ROHYX Chapter 110 : Ke Minjie (3)

Qiu Shi had watched Yuxi grow up. So she knew that Yuxi wouldn't have done something like robbing people's things without any reason. "Mama Li, what do you think?" There must be something going on here, and it wasn't a trivial matter.

Mama Li replied, "My Lady, we both know what kind of person Fourth Miss is. Even if the sachet had been made out of gold, it was unlikely for Fourth Miss to rob it. Unless there is something wrong with the sachet?"

Qiu Shi also had this same idea, but she also had her doubts, "You said there was something wrong with the sachet? Then, what's wrong with it?" At that time, Madam Ye and her niece had come to visit. Could it be these two try to harm Ye Shi? It couldn't be. They wouldn't gain any benefits by hurting Ye Shi.

Mama Li started to link the incidents together, "My Lady, don't you think that after Fourth Miss robbed Miss Ke's sachet, Old Woman Hua suddenly went to Rose Courtyard and then she went out to find a physician? After Imperial Physician Le came over in the afternoon, Old Woman Hua suddenly went back to Ye Residence in a hurry. What this old servant thinks, every incident seems to have something to do with this sachet."

Qiu Shi felt that Mama Li was right, but there was another problem, "If there is a problem with the sachet, why didn't Yuxi tell me?"

Mama Li replied, "Fourth Miss didn't want you to be worried, so she decided not to tell you."

Qiu Shi did not want to think about it any more as she said, "This won't do. This matter must be made clear." After that, she immediately changed her clothes and went straight to Rose Courtyard, accompanied by a maid and an old woman servant.

Mama Li was powerless when it concerned Qiu Shi's impatient nature. Her Master's good luck was that the Old Lady had given her the task to manage the residence all these years. Thus her shortcoming was considered not that much of a problem.

In Rose Courtyard, Zisu asked Yuxi with some uneasiness, "Miss, Old Woman Hua has returned to Ye Residence. Will she go and talk to Madam Ye about the sachet?"

Yuxi nodded, "Most likely."

Zisu worriedly said, "Miss, what if this is just a coincidence? At that time, Miss will be blamed inside and outside."

Yuxi chuckled, "You’re overthinking it. Even if it were only a coincidence, the child would have been in danger of miscarriage if it weren't for me. Dasao and Old Woman Hua would only be grateful to me for this matter. As for the Ye family, what do they have to do with me?" If it weren't for her Eldest Aunt, how would she be willing to get involved in this muddy water?

If she had to say, her Eldest Aunt was also unlucky in her previous life. Her husband doted on his concubine more while she was being treated indifferently instead. She raised her sons with difficulty and was hoping she could finally live in happiness. As for the outcome, her eldest daughter-in-law was unable to give birth. Because of this, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law became enemies because of different opinions on choosing a concubine, while her youngest son was still desperate to marry Qiu Yanfu despite being schemed by her. Her Eldest Aunt had a miserable life in her last life. Despite that, she was still doing her best in planning Yuxi's marriage, and this kind of friendship had always been in Yuxi's mind. Therefore, even if it was very troublesome, she must intervene in this matter.

At the same time, the two heard Kufu raised her voice as she asked, "My Lady, why are you here?"

For her Eldest Aunt to come at this time, something must have happened. Yuxi was not a fool. How could she not guess the reason for Qiu Shi's visit? Yuxi gave out a wry smile. She didn't want to tell her Eldest Aunt about it, but now she was afraid that her plan wouldn’t work.

Qiu Shi went into the study, leaving only Zisu and Mama Li waiting on them. While the others, she had waved all of them out. "Yuxi, tell me honestly, did something happen today?"

At this point, Yuxi also knew that she could not hide it anymore. Now, she honestly told her aunt the story. Not to mention, her Eldest Aunt ought to be flipped out right now.

Qiu Shi's expression was horrid. Mama Li asked curiously, "Fourth Miss, how can you be so sure that there is something wrong with that sachet?"

Yuxi explained, "I have studied pharmacology, and I'm quite sensitive to the smell of medicines. I immediately smelled a faint fragrance as soon as I entered the room." Ye Shi was currently taking medicine, so her room already had a smell of medicine. If it weren't for her sensitive nose and having studied pharmacology, she wouldn't have noticed it.

Everyone looked at Yuxi in unison, as they found her to be very impressive for her ability to smell even the most peculiar smell.

Yuxi didn't want people to misunderstand her, so she hurriedly said, "In fact, I didn't think much about it at that time. I just felt that Miss Ke shouldn't be wearing the sachet. But when I mentioned this to Miss Ke, she looked a little unnatural, which made me suspicious at that time. After grabbing the sachet and smelling it, I was sure there was something wrong with it." After a pause, she continued, "I wanted to tell Eldest Aunt about this, but after thinking for a while, I thought perhaps it was just a coincidence! If it were a coincidence, it would not be good to stir up trouble between the two families, so I just told Old Woman Hua about it and let her solve it."

Zisu was quite impressed with Yuxi's response. Her Miss didn't plan to tell the Lady about the truth from the beginning till the end.

Mama Li thought of a rather deep question, "Miss, do you really think it was a coincidence?" If it was a coincidence, Miss should have said it at that time instead of snatching the sachet and handing it over to Old Woman Hua. Miss' behaviour was clearly suspecting Ke Minjie of having a malicious mind. [+]

Qiu Shi's face tightened when she heard Yuxi's words, "Yuxi, what problem will incur if your Dasao smells the sachet?"

Yuxi shook her head as she answered, "I am not sure what the specific problem will be, but I'm sure that thing wasn't something good for Dasao to smell."

Qiu Shi took Yuxi's hand and said, "You, this girl, in the future, tell me first when you come across something like this, okay? Something this big is not something you can personally handle."

Yuxi readily followed the good advice, "Okay."

Qiu Shi and Yuxi chatted for a while before Qiu Shi went back. She couldn’t find the Ye family regarding this matter, but she must find out the matter clearly, "When Old Woman Hua comes back, ask her to come to the Master Courtyard first."

Old Woman Hua had just arrived at Ye Residence at this time.

When Madam Ye heard that Old Woman Hua had come back to the residence, she was startled. When she saw Old Woman Hua, she hurriedly asked, "Is there something wrong?" Bless Bodhisattva, hoped there was nothing wrong with that child.

Old Woman Hua looked around and noticed that Ke Minjie wasn't in the room. She immediately replied, "No, Miss is fine. When I came out, Miss had fallen asleep again!"

Hearing that it was not her daughter who had a mishap, Madam Ye felt relieved. "Then, why did you come back in such a hurry? Did something happen in the state residence?"

Old Woman Hua shook her head and looked at the maids and old women servants beside Madam Ye. Madam Ye knew that Old Woman Hua had something private to tell her, so she immediately drove out everyone from the room.

Old Woman Hua took out Ke Minjie's sachet and handed it to Madam Ye.

Madam Ye looked at the sachet, and she was somewhat unable to understand why. "Didn't the sachet have been snatched by the Fourth Miss Han? How come it's back in your hands?" When Yuxi grabbed Ke Minjie's sachet, it changed Madam Ye's good impression of Yuxi.

Old Woman Hua lost her temper as she said, "Madam, Fourth Miss has studied pharmacology. At that time, she smelled something wrong with the sachet, which was the reason why she took the sachet from Miss Biao."

If Madam Ye was a fool, how could she teach a cunning and vicious person like Ye Shi? It was a pity. Although both mother and daughter were smart people, they were actually inside the darkness under the light, and they had no protection from this type of people around them. As Madam Ye held the sachet, she asked, "What's the matter with this? Can you speak clearly?"

Old Woman Hua told her what Yuxi said, and then she relayed what the in-house physician and Imperial Physician Le said. Old Woman Hua had trepidation remaining after a trauma up till now, "Madam, if it weren't for Fourth Miss, the child wouldn't have been able to be preserved. Imperial Physician Le said that Miss's womb is severely cold, and it was lucky that Miss had been pregnant with this child. If there is any problem with this child, Miss will not be able to have any more children."

Madam Ye heard the meaning behind Old Woman Hua's words. "Do you suspect that Minjie did it on purpose?"

Old Woman Hua was not foolish. How could she respond to this question? She just responded with, "Imperial Physician Le said that if Miss kept smelling this smell, the child's life might not be able to survive within a shichen. Madam, these herbs in the sachet have a very weak smell, and there is already the smell of medicine in Miss' room. If it weren’t for the fact that the Fourth Miss had studied pharmacology and was also quite sensitive to medicines, we wouldn't have found them." Old Woman Hua's remarks were a bit at sixes and sevens, but there was an implication in these remarks that it couldn't be just a coincidence.

Madam Ye squeezed the sachet till it was out of shape. "After all, do you still suspect Minjie?" She did not want to suspect Ke Minjie since she had taken Ke Minjie as her daughter.

Old Woman Hua said with a wry smile, "Madam, I think the State Residence’s Mistress has already known about this matter. She currently has no evidence for it, so she can’t just find the Ye family for this matter. Hence, Miss Biao must never go to the State Residence again." Old Woman Hua did not believe that Yuxi would hide such a big thing for her Master, so regarding Qiu Shi knowing about it, it would be in a matter of time. [+]

At this point, because of this, Madam Ye would not feel resentful of the state residence. Not to mention Qiu Shi, even for her, if she knew that her grandson was almost gone, whether intentionally or not, she would surely blacklist the one responsible. "Does Qing-er know about this?"

Old Woman Hua shook her head. "The Imperial Physician said that Miss should not be stimulated, so I kept this matter from Miss." If the stimulus was excessive, and as a result, the foetus could not be protected, it would become a real reason for them to cry.

Madam Ye breathed a sigh of relief. "You can go back home! I'll take care of this." She would investigate this matter thoroughly. If she couldn't dig deep into it, not to mention the culprit had made her daughter's life difficult, she would make the culprit's life difficult herself.

Since Old Woman Hua got her answer, she went home feeling satisfied.

Madam Ye stayed alone in the room for a long time until her confidant, an Old Woman, looked at her and felt that there was something wrong. She dared to call her Master from outside the door, "What's wrong with you, Madam?"

Madam Ye, who had recovered from her deep thought, picked up the sachet on the ground and instructed, "Go and fetch Miss Biao." After she had done saying that, Madam Ye sighed. Although she told Old Woman Hua that it was probably a coincidence, she knew in her heart that this incident was not a coincidence. No one knew better than Madam Ye. Although Ke Minjie did not understand medicine, her wet nurse, Old Woman Cui, was an old woman servant who could cure, and Old Woman Cui knew some pharmacology as well. Thus the herbs in the sachet were 100% made by Old Woman Cui.

What Madam Ye wanted to know now was whether this matter was Ke Minjie's own suggestion or whether Old Woman Cui instigated her. If this was indeed Ke Minjie's suggestion, why did she do it? She asked herself if she hadn't treated Ke Minjie well, and nowadays, she was still racking her mind to find a good husband for Ke Minjie.


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