ROHYX Chapter 109 : Ke Minjie (2)

After Old Woman Hua left, Zisu asked, "Miss, are we really not going to be concerned about this matter anymore?"

Yuxi gave out a slight nod. "It is inappropriate for us to intervene in this matter." She had done her extreme benevolence and utmost duty by giving Ye Shi and Old Woman Hua a wake-up call. As for whether they believed it or not, it was beyond her control. If Ye Shi was still unable to keep the child and then requested her Dage to marry Ke Minjie as his concubine, Yuxi would help her aunt stop Ke Minjie from entering the residence.

When Old Woman Hua returned to Songxiang Courtyard, she said a few words to a maid and then went out with the sachet. Initially, the most effective way was to invite Imperial Physician Le and diagnose the sachet. Still, it was something that wasn't easy to do. Imperial Physician Le always came here at a set of time. Furthermore, there was no sudden incident for her to invite him over, and she also must have an explanation for the invitation. She didn't want too many people to know that there was something wrong with the sachet. So after she took a look at Ye Shi and found nothing wrong with her, she immediately went outside to seek a physician.

Old Woman Hua went to the most well-known drugstore in the capital city. She found an in-house physician of the drugstore and showed him the sachet, "Mr Physician, my family Nainai felt uncomfortable after smelling this sachet." It was not because she didn't believe in what Yuxi said, but she knew that Yuxi didn't know about Ke Minjie until today; thus, it was impossible for Yuxi to suddenly frame Ke Minjie when there was no actual grievance between the two people. [+].

Since the in-house physician had met many strange things, he didn't inquire much. He just picked up the sachet and put it in front of his nose. After he sniffed it, he immediately opened it to examine the things inside. After looking at the stuff inside for a while, he said, "Your family Nainai is pregnant. That's why this sachet could make her feel uncomfortable."

Old Woman Hua nodded and explained, "My family Nainai has been pregnant for more than a month. Mr Physician, is there anything wrong with this sachet?"

The physician put the herbs back into the sachet, then set it aside on the table as he said, "The medicinal herbs in the sachet will help in refreshing normal people's mind when they smell them. Meanwhile, pregnant women will feel uncomfortable instead. Furthermore, if a pregnant woman smells them too much, she will be in danger of miscarriage." As to why the Old Woman's Master smelled such things, he certainly would not open his big mouth to ask. When one became a physician, the first primary criterion was not asking too much, and having a tight mouth about his patients was also essential.

Old Woman Hua's face turned white, and it took a while for her to regain her composure. She then explained, "My family Nainai has an unstable foetus, and the invited physician had advised her to stay in bed for the first three months. When she smelled this thing just now, she suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Is there any possibility for her to incur a miscarriage?"

The physician was not in a position to judge, "Regarding this, Daniang, I need to personally feel her pulse to actually know if there is any danger." With just a few words, how could he be sure?

Old Woman Hua carefully recalled the incident at that time, "My family Nainai only smelt this sachet for a short while. Moreover, it was at a distance of four or five steps away. Mr Physician, do you think there will be a problem?" This was mainly because Nainai Ye went to see Qiu Shi first and then returned to Songxiang Courtyard. Therefore, Nainai Ye and Ke Minjie only together in the same room for a few minutes before Yuxi arrived. At that time, Ke Minjie did not even try to get close to Ye Shi, and Yuxi took the sachet away only a few minutes later.

The physician was still very conscientious as he asked, "Did Nainai have any reaction at that time?"

Old Woman Hua shook her head and replied, "No. My family Nainai and Madam spoke for about two-quarters of an hour, and then she went to sleep." Women in the early stages of pregnancy tended to be more sleepy.

The physician's expression eased up a lot. "Then, there shouldn't be any problem." He had not been invited to meet the person himself, so it was unlikely for that person to be dying.

Old Woman Hua felt a little relieved and paid the consultation fee. Then she went back to the state residence. The anxiety that filled her when she first came to the drugstore lightened up a lot.

By this time, Ye Shi had already woken up and was currently drinking bird's nest congee. Seeing that Old Woman Hua had entered the room, she smiled and inquired, "Mama, Ah Ling said you went out. What did Mama do outside?"

On her way back, Old Woman Hua had been debating whether she should tell Ye Shi about the sachet or not. She was afraid that if Ye Shi knew about this, it would only be harmful to the foetus. Imperial Physician Le had reminded that her Master was resting now, so sh by this time should never be overworked or be bothered, and even more, should not be stimulated. When she saw Ye Shi, Old Woman Hua made up her mind not to say anything about it until her Master's child was firmly stable. [+]

White And Black Sesame Seeds
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Old Woman Hua smiled and answered, "I suddenly wanted to eat sesame seed candy from He Ji Tang. When I saw Nainai had fallen asleep, I wanted to buy some back quietly. I didn't expect that I would be late, though. When I arrived there, all the sesame candy had been sold out." Old Woman Hua had always liked sesame seed candy, but ones made by He Ji Tang last year had the purest flavour.

Ye Shi was usually a cunning and ferocious person, but now she was somewhat short of spirit and unwilling to bother with anything. Since Old Woman Hua did not want to tell her the truth, there must be a reason for her to do so. Ye Shi was brought up personally by Old Woman Hua, and she was also the person Ye Shi trusted the most. Ye Shi believed Old Woman Hua would never harm her. Therefore, since Old Woman Hua was unwilling to tell her the truth, she would not inquire deeply into it.

Old Woman Hua cautiously said, "Da Nainai, the last time Imperial Physician Le came here was three days ago. If we calculate the time, he should be coming back this afternoon, right?"

Ye Shi touched her stomach and nodded, "En. Imperial Physician Le's medical skills are really excellent. I am much more energetic now compared to before."

Imperial Physician Le came to visit Ye Shi on time that afternoon. After examining her pulse, he said, "I'll change another prescription for Da Nainai."

Ye Shi asked, "Imperial Physician Le, how is my child?"

Imperial Physician Le's expression also eased a lot, "The child is fine now, but Da Nainai still needs to take good care of it. After three months, when the baby is finally stable, Da Nainai will no longer have to lie in bed. By then, Da Nainai will have to walk more."

After hearing these words, as Ye Shi had taken a reassuring pill for her heart, she no longer felt anxious.

When Imperial Physician Le was writing a prescription outside, Old Woman Hua waved all the others away and took out the sachet. "Imperial Physician Le, is it harmful to my family Nainai to smell this stuff this morning?" It was still necessary for the Imperial Physician to give an accurate reply before Old Woman Hua finally felt at ease.

Imperial Physician Le did not open it but only sniffed at it, and his face immediately changed. "Where did you get this stuff? This thing cannot be smelled by Master Shizi's wife."

Old Woman Hua asked, "Imperial Physician Le, what will happen if my family Nainai smells this thing?"

Imperial Physician Le had just diagnosed Ye Shi's pulse. It had not yet affected Ye Shi's body. However, he still said with a straight face, "Generally, when pregnant women smell this, as long as the time is not too long, the worst thing they will get is an uncomfortable feeling. However, Master Shizi's wife has a weak physical, so she will have a miscarriage in less than two hours if she smells too much of this smell." After a pause, he said something that they, Ye Shi and Old Woman Hua, had hidden all this time, "Master Shizi's wife has a very cold womb. This kind of problem should have made it hard for her to conceive. It is a blessing for Master Shizi's wife to be able to get pregnant this time." Imperial Physician Lei's remark was equivalent to saying that this child would probably be Ye Shi's one and only child.

When Old Woman Hua heard these statements, her legs went a little soft, "Imperial Physician Le, please don't talk about this with others." If the Old Lady and the Lady knew, it would be disastrous.

Naturally, Imperial Physician Le would not talk about this matter to other people. If he had the attention to expose this matter, why would he wait until now?

After seeing off Imperial Physician Le, Old Woman Hua told Ye Shi, "Da Nainai, I wish to make a trip back to Ye Residence!" She must tell this matter to Madam so Madam wouldn't bring Ke Minjie again next time.

As Ye Shi heard this request, she was sure that Old Woman Hua was hiding something from her. She leaned against the pillow and asked Old Woman Hua, "Mama, is there something you're hiding from me?"

Old Woman Hua did not dare to let Ye Shi become aware of this matter. But she did not hide her feelings regarding this matter to Ye Shi. She only said, "Da Nainai, you must take good care of the foetus, and you should not be concerned over those trivial things. I will deal with it. Da Nainai, the most important thing right now is the child in your belly."

Hearing these words, Ye Shi slightly nodded, "Then I won't ask anymore." She only thought that someone around her had broken the rules and angered Old Woman Hua. Then, this kind of matter could be personally handled by Old Woman Hua.

Qiu Shi heard that Old Woman Hua had returned to Ye Residence and said discontentedly, "I used to think this Old Woman Hua was reliable. Who knew she would be this unreliable? Madam Ye did not come here this morning. If it isn't because there's nothing that can be said right now, I would have complained about it now." Qiu Shi attached great importance to Ye Shi's foetus, and now she would run to Songxiang Courtyard three times a day.

Yuxi was sitting right beside Qiu Shi. Ye Shi had to lie in bed for her fetus's safety; she had passed the management of the household back to Qiu Shi's hands. Yuxi just learned how to take care of the household from Qiu Shi. Before she even started taking household management, Momo Quan had already taught her very carefully and thoroughly about them. However, those were all theoretical knowledge, and she must apply those theories practically.

When Yuxi listened to Qiu Shi's words, she said with a smile, "If you want me to say, the most unreliable one is Dage. I haven't seen him for almost a month." Yuxi had arrogantly followed Han Jianming to the Qiu family and the Zhou family on the third day of the Lunar New Year, and then, she never saw him after that.

Qiu Shi put the account book back to its original place and said, "There are many things that have happened in the Imperial Court recently. Thus, your Dage is unable to leave because he is too busy with his works there!" She hadn't seen her son for a long time, as he had been busy all the time, till he couldn't even manage his household. Qiu Shi was glad that her son had grown up, but she also felt somewhat sorry for him. Since his dad was unreliable, he had to work out everything by himself.

Yuxi tried to stop talking about this issue by changing the subject, "Eldest Aunt, Er Ge is 17 years old this year. Shouldn't he find himself a job?" It wasn't a good thing to delay this kind of matter like this.

Qiu Shi whispered to Yuxi, "Your Dage said that the Imperial Court is currently facing troubled times. So it is much better to wait for some free time in the evening to find a job for your Er Ge properly."

Hearing her aunt's words, Yuxi suddenly became dumbfounded as she tried to recall whether there was any major event this year. As she thought, it reminded her of an event. It seemed that this was the year when the Crown Prince was deposed and the Imperial Court had been reshuffled. However, because Han Jianming was in the same camp as the Ninth Prince, and the Ninth Prince was also the winner in this tussle, Yuxi refrained from opening her big mouth.

Over the years, Yuxi had been very cautious in her actions. She wouldn't do anything others could doubt, just like those days where the Old Lady set her eyes on Ye Shi. Yuxi knew that Ye Shi couldn't have children, but she kept quiet about it as she was afraid of being doubted. Of course, Ye Shi's pregnancy now proved one thing, that when she started to spread her little wings, a lot of things had changed.

Yuxi nodded and said, "Since Dage already said so, it must be for Er Ge's good. It doesn't matter if this will take a few months." Although Er Ge was 17 years old, young men like him were completely different from young misses. Even if young men got married after two years had passed, they still would not have to worry about finding good young misses as their wives. It wasn't the same for young misses. Once they missed their marriage period, they had to lower their standard in choosing their future husbands.


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