ROHYX Chapter 99 : Sick (1)

Along the way, Yuxi didn’t say a word. When she arrived in Rose Courtyard, she immediately entered her study and began copying the ‘Classic of Filial Piety’.

Kufu took a boiled ginger syrup into the study and said, “Miss, you have been blown by the breeze all night today. Drink some of this ginger syrup to get rid of the cold.”

Yuxi looked at the white steam ginger syrup and instructed, “Take it away. I don’t want to drink it.”

Despite that, Yuxi still ate her dinner as she always did before, which reassured Zisu, who had been afraid that her Miss would not even want to eat because of feeling depressed.

Yuxi continued copying the ‘Classic of Filial Piety’ till it reached zishi. Ultimately, Zisu and Kufu had to work together to persuade her to go to sleep.

Before dawn, it was the darkest time but also the sweetest time for people to sleep.

Also at that time, the door of the main courtyard had been knocked loudly that it had woken Qiu Shi up. She got out of bed after putting on her clothes and asked Mama Li whom she saw approaching her room, “What’s the matter? What’s going on?“

Mama Li quickly informed her, “My Lady, Miss Zisu told me that Fourth Miss has a fever and currently unconscious. She was asking for my Lady to send someone to fetch the physician.“

Qiu Shi had a huge shock, “How can this be? That child has always been in good health.“ Since Yuxi had gotten well from smallpox, she had only been sick twice after that. At that time, she could even get well without taking any medicine.

Mama Li slightly sighed and asked, “My Lady, would you like to go over and have a look?” Fourth Miss must have felt so wronged in her heart last night, plus she was caught in a little rain beforehand, and now, she had a fever.

When Qiu Shi arrived at Rose Courtyard, she could see that the place was brightly lit, but it wasn't in disorderly condition as she had expected. Everything was in good order, which made her heart deeply praise Yuxi.

When Kufu saw Qiu Shi coming over, tears immediately streamed down her face, “First Lady, Miss' body temperature is too high.”

When Qiu Shi entered the room, she saw Yuxi’s flushed face. However, there was a towel folded into a square on her forehead. At this time, Maidong was taking another towel to change it with.

Looking at this scene, Qiu Shi sat on the bed and helped change the towel on Yuxi's forehead.

Yuxi's body temperature was so high that she unconsciously wanted to turn over but was held down by Qiu Shi. She looked so miserable when she muttered, “Mother, I don't feel so good. Mother, where are you?”

When Qiu Shi heard Yuxi’s mutterings, tears immediately fell down from her eyes, “Such a poor child.”

Half a shichen later, the physician finally came. After Physician Bai examined Yuxi’s pulse, he frowned and said, “I’ll prescribe two patches of medicine for treating her fever.” Physician Bai was specifically employed by the Duke Residence. So, he knew the physical condition of every person living in the residence very well.

When Physician Bai was prescribing the medicines, Qiu Shi went out and asked, “Mr Physician, my niece was drenched in the rain yesterday, but she has been fine all this time. Was it possible for her to have a fever because of the rain?” Yesterday it was not only Yuxi who got wet in the rain, but others also.

Physician Bai lowered his voice as he answered, “Other than suffering from cold, internal heat generated by anxiety has attacked Fourth Miss' heart, which is the cause of her high fever.” Though, he did not ask Qiu Shi why a teenager would have this kind of anxiety in her heart.

Qiu Shi stared at his eyes and gave him a wry smile. She also knew that Yuxi was wronged last night, but it was just that she couldn’t show herself up. If Yuxi was bullied by Wu Shi, she would certainly be able to help her to get out of that place. But this was the order from the Third Lord. There was nothing she could do about it!

After the medicine was cooked, Zisu carefully spoon-fed it to Yuxi. Although Yuxi had a high fever, fortunately, she was still able to drink the medicine and did not vomit it back out. This made everyone in the room feel relieved.

Only after daybreak did the Old Lady know about Yuxi being unconscious last night. “What’s going on? How did she have a fever?“ It was just a few drops of rain on Yuxi's clothes and she didn’t even get completely wet. No one else was sick, except for Yuxi, who was the one who had the best of health. Who would believe that?

Mama Luo informed her, “The physician said that Fourth Miss has been infected with dry air, together with internal heat generated by anxiety attacking her heart had caused the fever.”

The Old Lady responded in a low voice, “That girl’s temperament is too big.” Nine times out of ten, Yuxi must have been reprimanded by her son yesterday. Because of that incident, Yuxi became upset and since she had been caught in the rain before, she got herself a fever.

The Old Lady always thought that Yuxi’s temper was too perverse. No matter how wrong her son and Wu Shi were, they should not be questioned by a younger generation like Yuxi. So yesterday, she heard her son had chastised Yuxi, and she, herself thought it was better to take this opportunity to crush Fourth Girl’s arrogance. However, she didn’t expect that Yuxi would get sick just because of anger.

Mama Luo wasn’t good at responding to that kind of words from the Old Lady. She tried to change the conversation by asking, “Old Lady, do you want to see Fourth Miss later on?”

The Old Lady shook her head and said, “Forget it. You can go and see her on my behalf.” After Yuxi’s birthday banquet, the father-daughter relationship eased a lot, but now it had frozen again. However, this time around, she did not intend to find out what Han Jingyan had said to Yuxi. In her opinion, Yuxi’s temperament was too big. If she indulged her again this time, she was afraid that she would not be able to shake the earth later on. As the Old Lady thought until here, she couldn’t help missing Yuchen again. Yuchen was quite clever in showing her filial piety. If Yuxi was half as good as Yuchen, she wouldn’t have been worried about her.

While Wu Shi only knew about Yuxi being sick after she had done with her breakfast. As she heard this news, a smile appeared on her face. Wasn’t that girl so capable? Now, that girl fell sick because of fear. She then said with a cheerful voice, “Let's go. Let’s go see that girl.”

This was Wu Shi’s first visit to Rose Courtyard. Although she had heard more than once about the simple layout of the courtyard, what she saw and what she heard were two different things. Looking at the layout of the courtyard, her eyes flashed with scorn. Qiu Shi was inconsistent as she kept on claiming that she treated Yuxi as if she was her child. Just by looking at the layout of the courtyard, it seemed like Qiu Shi only knew how to brag about it.

When Zisu saw Wu Shi, she suppressed her anger as she said, “My Lady, Miss hasn’t woken up yet.” After Yuxi took her medicine, she had not woken up until now.

Wu Shi ignored Zisu and went straight into Yuxi's bedroom. When she smelled the medicines, she frowned. She walked straight to the bed and looked at Yuxi who was indeed asleep. Without uttering any words, she then left with her maid.

Zisu was extremely angry, but Wu Shi was the master while she was only a servant. No matter how angry she was, she couldn't do anything to Wu Shi.

It was almost noon when Yuxi finally opened her eyes. When she woke up, she suddenly felt dizzy and her mouth was also a little painful, “What’s wrong with me?”

Zisu wiped the tears from the corner of her eye and said, “Miss, you caught a cold yesterday and had a high fever. Fortunately, the physician came in time, otherwise…“

Yuxi reassured her, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine soon,” It was likely because of her unstable mood, coupled with her being under the rain yesterday, it had led to her having a fever.

At that time, Kufu brought over a bowl of millet porridge, "Miss, have some porridge!" This time, her Miss had really suffered a long-standing sin. Kufu also didn't know what was going on in the Third Lord's mind for going so far as treating her Miss like this.

T/N: This is Millet Porridge with oil.

Before Yuxi could finish drinking the bowl of porridge, Qiu Shi came over for a visit. Yuxi greeted her with a pale smile, “Eldest Aunt, you are here.”

Qiu Shi touched Yuxi’s forehead and said, “You, this child, how can you not cherish your body at all? Do you want to hurt me so much!?“

Yuxi coughed before she could reply.

Qiu Shi hurriedly said, “Don’t talk. The physician said you should have a good rest. Now, don’t think about anything. You should take good care of yourself first.“

Yuxi knew Qiu Shi had treated her well so she nodded. Then she requested, “Eldest Aunt, I want to see Mama Fang. Can you allow her to come into the residence?”

Qiu Shi hesitated for a moment, before she finally nodded her head, “Alright, I’ll ask someone to send a letter to Mama Fang and let her come to see you tomorrow.”

Yuxi smiled and said, “Thank you, Eldest Aunt.” Before, she had questioned why Han Jingyan hated her so much. So she decided that she should take this opportunity to personally ask Mama Fang.

Meanwhile, Yuchen was very well informed about the event that happened at her home and soon learned that Yuxi had fallen sick. She immediately went to see Old Lady Chiang and said, “Waizumu, I heard that Yuxi has fallen sick. I want to go back and take a look at her.”

Old Lady Chiang slightly frowned and said, “Even if the Fourth Girl is ill, your grandmother and the mistress of the State Residence are still there. There is nothing you can do even when you go back home.”

Yuchen apologetically said, “Waizumu, I will be worried about her until I can go back and have a look at her.” No one knew better about Yuxi’s health than she did. With just a few drops of rain, there was no way Yuxi would suddenly catch a cold and have a fever. There must be something strange happening. She wouldn't stop worrying if she didn’t go back and have a look at Yuxi with her two eyes.

When Old Lady Chiang looked at Yuchen’s manner, she knew that she could not stop her. “Well then, I’ll let your Da Biaoge escorts you back.”

Yuchen was reluctant to bother Chiang Wei. “Waizumu, you shouldn’t need to bother. It’s only half a shichen walk from here to the residence.”

Old Lady Chiang pretended to be angry, “You didn’t even listen to the words of your Waizumu now?”

Yuchen was helpless as she had to nod in agreement to her Waizumu’s words.

After Yuchen left, Old Lady Chiang instructed an old woman servant of hers, “Go and find out what actually happened to Fourth Miss Han.” Yuxi didn’t get sick sooner or later, but somehow she was sick at this time around. It was not easy for Old Lady Chiang planned on taking advantage of this opportunity to make Yuchen stay at her home for a few days, and then somehow, her plan had been disturbed because of this matter. [+]

Old Woman Min, who was close to Old Lady Chiang, said, “My Lady, Miss Biao seems to value Miss Yuxi very much!” She knew that Old Lady had always wanted some of her granddaughters to make friends with Biao Girl, but it happened that none of them understood the pains of her master.

Old Lady Chiang shook her head helplessly, “Yuxi and Yuchen are not only close sisters, but also learn from the same teacher and nurturing momo together. Because of that, they have gotten along with each other over time. Naturally, their feelings are much deeper than with the others. Moreover, that girl has really deep thought.“

Old Woman Min responded, “Old Lady, I’m afraid Miss Biao will suffer.”

Old Lady Chiang replied, “Yuchen is not a stupid person and will not be easily calculated. Hai~ if Xin-er has that girl’s mind, I won’t have to worry so much about her.“ How could she not see Chiang Xin’s rejection of Yuchen? She had looked for so many opportunities to get them close with each other, but unfortunately, all of her plans were useless.

When Yuchen returned to the State Residence, she did not even go back to her own courtyard but went directly to Rose Courtyard instead.

Yuxi’s health had been very good in recent years but somehow last night, it suddenly became dangerous. However, after taking two patches of medicines, she had become half cured. When she saw Yuchen, she was very surprised, “San Jie, why did you come back?”

Yuchen looked at Yuxi’s face and she felt relieved, “I heard that you had a high fever last night. I was so worried that I came back. How are you now? Are you getting better?“

Yuxi nodded and said, “I feel much better after taking the medicine. I didn’t think that my illness had bothered San Jie to make an early return from the Marquis Residence. I feel really ashamed.“

Yuchen didn’t know whether to be angry or to laugh at what Yuxi was saying, “What a silly remark are you saying. I will naturally come back if you are sick. By the way, how did you get sick?“ Yuxi had followed Momo Quan in learning pharmacology, and the most important thing she had to pay attention to was the way of keeping herself fit. Under normal circumstances, Yuxi wouldn’t easily get sick.

Yuxi was silent for some time before she said, “Father severely reprimanded me yesterday for Qiu Yanfu’s incident, saying that I didn’t know how to respect elders and didn’t love my sisters. I couldn’t accept the accusations, so I refuted him with some sentences. As a result, Father let me kneel on the ground, where the floor was very cold. I think that was the only way for me to catch a cold and a high fever at the same time!“

Yuchen’s face darkened. In this eleventh lunar month, her Father had gone as far as letting Yuxi knelt on the ground for a quarter of an hour. What did he take Yuxi for? Yuchen had always wanted to improve her Father’s relationship with Yuxi and she had been working hard for it. However now, it seemed that it would be useless for her to even try again.

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