ROHYX Chapter 115 : A God-like Change (2)

After being silent for a long time, Yuxi asked Han Jianming a foolish question, "Dage, aren't the Zhou, Qiu and Chiang also lend their hands? Can't they be the ones who take care of Er Ge instead?"

Han Jianming looked at Yuxi and softly said, "The Zhou family situation is no different than the Han family, which is only looking polish on the surface. The Qiu family has a very shallow foundation, while the Chiang family only shows affection to us outside. If your Er Ge married Miss Lu, he would become Lu family's son-in-law so that the weight would be different. Also, the three elder brothers of Miss Lu are all significantly outstanding, especially her Dage, who was very skilful in fighting, and he had also become a third rank high official. If he can instruct your Er Ge in the future, your Er Ge can avoid so many detours; therefore, we will not have to worry about his future anymore." Han Jianye was rich in theories but had no actual combat experience. While Miss Lu's Dage had complete theoretical and practical experiences.

Yuxi struggled with these reasons.

In response to Yuxi's reaction, Han Jianming repeated, "Miss Lu's three brothers, especially the eldest one is the most outstanding. The other two are also not bad. With the help of the Lu family, your Er Ge will have a much brighter future."

When Yuxi heard those statements from Han Jianming, she asked him a very crucial question, "Dage, was this marriage proposal brought up by the Lu family or did you put it forward on your own initiative?"

Han Jianming asked back, "Is there any difference?"

Yuxi nodded as she pointed out, "If it was the Lu family themselves who brought up this marriage, it shows that they are very optimistic of Er Ge and will surely give him great help in the future. If we were the ones who put it forth, then, in that case, we were like trying to climb over and avail ourselves of them. Thus, this will only reduce our reputation to a much lower point. Even if the Lu family agrees to this marriage, they will surely not lend their hands to Er Ge." The important thing was that if Han Jianming put the proposal forward, she would not help him. To avail oneself of an opportunity wasn't a trade, and that was the way it was supposed to be. Miss Lu had just recently withdrawn from an engagement, and now they also rushed forward to propose marriage to her. Wasn't this the same as humiliating themselves?

Han Jianming frankly answered, "It was the Lu family who first brought up the matter, and I have a good relationship with Sixth Master Lu, who is Miss Lu's third brother."

When Yuxi heard that the Lu family brought up the matter first, she gave a brief nod. No matter why the Lu family, especially Sixth Master Lu, had taken a fancy to her Er Ge, but since it was proposed by them first, then they would certainly treat him well in the future. However, she had another question. "Dage, Miss Lu's family had withdrawn the marriage engagement with Second Master Ye not a while ago. Won't we have a problem with the Ye family if Er Ge marries her?"

There was a flash of fierceness in Han Jianming's eyes as he answered her question, "Don't worry. There will be no problem coming from the Ye family."

Yuxi obviously did not believe it.

Han Jianming looked at Yuxi's expression that said, 'if you don't explain it clearly, I won't help you'. He shook his head helplessly as he explained, "I told the Ye family that Sixth Master Lu had saved my life before. Now, he has taken a fancy on my Er Di. Therefore, I told them that I couldn't refuse the Lu family marriage proposal."

Yuxi's eyes widened in shock, "Sixth Master Lu had saved your life, Dage?"

Han Jianming nodded, "There was a little accident at that time, and I was saved by Sixth Master Lu. Our friendship was forged at that time."

Yuxi remembered Qiu Shi's strange expression when she saw her before, that she had to ask Han Jianming another question, "Dage, is this really the only way?" If she had to say unpleasantly, even if Sixth Master Lu had saved Dage's life, he didn't need to ask Dage's didi to marry the girl who had broken off her engagement with the Ye family. Did you know, once Er Ge married Miss Lu, the whole state residence would be the one who had to bear the blame for the broken engagement? [+]

Han Jianming chuckled, "Can you think out another way?"

Yuxi bowed her head and struggled for a long time before she finally asked, "Dage, do you know about Dasao's health problem?"

Han Jianming was stunned as he inquired, "How did you know your Dasao has a health problem?"

Yuxi answered solemnly, "Dage, did you forget that I've studied pharmacology? Although I was unable to feel her pulse, I noticed that Dasao's condition was abnormal. For this reason, I can guess that there must be something wrong with her health."

Han Jianming gave out a wry smile. "I didn't expect that for you to learn pharmacology has this kind of effect. Yes, I only knew about it a few days ago. Imperial Physician Le told me that your Dasao's health is currently bad, as her womb is cold. Fortunately, she can get pregnant this time." There was nothing worse than marrying a wife just to inherit a male child, but the wife could not give birth to a child. It was a pity that the Ye family had tenaciously concealed the news at that time, that they (the Han family) didn't know at all about it until now. It could be said that there was a clear suspicion that the Ye family had committed marriage fraud.

Yuxi then put on such an adamant look as she requested, "Dage, I must personally see this Miss Lu first before I can decide whether I will persuade Eldest Aunt to agree or not."

Han Jianming was somewhat confused on why Yuxi made such a request.

When Yuxi noticed Han Jianming's reaction, she explained with a headache, "Dage, you only think about the advantages of Er Ge marrying Miss Lu. You don't ever think that if Eldest Aunt is unwilling, Er Ge will also be unwilling. When he married Miss Lu, and our people poorly treated her, do you think the Lu family will help Er Ge? At that time, rather than becoming close in-laws, they will become enemies instead."

Han Jianming naturally thought of it. He allowed his didi to marry Lu Shi to gain another great help, not to make enemies with the Lu family. "I've written a letter to your Er Ge, and he has agreed to this marriage." If he wasn't afraid that Miss Lu would be wronged, he wouldn't have come back and asked his mother to be a matchmaker.

Yuxi's head was full of black lines. "So, you told Er Ge that Sixth Master Lu is your saviour, and now it's time for us to return the favour?" This was the only way to get her Er Ge to accept it so quickly. Who asked her Er Ge to have such a one-track mind?

Han Jianming felt that Yuxi was like a worm in his belly. Even without him saying it out loud, Yuxi seemed to know about it.

Yuxi thought about the matter deeply and said, "Even if Er Ge already agreed, I still have to meet this Miss Lu. Only when I have seen her and know that the other party is a good person will I help persuade Eldest Aunt. Otherwise, I won't open my mouth."

This request was not too excessive, and also, when Han Jianming thought about it, it was quite comprehensive. Hence, he naturally had no other reason to refuse. "I will arrange this."

Yuxi looked at Han Jianming's tired look, and her heart went soft. How could it be so easy for him to revitalise the family? "Dage, don't worry. If Miss Lu is a good person, I will definitely convince Eldest Aunt."

Han Jianming smilingly said, "I know my Si Meimei can do it." He had known from much earlier that Yuxi could talk his Mother over, and now, it depended on whether Yuxi was willing to do it or not. Everyone said that the most outstanding person in the state residence was Yuchen, the Third Miss, but for him, the outstanding person wasn't Yuchen but Yuxi. Yuchen only had an attractive appearance but without substance and only acting good on the surface. However, Yuxi was much honest and truly a brilliant child. He didn't know who would be advantageous enough to be with her in the future, but in his opinion, an average boy was not worthy of Yuxi.

Yuxi didn't want to talk to Han Jianming anymore. She couldn’t criticise this idea since Dage did it for the revitalisation of the family. And yet, she still felt a little flustered because he could even calculate his didi's marriage for the clan's benefit. "I'll return first. Let me know when the time for the meeting has been fixed."

Han Jianming looked at Yuxi's back as she walked away, and he deeply sighed. If Er Di was half as thorough as Yuxi, he would not have been this tired.

When Yuxi returned to Rose Courtyard, she heard Concubine Wen was waiting for her in the parlour. She frowned and asked, "What is Concubine Wen doing here?" Wu Shi, together with Concubine Wen and Concubine Xin, were having an ongoing good drama every day. Yuxi often heard Kufu talked about the fighting between the three of them. She only listened to it as a pastime, but she never had any intention to intervene.

Concubine Wen was sent by Han Jingyan's colleague. Although she had given birth to Seventh Young Master Jian Wei, her figure was still very slim, and her appearance had also remained the same, which was unparalleled tenderness and charming. [+]

As Yuxi saw Concubine Wen, she lightly asked her, "I don't know why Concubine Wen came to see me today?" However, when Yuxi saw Concubine Wen's expression filled with desire and longing, she impatiently said, "If Concubine Wen comes here to request, then, please, go back. I still have a lot of work to do. I don't have time for small talk." She didn't even pay attention to Wu Shi, so how could Concubine Wen expect that she would show a good face to a concubine?

Concubine Wen did not expect Yuxi to be so impolite. With a stiff face turned, she unnaturally stated, "The weather is getting warmer, so I made two pairs of shoes for Miss."

Yuxi nodded her head, and Kufu, who was beside her, reached out and took them, "Concubine Wen has taken too much trouble over me."

Concubine Wen responded with a smile, "It doesn't cost much. Since Miss has something to do, I won't bother Miss anymore." As she saw Yuxi's attitude, she knew that her plan today had failed miserably.

Yuxi looked at Maidong and instructed, "Go and send off Concubine Wen." The so-called sent off was only to the gate of the courtyard. Where would Yuxi let her maid send Concubine Wen back to the place she lived?

Kufu looked at the two pairs of embroidered shoes in her hand and was puzzled. "What is Concubine Wen doing here looking for Miss?" Her Miss and Concubine Wen had never met each other until today!

Yuxi answered, "She wanted to ally with me! I don't know from which eye Concubine Wen did make her see that I would willingly ally with her." Many stepdaughters were so weak that they had to ally with their father's beloved concubines to fight against their stepmothers. But the problem here was that she had the support of the female family head. Even though Wu Shi was harsh, but somehow, she couldn't deal with Yuxi. Even for Yuxi's marriage, Wu Shi was unable to intervene. Did Yuxi had nothing better to do in this kind of situation than being an ally to her father's concubine?

A Silkie / 乌骨鸡 (wu ji gi lit. black bone chicken)
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Kufu was quite surprised when she heard Yuxi's answer, "Concubine Wen wants to ally with Miss to deal with Third Lady?" After she had done uttering these words, when she remembered that Concubine Wen and Concubine Xin had fought with Wu Shi until they had eyes like a silkie, she felt that what Yuxi just said was right.

Yuxi casually instructed, "If Concubine Wen comes back later on, you will have to send her away." With this instruction, Yuxi went back to her study.

Concubine Wen also wanted to ally with Yuxi. Both she and Concubine Xin had allied with each other to fight against Wu Shi, yet they still suffered many losses. So she turned her mind to Yuxi, who was also at odds with Wu Shi, but she did not expect Yuxi to ignore her.

Concubine Wen asked for Concubine Xin's opinion, "What do you think of Fourth Miss? Even if First Lady loves her, won't she still have to rely on her younger brothers when she's going to get married?" Yuxi's relationship with Wu Shi was so bad that the two di young masters would be unlikely to back her up. If Fourth Miss was an intelligent person, she should have allied with them.

Concubine Xin was the child of this family servant, and she had once been the Old Lady's personal maid. Thus, she was very clear about the Old Lady's temperament. In this way, as a concubine, she could consider this as a gift. She was unwilling to fight with Wu Shi if she had not been forced to do so. "Fourth Miss does not need the backing of her younger brothers." When she saw the surprised expression on Concubine Wen's face, she continued, "It is enough for Fourth Miss to have the support from Master Shizi and Second Master, so she doesn't care much about her own blood brothers' support."

Concubine Wen felt that Concubine Xin was thinking too much that she scoffed, "With just one call from Lord Shizi, that isn't sufficient to say that he will give his support to her in the future."

Concubine Xin smiled and said nothing more. She was the child of a servant in the state residence. Consequently, she knew much more than Concubine Wen. Naturally, she was also aware that Master Shizi favoured Fourth Miss, and Fourth Miss was even closer to the Second Master, incomparable with her blood siblings. Why should she worry about not having a brother back her up after getting married when she had these kinds of relationships? Since Fourth Miss was secured in the knowledge that she had backing, this also became one reason she dared to go against Third Lady.

When Wu Shi knew that Concubine Wen had gone to Yuxi, she immediately sent someone to inquire what Concubine Wen and Yuxi had discussed. "Mama Chen, what do you think Concubine Wen wants to do?" If it was possible, Wu Shi was unwilling to be matched with Yuxi. No matter what, to be pitted against Yuxi was the same as being pitted against Qiu Shi. In the beginning, Qiu Shi had poured dog blood on her head for splashing tea on Yuxi. Later on, when Yuxi became ill, Qiu Shi once again made her feel distressed and depressed. Up until now, Qiu Shi had never given her a good expression.

Mama Chen tried to soothe, "Don't worry, my Lady. Fourth Miss surely don't have a good expression on Concubine Wen. She didn't even give any face to Miss Biao Qiu. How can she suddenly be willing to make friends with a concubine?"

The person who went to inquire about the news soon returned. "When Fourth Miss came back to Rose Courtyard, Concubine Wen came out after a minute." How could there be anything that happened in such a short time?

Wu Shi also didn't inquire what the two had said to each other, as asking would only end up being vain. If she didn't precisely return to the state residence at that time, she wouldn't have been aware of this matter. Rose Courtyard was just like an iron barrel. It was almost impossible to inquire about the news inside. Of course, Tingyun Pavilion was also no exception. For Wu Shi to encounter such two fine stepdaughters, her intuition told her that she had been down on her luck.


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