ROHYX Chapter 107 : Surprised (2)

Old Woman Hua went to the bedside and when she saw Ye Shi sleeping with furrowed eyebrows, she felt really sad in her heart. Since her Miss got married, her Miss had her heart in her mouth because she had some trouble in giving birth to a son. Old Woman Hua knew her Master's difficulties, but they were taboo things for her to bring up. When would her Miss' difficulties end?

Amid her anxiety, a maid named Ah Ling came asking for advice. She whispered in Old Woman Hua's ear, "Mama, Physician Bai is here, saying that he came to check on Nainai. He's currently waiting in the yard!"

Old Woman Hua was very surprised, so she asked, "How can Physician Bai be here?"

Ah Ling herself wasn't clear about it.

Old Woman Hua woke Ye Shi up and told her about it. Ye Shi was very surprised but in the end, she finally understood, "It should be the physician invited by Si Meimei."

When the physician arrived at the door, Ye Shi naturally would not refuse.

Physician Bai felt Ye Shi's pulse. After a few minutes, his face became very solemn. After a while, he said, "Please change your hand, Da Nainai!"

Physician Bai's expression unbearably frightened Old Woman Hua, "Physician Bai, what's wrong with my Da Nainai?" Rather than saying it was because her Master was feeling tired, by looking at the physician's look, it was not a small problem!

After examining for a long time, Physician Bai finally said, "Da Nainai, to be on the safe side, I like to request a physician who is an expert in women's study to check on you." Women's study was called gynaecology nowadays.

Ye Shi's face was a little white. If you asked someone who was an expert in women's study, she would never be able to hide the condition of her cold womb.

Old Woman Hua was so scared that she quickly asked, "Physician Bai, what's wrong with my Da Nainai? What's wrong with her that you can't diagnose and in need of a physician who is an expert in women's study?"

Physician Bai hesitated for a moment before he asked, "Da Nainai, did this month menstruation delay?"

"It had cleared six days ago," said Old Woman Hua. The cold in Ye Shi's womb was particularly intense, that even her monthly menstruation didn't come on time. It was often delayed.

Physician Bai's expression became even more grave. After pondering for a while, he said, "I'm afraid that Da Nainai is pregnant, but the time is extremely short. It is better to invite a physician who is an expert in women's study to come and have a look." Physician Bai was an expert in the common cold and he had not learned women's study.

Old Woman Hua was extremely delighted. Unfortunately, Physician Bai did not make her that happy for too long, "It is much safer to get a doctor who is an expert in women's study." He couldn't say if it was unlucky since the foetus was unstable, otherwise, she wouldn't have bled six days ago. Six days ago, it was not a normal menstrual. It should have been a red flag.

At this time, Ye Shi was very rational. Her rationality was almost abnormal. She asked, "Physician Bai, is there anything wrong with me?" Generally, physicians would be very happy when they diagnosed pregnancy pulse. However, Physician Bai's current appearance was very wrong. Thinking that she had been working hard these days and nights, she thought that it had finally taken its toll on her body. As she thought until here, Ye Shi started to fluster. [+]

Physician Bai did not dare to say anything unlucky, so as not to frighten Ye Shi, "Da Nainai no need to be anxious. When a physician who is an expert in women's study comes, just ask him on how to properly nurse Nainai's health, then the child should be able to survive." Ye Shi always thought that doctor Bai didn't know her womb was extremely cold. He actually knew about it. Since no one asked him about it, he wouldn't take the initiative to say it. After all, this matter would only offend other people.

Pair of tablets (对牌 duì pái)
It was usually made of bamboo and wood. Numbers would be written on it and then split into half as a token. It was usually used to withdraw items or in this novel, they were used to invite professional physicians.
Image Credit | Baike Baidu
Qiu Shi heard that Ye Shi was likely to be pregnant and she needed a physician who was an expert in women's study to make a definite diagnosis. All her scruples had been thrown beyond the topmost clouds. She immediately instructed Mama Li, saying, "Take this pair of tablets at once and go invite Imperial Physician Le to check on Da Nainai." All this time, she had been looking forward to a grandson. Now that her grandson had finally arrived, there shouldn't be any mishap.

An hour later, Imperial Physician Le came. The physician's face didn't look good after making a diagnosis on Ye Shi. Under this circumstance, not only Old Woman Hua and Ye Shi who were worried, but also Qiu Shi, "Imperial Physician Le, is my daughter-in-law pregnant?"

Imperial Physician Le nodded his head. Before Qiu Shi could be happy, he added, "The child's life is quite shallow. Recently, the foetus has become unstable due to Da Nainai being overwork and the foetus also has signs of near miscarriage."

When Qiu Shi just got the good news, then had to hear such bad news, she finally knew what was fire and ice with both happened in one day. Qiu Shi broke out in cold sweat as she said, "Imperial Physician Le, you must keep my grandson!"

Imperial Physician Le was not quite sure he could do it, but still, he said, "I'll write a prescription first. Da Nainai will have to take it for two days. If her condition takes a turn for the better, then there is hope."

Imperial Physician Le prescribed a prescription for good health and said to Qiu Shi, "A pregnant woman must not overwork herself. She should maintain a good state of mind and she should also pay attention to her diet. I will write down what she needs to avoid while she's pregnant." There was one thing he had to hide. The Shizi's wife had an extremely cold womb. If the foetus could not be saved, it may be difficult for her to have children in the future.

Imperial Physician Le was a person who walked among the harem. Thus, he knew clearly what could be said and whatnot. At this important juncture, such words should not be said at all. Otherwise, once it influenced the mood of the pregnant woman, there would be no hope for the foetus at all.

Yuxi was extremely surprised to hear that Ye Shi was pregnant. She only thought Ye Shi was feeling unwell, but she didn't expect her to be pregnant. It wasn't wrong for Yuxi to be so surprised. In her previous life, Ye Shi was diagnosed as barren by the physician. Since the first wife was unable to give birth, she had to raise the status of a concubine's son to be the successor for the title Duke the State.

However, Ye Shi and Qiu Shi had great differences in choosing the concubine candidate. Ye Shi wanted her husband to marry her cousin Ke Minjie. Qiu Shi wanted to hire a girl from outside who had a clean family background and gentle temper. But, Qiu Shi was really bad when it came to scheming. In the end, Ye Shi gained the upper hand and made Ke Minjie as Master Shizi, Han Jianming's concubine. This made Qiu Shi and Ye Shi thoroughly detested each other.

When Ke Minjie was carried into the official residence, she began to observe her duties and had a low-key life. But after she became pregnant, she began to feel restless and tried to curry favour with Qiu Shi. Ke Minjie was a person who could bend and stretch as she made a strenuous effort to get off her high horse. Besides, she had a protruding belly that she could use to fawn over Qiu Shi. How could Qiu Shi not like her? Therefore, the eldest son whom Ke Minjie gave birth to was not raised by Ye Shi but by Qiu Shi. Thus, the relationship between Ye Shi and Qiu Shi deteriorated even further.

Qiu Shi was not good at plotting, but she still had Mama Li who was good at scheming. In the end, Qiu Shi made use of Ke Minjie, letting her fight with Ye Shi. This situation created an opportunity for Wu Shi to take advantage of by making much more mess.

This was also the reason why Yuxi did not want to get close with Ye Shi. Even if her attitude towards Ye Shi had improved compared to before, she only maintained on the surface that she could get along with Ye Shi. She always felt that Ye Shi would go against Qiu Shi in the future, and it was a certainty that she would be on Qiu Shi's side. Since they were destined to be enemies, naturally one would not be willing to be close with her. What Yuxi didn't expect was that Ye Shi was currently pregnant.

As Yuxi thought till here, she reluctantly shook her head. She was the one who didn't care about everything around her in her previous life. She didn't know Ye Shi could not have a child until Ye Shi requested her husband to marry a concubine. At that time, she didn't have a clue about the procedure, so she didn't know if Ye Shi ever had a child. However, judging from today's situation, if she hadn't insisted on calling a physician for Ye Shi, if she had to wait for Ye Shi to invite a physician after the Lantern Festival, the child would have been completely lost. Of course, it was not without doubt. Since Yuxi studied pharmacology, naturally she knew whether one could be pregnant, or one who couldn't. However, Ye Shi could no longer get pregnant after she gave birth. There was only one reason for this situation, either Ye Shi's constitution had troubles to conceive, or her health was very poor. However, Ye Shi seldom sought a physician after she had been in the residence for over two years. It could be inferred from this that it wasn't an easy pregnancy for Ye Shi, and most women who weren't able to get pregnant were usually suffering from severe cold in their womb. Yuxi felt somewhat strange. Young miss from rich and influential families were all highly pampered and treated as precious. How could Ye Shi's body be this poor?

Yuxi thought for a little while, pondering if she should meddle in this matter or not. If she didn't poke her nose into it, she would be very worried that Eldest Aunt and Ye Shi would become enemies because of their children's problems. In the end, this dark smoke and filthy air would only give Wu Shi readily exploitable loopholes. But if Yuxi got involved in this matter, she would only get into a lot of trouble.

Zisu looked at Yuxi who was pulling a long face, thus she asked curiously, "What's wrong with you, Miss?" Even if Shizi's wife couldn't save her own child, it had nothing to do with her Miss.

Yuxi couldn't express her worries. After she considered it for a long time, she still felt that it was better just to wait and see. In any case, the child in Ye Shi's belly still had hope to be saved.

Ye Shi heard what Imperial Physician Le had advised her, that was for her to lie in bed and take good care of herself during this period, otherwise, it would be difficult for her to keep the child. How could she not dare to listen? When Yuxi arrived, Ye Shi obediently laid in the bed.

With regards to Yuxi, Old Woman Hua was extremely grateful. Imperial Physician Le had said that if they had waited for several days to call for a physician, the child would not have been able to survive.

Concerning Old Woman Hua enthusiasm, Yuxi was unable to bear it. When Ye Shi saw Yuxi, she hurriedly said, "Thanks to you, Si Meimei. If it weren't for you, Si Meimei, I wouldn't even know that I was pregnant." If Yuxi hadn't asked her mother-in-law for a physician, she wouldn't have known until the child was born. More or less, she didn't even know that she was pregnant.

Yuxi said with a smile, "This shows that my little nephew is blessed with great fortune and will surely be born safely."

Ye Shi touched her lower abdomen and softly said, "I'd like to borrow my Si Meimei's auspicious words."

In order not to disturb Ye Shi's rest, Yuxi only sat for a quarter of an hour and then left. Back in the Rose Courtyard, she learned from listening to Kufu's words that Eldest Aunt unexpectedly begged the Old Lady to use Momo Sha, who specialized in making medicated diets for Yuchen, to serve Ye Shi.

Yuxi laughed, "Eldest Aunt has a good sight." Although Momo Sha couldn't be compared to Momo Quan, her medicated diet was still very good, and it should be no problem to be used to recuperate Ye Shi's body. If it was for other reasons, the Old Lady would certainly not be willing, but in Ye Shi's belly, it was likely to be her great-grandson, thus the Old Lady couldn't refuse.

With Ye Shi's incident, for the next few days, Yuxi did not go to any other family household except for the Qiu family and Zhou family. Even Zhou Shiya and Duan Xinrong's invitation cards she had to push aside. Imperial Physician Le had not yet said that the child in Ye Shi's belly was safe. So, the tense atmosphere in the government could not be dissipated yet. If Yuxi was still dressed up to go to relatives at this time, how stupid would she be!

Fortunately, just after the Lantern Festival, when Imperial Physician Le examined Ye Shi's pulse, he said, "You have done well with your recuperation. As long as you keep on carefully recuperating your health, there should be no problem with the child." Of course, Ye Shi still had to lie in bed for the first three months. She could not go out and wander about.

With these words, Qiu Shi's heart, which had been stuck in her throat, finally fell back into the distance. It had been an ordeal for her for more than ten days.

Momo Sha looked for Imperial Physician Le and consulted with him about Ye Shi's diet. The two people talked for quite a while before Imperial Physician Le left. It could be said that Momo Sha was the one responsible for Ye Shi's ability to recuperate her health.

Originally, it was agreed to lend Momo Sha for half a month, but now that Ye Shi's foetus had not yet stable, Qiu Shi wouldn't let her return. Momo Sha wasn't allowed to leave Songxiang Courtyard, at least for the first three months.

Yuchen had no problem with it. Although she was not used to it after Momo Sha left, the child in Ye Shi's belly was the most important thing right now. Even Momo Gui, who was usually quite picky, did not say a word.

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