ROHYX Chapter 105 : Obtaining A Good Impression

When Yuxi saw the tiger skin, her face immediately turned green. She did ask Yuchen to send her some leather, but she didn't expect Yuchen to send her such good leather.

Yuxi didn't think much of it either. She immediately made the maid who was holding the tiger skin, followed her to send it back to Yuchen. "San Jie, this tiger skin is so well preserved in its original one piece that it can entirely be made into a big piece of clothing. It'll be too bad if I cut it and made it into an armguard and kneecap. So, it's better that you keep it for yourself. Even if you don't use it now, you will surely be using it later on." If it was given to Yuxi, it would be like recklessly waste God's good gifts.

Yuchen was already used to good things, thus she really didn't feel that a tiger skin was that much valuable, "Si Meimei, thing that I gave you, it is up to you to do whatever you want with it."

For this reason, Yuxi became dumbfounded. However, she also knew Yuchen's temper. Since Yuchen had said so, she definitely would not take it back. Moreover, Yuxi felt that if they kept pushing and shoving the skin, it would only be meaningless, "Alright, then, I'll take care of the tiger skin myself."

Yuxi's needlework was very good, but she focused too much on the aesthetic feeling of the end product. Thus making her speed became too slow, as slow as a turtle. However, the maids around her were all good in needlework except for Zisu, so they obviously could help Yuxi with her work.

Qiu Shi knew that Yuchen had sent some sheets of skins to Yuxi that she could not help muttering, "This child she should just tell me if she wants some skins!" How should she put it, although Yuchen was very much an outstanding girl, Qiu Shi wasn't that fond of it. Yuchen's mother, Chiang Shi was a very arrogant person who didn't like the rough Qiu Shi very much. For this reason, the two sisters-in-law had a very bad relationship. Although there was not a cloud of smoke floated over them, they were still disgusted with each other. Combined with these reasons, it made Qiu Shi not like Yuchen very much. However, Yuchen was the heart of the Old Lady, so Qiu Shi still had to be good to Yuchen.

Mama Li said with a smile, "It was not Fourth Miss who wanted it, but it was Third Miss who offered it. She knew that the Fourth Miss wanted to make an armguard and scarf for the Old Lady and my Lady, but she had no leather, so Third Miss said she had leather in her hand."

Qiu Shi couldn't help but say, "This child is usually very smart. Why is she such an idiot at this time?" The thing came from Yuchen. Once Yuxi sent out the finished products, she would not be the only one who would get the compliment.

Even Mama Li couldn't see through the matter either, "Maybe Fourth Miss has her own ideas."

Qiu Shi didn't think that Yuxi had any idea. She only thought that Yuxi had suddenly become an idiot. It was just that Yuchen's leather had already been sent, and it would not be good for her to ask Yuxi to send it away.

Ancient Chinese Male Overcoat or Dachang (the outer black clothes)
Image Credit | Yoga (May 19, 2019, The Most Classic Hanfu of All Time) via Newhanfu
Yuxi was going to make a tiger skin overcoat for Han Jingyan. Even though in her heart, she still felt disgusted with him, and didn't want to treat him as her father, she still had to flatter him, at least on the surface. If she could paint herself a filial piety reputation, Han Jingyan would not be able to treat her casually in the future, and if she could get such huge benefits in half a month, it would surely be cost-effective.

It wasn't easy for Yuxi to make a fur overcoat. Fur treatment alone was already a big problem. Besides, it was more difficult to make clothes from them. This required extremely high skills, which the average person couldn't produce.

Yuxi used to make clothes, but she never made such big clothes. So she invited an embroidery lady who made big clothes to help her.

The embroidery lady explained the process of making big clothes. Rather than rushing to make clothes after listening to the embroidery lady's teaching, Yuxi went to take her father's overcoat to study first. If she didn't understand, she would ask the embroidery lady. After that, she would sketch the design by herself, then marked out the places that she wasn't good with. All these places would be completed by the embroidery lady.

Finally, with the help of the embroidery lady and several maids, the large overcoat for Han Jingyan was completed on the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month.

Maidong looked at the well-made tiger skin overcoat and couldn't help exclaiming in admiration, "Miss really has a good craftsmanship."

Yuxi smiled, "It is also with your contribution." She couldn't finish the clothing in such a short time by herself.

The clothing was ready, but they were not for herself. Yuxi immediately asked Zisu to wrap up the clothing and took them over to get a good impression from her father.

When Wu Shi heard Yuxi was coming, she was puzzled. Usually, Yuxi would only come on the first day and the 15th day, to pay respect to her. If she didn't invite her to come, Yuxi would never take the initiative to come to Biteng Courtyard herself.

Han Jingyan's intuition was telling him that Yuxi came for him. He put on an indifferent look and said, "Let her in." Last time, when Yuxi was ill, although his mother didn't say anything, he knew that his mother was not happy. A girl's body was as important as her appearance. In case Yuxi's body was damaged, it would be difficult for her to marry into a good family. After all, for a man to take a wife was mainly for the continuation of blood vessels. If one could not bear children due to poor health, what would one do when one married such a daughter-in-law? Han Jingyan also had some small regrets in his heart, but he couldn’t show a long face over this matter.

Yuxi came in and gave the two people a polite courtesy.

Han Jingyan looked at the maid beside Yuxi who was holding a big parcel and asked, "What did you bring?"

Yuxi took the clothing from Kufu's hand and said, "This is a big fur overcoat I made for Father. See if Father will like it?"

Han Jingyan froze at first, but then smiled and said, "Let me take a look." He always felt that Yuxi had a perverse temper. The previous events should have made Yuxi felt resentful towards him, but he didn't expect that Yuxi would make clothing for him.

Han Jingyan shook the clothing, looked at it and was surprised. "Yuxi, did you really make this?" Tiger skins were inherently difficult to handle, and it took superb craftsmanship to make clothes from them without damaging any fur. However, what Yuxi had produced was a tiger skin overcoat with rare blue brocade, with the furs shining bright that were separated with distinct stripes and done with meticulous needlework. It was hard to imagine that such big clothes were made by Yuxi.

Yuxi nodded and replied, "Because time is tight, this is much easier to do." If there was more time, she would have embroidered beautiful designs on the clothes. When she started to embroider, she would strive for perfection. This caused Qiu Shi to mock her while nitpicking at her.

Han Jingyan became interested and said, "Let me try it."

When he wore it on his body, Han Jingyan felt endlessly moved in his heart. This clothing seemed to be tailored-made for him, as it was not long an inch nor short an inch. Thinking till here, Han Jingyan felt much better about Yuxi's senses, and with a rare smile on his face, he asked, "Did it cost you a lot of energy to make this?"

After spending energy and money, one couldn't be modest. So Yuxi replied, "It took me half a month to make it."

Han Jingyan wasn't that fond of Yuxi, but seeing her working so hard to make one for him, his heart felt very tight, "You've worked hard. Hereafter, don't do it again in the future, because it's too exhausting for you."

Yuxi opened her mouth and smiled, "Making clothes for Father is not tiring at all." It was strange to say that she was not tired, but everyone loved to listen to good words.

Han Jingyan looked into his heart and felt an indescribable feeling. Although this child was a little perverse, in essence, she was still a very good child. When he thought of what Yuchen said to him before, he felt that he had been too harsh on Yuxi. After all, every one had his own shortcomings, and Yuxi's shortcomings were not that much. He wanted to say a few soft words to Yuxi, but he could not say them. At last, he could only say, "It's late. You should go back to rest earlier!" The relationship between the two had started to be good, as his feelings of tenderness and soft heart toward Yuxi began to rise.[+]

Yuxi quickly gave her courtesy, then she turned around and went back. Since she had completed her mission to get her father's good impressions, there was no need for her to stay any longer.

Wu Shi looked at the tiger-skin overcoat and unconsciously said, "Fourth Girl is really good in embroidery. Till today, I haven't had the good fortune to wear the clothes she made!"

Han Jingyan didn't like what he just heard, as he lightly said, "Just let the embroidery room make whatever clothes you want." Yuxi's willingness to make it was naturally to show her filial piety, and even if she was unwilling, she shouldn't be criticised for it

Wu Shi felt suffocated when she saw Han Jingyan looking unhappy with her, thus she also didn't dare to say anything anymore. Only in her heart, she secretly hated Yuxi's sinister plot. With just one pair of clothes, Yuxi already made her husband change his attitude towards her. This sinister girl was getting more and more refined.

Yuxi had been working hard for more than half a month to make the clothes. This time, her mission had successfully been completed. After returning to her yard, she took a bath, then climbed onto the bed and went to sleep. Zisu found it funny that Yuxi was already sound asleep in a second.

Kufu asked, "Zisu Jiejie, why did Miss make clothes for the Lord?" Her Miss even took so much trouble and expended a great deal of her effort to make it.

Zisu lowered her voice and warned, "Don't ask more than you should." Why else, other than making the Third Lord remembered about Miss a little more, so that he wouldn't embarrass her and treat her like a stranger in the future.

The next day, because it was New Year's Eve, Yuxi didn't sleep late. Naturally, her biological clock had already been set. Unless for special reasons, she wouldn't sleep late even if she wanted to.

After breakfast, Yuxi did not go out either. At this time, Old Lady Han and Qiu Shi were still in the palace, so no one went to their courtyard.

Lunar New Year was a festival that Yuxi liked the most. Without it, there wouldn't be red envelopes, and this year's red envelopes had been more than previous years, because the red envelopes that Han Jingyan gave to Yuxi contained a silver note, with the amount of a thousand taels of silver note, which could be called a large sum of money!

Once the Lunar New Year celebrations started, people began to visit their relatives.

On the second day of the Lunar New Year, people usually went to their wife's family's home, which was a custom that would not be shaken even by thunder. Previously, during this time, Yuchen went to Marquis Pingqing Residence, while Yuxi followed Han Jianye to the Qiu family. This year, it wasn't the same, even when Han Jingyan had returned to the capital, Yuxi must go to the Chiang family on the second day. Not only did she go with Yuchen, but together with Yurong and Jiancheng.

Fortunately, Wu Shi did not go, otherwise, Yuxi would have ridiculed her. Kufu quickly said, "If the Third Lady had come to Chiang residence, that would have been good!"

Yuxi laughed, "Do you think she doesn't want to go?" She actually admired Wu Shi sometimes. For example, the last time Old Lady Chiang had her 60th birthday, a bright average person would have avoided attending. After all, when Old Lady Chiang looked at her, she was reminded of her own daughter who died young. Who could be in a good mood in that situation? But Wu Shi didn't seem to notice this kind of thing, and she just went over brightly.

When they finally arrived at Chiang Residence, Old Lady Chiang immediately held Yuchen in her arms as she saw her and a burst of 'my dearest heart' could be heard. Then she asked Yuchen some questions. When Yuxi heard them, the corner of her mouth couldn't help twitching. It was nice to hear the Old Lady Chiang doted on Yuchen, but it was hard to listen to her thought that the Duke of the State Residence had treated Yuchen harshly!

Old Lady Chiang didn't know the reason for Yuxi to get ill last time, which caused her to worry that Yuchen had been taken advantage of by the people in Duke of the State Residence, so she asked regarding this matter carefully.

Chiang Xin was upset. Every time Yuchen came over, such scenes would always be shown and she was tired of watching them. When Old Lady Chiang had done talking, Chiang Xin found an opportunity to say, "San Biaojie, the wintersweet in our garden has finally bloomed. Do you want to have a look?" It was so stuffy in the room that it was better for her to go out for a walk.

This is a video on Wintersweet, which is a type of shrub that can grow up to 5 feet tall. Its flowers are mostly yellow, with a tint of purple inside. But currently, they also bloom in the colour of pink and white.

Yuxi also wanted to go out, because there was a smell in the room that made her very uncomfortable, "San Jie, I want to see wintersweet flowers. Let's go together!"

Before Yuchen could even speak, Old Lady Chiang said, "It's so cold outside, and you're not well. What if there's wind? If you want to see it, I'll have the maid to bring in a few branches."

Yuxi smiled and said, "Waizumu, there is no need to ask for the maids. We will bring them back to San Jie later on." Yuchen was very obedient to the Old Lady Han and it was certainly the same with Old Lady Chiang.

Yuchen was disappointed, but she still nodded her head and said, "Si Meimei, you were just sick not long ago, how about you don't go out?"

Yuxi didn't want to stay in this room, so she just smiled and said, "San Jie, that was more than a month ago. But I will be careful."

After Yuxi finished talking, she and Chiang Xin went out together.

After they left the house and walked along the road, Chiang Xin said, "I thought you wouldn't come out!" As far as she knew, Yuxi was Yuchen's follower. What happened today somewhat exceeded Chiang Xin's expectations.

Yuxi felt a little strange, "Why are you so sure I won't follow?"

Naturally, Chiang Xin would not tell the truth, but said with a smile, "I thought that if San Biaojie doesn't go, you won't go either."

Yuxi said with a smile, "San Jie is San Jie. I am me. What San Jie does not do, does not mean I cannot do." She wasn't unaware that in many people's eyes, she was like a tail behind Yuchen. She could not explain it one by one, and she would never explain it because it was unnecessary.

Chiang Xin gave Yuxi a surprised look, turned her head and asked with a smile, "I heard that Old Lady Han dotes on San Biaojie and gives her the best food and clothes. Is this true?" She wanted to trap Yuxi.

Yuxi honestly answered, "Naturally, it is true. San Jie is the treasure in my Grandmother's hand. So, she must have the best of everything."

Seeing Yuxi's appearance, Chiang Xin blurted out, "Aren't you jealous?" Once she said this, she immediately regretted it. Yuxi was a follower of Yuchen. Yuxi would certainly tell Yuchen these things when she returned. If Grandmother knew, she would have to face the music again.

Yuxi seemed not to see Xin Chiang's expression as she said with a smile, "I am not an Immortal, how can I not be jealous?"

Chiang Xin wondered, "But then, you are still on good terms with San Biaojie?"

Yuxi smiled and said, "My grandmother favours San Jie, that's her business. What does it have to do with San Jie? Should I stay away from my Grandmother just because she likes San Jie? Besides, San Jie is very kind to me, and she always shares with me if she has something delicious and interesting!"

Chiang Xin could not help but say, "You really don't take it to heart." When she looked at Yuchen, she found her not pleasing to her eye, since everything good would always be given to Yuchen, while she could only use the leftovers.

The smile on Yuxi's face remained unchanged as she said, "What can I do other than not take it to my heart? It is unfair and useless to cry and shout. It is not only useless but also makes other people resent you. I will not do such foolish things." From what she saw just now, she found that Chiang Xin was not a person with deep thoughts. On the contrary, she was just a very simple person. Otherwise, she would have thought first before she said anything. Actually, Yuxi felt quite comfortable when she got along with this kind of person.

Of course, everything should be seen from two sides. In Yuxi's last life, Chiang Xin looked down upon her especially and always teased her, making her always in a sorry plight. Therefore, she used to hate Chiang Xin very much.

Meanwhile, Chiang Xin found Yuxi to be a very interesting person, "Your opinion is very out of the ordinary." In other words, her views on Yuxi had improved much more compared to before.

Noob Translator Explains

This is a yishang. If you look at the picture of the overcoat (dashang), which I posted in paragraph 11, the inner clothes that the model was wearing was called yishang.
Image Credit | Yoga (May 19, 2019, The Most Classic Hanfu of All Time) via Newhanfu
In paragraph 11, the author was actually mentioning that Yuxi wanted to make a yishang for Han Jingyan. But somehow, she kept on mentioning an overcoat (dashang) after that, then she used the word yishang again. So, I chose to use an overcoat (dashang) for all, so that no one will be confused (including me).


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