and softly advised, "He Rui, don't only judge Du Wenshu on his fragile appearance. Once he doesn't like you, he can kill you. These scholars, their mouths and pens, can be even sharper than a knife!" Seeing that Yun Qing didn't say anything, she continued, "I know you don't care about this, but have you thought about our children? If your reputation is tarnished by these people again, what will happen to your children's marriage in the future?"

Yun Qing had to say that Yuxi's words struck a chord in his heart. He did not care what others thought of him, but he could not help but think of his children.

Yuxi added, "He Rui, I'm not asking you to give in to everything, but next time you're dealing with people from the capital, don't be so hard on them until they are put on the spot. If you don't want to meet them, just let the people around you entertain them properly then." If he wanted to turn Yun Qing into a smooth and slick person, she had to educate him from the start. Yuxi only hoped that Yun Qing would offend people less.

Yun Qing nodded. "Okay."

Yuxi grinned. "I also believe you can do it." After saying this, she took Yun Rong's cloak and fastened it on him.

Yun Qing walked to the gate and found Du Wenshu still there. Du Wenshu took the initiative to speak to Yun Qing, "General Yun......"

Yun Qing gave a hmph and asked, "Is there something wrong?" His attitude was cool as ever.

Du Wenshu was not affected by Yun Qing's attitude in the slightest and said, "General, the Crown Prince specifically told this humble official before leaving the capital to learn more about the soldiers' lives in the border cities. So please don't take any offence."

Yun Qing said coldly, "Since you want to go so much, I won't stop you, but only you can enter. No one else is allowed."

Du Wenshu had no problem with this, but the two men beside him had a different opinion. "Du Daren[6], the Crown Prince has instructed that no one should leave Daren[6]'s side even for one step." These two men were the guards assigned by the Crown Prince to protect Du Wenshu's safety.

Seeing this scene, Yun Qing didn't say anything and rode off.

Guo Xun, however, retorted, "It's not like Du Daren[6] is going to the northern barbarians' military camp. Are we going to eat him?" This person said he wanted to go but still didn't move a muscle. If this person wasn't going to go, then scram. Even he didn't want to entertain him! After saying these words, Guo Xun rode off as well.

Du Wenshu looked at the group of people following him and instructed, "Follow along!" Although Yun Qing's attitude was arrogant and disrespectful, the way Yun Qing behaved reassured Du Wen. How could such an unruly man work for the Yu family?

After about half a shichen[7], Du Wenshu finally arrived in front of the Dingbei[8] Army's barracks. It was only natural that the barracks were heavily fortified and guarded everywhere.

When Du Wenshu was stopped from entering, he said, "I am Du Wenshu, the envoy sent by His Highness the Crown Prince, and just now, General Yun has promised to let me into the barracks."

A bull-tall soldier looked at Du Wenshu for a moment, then threw down these two words, "Wait here." After saying that, he ran inside while the other guards didn't put down the weapons in their hands.

A short attendant beside Du Wenshu complained, "This Yun Qing considers everyone else beneath him[5]. Daren[6] has said that Daren[6] is an Imperial Envoy but is still told to wait here." Not only was Yun Qing arrogant, but so were all these soldiers. This attendant didn't even think that a military camp was an important area. If anyone could just come in, the place would have become a mess.

Du Wenshu didn't respond to his attendant's words but said, "Yun Qing is still strict in managing the army." Du Wenshu was the Crown Prince's favourite staff. While in the capital, even the Yu and Song families would treat him courteously, even if they were just for show. Nevertheless, Yun Qing was so rude to him. Although Du Wenshu looked unconcerned just now, he was actually very upset. But even if he was unhappy, he couldn't show his emotions, or he would ruin the Crown Prince's big plan.

Footnotes Full List
  1. five=Wu, bat=fú, which sounded the character 福 ( (or )) for blessings and known as wufu
  2. Oh, his name is Wenshu? I thought it was his position since wen shu also means secretary. I need to fix that info in previous chapters.
  3. Eh? Wait! I thought Qin Zhao was the Commander-in-chief of the northwestern army. So, is that his official position, or is he just temporarily holding to it? 🤔 If he is actually only an upper second-rank vice general, doesn't this mean both of them to have the same rank? 😵‍💫
  4. Chinese idiom: arrogant and domineering; bossy
  5. Chinese idiom: so pompous that no one else matters
  6. title of respect toward superiors
  7. 2 hours
  8. ding=calm, bei=North

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