ROHYX Chapter 91 : Probing (4)

As soon as she returned to Rose Courtyard, Yuxi immediately waved back all the maids around her and stayed alone in her study. Just now, she was forced to suppress herself, but since there was no one in the room right now, there was no need for her to pretend anymore.

Graphite. It's usually used in pencil lead. All this time, I thought pencil lead was made of charcoal. I feel like an idiot.
Image Source | GOKLuLe 盧樂 (石墨) via Wiki
Yuxi took a deep breath, then poured a bit of water into the inkstone. Afterwards, she picked up graphite and ground it slowly inside the inkstone. After she had done grinding, she dipped the brush into the ink and quietly wrote down an enormous character.

Unfortunately, this time, Yuxi was doomed to fail. She could not calm herself down. As long as she thought of the way Jiang Hongjin looked at Yuchen, she really couldn't calm down.

Longan Red Jujube and Wolfberry Tea
For the recipe of the tea, please head up to Thermos Singapore.
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Kufu announced from outside, “Miss, the tea is ready.” Yuxi didn’t drink green tea, so she was usually given longan red jujube and wolfberry tea.

Yuxi took a deep breath and then lightly said, “Come in!”

Although Kufu had personally served Yuxi for two years, she had been working in Rose Courtyard for five years. Although her Master looked calm, she could see that Yuxi was actually really angry. She carefully asked, “Miss, are you alright?” Did she suffer grievances while in Gongzhu residence?

Yuxi didn’t want to talk so she said, “You should withdraw. I want to be alone.”

Kufu couldn’t set her mind at rest but she didn’t dare to disobey Yuxi, so she could only withdraw. When she reached the door and looked back, she saw Yuxi’s expression looking so gloomy. Her mind must have been in a poor state, thought Kufu. With just three steps, then two steps, Kufu finally went out. However, she also didn’t dare to go far away, so she just waited at the door.[+]

‘Bang……’ After this burst of noise, the room quieted down again.

Kufu’s heart was about to jump out but she still had the courage to ask, “What’s happened, Miss?” It never left her mind that Yuxi also had quite a prestigious title, otherwise she would have just rushed in.

Just now, Yuxi was unable to restrain the built-up anger in her heart that she had smashed the cup onto the ground. This act of her had also restored her sanity. “Come in.”

Kufu watched as the tea flowed down on the wall, which was stained with some of the wolfberries. While on the ground, there was a pile of a broken teacup. She was somewhat at her wit's end. She had served Miss for several years, but this was the first time she had seen Miss smashed things. She also didn’t know how many grievances her Miss had suffered in the Gongzhu residence, which managed to make her become this angry.

Yuxi’s face had a chilly expression as she instructed, “Get all those cleanup. If someone asks later, you will say that I was not being careful and accidentally broke the cup.“

Kufu did not dare to say much. She could only bow her head in response, then swept the debris clean and prepared to take it out for disposal.

Yuxi then warned, “Don’t say a word to anyone about today.” She didn’t want her abnormality to be known.

Kufu hastily nodded and said, “Don’t worry, Miss, I won’t tell anyone.” Originally, she wanted to wait for next time to inquire about what kind of injustice that her Master received while in Gongzhu residence, but after hearing Yuxi’s words, she gave up this idea.

Yuxi waved Kufu to retreat and then said to herself, “If Momo was here, she would definitely say that I had been acting impatient again.” At this time, she missed Momo Quan so much. If Momo Quan was around, she wouldn’t be so helpless. It was a pity that Momo Quan insisted on returning to her hometown to provide for the aged. Whatever she said to make her stay couldn’t even move Momo Quan.

When Zisu returned from outside, she heard Yuxi accidentally broke a cup. Her heart suddenly jumped. Her Miss’ conduct had continuously been steady and she had never been an impatient kind of person. Also, her Master cherished things she had on hand very much. More importantly, the room was covered with thick carpets. How could the cup be broken easily? Zisu found Kufu and asked, “What’s wrong Miss today?”

Kufu, who was frigid after being snapped by Yuxi, accidentally fell on the quilt. “Zisu Jiejie, Miss had been really careless. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Miss yourself.”

Zisu was not quite convinced.

Yuxi came out of the study, saw Kufu and asked, “Has the water been heated up?” She just came back and she did say that she wanted to take a bath.

Kufu hastily nodded, “The water has been heated up. I’ll have someone to bring the water to the cleanroom.” Seeing Miss’ calm expression, she really felt that the scene just now was only her illusion.

After Yuxi had her bath and changed her clothes, she climbed into bed and tried to sleep.

Yuxi was lying in bed thinking about things, especially about things that happened in her previous life. After Jiang Hongjin attained the title of zhuangyuan in his previous life, he came to her home and asked her to marry him. At that time, someone told her that Hongjin married her to have a relationship with the 10ᵗʰ prince. No matter what, she was also the younger sister of 10ᵗʰ Prince’s wife. Marrying her was the same as becoming a brother-in-law to the 10ᵗʰ Prince, whom he could rely on later on.


In fact, it happened just like that. After Jiang Hongjin married her, he went and sought refuge with the 10ᵗʰ Prince. In the end, he became the most favourable assistant of the 10ᵗʰ prince.

Thinking of Jiang Hongjin’s infatuated look at Yuchen just now, she had a vague guess in her heart that he might have married her not because of the 10ᵗʰ Prince but because of Yuchen. If her guess was right, he destroyed her whole life because of his infatuation, and finally left her dead. Thinking till here, both of Yuxi’s hands tightly squeezed the brocade quilt. As a result, the brocade quilt had changed its shape.

At this time, Yuxi heard someone coming. The Rose Courtyard was so small that if the voice in the yard talked a little louder, she could hear it clearly even from her bedroom.

Shiqin came over to send some supplements when she heard that Yuxi was already asleep and she had to talk in a small voice. She also didn’t stay for too long as she put down the things she brought and only said a few words, then she went back. After she went there for a moment, she told Yuchen about Yuxi having gone to sleep, “Fourth Miss may have been really tired. She went back to Rose Courtyard, washed and went to sleep.”

Yuchen smiled, “Do you still think she is pretending?” If Yuxi was pretending, how could she have not seen it?

Shiqin shook her head and said, “No, I’m just feeling it was a little strange. Fourth Miss also played with Miss on ordinary days, but nothing like this ever happened to her. Why did she become so tired this time around?“

The smile on Yuchen’s face faded, “How can this be the same? Yuxi usually plays chess with me just for fun. Today, she gave her best.“

Shiqin still didn't quite understand.

When Kufu heard Yuxi calling for her, she told a young maid to go and fetched some water. She went up to Yuxi and tidied up her clothes, “Miss, when Miss was asleep just now, the Old Lady sent someone to inform you that you should go to the main room when you wake up.” The Old Lady and Qiu Shi were worried when they heard that Yuxi had fallen ill, so they specially sent someone to inquire.

Yuxi gave out an ‘en’ and asked, “Have you made the dinner yet?”

Kufu shook her head and explained, “No, the Old Lady asked Miss to go to the main room for dinner.” Seeing that there was no fluctuation on Yuxi’s face, she continued, “Just now, the Third Miss sent supplements such as donkey-hide gelatin and mountain ginseng.”

Yuxi softly instructed, “Register them for storage.” Although medicine supplement was not as good as a food supplement, occasionally taking some of those supplements would also bring a great benefit to the body. Taking advantage of Yuchen’s benefits, Yuxi had also eaten a lot of good things over the years.

Maidong took out a set of red clothes, while Zisu took the jewellery box.

Yuxi shook her head and said, “The colour is too deep. Bring me the gold weave brocade dress with royal blue embroidered peony. I’ll wear that one. Also, put back all the jewellery, except for the two pearl flowers hairpin. I don’t need to be too dressed up when at home.“

Zisu exclaimed, “Miss, that dress is new. You should wear it when you go out for a visit next time!” Qiu Shi had made two sets of new clothes for Yuxi before. Yuxi had worn one today for the banquet and the other was this royal blue embroidered peony dress.

Yuxi carelessly said, “The clothes are made for me to wear. Next time, when I want to go out, new clothes will be made again. Furthermore, there are still a lot of nice fabric materials in the storehouse.“ Her complexion didn’t look so good, so if she wore a dark colour, she would look even worse. She didn’t want to let the Old Lady and Wu Shi see her without spirit. Of course, these words were only told to the maids around her. As for her real thoughts, only her alone knew.

After Yuxi went out, Maidong made her bed. However, when she looked at the crumpled and out of shape brocade quilt, she was very surprised. How much effort would it take for this brocade quilt to crumple like this! Miss, what the hell is going on? Her Miss sure had a big temper.

In the main room, the Old Lady looked at Yuxi and nodded, “Your complexion is looking good. Your San Jie told me about what happened today. You have done a good job.“ For Yuxi to be able to gain a draw with Yu Xiyu, who was the most talented and skilful in the capital, was enough to show that Yuxi’s chess skills were extraordinary.

Yuxi never showed off ostentatiously in front of the Old Lady. To be exact, she had always been very modest and never gloat because of her good performance.

Old Lady was very satisfied with the fact that Yuxi was not acting arrogant and impetuous.

Cuiyu came in and announced, "Old Lady, Third Miss and Fourth Miss, dinner is ready and it is ready to eat."

Yuxi went to the dining hall with the Old Lady and saw Wu Shi putting up bowls and chopsticks. Her eyes blinked. She didn’t think that one day, she would be able to let Wu Shi serve her. Although it was because of the Old Lady’s benefits, it was still able to make her heart let off its steam. Of course, it was one thing to be happy in her heart, but she couldn’t show it on her face. On the contrary, she still needed to take the initiative to help.

Old Lady was not going to let Wu Shi serve the two junior members of the family. She waved at Wu Shi and said, “You withdraw first!”

Wu Shi’s face was covered with dark clouds as she calmly walked out of the dining hall. It was supposed to be junior members of the family job to serve their elders, but when it came to her, each one of them had to drop it off.

Yuxi didn't eat much lunch at Gongzhu residence and she had also used too much of her brain. She had already become quite hungry. Despite that, she did not dare to eat more when she was in the main room. She only ate till she was seventy per cent full.

After the group had finished eating and they came out, Yuxi saw Wu Shi standing outside, waiting. She gave out a respectful greeting, "Mother." Yuxi’s and Yuchen’s etiquettes absolutely couldn’t be nitpicked.

Hate filled Wu Shi’s heart again, but she also didn’t dare to show it in front of the Old Lady. In the past, when Wu Shi heard others said that being a stepmother was difficult, she just scoffed it off. Now that she really had become one, she finally knew that it was indeed a tough job.

When Yuxi watched Wu Shi behave like a kitten in front of the Old Lady, her heart was filled with admiration. Even Old Lady’s method had not been able to make Wu Shi learn her lesson.

The Old Lady naturally saw the unwillingness in Wu Shi’s eye. She won’t say anything on her face, but her heart was increasingly disappointed.

Yuxi and Yuchen accompanied the Old Lady for a walk in the yard to help digestion. Yuchen talked to the Old Lady in a low voice and from time to time, she would ask for Yuxi’s opinion. Wasn’t this like setting a stage for Yuxi?

Less than half an hour later, the Old Lady finally released them, “You two can return to your yard!” Yuchen had been busy every day, and Yuxi was also not idle, so she didn't want to waste more of their time.

Mama Luo sent the two out of the courtyard. When she returned, she told the Old Lady, “Fourth Miss didn’t directly go back to Rose Courtyard. She went in the direction of the Master Courtyard.”

Old Lady used to think that Yuxi was a cold-hearted person, so she was quite wary of Yuxi. But over the past few years, watching Yuxi showed filial piety towards Qiu Shi like she was her own mother, she finally released the vigilance she had in her heart.

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