My Housekeeper Chapter 1.2

Huang Shuyuan quickly negotiated everything with the person in charge, Secretary Xu. Then, she booked a flight ticket to Kaohsiung at eight in the morning, the day after tomorrow, for Qiu Xiaoya.

The day of departure soon came. When Qiu Xiaoya got off the plane while carrying a heavy suitcase, she immediately caught sight of Secretary Xu, who had come to pick her up at the airport, and they greeted each other. She got in Secretary Xu's car and arrived at Han Yinglei's residence——located on the 15th floor of Tianhai1 Pavilion Community at the intersection of Minquan Road and Wufu Road.

Tianhai1 Pavilion was the first building contracted by the Hanying Group. It had top-quality security guards and the latest facilities, like spa hot springs and an indoor swimming pool… as for the appeal, there was a fountain in the middle of the community. At night, there would be a colourful water dance, which was nothing more beautiful could be imagined2. Therefore, it received a fiery reaction from the younger generation of wealthy and powerful people after its launch. All the residences inside were sold out not before long.

The 15th floor of the Tianhai1 Pavilion was the one Han Yinglei had left for himself in advance, and it was also where Qiu Xiaoya would be working in the future.

Secretary Xu pressed a set of passwords and swiped his card to enter the community gate. Then, they took the elevator to the 15th floor. Before getting into the house, he had to undergo rigorous identification procedures, including fingerprint, voice print and iris identification system matching, which made Qiu Xiaoya, following closely behind, turn speechless.😲

It was said that when visitors who were not community residents wanted to enter the building to find someone, they should fill in super-detailed visitor information at the security guard's office. One by one, they had to write down the names of their birthplace and the schools they had attended from when they were kids till adults—finally, submitting a copy of their ID cards before entering the building gate.😲

Of course, when the visitor was about to leave, the security guard would return a copy of the ID card to the visitor.

"This was the General Manager's residence, and this will be the place where you'll work later on. I believe that Miss Qiu clearly understands the General Manager's requirements for a housekeeper. If Miss Qiu still has questions, you can ask them now." Secretary Xu slowly pushed the eyeglasses down his face leisurely with his fingers.

"Secretary Xu, does General Manager Han have any special preferences for food? Or is there anything I need to pay extra attention to in his life?" This wasn't Qiu Xiaoya's first time being someone else's housekeeper. She knew that every employer's living habits were different. So, the more she knew about them, the better she could handle her work.

Of course, whenever she encountered something that she couldn't tolerate, such as the employer's being partial to unhealthy food, being dirty and acting impolite… at that time, she couldn't help but forget her role and start lecturing her employer. Still, she didn't know if her employer knew of her good intentions but decided to ignore it, focused on her excellent working ability, or if her soft, childlike voice was too harmless. In the end, praises didn't stop coming from the employer's mouth5!

"The General Manager doesn't eat breakfast. He only drinks black coffee in the morning. For the rest, Miss Qiu can ask the General Manager himself."

Secretary Xu didn't know much about the workaholic General Manager's eating habits because most of the General Manager's mealtimes were when he was negotiating with the company's clients in famous or five-star restaurants. So how could he possibly notice the General Manager's food preferences?

"Okay, Secretary Xu, may I ask one more thing? If I'm going to live here, how do I get in and out from now on?" Since Qiu Xiaoya did not get any helpful answers, she gave up asking about General Manager Han and asked about her actual problem instead.

"If Miss Qiu is suitable for the General Manager's housekeeper position, I will ask someone to input your identification data into the computer system." Secretary Xu gave her a look. She passed in terms of the way she dressed and responded. Next, it depended on whether her working ability was as powerful as the data in his hand-!

"I have already asked someone to fill the General Manager's refrigerator. Before I can get in and out of here smoothly, if Miss Qiu is hungry, Miss can call for delivery or take care of it personally. Then may I ask if Miss Qiu has any other questions?"

"No, thank you for your answer." Qiu Xiaoya shook her head, and she politely replied.

"Then that's good. I've got work to do at the office, so you can find the guest room and take a break first. After work tonight, we'll talk about the job, okay?"

"Okay." Even though there were still some questions in her mind, such as the interview Huang Shuyuan had mentioned, she chose to swallow them for the time being and lightly nodded.

"Very well, I'll leave first, then." Secretary Xu evoked a smile at her, leaving her alone in the room as the man left.

With Secretary Xu gone, Qiu Xiaoya was in the mood to visit her work environment for the next six months. Still, she was immediately distracted by the clutter in the living room.

"For goodness sake! Isn't this a little too messy?" The sight in front of her made her wail out unconsciously.

The coffee table and sofa in the living room were piled high with newspapers, magazines, clothes, and even some unwashed cups…

Seeing this mess, how could she have the mood to find a room to rest first, just like Secretary Xu had said?

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After putting her luggage in the corner, she quickly walked through the 70 ping6 of space while memorising the kitchen, bathroom, study, master bedroom, guest room and even the location of the balcony in the back of her mind. She conveniently took out all the needed cleaning supplies and put them in the living room. She started cleaning up the living room as she moved her stiff body.

Something like this? You can buy this at Taobao for ¥34-185 (USD4.91-26.74).
She folded the newspapers one by one, stacked them with the magazines, found an empty cardboard box to put them in, and then shoved them under the coffee table. Then, she threw the discarded laundry in the washing machine, took the cups to the kitchen, washed them, and put them in a rack on top of the dishwasher next to the sink.

After clearing all these things, she returned to the living room and picked up the vacuum cleaner. She carefully used it to suck every dust and hair along the thin seam of the floor. Then she grabbed the mop and the cleaner from the side as she polished the marble floor with them. Finally, she wiped the coffee table with a rag. She even cleaned the sofa in passing…

Roughly around five in the afternoon, she finished cleaning up. Fortunately, the whole house was only messy, not dirty, which saved her from doing some work. However, she missed having lunch as a result. She was hungry and tired.

As she took a break by sitting on the clean couch for a while, she suddenly remembered that Secretary Xu said he would come around after work to talk to her about her job. Plus, one of the conditions a housekeeper required was to have good cooking skills. Hence, she went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, and decided to make a few simple home-cooked meals to demonstrate her cooking skills.

When Secretary Xu arrived at the General Manager's house after work, he was welcomed with a view of a clean room and the fragrance of home-cooked meals. He immediately decided——she was qualified!

Footnotes Full List
  1. sky-high
  2. Chinese idiom: indescribable beautiful
  3. I'm speechless too. Usually, a house has at least one or two security systems, but for this Tianhai Pavilion residence to have all 5-from security, lock card, fingerprint checking, voice print checking and iris identification… this place is crazy!
  4. That was one hell of a security procedure.
  5. Chinese idiom: praise somebody to heaven
  6. unit of area used in Japan (tsubo), Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc., roughly equal to 3.3 square metres

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