ROHYX Chapter 480 : Negotiation (2)

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It was dark by the time they had almost reached Xinping City. Usually, the city gates would be closed by nightfall. Yuxi was worried and said, "This will delay us for one night. I can't say for sure that it will take more than two shichen(1) for the General to bring his troops into the city after tomorrow morning."

The coachman beside her replied, "Madam, don't worry. Even if the city gate is closed, I still have a way into the city." Mr Xia had specially arranged for him to see Madam off, certainly not just to drive the carriage.

When they arrived at the city gate, they saw it was indeed closed. But the coachman shouted that an urgent military message was to be sent to the capital, and the gate was quickly opened.

At that moment, the coachman and Master Yang had switched places. The coachman had become the military master, and Master Yang had become the coachman. As for Zijin, she had also entered the carriage.

The petty chief at the city gate checked the token the coachman had given him and then immediately opened the city gate. After they had passed through the gate, he looked at the carriage strangely and asked, "Who is in the carriage?" Yu City often sent urgent documents to the capital, so as long as one had a token, one could get through.

The coachman replied coldly, "Don't ask what you shouldn't ask."

After entering the city, the coachman took Master Yang to the post station. Yuxi and Zijin got off halfway and followed the map to the prefect's yamen(2). By this time, Prefect Tan should have already fallen asleep.

Yuxi told the gatekeeper: "Please show this letter to your Prefect Daren(3). He will definitely see me after reading it." Having said this, Zijin stuffed five taels of silver into the gatekeeper's hand.

When the gatekeeper heard that Yuxi said it was important, he didn't dare delay. After returning the silver, he immediately took the letter inside and closed the gate.

Zijin smiled. "This is the first time I've seen someone who didn't want to take the silver I stuffed into his hand." In this subtle detail, one could see the place's true nature. The fact that the gatekeeper delivered letters without taking money showed that Prefect Tan was a good official.

Prefect Tan was still awake at this time and was currently reading case files in his bedroom. When he saw the steward deliver a letter to him, he read it immediately and said, "Please welcome the guest in."

Not long after, Yuxi followed the steward into the Prefect's yamen(2). She already knew everything about Tan Tuo, but this would be the first time they met.

Prefect Tan's eyes were very sharp. With one glance, he knew that Yuxi and Zijin were women: "I don't know why the two young ladies are dressed like this." Yuxi and Zijin were both wearing men's clothes.

Yuxi smiled and said, "Prefect Tan, I'm the Han family's Fourth Gunainai(4). I've always heard of Prefect Tan's great name, and it's a pleasure to finally meet Daren(3) today."

Tan Tuo's expression changed as he asked, "Madam, has something happened in Yu City?" His first reaction was to think that something had happened in Yu City. Otherwise, Yuxi, Yun Qing's wife, would not have appeared in Xinping City in the middle of the night.

Yuxi replied, "Rest assured, Prefect Tan. The General is fine, and so is Yu City. I have come this time because I have something to say to Daren(3)."

Knowing that nothing terrible had happened to Yun Qing and Yu City, Prefect Tan secretly breathed a sigh of relief. But he soon regained his energy and asked, "Madam, what can I do for you?"

A baffled Zijin asked, "Aren't you worried that the letter is true, but the person is false?" She was rendered speechless by Perfect Tan's thick nerve(5). Without even checking their identity, he just talked about things in such a carefree manner.

Prefect Tan smiled and replied, "I still have that kind of ability." Yuxi spoke authentic capital dialect, and her appearance was similar to what he knew. With the letter, there was no way he could have mistaken her identity. And even if he had identified the wrong person, it would have been because that person had come to talk to him, not the other way around. He would simply let someone catch her if he found something wrong with this person.

Yuxi smiled helplessly and said, "You think everyone is the same as you!" This place was Tan Tuo's territory.

Prefect Tan was in no mood to chat at the moment and asked, "I wonder what Madam wants from me?" If Yuxi came here disguised as a man, something big must have happened.

After saying this, Prefect Tan immediately asked the steward to stand guard outside and not allow anyone to approach the room. Then he said to Yuxi, "Madam, you can speak now."

Only then did Yuxi speak: "We have evidence that the Xu family has committed treason by collaborating with the enemy, and the General wants to raid the Xu family." After a pause, she said to Prefect Tan: "Prefect Tan should know the current situation in the border city, right? Since the beginning of the year, the Imperial Court has allocated 1.8 million silver to us. But this money is only enough to pay the military's salaries, not even half a penny for the supplies for the 100,000 soldiers to survive the winter."

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Prefect Tan was no fool. How could he not understand what Yuxi meant: "Are you going to rob the Xu family and use their money to buy winter supplies?" Seeing Yuxi nod, Prefect Tan firmly refused. "Do you know that if you do this, Yun Qing will be dismissed from office at the very least, or the very worst, he will be escorted back to the capital to face charges?" Yun Qing dared to lead his troops on a raid without written approval and even wanted to use the confiscated money without permission. These actions were a major taboo for the higher-ups.

Of course, Yuxi knew the consequences would be severe; otherwise, why would she especially come here? "So, I would like to ask for Prefect Tan's help in this matter."

When Prefect Tan saw that Yuxi wasn't intimidated by what he said, he asked, "Madam, what do you want me to do?" From the look on her face, he knew that it would not be a good thing.

Yuxi spoke of her ideas. Her plan was not complicated. She hoped that Prefect Tan would handle the matter of the raid and ask Yun Qing for help. Yun Qing had no authority to raid the Xu family, but Prefect Tan did if he had enough evidence.

Prefect Tan did not need to listen to her following words. With these words alone, he already knew Yuxi's intentions. "Madam doesn't want me to take the initiative to submit a memorial, suggesting to the Crown Prince and Grand Chancellor Yu that the money looted from the Xu family be used for military expenses, right?" If that was the case, her calculations were too refined. At that time, Yun Qing would not take any responsibility for the risk at all, but he would.

Yuxi smiled and countered: "Tan Daren(3), my General would never do such a thing." Having said that, she expressed her thoughts.

Yuxi wanted Prefect Tan to lead the raid, but he was worried that the Xu family had become so influential in Xinping City over the years, so he had no choice but to ask Yun Qing to lead his troops to help. When Yun Qing saw the money, he considered using it to buy winter supplies. After expressing her thoughts, Yuxi asked Prefect Tan, "Daren(3), what do you think of my idea?"

Prefect Tan asked: "Who came up with this idea?" Yun Qing would be held responsible this way, but the responsibility would not be so great.

Yuxi responded, ''This is what my husband's personal aides came up with. Daren(3), when the Xu family is raided, this silver money does not need to be transported back to Yu City; we will use it directly to pay off the Wu family(6), what do you think of this?"

Prefect Tan wondered, "Did Madam allow me to refuse?" He knew very well that if he did not give this money to Yun Qing, the higher-ups would inevitably take it away. By then, very little of the money would be able to enter the national treasury. Instead of doing that, it would be better to let Yun Qing purchase winter supplies for the soldiers.

When Yuxi noticed that Prefect Tan was not offended and looked calm, her mood instantly relaxed as she said, "If I hadn't allowed Daren(3) the chance to refuse, I wouldn't have come over here." After saying this, Yuxi looked at Prefect Tan and expressed, "On behalf of the 100,000 soldiers of Yu City, I would like to thank Daren(3)."

Prefect Tan felt unworthy of such courtesy. "The truly selfless one is Madam. Where would those soldiers' orphans live now if it weren't for Madam?" He had admired only a few people his entire life, but what Yuxi had done impressed him deeply.

Yuxi's eyes flashed with gloom. "My ability is limited. I can only help those orphans, but I can't do the same for the orphans from ordinary families." In fact, there were now more than 500 people in the Charity Home, and more than 100 new people have been added during this period. Most of the latest additions were from mothers who were still alive but unable to raise so many children. Originally, it was not allowed according to the rules, but Mama Qu said that if someone committed suicide so that they could send their children to the Charity Home, then the good thing Madam had done would become a bad thing.

After considering the situation, Yuxi also made a discretionary concession. If a mother truly could not afford to raise her child, she could send her child to the Charity Home. Of course, they still could not change the actual premise.

Prefect Tan replied: "It is already a very rare act."

Yuxi asked: "So, Prefect Daren(3) agrees?" When she saw Prefect Tan nod in agreement, Yuxi was startled. She thought it would take a lot of talking, but she hadn't expected Prefect Tan to be so easy to talk to. It was so smooth that Yuxi felt a little uneasy.

Prefect Tan asked, "I wonder when General Yun will arrive? It's best if he arrives before dawn. If he arrives later than that, the Xu family might leave." Once they left, it wouldn't be easy to catch them. Xinping City was not small, to say the least, and with the fact that the Xu family had been operating here for so many years, it would be easy for them to find a place to hide.

Yuxi exclaimed, "He should be able to arrive before dawn!" Whatever Prefect Tan could think of, Mr Xia and Mr Chen could also assume. So Yuxi was sure Yun Qing would arrive in Xinping City before dawn.

Prefect Tan stood up and said, "Madam, allow me to make the arrangements." Seeing Zijin blocking his way, Prefect Tan turned to Yuxi and asked, "Is it possible that Madam doesn't trust me?"

Yuxi smiled. "How could I not trust Daren(3)? But Zijin is good at martial arts. If she is with you, your safety will be guaranteed."

Although Prefect Tan felt uncomfortable, he didn't refuse. "Since Madam thinks it is good this way, then let this Zijin girl follow me. However, I hope Miss Zijin will not open her mouth to speak." Even though Zijin looked like a man, everyone would know she was a woman as soon as she opened her mouth.

Hearing this, Zijin asked Yuxi, "Madam, what about you?" She was worried about leaving Yuxi here alone.

Yuxi smiled and said: "I'll wait here. You don't need to worry about my safety. Isn't your Master here?" Then she told Tan Daren(3), "Tan Daren(3), I'll be waiting here. If something goes wrong, my General and I will apologise to you." It wasn't that she didn't believe Tan Tuo. It was just that this matter was too important for it to go wrong.

Prefect Tan replied, "No need. General Yun and Madam are also doing this for the 100,000 generals in the border city." It was also because Yun Qing was doing it for the sake of the public; otherwise, how would Prefect Tan have cooperated with him this time?

Footnotes Full List
  1. 2 hours
  2. government office in feudal China
  3. title of respect toward superiors
  4. a respectful form of address for a married woman used by members of her parents' family) married daughter
  5. fig. for gullible
  6. In the raw, the author used the Wu family. The only Wu family I could think of was Wu Kuo. The only debt they owed Wu Kuo was for the cotton-padded clothes for the soldiers. 🤔 Was this what the author meant by debts, or was she referring to the Xu family? They owe a huge debt to the northern army for their actions of selling their provisions to the enemy.


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