ROHYX Chapter 492 : Imperial Envoys (6)

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Tan Tuo's letter arrived in Yu City, one step ahead of the people sent by Cao De.

After reading the letter, Yuxi thought for a long time in the study and only came out when Zaozhao was crying outside. She smiled at Mama Lan, who was holding Zaozao, and said, "It hasn't been long since she ate, and she's hungry again."

Mama Lan smiled and said, "The more Young Miss eats, the faster she will grow." Zaozao was really good-looking. With a round face, white arms like lotus roots and big red clothes, she looked just like the chubby child in the New Year picture. She was also fond of laughing and was liked by everyone who met her.

Yuxi fed Zaozao and wondered, "I want to wean her at the end of the year. What do you think, Mama Lan?" By then, Zaozao would be seven months old and almost ready to be weaned.

Mama Lan knew what Yuxi meant. She shook her head and replied, "Normally, a child must be breastfed for at least ten months. Some children even have to be breastfed until they are two years old!" It was also because Zaozao's mouth was too fussy. Otherwise, Mama Lan could have hired a runiang1 to feed her.

Yuxi was silent momentarily before deciding, "Then we'll wait until the third month next year before we wean her." She could only breastfeed Zaozao for ten months, nothing more.

Mama Lan said, "Madam, the Eldest Young Miss has a good appetite. I plan to prepare some supplementary food for her in the next few days." Generally, it was better for children to be given supplementary food at six months, but Zaozao grew well. A five-month-old her was as big as someone else's seven or eight-month-old child.

Yuxi had always listened to Mama Lan regarding raising children because of her experience and wisdom. She nodded and agreed. "You can make the decision, Mama Lan." Mama Lan had taken good care of her child. Otherwise, Zaozao would not have grown so well.

Mama Lan noticed that Yuxi was getting ready to go to the vegetable garden next door and advised, "Madam, the wind is picking up today. It's easy for someone to catch a cold in the cold wind."

Yuxi replied, "There is no harm. I'm wearing thick clothes." She felt a bit troubled and wanted to get some fresh air to clear her head.

Mama Lan looked at the dozing Zaozao in her arms and called Mama Xi. "Madam, let me accompany you for a walk around the yard!"

Yuxi was slightly surprised but nodded and said, "Okay."

Mama Lan left Zaozao in Mama Xi's care and accompanied Yuxi to the vegetable garden. At that time, many vegetables were still in the garden, which would be harvested in half a month.

As a gust of wind blew past, the leaves on the trees fluttered to the ground, covering the ground with a layer of golden yellow. The cool air and golden leaves form a unique scenery.

Yuxi walked slowly along the gravel road, her eyebrows furrowed. She circled the garden twice before her furrowed brow loosened.

In response, Mama Lan, who had been silent the whole time, finally asked, "Madam, have you figured things out?" Looking at Madam's worried expression before, she knew that something troubling had happened again.

Seeing Yuxi nod, Mama Lan said, "Madam, since the Old Lady is far from you, there are many things that she cannot take care of. This old servant has to say a few overstepping words to Madam, hoping that Madam won't be upset." In fact, these words had been in her heart for a long time, but she had been holding them back. For the sake of the matter at hand today, Yuxi had wanted to wean Zaozao in advance, and Mama Lan couldn't help but let it all out.

Yuxi knew Lan Mama had something to say to her, or she wouldn't have volunteered to accompany her. She said, "If Mama has something to say, just say it." Sometimes, what Mama Lan said might not sound unpleasant, but she genuinely cared for her and her child.

Mama Lan voiced out: ''Madam, the most important thing for a woman is her children, followed by her husband and outside affairs. After taking care of your home, it's good to have the energy to deal with outside affairs, but you can't lose sight of your priorities! Also, Madam, a wife can't be too powerful. If you act more powerful than a man, something will go wrong one day." Mama Lan's words could also be seen as coming from the bottom of her heart.

Yuxi was startled. No outsiders were present when they, husband and wife, discussed things. So, how did Mama Lan find out? When this thought occurred to her, Yuxi asked with a smile, "How did Mama know that I often gave ideas to the General?"

Mama Lan didn't dodge the question as she replied, "After Madam discusses things with the General, there are times when the General goes out." Such an obvious phenomenon, if she still couldn't guess that Madam had interfered in the General's affairs, she had lived these forty years in vain.

Yuxi let out an 'oh' and asked, "What does Mama think I should do?" She was not disgusted by Mama Lan's words. Only those who genuinely cared about you would say such unpleasant things. Besides, what Mama Lan said made a lot of sense.

Mama Lan didn't object to Yuxi's involvement in outside affairs. Women's ability to intervene in men's affairs not only proved their ability but also allowed them to have more say. However, the degree of involvement must be well controlled. "It is, of course, a good thing that Madam can help the General, but you have to control your degree of involvement properly. Making the General think you are much better than him will be bad for Madam in the long run. Madam, to put it bluntly, no man can stand that his wife is doing his job better than he can." Mama Lan had been through a lot and had a lot of experience. At least until now, she had never seen a couple still being kind and loving to each other when the wife was doing a much better job than her husband.

Yuxi seemed lost in thought. After a while, she looked up and said sincerely, "Thank you, Mama Lan. I will pay attention to this in the future."

Xu Wu hurried over and anxiously spoke when he saw Yuxi: "Madam, the Imperial Commissioner has sent someone to summon the General to Xinping City for questioning."

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Yuxi replied calmly: "I know." Tan Tuo had mentioned this in his letter earlier, so she was not surprised.

Xu Wu quickly reacted to Yuxi's answer, saying she had already heard about it, immediately asking, "Madam, what exactly does the Imperial Commissioner mean by this? Why would the General be summoned to Xinping City?"

Yuxi chuckled. "What kind of person do you think your General is? Do you think he will go and meet any random person who summons him?" As a dignified upper second-rank great general, if he were to meet with any random people who summoned him, where would he put his face? Yun Qing was straightforward, but he was no fool. However, Yuxi didn't think Cao De was complacent and didn't put Yun Qing in his eyes. From Tan Tuo's words, it wasn't hard to see that Cao De was tactful and calculating. How could he not know that Yun Qing wouldn't go to Xinping City? Therefore, this Cao De must have other plans.

Xu Wu's reaction was swift. He was worried that Yun Qing would still go to Xinping City and asked, "Madam, what if the General actually goes to Xinping City?"

Yuxi smiled and assured him, "The General won't go." Yun Qing didn't have to make any excuses for not going to Xinping City. He could just say he was busy with military affairs and couldn't leave.

As Yuxi said, Yun Qing did not go to Xinping City. Still, he did not want to offend the Crown Prince, so it was difficult for him to completely sweep the Imperial Commissioner's face and immediately let Feng Dajun go there instead. In any case, Feng Dajun was also involved in the raid on the Xu family. It was reasonable to ask Feng Dajun to go.

When Yun Qing returned home that night, he told Yuxi about it. "Yuxi, what exactly does this Cao De want to do?" If Yuxi hadn't told him beforehand that Cao De was a very scheming and tactful person, he would have thought that Cao De was a fool, or else why would he send someone to summon him, a great general, for questioning?

Yuxi thought momentarily before asking, "What did Mr Xia say about this?"

Yun Qing replied, "Mr Xia said that it was unlikely that the Crown Prince would send a fool to investigate this case, but rather a more vigilant one." He also felt that this was just the beginning.

Yuxi whispered in Yun Qing's ear.

Yun Qing did not entirely agree with Yuxi's suggestion. Moving things around now would make too much noise and could easily be noticed by observant and conscientious people. "It's a very secret place and won't be discovered easily." Only Mr Xia and he knew about that place, and unless the Imperial Commissioner could make predictions, he definitely wouldn't know where they hid the stuff.

Yuxi laughed a little and said, "Nothing is absolute. He Rui, the Imperial Envoys will arrive in Yu City soon, leaving us little time for this."

Yun Qing was still a little hesitant.

Yuxi was not angry either. After all, this matter was no trivial matter, and the consequences would be severe if they were careless. It was very likely that Yun Qing would feel some hesitation. Yuxi thought for a moment before suggesting, "How about you come with me to see Uncle Huo and ask for his opinion." Yun Qing trusted Huo Changqing the most, and as long as Huo Changqing was on her side, Yun Qing would definitely agree.

When Huo Changqing heard about this, he asked Yuxi, "Do you think it is unsafe to put these things in secret passages?" If Yuxi felt it was safe, she wouldn't have suggested moving them. After all, it was too risky to move things around at that time.

Yuxi nodded. ''Yes, I think it is very dangerous not to relocate those gold and silver. Tan Tuo is a very cautious person and will not make irresponsible remarks. If he says that Cao De is a very tactful person, then he must be right. So, we have to prepare for the worst."

Huo Changqing pondered momentarily before speaking to Yun Qing, "Listen to your wife's advice and transfer those things. Let Xu Wu and Zijin handle it, and don't let anyone else get involved."

Seeing that Huo Changqing also agreed with Yuxi's words, Yun Qing nodded.

Although Feng Dajun had received Yun Qing's order to travel to Xinping City to describe the raid process, he was so upset that he was in no hurry to catch up. As he walked slowly and leisurely, his attendant, Erdan, became increasingly anxious.

Erdan couldn't help but exclaim, "Daren, at our speed, it will take us at least five days to reach Xinping City!"

Feng Dajun scolded him, "Laozi2 is not even in a hurry; why should you be?" Darn it, how dare you summon their General! What the hell!

Erdan touched his large head and replied with a smile: "I'm not afraid of delaying things. It's just that, won't I be scolded by the General when I return?" He was not afraid of offending the Imperial Envoys but feared that if he returned to Yu City too late, the General would hold him responsible. Yun Qing's prestige in the army was very high, and the recruits were even more in awe of him.🦊

Feng Dajun responded, "You need not worry. Just ride your horse properly." Erdan had recently joined the army. Feng Dajun placed him at his side because he found him pleasing to his eyes.

It took Feng Dajun and his team six days to reach Xinping City, twice their usual speed. There was still some work to be done in the army that Feng Dajun could not put off. He wanted to return early; otherwise, he wouldn't have made it to Xinping City in six days.

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  1. wet nurse
  2. I; me [said in anger or jest]
  3. The author wrote Ermao here when she had already written the name of Feng Dajun's attendant as Erdan the first time he was mentioned in this chapter. So, I changed it to Erdan. But if the author continues using Ermao as his attendant's name in the future, I'll change it back to Ermao.


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