ROHYX Chapter 112 : Ke Minjie (5)

Early the next morning, Madam Ye sent a letter to Suzhou. Then, after breakfast, she took her things to the Duke of the State Residence.

Ke Minjie found out about Madam Ye went to the state residence without bringing her along. Therefore her heart began to suspect. "Say, Mama Cui, do you think my aunt was only trying to appease me yesterday, but she was thinking of doing something to me, right?" If her aunt didn't mind just like what she had said, she should have brought her along today instead of going to the Duke of the State Residence alone.

Old Woman Cui felt that it most likely happened that way when she suddenly remembered something, "Oh, by the way, Xiaoyan went home yesterday, but she hasn't come back yet. Could something have happened to her?"

Ke Minjie hastily said, "Mama, hurry, go and try to find out if Xiaoyan is still at her home."

Over the years, Ke Minjie and Old Woman Cui had secretly gathered some people of the Ye family to their side. Hence, it soon became clear that Xiaoyan had suddenly fallen ill. Old Woman Cui didn't need to guess the reason why as she immediately told Ke Minjie, "Miss, our matter has been exposed."

Ke Minjie finally realised that she was scared. Her aunt wasn't a person who had a heart of a Buddha. Since she had tried to harm her Da Biaojie, she now knew that she wouldn't be able to receive any good fruit from it. "Mama, what should we do now?" She had no other place to go except to the Ye family.

Old Woman Cui also did not have any good idea to suggest, "Miss, try to stay calm first. When Madam returns later, we look at her attitude first; then we will see the opportunity and act." She knew that there was little chance that Madam would let her Miss go, so they had to find another way out fast.

Madam Ye had come to apologise in person. For this reason, Qiu Shi's anger also subsided. No matter what, Madam Ye was also a victim in this incident. However, she still had to be blunt, "My son's mother-in-law, don't blame me for not giving you any face, but you aren't allowed to bring your niece to my home anymore."

Madam Ye hastily said, "Don't worry, my daughter's mother-in-law. I have already sent a letter and asked her father to send someone to pick her up. She will return to Suzhou not before long."

Qiu Shi, who had trepidation remaining after trauma, exclaimed, "That's good. That's good." A woman like Ke Minjie was no longer as simple as a white-eyed wolf. So it was best to stay far away from this kind of malicious person. [+]

Just as the two were talking, a maid suddenly announced, "Fourth Miss has arrived."

Madam Ye took the opportunity to express her thankfulness to Yuxi.

Yuxi didn't think she was much of a hero. She had stood out this time for Qiu Shi, not for Madam Ye nor Ye Shi. "This is what I should do."

Qiu Shi patted Yuxi's shoulder as she smilingly praised, "This child is so sincere."

When Yuxi sneaked off from the main courtyard, she brought back a pile of things.

Maidong opened one of the boxes and was shocked, "Miss, come and see! Miss, come and see!"

Yuxi laughed, "What good things have made this maid's face smiles as beautiful as a chrysanthemum." However, when she looked inside the box herself, she also became dumbfounded. Six dazzling stones were lying in the box, composed of red, blue, and green colours.

Zisu also looked at them and could not help sighing, "Madam Ye is surprisingly generous!" According to market value, she couldn’t buy these precious stones even for ten thousand pieces of silver.

Yuxi picked up the biggest gem, carefully looked at it and then threw it back into the box. "Compared to the child in Dasao's belly, these are nothing." Nine times out of ten, this child would be Dasao's only child; consequently, the child's value was unmeasurable by money.

Zisu felt that there was truth in what Yuxi just said.

That night, Kufu informed Yuxi one thing, "Miss, Miss Qiu will attend Miss Shi's banquet tomorrow." Miss Shi's father was only a six-grade low-level officer, or in short, just an uncorrupted yamen. It was unknown how Qiu Yanfu had known Miss Shi, being the girl only befriended Qiu Yanfu, not because she thought Qiu Yanfu was charming, but because she took a fancy to the label of the Duke of the State Residence behind her.

Yuxi just responded, "Just let her do as she pleases." As long Qiu Yanfu didn't come to harm her Er Ge, whoever she tossed her love to, it was Wu Shi and her father who would have to deal with the aftermath, not her.

Speaking of Wu Shi's present situation, Yuxi couldn't help sighing. Her father had always loved Wu Shi in her previous life, but in this life, it had changed. Currently, her father was doted on by his two concubines, which made Wu Shi busy fighting with them now. On that account, she had no time to create troubles for Yuxi. As for Yurong, she was learning the rules earnestly from her Momo nowadays.

However, Qiu Shi began to get edgy again. She could put the marriage of her second son on hold for the time being, but the wedding of the two shu Han young misses could not be postponed. They both were already 15 this year, and if she dragged it on any longer, they would become old maids. Therefore, Qiu Shi recently had often taken Yuru and Yujing to look around for marriageable young men. At the same time, she had to look after her daughter-in-law. If it weren't for Yuchen and Yuxi helping to manage the household duties, she estimated that she would have fallen sick in the end.

When Yuxi first saw Yuchen doing the housework in a way her heart wished her hand would accomplish, she felt a sense of disillusionment. Yuchen had always looked like a fairy maiden. Thus, when she was doing her work, she was like a fairy maiden who had fallen into this world.

Once Yuxi and Yuchen finished their housework today, Yuxi said, "San Jie, I'm going to visit Dasao." Since they began to learn household management, Yuxi and Yuchen had spent less time together.

Yuchen smiled and responded, "Let's go together then!" Her special cook, Momo Sha, was still making meals for Ye Shi in Songxiang Courtyard, which was her contribution.

Recently, Yuxi would visit Songxiang Courtyard every three to five days, and when she entered the courtyard today, she noticed that Old Woman Hua's face had distorted.

Yuxi found it was interesting that Ye Shi's foetus had fundamentally stabilised, but Imperial Physician Le still wouldn't allow her to get out of bed for the first three months to be on the safe side. As for the inside of the Duke of the State residence, there would be no one bringing trouble to the people in Songxiang Courtyard. Therefore, for Old Woman Hua looking so ugly just now, the only explanation left was that something had happened in the Ye family. [+]

When Old Woman Hua saw Yuxi, she immediately resisted the disgusting feeling she had and went up to her, then she said with a smile, "Third Miss and Fourth Miss are here. Da Nainai was just talking about you two!"

As Ye Shi laid in bed every day, she also became quite stuffy. If anyone was accompanying her to talk, she naturally couldn't be any happier.

Yuchen and Yuxi did not stay long in Songxiang Courtyard, though, as they came out after only a few minutes. Thus, Yuchen invited Yuxi to her Tingyun Pavilion, "Si Meimei, do you want to come to my place?"

Yuxi shook her head and declined, "Another day, I have work to do later on." Seeing Yuchen's disappointment, she added, "Tomorrow, I'll go tomorrow."

Yuchen happily said, "Okay." Although Yuchen excelled in everything, had the best food and clothing, she would inevitably feel lonely. Others tended to stay at a respectful distance from her. Only Yuxi always regarded her as a sister. Therefore, Yuchen cherished this sisterhood between them.

Once Yuxi arrived at Rose Courtyard, she asked Kufu to inquire on what currently happened in the Ye family, "Old Woman Hua's look was so ugly. It's unmistakably not a trivial matter." After she gave her instruction, Yuxi went to her backyard and looked at the bare yard while wondering what kind of herb was good for her to plant.

Zisu felt that Yuxi was a tough nut to crack. No matter how easy a herb survived, it could hardly survive in the hands of her Master. Even if they survived, they would still be disabled and could not be used as medicines. It happened that her Master enjoyed doing this, so what else could she do?

In the afternoon, Kufu informed Yuxi of the news she had heard, "Miss, Da Nainai's cousin had climbed into Second Master Ye's bed."

"No wonder Madam Hua's face looked so ugly," Yuxi said with a smile. "This woman certainly does not stick to one pattern!" First, Ke Minjie wanted to climb into her brother-in-law's bed, but she then went climbing her Biaoge's bed when she saw that she could not do it. This woman truly was an exotic flower.

Kufu lowered her voice as she continued, "Miss, it is said that Second Master Ye already has a marriage engagement. Since Miss Biao Ke had climbed into his bed, his arranged marriage is likely to be finished." Anyway, Ke Minjie was also Madam Ye's blood niece; for this reason, she couldn't be taken as a concubine!

Yuxi responded with a smile, "It was unlikely for Second Master Ye's arranged marriage to be withdrawn. Therefore, Ke Minjie can only be a concubine." If she hadn't uncovered Ke Minjie's intention to lay her hands on her Dasao, Madam Ye might have recognised her as her daughter-in-law. But now that Madam Ye finally knew Ke Minjie to be such a vicious woman, it would be utterly impossible for Madam Ye to let her son marry her unless Madam Ye turned into a brainless person!

Kufu felt this statement was strange. "Miss, how can you be so sure?"

Yuxi said with a smile, "No need for you to believe it. But, when the time comes, you will know." Ke Minjie's skill was not something easy for people to deal with. In fact, Qiu Shi had a bad life in her previous life because of her, and even Ye Shi led a very miserable life. Her most trusted Biaomei betrayed her and was also responsible for creating discord between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, which then escalated to a conflict between her husband and her, the wife. What else could these all be said other than one was having a miserable life?

Zisu said, "The Ye family is probably like both men and horses are thrown off their feet right now."

Yuxi indifferently said, "That is Ye family's business. It has nothing to do with us." Yuxi didn't even have a bit of sympathy for Madam Ye. It was her who raised this man-eating flower. In Yuxi's previous life, this man-eating flower had harmed the Han family. In this lifetime, she had hurt the Ye family, ergo Yuxi just let Madam Ye taste the bitter fruit.

As Zisu expected, the Ye family was now in a mess. Madam Ye was so angry that she nearly vomited blood just after learning that Ke Minjie had climbed onto her son's bed. Then, when she heard Second Master Ye withdraw from the arranged marriage with the Lu family and wished to marry Ke Minjie instead, she just passed out.

A physician came over and had a hard time waking up Madam Ye. After the physician examined her pulse, he wrote a prescription and immediately left.

Madam Ye was lying on the bed while looking at Second Master Ye standing beside her and said, "Let me tell you, don't you ever think of breaking the engagement. I will never let you marry her." Just like what Yuxi had thought, if it was not for Ke Minjie had tried to poison Ye Shi, Madam Ye might just have held her nose by recognising the marriage between her son and her niece. But now that she knew Ke Minjie to be so malicious and so mean, she would never accept her even if she died.

Second Master Ye sadly said, "Mom, don't you always like Biaomei? Why can't you let me marry her now? Mom, after I married Biaomei, both of us will become filial to you."

Madam Ye did not tell Second Master Ye about Ke Minjie's attempt to poison Ye Shi before because she knew it would be useless even if she said it. "If I say no, it means no. Even if I have to let you stay single for a lifetime, I won't let you marry her."

Madam Ye knew that it was impossible to throw Ke Minjie back to Suzhou. The whole Ye Residence had known that her son had slept in the same bed with her. It could be said that since her son already had an official engagement, her son didn’t have to marry her officially, but it was imperative to take her as a concubine instead. Because of Ke Minjie's identity, she must be a high ranking concubine, at least. Madam Ye's head started to hurt as she thought about this, and she didn't know how to explain it to the Lu family.

Noob Translator's Musing

When Yuxi said that Madam Ye deserved her family ruined because of her niece, Ke Minjie, I feel that it wasn't actually Madam Ye's fault. She only got close to her niece for two years, and Ke Minjie is her late sister’s daughter. Since Ke Minjie also was a runaway and came to take shelter under her, of course, Madam Ye took the responsibility to take care of her as her aunt. The only person that could be blamed for this problem is Ke Minjie. She aimed at her cousin's husband like she suddenly forgot that if it weren’t for her aunt, she would have nowhere to go. She even dared to hurt her benefactor's daughter. Now, she roped in her son. Ke Minjie is such an ungrateful girl.


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