ROHYX Chapter 114 : A God-like Change (1)

Yuxi had always felt that the Ye family had nothing to do with the Han family. She still let Kufu pay attention and made a follow-up on the Ye family because it was nothing more than her having fun. Still, she didn't expect that it had brought such a significant implication to the Han family because of the Ye family’s broken engagement. Indeed, it was like a God-like change.

When Yuxi heard what Qiu Shi had told her, her first reaction was not to believe it, "Eldest Aunt, are you sure you're not mistaken? How could Dage want Er Ge to marry Miss Lu?" It was not actually a big issue for her Er Ge to marry Miss Lu. The Lu family power and influence were so powerful, and if Er Ge married Miss Lu, he would be the one who gained the most benefits. The only problem was that the young miss her Dage wanted Er Ge to marry was the one who broke her engagement with the Ye family. Even though Er Ge was allowed to marry a girl who just broke her engagement, the Ye family was still Dage's wife's family, and it was unlikely for Dage to do such absurd things. If he let Er Ge marry Miss Lu, wouldn't it be the same as hitting the Ye family directly on the face?

Qiu Shi's voice suddenly became loud, "How can I make a mistake about such a big thing? Didn't you just say that Miss Lu should have been your Dasao's younger brother's wife? Now, if they (Han Jianye and Miss Lu) got married, how would these wives of your brothers get along well?" If the relationship between sisters-in-law wasn't good, it might also affect the affection between the brothers in the future. Many brothers had a good relationship before they got married. However, once they married, they fell out and became enemies because of the pillow talks with their wives.

Yuxi opened her mouth, asking, "Why did Dage suddenly want Er Ge to marry Miss Lu? Did he tell Eldest Aunt any reason?"

Qiu Shi's face filled with anger, "I don't know, I don't want to know. I will never agree to this marriage anyway. Even if I die, I won't accept the proposal of a marriage alliance from the Lu family matchmaker. He rather screws his brother just to establish his profession."

Looking at Qiu Shi's manner, Yuxi couldn’t make sense of it. She also did not want Qiu Shi to worry about this topic anymore. So she smiled and stated, "Eldest Aunt, Dasao's child will be three months old in a few days. Then you don't have to worry so much about Dasao's safety anymore."

Qiu Shi muttered, "My only hope is this child going to be a son."

Yuxi paused for a moment and then said without leaving a mark on her aunt's heart, "Even if this child is a daughter, she will still be born. Since Dage and Dasao are still young, you will still be able to carry both your grandson and granddaughter in the future."

Qiu Shi said, "Let's talk about this later. Forget it. Let's not talk about these kinds of worries. Is there anything you find difficult these days with the stewardess, or is someone making your work difficult? If you have something, don't hide it from me. Eldest Aunt will support you."

Yuxi smiled and shook her head. "No, the stewardess mama are all excellent. They didn't deliberately pose any problems to San Jie and me, nor did they purposely make things hard for us." The servants in the State Residence weren't a group of foolish people. They knew that Yuchen was Old Lady's favourite granddaughter, while Qiu Shi was very fond of Yuxi. Besides, both of them had someone given them directions all the way. Making things difficult for them was tantamount to asking trouble for themselves. Therefore, these stewardess mama were very obedient to both of them. [+]

Qiu Shi nodded and said, "Then, that's good."

Yuxi felt that Qiu Shi's appearance was looking somewhat sullen, and she seemed like she didn't want to talk much. Thus, Yuxi suggested, "Eldest Aunt, why don't I give you a massage!" She knew all acupuncture points on the human body, and she had learned massage from Momo Quan. Even if it were just for a short while, her massage would be precise.

A little over half a sichen later, Qiu Shi felt so comfortable that she started to get sleepy and finally dozed off.

Yuxi walked out cautiously without any noise and whispered a few words to Liuyin, waiting at the door. Then, she took Zisu back to Rose Courtyard.

Zisu looked at Yuxi's wrinkled brows and asked, "Miss, is there something bothering you?" She seldom saw Yuxi frown.

Yuxi replied with a wry smile on her face, "Dage wants Er Ge to marry Miss Lu, who recently withdrew her engagement. So, mother and son are currently at odds with each other. I also don't know what Dage's actual plan is." If she had known this much earlier, she would have encouraged Eldest Aunt to settle her Er Ge's marriage much much earlier, then something troublesome like this would not have occurred.

Zisu was really surprised. This was indeed quite difficult for her Miss to handle.

After Yuxi took her nap, she heard Kufu inform her, "Miss, First Lady had been scolded by the Old Lady." As for the reason why it was still unknown to Kufu.

It was clear to Yuxi the reason why when she heard this, but she didn't realise that Dage didn't discuss it first with Eldest Aunt but instead talked about it with their Grandmother. The only reason Grandmother agreed to the union was that marrying the Lu family would bring considerable benefits to their family, which was quite large enough to ignore the bad influence that the Lu family had gotten from recent marriage withdrawal.

At this moment, Yuxi didn't have much time to think more deeply about it. She just hurriedly went to the Master Courtyard. As soon as she entered a room, she heard a cry. She didn't need to guess. She knew the one who was crying was her Eldest Aunt.

Seeing Yuxi come, Mama Li hurriedly said, "Miss, please persuade the Lady!" Fortunately, Master Shizi was absent at this moment. If he was present, there would be a good big fight between mother and son.

Yuxi also didn't know how to persuade her aunt. Would she just conceded to Qiu Shi and, together with her aunt, carried the burden of going against the marriage till her death, since to Yuxi, this matter involved issues of interests, not because of her aunt's refusal. As for persuading Qiu Shi to agree, Yuxi could not open her mouth either. This matter was too complicated, and, in the future, there would be plenty of trouble because of it. She didn't want to get involved in it.

Qiu Shi took Yuxi's hand and wept bitterly, "Xi girl, tell me, what this son whom I've given birth to has become? This unfilial son, whose wings are full-fledged and become hard now, even if he won't listen to what I say, he is even plotting against his younger brother, who is his blood brother!" Qiu Shi was unwilling to exchange her son for benefits, even if the benefits were desirable.

Yuxi soothingly said, "Eldest Aunt, don't be sad. There is always a way to solve the problem. You have to take good care of yourself. The State Residence can't do without you around."

Qiu Shi was feeling very sad when she said, "What can't do without me? Even if there's me or not, I'm just an unnecessary person." It was a good thing for her eldest son to be a capable person. Still, he was too capable that he went beyond the sacrificial altar and took over the kitchen in deciding his Didi's marriage. Especially to such a bad marriage potential.

Yuxi couldn't help laughing at her eldest aunt's statements, "Eldest Aunt just talked nonsense. As for being an unnecessary person, I am the most unnecessary one! Won't you say so, Eldest Aunt?"

After Qiu Shi heard Yuxi's words, she hastily said, "What's unnecessary? No one is unnecessary. Hence, don't utter such silly things again in the future."

Yuxi managed to appease and stabilise Qiu Shi's mood for the time being. But, this wasn't a long-term solution. So, she could only sigh since this kind of thing didn't need her concern.

She really didn't expect that this would happen, though. Early that evening, Han Jianming's maid arrived at Rose Courtyard. "Fourth Miss, Master Shizi invites you to go to his study."

Yuxi suddenly felt quite bitter and felt like she had been forced by her Dage. Even without thinking too deeper into it, she knew that Dage wanted her to be a go-between him and his mother. She couldn't escape this troublesome matter this time around.

As Yuxi had expected, Han Jianming really did want her to be a go-between, to personally persuade Qiu Shi to accept the marriage proposal.

Yuxi felt quite bitter that it compelled her to say, "Dage, you think too highly of me. How can I persuade my Eldest Aunt? Dage, can't you just spare me?"

Han Jianming stared at Yuxi's appearance with a smile on his face. "In this whole residence, only Si Meimei can persuade my mother." Yuxi was usually able to make her mother happy easily. This time, it wasn't impossible for her to coax his mother as well. [+]

Yuxi wanted to cry. "How can Eldest Aunt listen to me for such a big thing? Dage, you can't force me to do something that I'm unable to accomplish."

Han Jianming gave a wry smile and said, "Yuxi, for the sake of your Er Ge's future, whether Mother agrees or not, this marriage must be concluded."

Yuxi stopped pretending at this time and asked, "Even if he doesn't marry Miss Lu, Er Ge can still make a career on his own. Dage, you also know Er Ge's temperament. He would rather not have a future that depends on a woman."

When Han Jianming heard this, he couldn't help himself from laughing. "Where did your mind go? I'm just saying that the Lu family is a huge force in the army, and they will look after your Er Ge in the future. His future still needs himself to put in his great effort."

Yuxi's head was full of black lines. The way he said his words were opened to different interpretations, but he blamed her mind for overthinking it. Nevertheless, now was not the time for her to care about this. "Dage, does it have to be from the Lu family? Can't it be from another family!"

Han Jianming shook his head and said, "I have been searching for the right candidate for the past two years. If it was not for people looking down on us, or if it was not for our reputation of only having an attractive appearance, but without substance, people had thought that there wouldn't be any benefit to those who become our relations through marriage…."

All of a sudden, Yuxi became dumbfounded. "Has the State Residence been reduced to this point?"

Han Jianming wryly said, "Yuxi, currently, to strangers outside, the Duke of the State Residence just has an attractive appearance, but without any substance." His Grandfather had died early. While his father only knew how to eat, drink and make merry. As a result, he didn't care about anything else, resulting in the State Residence faded out from the centre of power and wealth. Although Han Jianming had worked hard in recent years, he was still young after all, and it would take time for him to eventually enter the centre of power and wealth.

Yuxi knew Han Jianming was responsible for revitalising the State Residence. At this moment, she had no means to criticise him, but she was not willing to help him persuade Qiu Shi.

When Han Jianming saw that Yuxi didn't say a word, he continued, "My original plan was to run a network while holding a position inside the Imperial Court. While your Er Ge would build a career in the military camp. Then, we two brothers would work together. As long as I was given enough time, I would certainly revitalise the State Residence. Unfortunately, there is not so much time left now."

Yuxi's face slightly changed as she asked, "No time left? Does the fight of power between factions in the Imperial Court have dragged the Duke of the State Residence into it, or will there be a disturbance in this world?" She could say these things because she was familiar with history books. For Han Jianming to say that there was no time, aside from these two things, there was no other reason.

For a woman in the boudoir to have such a vision and insight, Hann Jianming's expression on Yuxi changed significantly. Though, he felt so much regret. "Yuxi, why are you not my Didi?" If Yuxi was his Didi, she would also be a pillar for the Duke of the State Residence. In this way, the nerve that had been burdening his shoulders would be much lighter.

Yuxi actually regretted saying those words. However, when she heard Han Jianming's praise, she lowered her head and said, "Dage, I was only talking nonsense."

It was useless for Han Jiangming to have this kind of feeling. Yuxi was a woman, and she would be someone else's family in the future. There would be no way for him to change this fact. For this reason, he explained to Yuxi, "This whole world won't be at peace when factions start to fight for power. Your Er Ge will have to go to war if he wants to contribute to this country. But his temper is too straightforward, unable to curve around, and our family connections in the army have long been gone. With his temperament, no one will be able to protect him when he enters the military camp, and he will surely suffer a significant loss." As it appeared that Yuxi's expression was still motionless, he added, "To suffer a great loss is still a small matter. What I'm terrified of is for someone to push him to the front, to act as cannon fodder."

Yuxi's whole body went stiff. Han Jianming's words reminded her of her Er Ge in her previous life, where Han Jianye had died in Liaodong, but his body was unable to be found.

Noob Translator's Musing

It seems like the Han family is so adamant to marry their two young masters to a military family. The Ye is a military family too. So, this meant that the Han family isn't a scholar family. Usually, a scholar family prefers to marry into a scholar family rather than a military family. Remember when Qiu Shi had once thought of matching Han Jianye with Duan Xinrong? Duan Xinrong comes from a scholar family. So, when Qiu Shi sent a matchmaker to the Duan family, Madam Duan was reluctant to accept it.

Hmm. Why is that, though? Isn't it good to mix scholar ability with military ability?

Oh, one more thing, if you're a fan of manga or Chinese manhua, you will see a lot of this.

This is what it means with 'Yuxi's head was full of black lines'. Though this kind of background effect is more prominent in the manga than in manhua. The above image is credited to ネット漫画科 site.


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