ROHYX Chapter 514 : The Rising Of Clouds (2)

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The Crown Prince was furious when he learned that Chen Yu had been ambushed by horse thieves and slammed his hand on the royal desk. "This is simply outrageous." Chen Yu had been the victim of multiple ambushes and assassination attempts, and it was clear to the Crown Prince who was behind them.

Grand Chancellor Yu and Song Guojiu[1] stood tall and straight while the other high-ranking officials bowed their heads and tried to minimise their presence, hoping not to be noticed by the Crown Prince.

Seeing that no one spoke, the Crown Prince became increasingly irritated. However, he quickly calmed himself down and asked, "Uncle, Grand Chancellor Yu, I'd like to know your thoughts on how this matter should be handled?" Although he suspected Ji Xuan, he had no proof.

Song Guojiu1 calmly replied, "The Governor-General of the Northwest is not just a figurehead. Let Ji Xuan investigate and see who dares to do such a thing."

Grand Chancellor Yu spoke up, "I believe we should send an Imperial Envoy to investigate this matter thoroughly. Marquis Taining's Shizi2 was ambushed several times before reaching Lanzhou. It is clear that some officials must be in cahoots with those bandits and horse thieves. How else could they have received such information and dared to attack the Marquis Taining's Shizi2?"

As soon as these words were spoken, many of the officials present wished for a hole in the ground into which they could crawl. If they could hide in that hole, they wouldn't be seen by the Crown Prince and wouldn't be assigned this undesirable task.

Before the Crown Prince could decide on a candidate for the special envoy, his trusted eunuch rushed in and reported, "Your Highness, the Emperor has suddenly collapsed and hasn't regained consciousness." Emperor Guangzong owed his ascension to the throne to his formidable mother, Empress Dowager Guo. Empress Dowager Guo was not only beautiful but also cunning and resourceful. When Emperor Guangzong ascended the throne, Empress Dowager Guo was still alive, and at that time, Emperor Guangzong was very hardworking. He rose before dawn every day, diligently reviewing the memorials, and rarely visited the harem. Unfortunately, Empress Dowager Guo passed away in the seventh year of Emperor Guangzong's reign.

With the death of Empress Dowager Guo, Emperor Guangzong was no longer restrained, and his immoral and lecherous nature was unleashed. He spent his days indulging in pleasure and surrounded by beautiful women, showing no interest in the affairs of the state. He delegated all responsibilities to Grand Chancellor Yu and the elder brother of his favourite concubine, Song Shi, now known as Song Guojiu[1]. This led to Prime Minister Yu and Song Guojiu[1] controlling the Imperial Court, reducing the Crown Prince to a mere puppet.

The Crown Prince dropped his current work and rushed to the harem. As the harem was now filled with Emperor Guangzong's concubines, the Crown Prince, to avoid suspicion, usually conducted government affairs in the front royal court and returned to the Eastern Palace to rest at night. Unless summoned by his mu fei3, Song Guifei4, he rarely sets foot in the harem for fear of being in a melon patch and under a plum tree5.

By the time the Crown Prince arrived at the harem, the Emperor had already regained consciousness. Imperial Physician Rong was examining the Emperor's pulse. After a while, he diagnosed Emperor Guangzong with evil wind entering the body6 and prescribed a remedy. He then advised the Emperor, "After taking the medicine, Your Majesty must rest and recuperate. To regain your health, you must refrain from all affairs and avoid overexertion."

The Emperor suffered terribly this time. When he heard Imperial Physician Rong say it wasn't a serious illness, he was no longer afraid. However, the Crown Prince remained cautious and went outside to ask, "Imperial Physician Rong, how is the Emperor's condition really?" He felt there was something more to Imperial Physician Rong's words.

With Emperor Guangzong, Imperial Physician Rong did not dare to speak too directly. However, now that he was facing the Crown Prince, the Imperial Physician did not hold back and said: "His Majesty is sensitive to the wind, has a fever, with a weak and faint pulse, his face is flushed, indicating a yang deficiency, and he has pain in his lower back and abdomen due to the evil wind entering his kidneys..." Emperor Guangzong's illness was actually caused by excessive sexual activity. When he was young, his constitution was strong, so he indulged in it. Over the years, however, his body became weak, and this was made worse by his advanced age. By the time he was about forty to fifty, his overall physical condition had naturally deteriorated. If he could cultivate a clear mind, control his desires, stop indulging in worldly pleasures, and take good care of his health, he might live a few more years. But, if he continued on this path, not even the Immortals could save him.

The Crown Prince's face looked very unsightly; if this matter were to come to light, his father would die with the reputation of being an immoral and lustful man.🦊

News of the Emperor's illness spread rapidly among the well-informed people in the capital. However, as the Emperor had not been involved in government affairs, it did not cause any significant unrest.

Han Jianming told Mr Zhao, "The Emperor has indulged in worldly pleasures for many years, and his health has long been declining. There have been frequent reports of the Emperor's poor health in recent years. With his current state of unconsciousness, it seems that his body can no longer withstand the strain. The Emperor's time is likely limited."

Mr Zhao commented: "If the Crown Prince ascends to the throne and becomes Emperor, the situation in the Imperial Court may change." Being a Crown Prince and being an Emperor were completely different concepts.

Han Jianming shook his head. "The Imperial Court politics are already controlled by Grand Chancellor Yu and Song Guojiu[1]. What change can there be? However, if the Crown Prince ascends to the throne, I believe that Yan Wushuang, who has been hiding in the shadows all this time, may reveal himself." After so many years of investigation, apart from confirming that Yan Wushuang was indeed alive and hiding in the shadows, no other information had been found. They had no idea where he was hiding now or what he was doing.

Mr Zhao responded, "If it weren't for Heshou Xianzhu8 last time, the Crown Prince would be dead. If he wants to make another move this time, he will definitely look for the most opportune moment."

Han Jianming considered this for a long time before saying, "Let's put this matter aside for now and wait until the Crown Prince ascends to the throne." At that time, he would assess the situation and then decide whether to inform the Crown Prince that Yan Wushuang was still alive. The Crown Prince prince must be well aware of his own actions. If he found out that Yan Wushuang was still alive, he would certainly take action. At that time, Yan Wushuang couldn't hide even if he wanted to.

Han Gao entered and reported, "My Lord, a letter has arrived from Yu City." In addition to the letter, there were also New Year's gifts. However, Yuxi was worried that delivering too many things would attract attention, so she only packed two boxes. The boxes contained some precious medicinal herbs purchased from the West Sea and some specialities from the Northwest. It was also because there were so few things, and the people sending the return gifts were dressed ordinarily, that they could return to the capital smoothly.

Han Jianming took the letter and instructed, "Take these things to the Old Lady's courtyard." This was only the second time that Yuxi had sent something back, the first time being the delivery of the jade stones.

After reading the letter, Han Jianming's face turned grim. The selection of people who were allowed to serve around Yuxi had gone through a careful and meticulous process to prevent any spies from infiltrating her circle. However, it seemed that there had been a slip-up in the end. Fortunately, no damage had been done, or all his efforts would have been in vain. Nevertheless, the people to be sent to the Northwest next time must be thoroughly investigated again to ensure that no more mistakes were made.

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When Qiu Shi saw the things Yuxi sent back, she said with a smile, "This girl, why send good things back to the capital instead of keeping them for herself? The capital doesn't lack these things." In the capital, as long as one had money, there was nothing one couldn't buy. On the other hand, in a remote place like Yu City, there were many things that even money couldn't buy.

Mama Li smiled. "This is also a filial gesture from Si Gunainai9." No one really criticised Yuxi for sending fewer gifts. Compared to her Old Lady, who sent many things and ended up having most of them snatched away. However, although Yuxi sent fewer gifts, she did have frequent correspondence with the Duke's Residence, averaging one letter a month.

Qiu Shi's words were just a casual remark, but deep inside, she was actually quite pleased. "There should be some things meant for Yuchen in here. Pick them out and send them to the Jing Wangfu10." Qiu Shi had no objection to Yuxi's closeness to Yuchen. After all, they had grown up together as sisters and had a close relationship. If Yuxi suddenly ignored Yuchen, Qiu Shi would be worried.

Mama Li rummaged through the box and pulled out a small case, wondering, "I have no idea what's inside, but it's quite heavy." The box was small in size, yet it carried a considerable weight.

Qiu Shi did not ask anyone to open it, saying, "It's probably jade." She had a reason for saying this: she knew that Yuchen's favourite things were jade and pearls and that she didn't care for gold, silver, and other jewels. Since Yuxi wanted to give Yuchen a gift, she naturally wanted to give her something she liked.

A shichen11 later, the item was delivered to Jing Wangfu10. Yuchen opened the box and saw a jade stone about the size of two adult fists inside. The jade stone had a smooth and flawless texture, without any imperfections, and its colour was remarkably pure, bright, and evenly distributed emerald green.

Seeing such a beautiful piece of jade, Yuchen couldn't help but smile. This exquisite jade was too precious to be used as a mere decoration, so she decided to have it made into jewellery.

Momo Gui couldn't help but remark, "This is genuinely the finest jade. Si Gunainai9 is truly generous." Such a large and exquisite piece of jade would easily cost tens of thousands of taels of silver, and it could not be bought even if one had money.

Yuchen smiled and wondered, "Last time, she sent me Hetian White Jade, and this time it's Old Mine Glassy type12. I wonder what kind of beautiful jade Si Mei13 will give me next time?"

Momo Gui said, "The Western Regions14 are abundant in beautiful jade. It shouldn't be difficult to find some of the best ones." With Yun Qing's current status, it would be easy for Yuxi to find those top-quality jade stones.

Yuchen smiled and said, "The mouth that eats the food of others is softened; the hand that takes the possessions of others is shortened15. After receiving so many good things, if that person asks for a favour, it wouldn't be right to refuse." With that, Yuchen opened the letter from under the jade to read it.

After reading the letter, Yuchen was stunned.

Witnessing Yuchen's stunned reaction, Momo Gui quickly asked, "Wangfei16, did Si Gunainai9 ask you to do something difficult?" No wonder Yuxi had sent such an exquisite piece of jade. It seemed that she had indeed made a request.

Yuchen shook her head and handed the letter to Momo Gui, saying, "No." Yuxi's letter contained mundane household matters, mainly focusing on her child, Zaozao. She complained about Zaozao's loud voice and strong physical strength, saying that when Zaozao cried, it could deafen people's ears, and when she hit someone, it would cause prolonged pain. Although the letter was full of complaints, it was clear that, as a mother, Yuxi found joy in these experiences.

Momo Gui was also taken aback momentarily and then said, "I don't know if this letter is sincere or if Si Gunainai9 wrote it like this on purpose." There was no way to know for sure, but Yuxi had always given Momo Gui the impression of being a deep thinker. Therefore, no matter what the situation, she always assumed the worst of Yuxi with the utmost suspicion.

Yuchen shook her head helplessly. "Your prejudice against Yuxi runs deep." If Yuxi were to ask her for anything, she would surely overthink it. Now, it was just an ordinary family letter discussing household matters. How could it be seen as having hidden intentions?

Momo Gui reasoned, "Wangfei16, it's not that I have a deep prejudice against Si Gunainai9; it's just that Si Gunainai9 has always been a calculating person since she was a child." A six-year-old child with such deep thoughts was too scary, and they had to be on guard.

Yuchen smiled and decided to stop discussing this topic with Momo Gui. She knew that Momo Gui's prejudice against Yuxi would not change with just a few words from her, so she didn't bother to say anything else.

Footnotes Full List
  1. the Emperor's maternal uncle or brother-in-law
  2. heir to a noble house
  3. mu=mother, fei=consort
  4. Noble Consort
  5. Chinese idiom: in suspicious circumstances or surroundings
  6. a term used in traditional Chinese medicine to describe an external pathogenic factor that can cause imbalance or illness in the body.
  7. Well, how can you change his reputation when he is already known to have such a lifestyle the moment his mother dies?
  8. Princess of the Fourth Rank/usually granted to the daughter of a Junwang
  9. si=four/fourth, gunainai=(respectful form of address for a married woman used by members of her parents' family) married daughter
  10. wang=king, fu=residence
  11. 2 hours
  12. Old mine means that the jade has a finer texture. There are 3 grades of texture for jade - lao keng (old mine for a finer texture), jiu keng (relatively old mine for medium texture) and xin keng (new mine for coarse texture). As for the word 'glassy', it means the jade is more translucent. If the colour of the old mine glassy jade is imperial green, it becomes the most valuable jade, just like this necklace. Sources of information: Pala International & GIA (Jadeite Jade Quality Factors)

  13. si=four/fourth, mei=younger sister, short form for Meimei
  14. a Han Dynasty term for the region west of Yumenguan (玉门关), including what is now Xinjiang (新疆) and parts of Central Asia
  15. Meaning: there is no such thing as a free lunch.
  16. wang=king, fei=consort

きつね's Musing

Momo Gui is a bad influence on Yuchen. Most of the bad decisions Yuchen will make in the future are due to Momo Gui. Fortunately, Yuxi was trained by Momo Quan.

The meaning of the title - The Rising Of Clouds - is the gathering of troops or resources for a battle or campaign. This is exactly what the Imperial Court is doing right now, sending Chen Yu to the northwest to gather troops for the bandit suppression campaign.


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