ROHYX Chapter 40 : Guest Student (2)

After sending off Yuxi, Old Woman Ding turned around to face Teacher Song and couldn't help but ask her, "Why did Ma'am promise Fourth Miss?" Even if Yuxi just sat in during class, Teacher Song couldn't wholly ignore Yuxi because of her responsible attitude, and it would also take a lot of energy for her to teach another child.

Teacher Song went to the window, looked at Yuxi's back through it and slowly said, "Even if I don't accept her, she will ask Lady Han to invite another teacher. Fourth Miss is not a person who can easily compromise."

Old Woman Ding became even more puzzled. "If Fourth Miss wants to invite another teacher, just let her do so." This situation had never happened before.

Teacher Song shook her head. "Mama Ding, there are many talented people, but very few are flexible, have the will to choose and perseverance. Fourth Miss happens to be such people. As long as she is given the opportunity, this kind of person will not be inferior to others."

Hearing this, Old Woman Ding finally understood. "Ma'am means that even if there is no intercession from Third Miss, Ma'am will still allow Fourth Miss to attend."

Teacher Song shook her head. "No." She was a little tempted before, but for Yuchen's sake, she gave up. However, when she saw Yuxi unexpectedly invited Yuchen to intercede, rather than the Old Lady or Lady Han, she changed her mind. It was evident that Fourth Miss was very clever and knew who would bring out the best outcome. Such a person no one knew what type of person she would become in the future.

Old Woman Ding was a little confused.

Teacher Song did not elaborate either, only said, "You'll see." No one had taught the five-year-old girl such a plan, and since she had already agreed, it was merely to form a good relationship with the official residence.

The maids in the Rose Courtyard knew that Yuxi had become a guest student, and they wondered what it meant. At last, Moju plucked up her courage and asked, "Miss, what does guest student mean?"

Yuxi smiled and explained, "It means study companion."

Moju's face didn't look good. The Third Miss and her Miss were the di[1] daughters of the Second House. Now her Miss was going to accompany Third Miss in studying, which was too bad. "Miss, I think we'd better hold on." In the future, she had to hang out with low-status people.

Yuxi knew what Moju was thinking, and she did not say much about it. Learning real skills was the most important thing. Being laughed at would not result in her being less human.

Compared with Moju's worries, Mama Shen was pleased when she knew about this. Even though Miss was not admitted as an official student, it was still admirable for her to have this title.

Old Lady Han's attitude was straightforward. She had sent some people to deliver so many good things to Yuxi.

Qiu Shi hugged Yuxi and cheerfully said, "Since you have been given this opportunity, you should study hard in the future." Even if it were only as a study companion, with this title, Yuxi's scope of husband selections would be broader.

Yuxi was somewhat embarrassed. "It's just a study companion, not an official student, so Eldest Aunt doesn't have to say it like that. Moreover, Teacher Song wouldn't have agreed if it weren't for San Jie[2]'s help." She didn't feel she lost her share of studying, but she didn't show it on the surface.

Qiu Shi smiled and said, "Who in this capital does not know that Teacher Song has a very high standard. If you do not meet her standard, even if Yuchen helps you to intercede, Teacher Song will not agree. Yuxi, don't belittle yourself. Not to mention your study, just looked at your needlework. I can assure you your needlework is incomparable among your peers." With that, she touched Yuxi's head and added, "Yuxi, don't compare yourself with your San Jie[2]. Yuchen's talent, let alone the capital, is unmatched by many people worldwide."

Qiu Shi felt that Yuchen's talent was outstanding, but she feared her brother-in-law might be bleeding in his heart. Her eldest daughter was excellent, but none of his sons was this intelligent.

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Yuxi smiled. "I'll listen to Eldest Aunt." If she kept comparing herself with Yuchen, that was purely seeking abuse. In the future, she would compare herself with her peers outside.

Qiu Shi nodded in relief, and then with a smile, she talked to Yuxi regarding other matters. "Third Girl started moving things yesterday, and it should be able to finish this afternoon. The Old Lady has already said she would build a small kitchen in Tingyun Pavilion this time. I think your Rose Courtyard is far away from the big kitchen and it is not convenient to get food during winter. So, I took this opportunity to build a small kitchen in your courtyard." Generally, young misses wouldn't have a personal kitchen, but because the Old Lady especially doted on Yuchen, it became an exception. So, this time, Yuxi could borrow Yuchen's east wind. Yuxi and Yuchen were not that different in status anyway. So, it would be difficult for the Old Lady to say anything about her getting Yuxi a small kitchen. If she missed this opportunity, the next time she could do so would be on the year of the monkey and the month of the horse[3].

Yuxi's eyes brightened as she heard she could have her small kitchen. However, her eyes soon darkened as she whispered, "Eldest Aunt, will Grandmother agree?" Having a small kitchen naturally was good. Whatever she wanted to eat during the weekday could be made, which was very convenient. She had to pay extra if she needed the main kitchen to prepare an extra meal.

Qiu Shi smiled and said, "Yuchen's small kitchen budget is not from public accounts but private savings. The Old Lady has no reason to disagree as long as your kitchen budget comes from personal savings. "

Yuxi exclaimed happily, "Thank you, Eldest Aunt." With her own little kitchen, it would also be convenient for her to start learning to cook.

Qiu Shi touched Yuxi's head and said softly, "There's nothing to be thankful about. It's just a small thing."

Yuxi did not feel that she should accept it calmly. "Eldest Aunt, in this residence, only Aunt will think about everything for me."

Qiu Shi patted Yuxi on the back. "Later on, don't say thank you again. It will be too much for me!" She had already regarded Yuxi like her own daughter, so it was natural for her to think about everything for her.

Yuxi embraced Qiu Shi and snuggled in her arms. She then whispered, "Okay."

Since Yuxi had to pay for the kitchen herself, she felt that although her income was enough to support the kitchen's expenses, she was not at ease as she would not have any money in her hand left.

So, after being shelved for a long time, the production of scar-removing ointment was put on the agenda. She had already got two packets of pearl powder from Qiu Shi, and now she only needed to boil them.

To boil the scar-removing ointment, although the amount was small, it was impossible to hide it from the public. Yuxi simply told Mama Shen, Moju and several trusted maids about this matter. Of course, she said she was boiling face ointment, not scar-removing ointment.

Face ointment, by its very name, was the stuff you put on your face.

Mama Shen hastily said, "Miss, this paste can't be used casually, and you're also young and delicate, so you don't need these things." This face ointment would be applied to the face. How could she not know the importance of her Miss' face? How could one casually apply a face ointment that one did not know what to expect? In case of any mistake, one's whole life would be ruined.

Yuxi smiled and reasoned, "I read about it in a book and thought it was interesting, so I wanted to try it. Mama, rest assured, even if it is boiled, I will not use it on myself."

Mama Shen asked suspiciously, "Where did Miss see the prescription?"

Yuxi said, "In a book, I bought from the academy." After a pause, she looked at Mama Shen and said, "This is only a small matter. I hope Mama Shen will not tell anyone."

Mama Shen knew that Yuxi had a good idea. Since Yuxi had already said that, it was useless for her to persuade anymore. Although she felt Yuxi was behaving foolishly, she didn't think it was a big deal either. It was not unusual for a young miss from a large family to make rouge or spice herself. However, she also reminded, "Miss must assure this old servant that even after the ointment is boiled, it cannot be applied to your face."

Yuxi smiled and assured her, "Mama, rest assured, I won't personally use it."

When Yuxi boiled the ointment, she did not fake it but made it herself. Then the boiled ointment was poured into a vessel and left in a dark room.

Footnotes Full List
  1. born from formal wife
  2. san=third, jie=elder sister, short form for Jiejie
  3. Chinese idiom: time that never comes

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