ROHYX Chapter 451 : Confinement (1)

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The ceremony for Zaozao's xisan[1] was initially simple, but it turned out to be quite lively. As the midwife watched people throwing gold and silver into the basin, she said all the auspicious words she had stored up in her stomach without missing a beat.

When the child was brought back, she had a number of extra items with her, either gold or jade, all of which were valuable. Looking at these things, Yuxi knew her earlier prediction was correct.

Looking at the child who was looking at her with round eyes, Yuxi smiled and said, "Make a separate booklet for the Eldest Young Miss and register all the things she gets."

Speaking of this matter, Yuxi asked, "Where is the General? Please ask the General to come over if he is in the residence. I have something to ask him."

Not long after that, Yun Qing arrived. When he heard Yuxi tell him her suspicion about why the visitors were so enthusiastic today, a smile appeared on his face as he said, "The Imperial Decree has been issued, but it should take a few more days to arrive." Seeing Yuxi's doubtful expression, Yun Qing added, "Da Jiuge[2] sent a letter over, and it arrived yesterday noon. I didn't want to bother you, so I didn't inform you."

Yuxi did not dwell on this matter either. Since she wasn't allowed to trouble herself over it, then she would just follow the advice. It was also good to have a couple of days of leisure. "Does Qin Zhao know about this?"

Yun Qing nodded. "If I didn't guess wrong, he should have known about it before me. But don't worry. He can't do anything to me." Qin Zhao couldn't do anything to him before, let alone now.

Yuxi frowned. "No matter when you can't take the enemy lightly. You're not alone now. If something happens to you, what will happen to me and Zaozao?"

It was then that Zaozao began to cry loudly. Even though she was only three days old, her loud voice made Yuxi's forehead twitch.

Yun Qing couldn't even pay attention to Yuxi then because he was busy picking up Zaozao and asking, "What's wrong with the child?"

Yuxi thought momentarily before answering, "Maybe she's hungry." Unfortunately, the baby refused to eat and continued to cry at the top of her lungs.

Seeing this situation, Yun Qing hurriedly called Mama Xi and Mama Lan. "I don't know what's going on with this child. She just keeps crying. Can you guys see if there's anything wrong with her?"

Mama Xi took the baby from Yuxi's arms, unwrapped her swaddling clothes, looked inside and said, "The baby has emptied her bowel. Let me change her nappy."

Yuxi burst out laughing as she said, "I just felt a sense of urgency that I never thought she would be emptying her bowel." This was a sign of an inexperienced mother.

Mama Xi was ready to carry the child out to change her clothes. But Yuxi said, "He Rui, please help change the child's nappy." Then she said to Mama Xi, "Please teach the General how to put the nappy on the child, Mama Xi."

Mama Xi opened her mouth, but in the end, she said nothing and looked at Yun Qing.

Yun Qing did not know what medicine was being sold in Yuxi's gourd, but he still nodded as a sign he was complying with her request. "Where do you keep the child's clothes? Bring them over." Zaozao had plenty of clothes, so he wasn't worried that she wouldn't have any to change into. So not only did he have to change her nappy, he had to change all her clothes from inside out.

Yuxi just leaned back on the bed and smiled a little as she looked at the golden stuff on the nappy. She remembered running away in fear the first time she saw her nephew's poo, but this current situation felt utterly different.

Mama Xi first taught Yun Qing how to change the nappy and then showed him hands-on how to dress the child. Mama Xi whispered as she led him, "The baby is still too young, and her bones are soft, so you must not use too much force when dressing her. If you do, you will hurt her." Mama Xi was very patient when teaching Yun Qing.

Mama Xi helped put on the first layer of clothes while Yun Qing put on the outer layer for the child. He wanted to use his strength, but remembering Mama Xi's words, he put the coat on much more carefully before wrapping his daughter in a thin brocade quilt. Fortunately, Zaozao was a good child and didn't cry at all.

After dressing the child, Yun Qing heaved a sigh of relief and exclaimed, "There." Dressing a baby was a real chore!

Yuxi winked at Mama Xi, who then led Mama Lan out of the room with her. As they left, Mama Xi couldn't help but wonder, "I wonder what Madam is thinking?" What would they do if the General didn't use the right force and hurt the Eldest Young Miss? Madam really had a big heart as the child's mother.

Mama Lan smiled as she responded, "Fourth Miss is a smart person." It might look like Fourth Miss was just fooling around because it had never been men's job to change their children's clothes and nappies. But the Fourth Miss still went ahead with the opposite idea anyway, which actually had many advantages. Firstly, it would let Yun Qing know that raising a child was not easy, and secondly, it would help deepen the relationship between father and daughter. Raising your children with your own hands would create a different bond.

Mama Xi laughed bitterly. "You don't know, alas...... It's hard for me to explain it in a few words." Just like when she was worried about Madam when Madam was nearly ten months pregnant.

Mama Lan was glad when she heard Mama Xi's words. "Fortunately, Fourth Miss has learned pharmacology from Momo[3] Quan. Otherwise, I don't know what would have happened!" In all her years of service, this was the first time she had heard of a pregnant woman stressing herself out.

Inside the room, Yun Qing held the baby and said with a smile, "I didn't know there were so many ways to change a nappy and put on clothes!"

Yuxi smiled as she said, "No matter what, you must learn to be a good father. In the future, you must spend more time with her whenever you are free. Otherwise, when you're busy and can't come home for a month and a half, the child won't know you by then."

Yun Qing argued, "Nonsense! Even if I can't come home often, I'm still her father. How can she not recognise me?" His daughter looked so much like him. It would be a big joke if she didn't even remember her father.

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Yuxi watched with a smile as the child's eyes closed again. "You can give her to me. It will be easy to raise this child. She only cries when she is hungry or urinates. The rest of the time, she is quiet." Yuxi thought that this child had the potential to grow up to be a lady. Later, she would realise that it was too early for such a naive thought.

Yun Qing was reluctant to let go of his precious daughter. "It's fine. Just let me hold her for a little longer. By the way, I bought the place next door. How are you going to fix it?" If they had more children in the future, a three-door courtyard would not be enough.

Yuxi smiled. "Let's put it aside for now, and we'll talk about it again when I'm out of confinement." She didn't have many days of peace and quiet when she was pregnant, but that was because of the situation. Yuxi was prepared to have a good period of confinement. A woman who did not have a good one would have to suffer for the rest of her life.

Yun Qing said, "It's fine. You can just tell me, and I'll have someone take care of it."

Yuxi glanced at Yun Qing. "You'll only be free for these few days, but when the Imperial Court people arrive in Yu City, you won't have any more free time. By then, we, mother and daughter, may not see you for a month and a half." She knew that many things were piling up in Yu City right now. Once Yun Qing took over, he would definitely be swamped.

Yun Qing looked at his piglet-like child who had fallen asleep, laid her down next to Yuxi and vowed, "No matter how busy I am, I will go home every day." Although what Yuxi had just said sounded like a joke, he certainly wouldn't let his daughter not recognise him.

Yuxi watched as Yun Qing's eyes kept falling on Zaozao and couldn't help but smile as she said, "You really will do anything for your daughter." Looking at this level of pampering, it was fortunate that he treated his daughter like this. If it were a son, the child would probably grow up as a dandy. Yuxi's thought was incorrect. Yun Qing wouldn't spoil his son. In his opinion, a daughter should be pampered, while a son should be polished to make him a talented and useful person.

With a smile on his face, Yun Qing joked, "Could it be that you're jealous?"

Yuxi was stunned by these words. After being married for over a year, this was the first time she had seen Yun Qing make a joke, which was too shocking for her. When she finally reacted, Yuxi was a little excited as she grabbed Yun Qing's hand and asked, "Are you not going to get angry easily now?"

Yun Qing was taken aback momentarily but soon understood what Yuxi meant. "I feel very relaxed lately." It was no longer like before when he always felt like there was a stone on his heart and that he was carrying this heavy burden on his back, making him breathless. It was also the reason why he couldn't control himself when something happened. 

Yuxi rejoiced when she heard these words. "He Rui, you have recovered." Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to joke about it. The current Yun Qing had a few shades of what she had seen of him back then.

Yun Qing asked with some disbelief, "Really?" He remembered when he heard the physician say that he had hysteria; although he didn't believe it, he was also a little worried in his heart.

Yuxi smiled and replied, "Of course it's true." She didn't expect Yun Qing to heal so quickly and thought it would take at least a year or two! Thinking about it, Yuxi turned her head and looked at their child, knowing she deserved most of the credit.

Yun Qing let out a sigh of relief. "That's good." Even though this illness came and went inexplicably, it was always good to be cured now.

Mama Bai called from outside, "Madam, the pig's trotter soup is ready. Shall I bring it in now?" For the past few days, Yuxi had been eating food that helped stimulate milk secretion.

pig's trotter soup

Yuxi said, "Please bring it in!" Zaozao's appetite was so good that Yuxi worried she couldn't feed this little one if she didn't eat something to increase her milk production.

Mama Bai's skills had significantly improved. The pig's trotters were very well cooked and did not taste greasy. As a result, Yuxi had eaten a large bowl of them in one sitting.

After Yuxi finished eating and put the bowl down, she said, "I'm afraid that if I keep eating like this, I'll get fat later." She didn't want to be a big fat person and felt she should do something about it. Otherwise, all her hard work would be for nothing.

Yun Qing didn't know how tangled Yuxi's heart was. After hearing this comment, he said, "It's better for you to be fat. You're just too skinny now."

Yuxi chuckled slightly. "If I get fat, I won't be able to wear these clothes anymore. I think it's best to stay like this for now." She was neither fat nor thin now, just the right size.

Mama Qu called from outside, "General, Guard Xu is looking for you."

Yuxi guessed that the people from the capital must have arrived as she urged Yun Qing, "Go and have a look. The decree from the Imperial Court has probably arrived."

Yun Qing hummed before taking another look at his precious daughter and then walked out with big strides, much to Yuxi's amusement.

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Footnotes Full List
  1. giving a baby a bath on the third day after birth
  2. da=eldest, jiu=wife's brother; brother-in-law, ge=elder brother, short form for Gege
  3. a term for an elderly woman

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