DBAFSC Ch 9 : Ruanruan's Cautiousness On The Set

Bao Ruanruan, who originally auditioned for a minor palace maid role with a two-episode lifespan, surprisingly landed the role of an evil imperial concubine who survived for most of the series.

Even she was surprised by the outcome.

"I feel like I haven't done much acting," Bao Ruanruan shrugged, unable to understand why the casting director chose her. "Maybe he found something in common with me."

Chen Feng: "???"
Common ground in terms of a healthy lifestyle?
Or perhaps in terms of reciting incantations?

"That's why, from today onward," Xue Jing flipped through the shooting schedule, "you have to control your weight. It will be more advantageous for you to look photogenic in ancient costumes."

The ancient costumes for imperial concubines were more elaborate than those for maidservants. To emphasise their luxuriousness, the fabrics were of higher quality and had at least three or four layers.

It was easy to look overweight under such costumes, as you couldn't show your waistline.
Losing weight was a compulsory task for actresses before joining the cast.

Xue Jing casually forwarded several popular weight-loss recipes currently trending in the entertainment industry to the work group chat.

Bao Ruanruan glanced at them and sat up with a start as if awakened from a near-death experience.

Starting Monday
- Breakfast: One cup of unsweetened yoghurt, half a dragon fruit.
- Lunch: Steamed broccoli, asparagus, carrots, mushrooms, and tofu.

Bao Ruanruan scrolled down in disbelief, but there was nothing more after the full stop.
Her rosy and pretty face instantly crumpled into a wrinkled, bun-like face1.

Xue Jing's peach blossom eyes scanned the list. "If there are any ingredients you can't eat, you can substitute them with others."

"Honey, I want to replace them all~" Bao Ruanruan's eyes lit up instantly.

Xue Jing's temple twitched.

His gaze couldn't help but sweep over her swan-like arms that were exposed by the T-shirt she was wearing. Her milky white forearms were slender, without an ounce of fat, and the lines were graceful.
Her slightly bent wrists were thin enough for him to hold with one hand.

His peach-blossomed eyes flickered.
He averted his gaze. "Hang on till you join the cast."

Bao Ruanruan flipped through the calendar, and when she realised there was still a week to go, and she almost ascended to heaven2 right there in her seat.

She lowered her fair little face and extended her slender fingers to wipe away non-existent tears. "People are iron, rice is steel3."
Without having a satisfying meal, the speed of escaping danger would decrease.

"If I don't eat staple foods, my intelligence will go down, I won't be able to remember lines, and my body will get weaker and weaker... It's not just going from death to life. It's getting even closer to death... Zhou the Exploiter4."


Xue Jing closed his eyes and took a deep breath for three seconds before opening his peach blossom eyes.
"Chen Feng, get her a gym membership card and let her go there every day."

She could do exercise.
Bao Ruanruan grinned happily.

Xue Jing reached out and squeezed his temples.
He didn't pick up a high-potential gamble.

He had picked up a nuisance instead.


Every day, Bao Ruanruan would report to the VIP gym of a five-star hotel on time.

Exercise would help maintain muscle mass, and even if she were to be transported to a post-apocalyptic world, it would improve her chances of survival!

Today, as usual, she chose a treadmill closest to the emergency exit, exercising alone in the corner of the gym.

Just as she was running, feeling her body heat up, sweat forming on her back, and her breathing getting heavier, a familiar voice came from behind her, separated by a couple of back stretchers.

"What? You're going to act alongside that Bao Ruanruan who deserves to be stabbed a thousand times5?! Her contract has been cancelled, and her life is still not over yet?!"

Bao Ruanruan: "..."
It was impossible for her life to be over.
All her life, she had always been a really good... tch, healthy person6.

"F*ck! I'm going to call those Huangtai guys right now! How dare they let her frolic under my nose again!"

The young man's voice couldn't hide his youthful anger.
Bao Ruanruan instantly recognised the voice as that of the young man with the misleading photos7, Lu Wenhao.

From the sound of it, if she appeared before him now, he would probably twist her head off, wouldn't he?

Bao Ruanruan took a deep breath and silently reduced the treadmill speed to 4, switching to a slow walking pace. Through the reflection in the window glass in front of her, she stealthily peeked behind her.

She saw a short-haired man with broad shoulders and an inverted triangle body8, wearing a grey sports top, using the rowing machine behind her.
It wasn't Lu Wenhao.

But as the man continued his workout, he spoke into his phone.
His voice was gentle, but the content of his words was alarming.
"I'll be joining the crew tomorrow. Don't worry; if the rumours are true and she slips up even a little, I won't let her get away with it. I'll protest to the director."

A cheerful voice quickly responded from the other end of the phone.
"That's right, we'll condemn that witch! If Big Brother Han gets into trouble, you can always come to me!"

Bao Ruanruan: "............"
Did they ask her opinion?
How could they conspire against her right in front of her?

There was still the unresolved issue with Lu Wenhao, and now there was someone called Big Brother Han and Big Brother Re... Dealing with the nature of the original body to attract sinister people was really giving her a headache.

Bao Ruanruan quietly took off the cotton linen towel resting on her shoulder, covered her face, and pricked up her ears.

If you know yourself and know your enemy, you can fight a hundred battles without fear of defeat.

But that rowing machine 'Big Brother Han' was cautious and immediately ended the WeChat voice chat.
They turned to exchanging messages.
It seemed that there was some secret plan to deal with her, something that could not be revealed.

Unable to hear any more information and afraid of being discovered, Bao Ruanruan covers her face and strategically retreats.

After she leaves...

In the gym, a man was doing a set of push-ups when he noticed a new message on his WeChat.

[Lu Wenhao: Let's forget about that witch for now, Big Brother Han. I've recently come across a promising new talent, one of my fans. I'll send you a video for you to watch, haha~]

Quite a show-off.

The man with the handsome face chuckled slightly.
As the video began to play, a large stuffed cat-like figure could be seen catching balls on the stage.
A big question mark appeared in the man's mind.
Then he saw the other person saving Lu Wenhao with her nimble movements.

The man raised an eyebrow.
Not bad indeed.

[Lu Wenhao: I think she has the skills to be a stunt double. If there's a suitable small role, Big Brother Han, could you introduce her? It's better than her being a mascot.]

The man watched the video repeatedly, chuckling slightly.
[Han Mo: Hmm.]

However, as soon as he put down the phone, his expression became solemn.

Bao Ruanruan... that unprofessional actress with a history of scandals that would implicate others, how did she manage to sneak into the cast this time?
If the filming quality was going to be poor, he would never turn a blind eye!

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On the day she was scheduled to join the film crew, Bao Ruanruan had breakfast and took a multivitamin tablet after she woke up.
Then she made a cup of warm powdered milk, grabbed a thermos filled with chrysanthemum tea and a bottle of mineral water, and headed to the set.

As a supporting actress like her, playing the role of Female #14 or #15, she only needed both hands to count her screen time.
She was assigned to the B team for the filming, working under the assistant director, commonly referred to as the 'supporting actors' area'.

The TV drama had already been shooting for a week before she was called in.

Apparently, this character didn't play a major part in the overall script.

Bao Ruanruan arrived at the set an hour early, discreetly wearing a mask and a baseball cap. Seeing that she had some time to spare, she wandered around the impressive 'scenery' of the ancient palace with her hands behind her back.

The covered walkways, buildings, and ornate decorations were all made of wood.
If a fire broke out... everything would be gone in an instant.

Wearing her work badge, Bao Ruanruan explored the set and identified three escape routes before returning to the make-up room with a sense of relief.

She then checked the results on her phone's Baidu app--

#Han Mo, a male film and television actor, graduated from the Performance Department of Nanjing Arts Institute. He played the male lead in 'First Love' and... won the award for Best Supporting Actor...#

The Baidu search result included a picture of a serious and tough-looking man wearing a black shirt.
His features were strong, with sharp eyebrows, star-like eyes, and thin lips that seemed unfeeling, but when he smiled, there was a hint of gentleness. He had the popular look of a mature and sophisticated leading man, a wise and dominant CEO type, without being greasy. He was the kind of man who would fit well in serious dramas, and he appeared to be in his thirties, with a touch of intelligence.

However, Bao Ruanruan frowned when she looked at the photo.

In the picture, beneath the fabric of his black shirt, the distinct outlines of well-developed biceps were clearly visible.
Unlike the deceptive photo of Lu Wenhao, the shape of his muscles indicated that he could easily exert a grip strength of at least 55kg to 60kg with one hand.

Her current weight was still less than 45kg.
If they collided head-on, he could probably snap her little waist in half...

Bao Ruanruan held her forehead.

From the conversation she overheard at the gym that day, it was clear that this guy had a negative impression of her.
Like Lu Wenhao, the Second Young Master Lu, he was on her 'dangerous watchlist'.

As a guest actor in this drama - playing the role of the emperor - he had a scene with her today.

Bao Ruanruan took a deep breath and flipped open her small notebook.

# Survival Plan
1. keep your distance when you are off-camera.
2. Avoid unnecessary eye contact.

The more you stare at a wild beast, the more it will want to hunt you down.

Bao Ruanruan reviewed her plan once more and felt at ease as she closed her notebook.

Hmm, she felt pretty good again!

When the makeup artist arrived at the dressing room, she was surprised to find a low-profile girl in a baseball cap sitting on a high stool, looking down at her notebook.
Her only visible feature, apart from the mask, was a pair of exquisite, vaguely hazy yet undeniably watery eyes.
In the sunlight from the window, her raven black lashes were long and curled, casting a faint shadow across her eyelids.

Strikingly beautiful.

The make-up artist hesitated, not wanting to disturb this serene beauty.
Yet, she was filled with trepidation.

Who was this actress who had arrived half an hour before her?


"Good morning, Teacher Han!"
"You're always early, Teacher Han; such dedication!"

Approaching ten o'clock, Han Mo arrived on the set.
Dressed in a black T-shirt, he looked handsome and refined, with his well-defined eyebrows exuding gentleness. As he walked, he nodded slightly to the crews around him.
He had none of the airs of a star.

However, in reality, this was his seventh year as an actor, with three lead roles in TV dramas that achieved over 1% viewership ratings. This year, he was a strong contender for the 'Best Actor' award.

As a guest actor in this low-budget production, he was already considered a 'veteran actor' among the younger generation, with a status even higher than that of the male lead.

However, the crew who had been working with him over the past few days knew that when it came to dedication, Han Mo was undoubtedly the number one on the set. Come rain or shine, he always arrives earlier than both the male and female leads.

Today, for example, Han Mo arrived 20 minutes early, but the actresses in the drama group were still nowhere to be seen.

Han Mo calmly surveyed the area.

"Oh, am I the first one again?"
There was a hint of coldness in his soft features.

Everyone else could be excused, but Bao Ruanruan hadn't arrived yet?
It had been a week since the filming began, and everyone else had already joined the crew and become familiar with the director and the set. However, was Bao Ruanruan planning to arrive just on time on her first day?
When everyone else arrived, she would still need time to get familiar, making everyone wait for her?

Han Mo had always believed that work ethic was the most important thing.

And Bao Ruanruan was exactly as Lu Wenhao described her: lacking in acting skills and with a questionable character.
Once someone tried to climb the ladder using inappropriate means, they started disregarding the normal rules of competition!

Those who used shortcuts as the last straw to clutch on9 would never try their best or take things seriously!

"Teacher Han, you're the second one today," the make-up artist just happened to pass by as she came out to wash her hands, "Teacher Bao's make-up is already done. She arrived half an hour before me."

Han Mo frowned.
Teacher Bao, Bao Ruanruan?

He glanced at the set.
Was she still resting in the make-up room? Did she not study the location beforehand or come out to study the positioning?
Waiting for possible NGs later?

"Oh, is that masked girl the rumoured Bao Ruanruan?"
The set assistant suddenly realised, remembering the fully armed girl from earlier. He had thought she was a new intern from the photography team.

"Not only did she arrive half an hour early, but an hour ago I saw her walk around the set three times! And then she walked the other way around several more times!"

Han Mo: "......!"

The clown turned out to be himself.

Author's Note:

Ruanruan: Silly! This is just me being me.

Footnotes Full List
  1. Something like this:
  2. (fig) die
  3. Chinese idiom: one can't function properly on an empty stomach
  4. A main character of the short story 'Rooster Crowing at Midnight'. You can read the abridged version of the story here. You can also watch a 1964 supermarionation version
    or just watch the live version. Sorry, there's no English subtitle provided, but you can still get the gist of the story just by watching it.
  5. meaning you hate this person very much and want them to die.
  6. The word used here is 好人 (hǎorén), which can mean either a good person or a healthy person. Since Bao Ruanruan's motto in life is to live healthy and safe, so she will focus more on being a healthy person than a good person.
  7. The word used here is 照骗 zhàopiàn, an Internet slang term for photo-deception or misleading photo because of the use of the character 骗 (deceive; fool; hoodwink; cheat). It refers to the act of using manipulated or misleading photos to deceive or misrepresent oneself online. It's a play on 照片 zhàopiàn, which means photograph. Personally, I think it's more about how Lu Wenhao was promoted online. If I'm not mistaken, he was heavily promoted as a nice 2nd generation rich kid.
  8. Image Credit | Street Gentleman
  9. one's last hope

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